Quality Control, Migos - Frosted Flakes

  • Published on Aug 15, 2019
  • The official music video for Migos - "Frosted Flakes"
    Quality Control: Control The Streets Volume 2 OUT NOW!!
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    Music video by Quality Control, Migos performing Frosted Flakes. © 2019 Quality Control Music, LLC, under exclusive license to UMG Recordings, Inc.

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    PROD.HADES Hour ago


  • CruzerHD
    CruzerHD 3 hours ago

    takeoff tookoff on this one :-)

  • Ashley Limbirdt
    Ashley Limbirdt 4 hours ago


  • Angela Hernandez
    Angela Hernandez 8 hours ago

    Used to fuk around with narcos pushing the bricks in the barcos ain't no time so I timed it ain't bend neva blinded see hate thru ur frames tho. That's all u get 5280 Mile up VP

  • young 9
    young 9 10 hours ago

    Migos needs to get together for a new song tho

  • Huncho 8
    Huncho 8 15 hours ago

    On her face got kids, im coming 🤔😂

  • Memo Tello
    Memo Tello 15 hours ago

    Who is listen to 2019💪

  • Bob Marley
    Bob Marley 16 hours ago +1

    Iceeeee !!!! That offset only part

  • Matt Burrows
    Matt Burrows 19 hours ago

    Retarded lullaby music for kids that think they're hard, load of shit

  • Jason Kuy
    Jason Kuy 20 hours ago

    Wtf is this shit rap

  • zaymoney dat nigga doe YT

    And I'm talkin bout xxtenation

  • zaymoney dat nigga doe YT

    U weak you have to have all that protection to fight one person

  • zaymoney dat nigga doe YT

    Fuck yaw

  • got22shotz [Music Producer]

    I wanna hear the damn song! Stop puttin all those extra clips and sound effects in music videos

  • 432Hz On God
    432Hz On God Day ago

    takeoff always delivers ....

  • lamename
    lamename Day ago

    After taking ng a trip through some 90's hiphop...this is like watchin a SNL skit...expecting blizman to come in with the next verse.

  • Giorgio didie Kouassi


  • ACE Productions_19

    Is cheerios the sequel!!? Its like their just laughing and smacking the hip hop era cross the face

  • Lil Nigga
    Lil Nigga Day ago +1

    Where’s offset?

  • Gerry Dee Official


    NEW GANG MUSIC Day ago

    Waiting part 2

  • TY Honcho
    TY Honcho Day ago +1

    Takeoff Was They Takeoff Into The Game....


    GUCCI MANE FT. MIGOS - I GET THE BAG (AREK.G REMIX) : ru-clip.net/video/1pRja6390N0/video.html NEW !

    NEW DUDE 2 days ago +1

    lame af when a rap vid has no hook but relies on it being a wannabe mini movie....ANNOYING AF

  • devin knight
    devin knight 2 days ago

    Ide shit myself and be like...

  • Steve Rey
    Steve Rey 2 days ago

    Offset ia off.
    Takeoff for real ??? 🔥

  • Steve Rey
    Steve Rey 2 days ago

    2:17 " when its my people tryna rob me "
    2 :18 " take my chains and rob me "
    This drops day tekashi spills ghe soup ?
    They got tekashi back.
    Me two so what bitch

  • Jeremiah Kakete
    Jeremiah Kakete 2 days ago


  • all is one money
    all is one money 2 days ago

    beat is trash for the flow they got

  • B Jackson
    B Jackson 2 days ago

    “Blessing came perfect I timed it “-Takeoff

    NIOR BY NOIRI 2 days ago

    Quavo : when is my people gone stop the violence my people

    Takeoff : pull out the strap suprise me BRRRRRTT

  • Tha High Rollaz Ent
    Tha High Rollaz Ent 2 days ago

    #MigoShit 🔥💰😤💰🔥

  • Jimmy Vlogs
    Jimmy Vlogs 2 days ago


  • Tisha Steen
    Tisha Steen 3 days ago +1

    22 nd dblock inmates Springfield Lyons ave owww 10street Robert McBride boys

  • Tisha Steen
    Tisha Steen 3 days ago +1

    Max b beamon yo Gotti 3asterling Anderson beamon wattson wingates bapes Johnson McBride Hawthorne eaton williamson collins8n barrinoson Kennedy'son Newark 103rdwattbaby Atlanta Carter boys Passaic County merciful son lee Jackson 23 24 44 93 is over movement sox ymcmb wvgc 21street baby loc 85 March 26 1985 thundercats and teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and street sharks max b Charlie jerry west number 19 oww Golden State warriors s.guard dela boys eastorange dr jay Newark boy swg 70 lyons ave father like son munn ave universal boys march 261985 my g day rhaway beamon abg boys 3floor tsm

  • nobi legends
    nobi legends 3 days ago


  • iiDrip4Fun
    iiDrip4Fun 3 days ago

    *Takeoff verse ends*
    Me: Aight ima head out

  • james adisa
    james adisa 3 days ago

    #Takeoff tookoff on this joint

  • oghenero onokpikini
    oghenero onokpikini 3 days ago

    takeoff is so so underrated

  • Mister face Next level


  • Cesar Lozano
    Cesar Lozano 4 days ago

    No wonder they never answered back to bone thugs cause they know who’s their daddies and know that they can’t even approach them with this FKN garbage.

  • Cesar Lozano
    Cesar Lozano 4 days ago


  • SwethLight :D
    SwethLight :D 4 days ago

    PayGoldDay 2

  • Naijee Wilson
    Naijee Wilson 4 days ago

    If the coup too fast, then what did I miss??🔥🔥

  • Leonel ARK
    Leonel ARK 4 days ago

    Quavo w the tactical black durag LMAO

  • Leah G. TV
    Leah G. TV 4 days ago


    My mom when my friends come over: 2:03

    • iiDrip4Fun
      iiDrip4Fun 3 days ago +1

      Leah G. TV underrated comment

  • Andrès Ordòñez
    Andrès Ordòñez 4 days ago


  • Alex Da boi
    Alex Da boi 4 days ago

    They fell off. This is trash

  • Rickdes Iglesias
    Rickdes Iglesias 4 days ago


  • bryan diel
    bryan diel 4 days ago +3

    I love how Takeoff came in hard with the double Glocks, at the end of this vidja.... we need a frosted flakes part 2 where Offset saves the day with a Draco all lit!!!

  • Seniore Booze
    Seniore Booze 4 days ago

    arkham knights

  • Fight Night
    Fight Night 4 days ago +1

    Mike Epps 👍👍👍💯💯💯💯🆘️🆘️🆘️

  • Charles Connolley
    Charles Connolley 4 days ago

    Bone Thugs and Harmony this is crap

  • HollyAmaru Amaru
    HollyAmaru Amaru 4 days ago

    quavo my crush ❤️

  • nobel dawit
    nobel dawit 4 days ago

    nice shut takeoff....game on

  • Life as Julissa
    Life as Julissa 5 days ago +1

    Is it just me or did it sound like offset did some of the adlibs

  • Mafuta Moses
    Mafuta Moses 5 days ago +3

    Wait for part 2 offset Wii rescue them 😀😀😀 who thinks am right

  • Marcelo jorame
    Marcelo jorame 5 days ago +1

    Quavo n takeoff did they thing. Why is it always a competition? Ain't nobody saying how hard this beat is

  • Anthemxd
    Anthemxd 5 days ago

    This is so trash but so is every migos song they sound the same

  • Maykon Lopes
    Maykon Lopes 5 days ago