RETRO iPhone X! - Spigen Classic C1 & Classic One Case for iPhone X - Review

  • Published on Jun 28, 2018
  • The Spigen Classic Series is inspired by the original Apple iMac G3 and the iPhone 2G. The Spigen Classic C1 Case for the iPhone X comes in a variety of styles, my favorite being the Bondi Blue with the matte finish, while the Spigen Classic One Case for the iPhone X pays homage to the original iPhone 2G design - a true classic.
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    Classic C1 -
    Classic One -
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  • Une Perceuse
    Une Perceuse Year ago +35

    it is actually the iPhone 2G, not the 3G

    • C.N.F Club
      C.N.F Club 6 months ago

      Nerd 😂 Jk

    • Das Piper
      Das Piper Year ago

      Sorry, but the 3G looks like the Classic One Case as well.

    • Une Perceuse
      Une Perceuse Year ago +2

      EXCESSORIZE ME. Alright ! I truly love what you’re doing, and that’s not going to change !

      EXCESSORIZE ME.  Year ago +5

      Correct! Mistake on my part.

  • The Big Shebang
    The Big Shebang 10 months ago

    I have the graphite iMac case I love it

  • Isaac Miraldi
    Isaac Miraldi 11 months ago +4

    I love the classic one on my 10 it offers protection and really confuses my dad

  • Mike Mo
    Mike Mo Year ago

    I don’t understand why people get tight over the Apple logo cutout...if you’ve ever actually tried a case on with one you’d realize it gives your index finger a place to grip and rest. I never drop my phone with these cases. Try one out henny.

  • Fernie Estrella
    Fernie Estrella Year ago

    Do anyone know if these are comptible with the XS? I’ve bought some cases for the x thinking they will fit my xs and some doesn’t. :(

  • Kevin Reyes
    Kevin Reyes Year ago

    Awesome review! I love how you did the edits in this video 👍🏽

  • Paul Paradiso
    Paul Paradiso Year ago

    What about this case on the iPhone XS?

  • Alexandra Nad13iiaaa

    can you tell me or anyone here can tell me how is the easy way to remove this case? i broke two nails try to loosen the bottom

  • trevor tu
    trevor tu Year ago +1

    Is no one going to talk about how smooth that transition at 1:42 was???

  • Thien Nguyen
    Thien Nguyen Year ago

    You’re awesome dude !!!

  • Zakaria Rmd
    Zakaria Rmd Year ago +1

    what about simplycarbonfibe iphone x case?

    • Zakaria Rmd
      Zakaria Rmd Year ago

      SUPER! please test the "iPhone X Real Forged Carbon Case | Armor Series [Limited Production]" model!

      EXCESSORIZE ME.  Year ago +1

      I recently discovered them, definitely looks interesting to test...

  • Valentino Vuitton
    Valentino Vuitton Year ago +4

    Ordered mine thru the indiegogo campaign, got the bondi blue and iPhone 2G case, really good quality and just looks/feels amazing!

  • Aaron
    Aaron Year ago

    I hate apple logo cutouts as a whole. I haven't seen a single case that does it well.

  • Hamdan Abdullah
    Hamdan Abdullah Year ago

    Classic for iPhone 8 plus pls....dont have X

    • AbuBakr Akram
      AbuBakr Akram Year ago

      Hamdan Abdullah It exists. Spigen makes em for both models.

  • davian
    davian Year ago

    Fantastic review!
    Ur new subscirber.

  • Kumar Vishal
    Kumar Vishal Year ago

    Cases for one plus 6?

  • Lewis Fewins
    Lewis Fewins Year ago

    I wish you were dead

  • crabTV
    crabTV Year ago

    Such a shame this isn‘t available for the iPhone 8

    • AbuBakr Akram
      AbuBakr Akram Year ago

      I meant July 31ist

    • AbuBakr Akram
      AbuBakr Akram Year ago

      crabTV It is. Do a bit of searching on Amazon and you’ll find the 8 and 8 Plus variants. Unfortunately, they won’t be in stock until July 32st.

  • acfv5dca
    acfv5dca Year ago

  • Ryan Gensheimer
    Ryan Gensheimer Year ago +9

    How does his computer not explode with this much editing?

