NBA 2K20 My Career EP 32 - Mamba Mentality! Warriors

  • Published on Sep 21, 2019
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Comments • 547

  • Jayden Johnson
    Jayden Johnson 2 days ago

    I meant 0

  • Jayden Johnson
    Jayden Johnson 2 days ago

    Num 1 on golden state he has Paul George shoes

  • Cj
    Cj 2 days ago +1

    We are the same breed mine is stronger

  • Ayen Kuanyin
    Ayen Kuanyin 2 days ago

    What where you think she just a kid

  • Myra cahilig
    Myra cahilig 3 days ago

    Smoove: If you flop, I pop
    That,s so smoove move

  • BandsxAaron
    BandsxAaron 7 days ago

    2k sucks

  • SwagcerorSupreme
    SwagcerorSupreme 7 days ago +1

    2:50 Guess you can say *Brooklyn* got no *Nets*

  • Bobby Tubbs jr
    Bobby Tubbs jr 8 days ago

    Tell me y he would announce he cheeses

  • Merlin Jebaraj
    Merlin Jebaraj 9 days ago

    Smooves block sent the ball to Brooklyn

  • Taaha Siddiqui
    Taaha Siddiqui 9 days ago

    Come on smoove you are supposed to save the savage options for MOSES CUH

  • Josh Tunbridge
    Josh Tunbridge 9 days ago

    I know the girl is from a game but I feel

  • BirbRoyalB
    BirbRoyalB 9 days ago

    7:20 imagine if he dropped that

  • Jake Ragoo
    Jake Ragoo 9 days ago

    Only Chris Smoove can GAIN fans from bullying a little girl

  • Jackson Neuman
    Jackson Neuman 13 days ago

    How do you have your name on the back of your jersey, I don’t

  • Moyinoluwa Ogunleye
    Moyinoluwa Ogunleye 14 days ago +1

    Bro that was mean you should ha e let her scire

  • Rocboy Khi
    Rocboy Khi 15 days ago +3

    Me seeing Chris block little girl*

  • Braeden Marshall
    Braeden Marshall 15 days ago

    Why you cross my favorite player Derrick rose

  • Bouncy Turtle
    Bouncy Turtle 15 days ago

    Bruh 90% of the comments are about the block lol

  • Bruh
    Bruh 17 days ago

    No sportsmanship for the little girl CPU 😂😂

  • Suns Grey
    Suns Grey 17 days ago

    Ur messed up to curry cuz you know he is better than you not just that you’re a bragger you show off and clippers are trash the golden state warriors are better than the dummy clipper are trash

  • Robert YouTube channel


  • Robert YouTube channel
    Robert YouTube channel 18 days ago +1

    Come on cuz

  • Mr Martinez
    Mr Martinez 18 days ago

    Lmao, HOF dream smasher badge!!!

  • jj king
    jj king 18 days ago +1


  • Donnie Campbell
    Donnie Campbell 18 days ago

    Lol at smoove averaging 45 a game on a team with kawhi and pg

  • Blokk Babie
    Blokk Babie 19 days ago

    😂😭😭😭he slapped tf out dat ball

  • Alex DeStefano
    Alex DeStefano 19 days ago

    Smoove you destroyed that little girl. Why u do that🤣

  • Damien Nevels
    Damien Nevels 19 days ago

    No sportsmanship for the Hall of Fame CPU little Girl 😂😂😂

  • Brett
    Brett 19 days ago

    I love that blocking the shot is an option, even if it is all just in fun . Reminds me of the Dave Chappelle show when he was playing the video game with the sick kid.

  • guilherme Anthony
    guilherme Anthony 20 days ago

    When is moses coming smoove?

  • squadric
    squadric 20 days ago

    HOF is way to easy

    HYPEX GAMING 20 days ago

    Me when I saw him block the kid 😥

  • randomdj
    randomdj 20 days ago

    why did u do that to that kid

  • Rodger Dodger
    Rodger Dodger 20 days ago

    I love ur vids ur my favorite RU-clipr

  • Ryan Gallardo
    Ryan Gallardo 20 days ago

    7:19 me when I wrestle my little brother and throw him to the floor

  • Clean Point
    Clean Point 20 days ago

    1:25 autotune?

  • Jozzyy X
    Jozzyy X 20 days ago

    Stephan curry is actually scary in NBA 2k20

  • Jugo Jugo
    Jugo Jugo 21 day ago

    Smoove is really a savage 😂😂

  • Russel Nicole Sava
    Russel Nicole Sava 21 day ago

    What do you use to splash? Button or stick?

  • Dizzy
    Dizzy 21 day ago

    7:52 y Steph curry got on Nike socks??

  • Hector Rodriguez
    Hector Rodriguez 21 day ago

    That jumper glitched 😳😂

  • It's Martin
    It's Martin 21 day ago

    Gave that girl some hard d fr

    Wait that sounds bad

  • JoeJoe TV
    JoeJoe TV 21 day ago

    Still smokin

  • Edwin Alonso
    Edwin Alonso 21 day ago


  • jwillz1994
    jwillz1994 21 day ago

    Is the stop and go badge better than difficult shot badge?

  • Dallas PS4 Gamer
    Dallas PS4 Gamer 21 day ago +1

    2:50 😂

  • Plexity
    Plexity 21 day ago

    That Poor Kid Is Now Traumatized

  • Naru-san Uzumaki
    Naru-san Uzumaki 21 day ago!

  • Silver Soul
    Silver Soul 21 day ago +1

    Smooth try jumpshot 39 i love that one

  • Lady of Shadows
    Lady of Shadows 21 day ago

    It’s time to abuse the defense it’s time to dance it’s time to Go behind the back it’s TIME it’s TIME TO LET IT FLY

  • Suleyni Rodriguez
    Suleyni Rodriguez 21 day ago

    7:21 😂 dang you messed it up there

  • Vasi Hreivan
    Vasi Hreivan 21 day ago +1

    Chris: Thank you very much
    Me: No problem, you wellcome

  • Derrick Williams
    Derrick Williams 21 day ago

    I can’t believe it’s still the same Splash adlib

  • M4estro BrTOFU games e vlogs

    2:47 That moment when you think you can be and do anything you want but life reminds you that you can't. .

  • Rai Sil
    Rai Sil 21 day ago

    Yooooo that block against literally made me LOL!!! I was not expecting that.

  • basketball gamer
    basketball gamer 21 day ago

    The warriors are my favorite team but those crossovers were funny

  • antonio graham
    antonio graham 22 days ago

    Chris... that’s tuff dawg... u could’ve gave it her the bucket

  • 407ForRent
    407ForRent 22 days ago

    Damn Chris why did you do that to that girl that’s messed up and how did you gain fans from that

  • Elhadjinou Diop
    Elhadjinou Diop 22 days ago

    Its icy

  • Purp lee
    Purp lee 22 days ago +1

    Don’t be mean to the kids