Overwatch | All New Legendary Skins, Emotes & Highlight Intros - Halloween Terror 2019

  • Published on Oct 15, 2019
  • We take a look at all the brand new Halloween Terror 2019 event cosmetics including legendary skins, emotes, sprays, voice lines, highlight intros and more. (enjoy some webcam action too)
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Comments • 304

  • James H
    James H 16 days ago +1

    I think Sombra should get a Cheshire skin from Alice in wonderland next year since they both go invisible.

  • Darc Hart94
    Darc Hart94 Month ago

    Can't believe how much overwatch I've been missing

  • Jbarca14
    Jbarca14 Month ago

    6:33 dOn'T JUsT SiT tHEre WitH A MoutH fULL 0f TEetH

  • Melancholy Boi
    Melancholy Boi Month ago

    I’m a Tracer main but I feel like her skin shouldn’t be legendary

  • Isak Gustafsson
    Isak Gustafsson Month ago

    0:59 thats how you flex with no one noticing

  • Maverick
    Maverick Month ago

    Dr Junkenstein, what a suprise there

  • Mr. Sqeekz
    Mr. Sqeekz Month ago

    300th comment
    Where the frick is my rip wreckingball victory poss you cant do this to me blizzard

  • Solàs-_-Wolff
    Solàs-_-Wolff Month ago

    Cool, I can wait another 3 years to get Genji related anything 😂

    • Jackie W
      Jackie W Month ago

      He got a summer games skin and that one WoW skin recently so I don't think he'll get anything anytime soon sadly 😔

  • TmQ ً
    TmQ ً Month ago

    Yeah give the best character the worst skin

  • wariyoshidirector
    wariyoshidirector Month ago

    I want to get on and keep playing but I promised myself I wouldn't with everything Blizzard is doing with Hong Kong :/

  • Sep Cleykens
    Sep Cleykens Month ago

    3:43 DOOM

  • Dew It
    Dew It Month ago

    I can’t stop seeing Baymax’s face on Orisas gun

  • Kian Zinzell
    Kian Zinzell Month ago

    Lucio seriously gets a skin every single event... where’s the fairness

  • Kian Zinzell
    Kian Zinzell Month ago

    Screw Ashe, I really just wanna play as Bob

  • Allison Fields
    Allison Fields Month ago

    Tfw you want to play the Halloween event and buy lootboxes but you also want to boycott blizzard

  • Foxugiso
    Foxugiso Month ago

    2:28 read the chat :))

  • Sirawit Charoenratthakarn

    I really want blizzard to add some Jojo reference skin

  • a 14
    a 14 Month ago


  • Heml0ck
    Heml0ck Month ago

    ngl, the widow skin is trash

  • Junko Enoshima
    Junko Enoshima Month ago

    Yes the Demon Hunter Sombra is not pay walled anymore, now it won't haunt me as the only Sombra skin I don't have once I get it :D

  • Kayla Mys
    Kayla Mys Month ago +2

    Is no one going to talk about how cute the trick or treat sprays are?!

  • Bradley Wade
    Bradley Wade Month ago

    God your lil laugh is so cute

  • jerome ryan
    jerome ryan Month ago

    First time I've seen your face you handsome bastard

  • לידור כהן
    לידור כהן Month ago

    You really tried not to show widowmaker's ass

  • Kinja Lee
    Kinja Lee Month ago

    Disappointed was really hoping for genji’s ronin skin from the comics

  • Matt Sonneillon
    Matt Sonneillon Month ago

    I got the new Orisa skin from the free lootbox ^^

  • Christopher Doubiago

    The art is still as fantastic as ever but overwatch just hasn't revitalized my will to return to it

  • TheNeopolitanIceCream

    Year 2 and D.va has no skin. Fuck you Blizzard.

