Web Browser Control in Microsoft Excel 2007 VBA

  • Published on Feb 17, 2012
  • This video shows how to install and place a Web Browser (WebBrowser1) Control add-on into a Workbook or Worksheet. In this video the .Navigate and .GoBack options for the control are used along with using a Range as your input for the URL web page.
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  • ماكرو سوفت اوفس Ati

    i want code Search within the Web Browser control Using Microsoft Access:

  • SV Barreto
    SV Barreto 11 months ago

    this good, congratulations! tanks!

  • shylo baker
    shylo baker Year ago

    Hi, can you extract API data from a website with VBA?

  • Muhammad Arfan
    Muhammad Arfan Year ago

    How we can add a button that hides the web browser window??

  • dhananjaya krishna

    Works Perfect, But do we have a script to copy data from with in the Web Browser Control out to a normal Sheet ! thanks for your help

  • ThiS PKP
    ThiS PKP Year ago


  • Сергей Власов

    Hello, Alex! Pls, how to print webscreen? Извиняюсь за язык.

  • NZ Shares
    NZ Shares 2 years ago

    U da man Alex helped alot over the years always very interesting and just is what required, that no one else has done.

  • venu gp
    venu gp 2 years ago

    Could please explain the vba code to synchronize the browser tab. Like we use it in uft when we login to any application it will open another application in another tab in uft we use browser. Sync current time

  • Anthony Hernandez
    Anthony Hernandez 3 years ago

    You are coding out of order!

    • Anthony Hernandez
      Anthony Hernandez 3 years ago

      +Alex Cantu it is good stuff but if you're going to do it as a tutorial I would have been more straightforward - for instance you started to code - Sheets("Sheet1").Web.... but then you stop to write a variable called "link_name" and then return so make a Call to -Sheets("Sheet1").Web

    • Alex C
      Alex C  3 years ago

      +Anthony Hernandez I never knew I had to code in a certain order. Please enlighten me. :)

  • Santosh Venkatesh Yadav

    Thanks Alex. Is it possible to integrate Google Chrome to Excel

  • Alex C
    Alex C  4 years ago +2

    Trying to Add the Webbrowser Control in Microsft Excel 2013 but you're getting an error? Check out my new video on how to fix this problem: ru-clip.net/video/w1q2W-mkzFI/video.html

    • Jayaram Rayapareddi
      Jayaram Rayapareddi 4 years ago

      Hi Alex, I am using MSOffice10, I have been trying to use the code
      for opening one website. As long as I am in the same Sheet of
      of the work book, it is working fine. However, as soon as I move to
      another sheet of the same work book and as soon as I move my mouse
      over any of the command button it is simply saying "Cannot exit design mode
      because Control Webbrowser1 can not be created'.. and the design mode button
      is automatically activated. I noticed one thing. This is happening only when
      I move mouse over any of the command buttons in any of the sheet of the
      Workbook. Can you help..?

  • Jason Fortune
    Jason Fortune 4 years ago

    Thanks Alex. This solved a MAJOR problem for me. Really appreciate your cadence, not too slow, but not insanely fast either.

  • Phillip Bush
    Phillip Bush 5 years ago

    Great stuff as always Alex. I watched the video hoping that I would be able to modify what you have done into a userform...you can...and then I watched your video again through the userform!

  • Adrian Hernandez
    Adrian Hernandez 5 years ago

    Currently I upload a PDF file Into web Browser its posible to active the function
    "Find" or search Word ? since Excel Macro ???

  • Frankling0078
    Frankling0078 5 years ago

    thank you men,

  • Rico Regala
    Rico Regala 5 years ago

    Great Help!

  • pavan kumar
    pavan kumar 5 years ago

    Cool one.......!!!

  • Dreameasy218
    Dreameasy218 5 years ago


  • Sorel Jatunov
    Sorel Jatunov 5 years ago

    Thanks a lot. A good start up lesson.

  • jh qp
    jh qp 6 years ago

    Si tu excel es en español en ves de dar sheet1 dale hoja1

  • PowerALTube
    PowerALTube 6 years ago

    thanks really helped. looks like it works for folder directories too.
    small suggestion - if you use 'Me' instead of Sheets("Sheet1") you get the bonus of VBA Intellisense first to autosuggest the name of the WebBrowser control and then to give you all of it's properties and methods after each full-stop.
    Me.WebBrowser1.Navigate link_name

  • stoppyrs ,
    stoppyrs , 6 years ago

    thanks heaps for this i wasnt sure how to get webbrowser options in vba, thought it only worked in vb

  • honey bargav
    honey bargav 6 years ago

    Thank you very much now i gonna kick off my tracker Software installed in my office computer.

  • Craig Hatmaker
    Craig Hatmaker 7 years ago