  • Troyjanzx Celdxranz

    Do What's in my pockets ep. 4

  • Daud Prambudi
    Daud Prambudi Year ago

    its 101k subscriber already!
    keep up the good work!

  • I_ am_ BLuR
    I_ am_ BLuR Year ago +1

    Grateful for your videos as always, bruf. Picked up the Keysmart Pro. Wish it came in black, but the plastic is cool so it doesn't scratch up a naked device. Speaking of, I used your discount code to pick up the screen protector and back cover to go with my Note 8's Rhinoshield Crashguard. I really appreciate it. Hopeful you'll pick up the Note 9, so I can check out all your accessories! Maybe a little Patreon encouragement?

    • I_ am_ BLuR
      I_ am_ BLuR Year ago +1

      EXCESSORIZE ME. I'm gonna ask Floss if he'll do a Note 9 collaboration with you. U should hit him up also? A way to build both your views and subscribers. Fire to hear different perspectives from brufs who aren't owned by sponsors. Plus, as I mentioned, you both speak the truth. INTEGRITY. That is sooooo needed amongst tech reviewers.

      EXCESSORIZE ME.  Year ago +1

      I really appreciate it and I’m glad you catch all the small details! You’re too kind and I will put it towards a brand spanking new Note 9.

    • I_ am_ BLuR
      I_ am_ BLuR Year ago +1

      EXCESSORIZE ME. I sent a grand to you and Flossycarter both today. Your vids = integrity. That should be rewarded. Keep it up. Btw...The naughtier your vids, the better. RU-clip needs more bleeped language and veiled sexual innuendo for the millennials amongst us. You do it well and it's keeps me laughing. Bravo Vince. This is how you can differentiate yourself bruf.

      EXCESSORIZE ME.  Year ago

      Wow, that’s insane, you really didn’t have to! That means a lot though and I appreciate the support!

    • I_ am_ BLuR
      I_ am_ BLuR Year ago

      EXCESSORIZE ME. Sent you $1000 USD one time via Patreon. Hope that helps with the Note 9 device and accessories reviews. Love ya Bruv.

  • Aryan
    Aryan Year ago

    Man these r like 90 usd on including shipping to india

  • Toni A
    Toni A Year ago +11

    The reason the why the Bondi Blue case had a matte finish was bc the Bondi Blue G3 from '98 was the only G3 to come in a matte-finish shell. When the colored versions came out in '99 and later the DV models, they always came in a glossy shell.

    • James Rowe
      James Rowe Year ago

      I really wish they'd make the Bondi Blue Glossy for those that had that version.

      EXCESSORIZE ME.  Year ago +4


  • Dean Winchester
    Dean Winchester Year ago +1

    Just me? Or does anybody else catch a glimpse of their double chin when they turn off their phone screen and cry a little?

  • Dean Winchester
    Dean Winchester Year ago

    Dude I neeeeeed this. In red.

    • AbuBakr Akram
      AbuBakr Akram Year ago

      Dean Winchester It’s more of a Ruby color, which only makes it seems all the more desirable to me. I’ve yet to see such a deep, rich red on any case.

  • Timmy Marke
    Timmy Marke Year ago

    3g case 👌🏻💯

  • Alec Tracey
    Alec Tracey Year ago

    notification squad!!

  • slayerofthend
    slayerofthend Year ago

    How do you record and edit your videos?

    • A h
      A h Year ago

      SlayinThatEndBrah most likely in Final Cut Pro on his Mac

  • Michael Kilsdonk
    Michael Kilsdonk Year ago +11

    Your editing is "amaze-balls" great review too, I'm not an iPhone guy but I can appreciate these cases and the work put into them and these videos

  • SoulGaming
    SoulGaming Year ago +7

    Your videos are amazing bro, your channel is sooooo underrated, hope you get recognised for the hard work that you put in ☺️☺️☺️

  • Snookapeek
    Snookapeek Year ago

    I’ll admit I want one.. as for what to review next.. ... ... surprise me :)

  • noahs_rc
    noahs_rc Year ago


  • Mazen A.
    Mazen A. Year ago

    My favorite RU-clipr

  • Cole Navy
    Cole Navy Year ago


  • DreamHighClub
    DreamHighClub Year ago +1