  • J Shroud
    J Shroud Month ago

    Where are you from? I can't place that accent

  • Matthew Means
    Matthew Means Month ago +2

    These are amazing skins but I'm still not giving blizzard my money and neither should you

  • Night Mare
    Night Mare Month ago

    Man this is cool I need to play right now

  • - GShedgehog -
    - GShedgehog - Month ago

    Still no Swordsman Genji from the comic, I’m disappointed

  • Grant Sampson
    Grant Sampson Month ago

    Free Hong Kong

  • Mark Falconer
    Mark Falconer Month ago

    I so badly want the Junkrat and Orisa!! So lit....

  • Hitchcock Mason
    Hitchcock Mason Month ago


  • Von Arkesh
    Von Arkesh Month ago

    Skins are just given away now. Not exciting.

  • Малика Палтушева


  • Ian Hornbuckle
    Ian Hornbuckle Month ago

    I. NEED. That. Ana. Skin.

  • MrVoided
    MrVoided Month ago +1

    Would have been nice to have like a Insane Sigma skin. Just Sigma but he’s literally insane.

  • lll Thanos lll
    lll Thanos lll Month ago +1


  • Andrea Guglielmo
    Andrea Guglielmo Month ago

    wtf they are amazing

  • Kyanne Pepperr
    Kyanne Pepperr Month ago +2

    w h y d i d n ‘ t t h e y c a l l i t m e d u c i o

  • Garynius
    Garynius Month ago +7

    Mccree Highlight Intros is basically throwing Reaper back into his coffin

    • GreenGrasshoppa
      GreenGrasshoppa Month ago

      They should've had him flick his butt in there right before the lid shuts. 🙃

  • lol
    lol Month ago

    They should add skins for weapons and one of the weapon skins for sigma can be that his orbs things are pumpkins

  • lol
    lol Month ago

    I know that this will never happen but a Joker junk rat skin in game would be sooo cool

  • dr holistic
    dr holistic Month ago

    Since when were a blizzcon item not exclusive to the same year as blizzcon?
    You can unlock a blizzcon skin a whole year after in game??
    Did so many people whine about not getting it???

  • Atlentat _Tom
    Atlentat _Tom Month ago

    I biy all skin

    CALLOFTOXICITY Month ago +1


  • Aleksander Muszyński
    Aleksander Muszyński Month ago +1

    Before watching this I was thinking "I'll see which skins I want", but this year all of them are amazing!

  • NeonPink
    NeonPink Month ago +1

    So I guess last year, Blizz said "fuck you, Blizzcon 2018 virtual ticket is $50" and if you went ahead and bought that anyway, I Blizzard is saying "haha.. double fuck you"

  • The Real Benson Dunwoody

    Mcree’s new highlight intro is godly

  • JakeThaGoat97
    JakeThaGoat97 Month ago

    Welp, looks like I'll be losing sr with this ana skin coming out rip

  • xX Lone Lobo Xx
    xX Lone Lobo Xx Month ago

    I really want Ashe and Orisa's skins but I only have 4000 currency... so I think I'll get Ashe's skin, she doesn't have any good legendary skins.
    (I'll just hope I get Orisa's and the highlight intros from loot boxes.)

  • PokemonAssociate
    PokemonAssociate Month ago

    LETS GOO! I love junkerstein mode, it was so fun!

  • Your Friendly Yandere

    I imagine people who bought blizzcon ticket for Sombra's Skin are pretty salty right about now, even more so if they bought a ticket the year before too.

  • Soul Ikarus
    Soul Ikarus Month ago

    Scorpion skin to celebrate Scorpio season which is also during Halloween! 🖤

  • yub cult leader
    yub cult leader Month ago +2

    Seeing zen stand gave me the chills.

  • S V
    S V Month ago

    Wtf did they do to tracer

  • hoodie 225
    hoodie 225 Month ago

    That widow skin looks like they put no more than 30 minutes of time into it like come on blizzard, everyone else got awesome skins sept widow

  • !?
    !? Month ago

    I love everything but the baptiste skin, just weak in my opinion.

    • Extreme Madness
      Extreme Madness Month ago +1

      Yeah, it doesn't looks much different than his talon skin.