Drake Got Booed Off Stage

  • Published on Nov 12, 2019
  • My thoughts on what went wrong at Camp Flog Gnaw the other night.
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  • Ri
    Ri Day ago

    lol so tyler and frank ocean are underground now huh

  • Stardust
    Stardust 2 days ago

    Honestly I'm gonna wager some people booed him because he know for a fact he's a pedophile. That's my guess

  • EFH
    EFH 2 days ago

    fukn Stache

  • Random User
    Random User 5 days ago

    Next, I hope Anthony Fantano gets booed off stage for being such a libtard!

  • Enemy Inside
    Enemy Inside 6 days ago

    lol a world where guys like drake and tyler are worshipped for music.......... just gonna leave this here

  • Jonny Reebok
    Jonny Reebok 6 days ago

    I’m lovin it lovin it lovin it

  • My name Jefè
    My name Jefè 6 days ago +1

    i know that on the 3rd point you weren’t talking about all audiences but i think that the most spoiled audience an artist cam get is if they are from the us. the us are privileged to have so many artists that they get used to them and then become spoiled. But trust me the crowds in south america are the most crazy and best crowds a artist can get, we don’t get the privilege of seeing tyler or drake 3 or 4 times a year so when we finally do get to see them we cherrish the moment and make the artist time worthwhile

  • Adam Berger
    Adam Berger 8 days ago

    Cool video but why was the fourth take just calling Drake the N word?

  • SandCastles
    SandCastles 10 days ago

    Anyone that’s been to Drake concert before knows he says things like “they only wanted me to play 3 songs but I’m gonna play more just for you” as a way to get the crowd hype and make them feel special. Little did he know, this was not the crowd to do that with, given their expectation of Frank coming out 😥

  • Super Mega Foxy Awesome Hot

    Audiences aren't spoiled when they're paying $300+ for tickets, they deserve a bit of entitlement imo

    IN BAD TASTE 11 days ago

    who gives a shit you muppet drakes a joke

  • MissM
    MissM 13 days ago

    Well at a concert, and there are surprise guests, you have to roll with the punches and enjoy the experience regardless of who the guest is. I really feel it is the demographic, the loud and entitled group that decided to boo (knowing that is not the whole crowd) just ruined it for others who had wanted to enjoy the experience. I hope that they think about how they acted (whether it was alcohol fueled or because they had some inkling that Frank would have come out of his reclusive place to perform) and recognize that it is disrespectful to not only the person on stage but also the people who created the festival. With that being said, they should not say ??? as the special guest or be very clear whether that person is the final guest.

  • Steve Reyes
    Steve Reyes 14 days ago +1

    This is why tyler isnt being nominated for AOTY 😐

  • Mag Neat-O
    Mag Neat-O 14 days ago

    lets argue: melon is a hipster

  • Nerozumim
    Nerozumim 15 days ago

    Amazed by the level of snobbism that people weren't wowed by the presence of Drake. Yes, he's mainstream, but he's a mega star. Are you going to boo Béyoncé too?

  • Nerozumim
    Nerozumim 15 days ago

    Hey, I had to press pause to compliment you on your look. Something is going on here. You look pretty darn fine.

  • Smoove Talk
    Smoove Talk 16 days ago +1

    Drakes music is trash, just like chris brown. Trash

  • m mm
    m mm 16 days ago +1

    This is what happens when you build an entire artist's career on hype instead of actual musical talent.

  • JoroJojoro
    JoroJojoro 16 days ago

    Tyler's kind of a goofy if he actually thought putting Drake on there was even close to a good idea.

  • Alex
    Alex 16 days ago

    Drakes life progression categorically demolishes societies stereotypes of the black community.

    After a successful youth career in performance arts, he followed his dreams to make music about finding the perfect woman, or women as companions, for relationships extending sometimes up to several hours. As well his desire to obtain capital for funding cars, prime real estate, and exciting life changing experiences.
    He recently launched his own medicinal plant company, allowing young people to purchase special leaves to alleviate whatever symptoms they have.
    I'm sure you will agree that given enough opportunity, the black community will absolutely transcend the cliche of wannabe tasteless rappers and drug dealers.

  • MrFlipperInvader792
    MrFlipperInvader792 16 days ago

    Still disappointed Anthony didnt say nigga in the tweets

  • Ridley Roid
    Ridley Roid 17 days ago

    Bruh, If i was there to listen to actual talented artists (although the festival did feature fucking uzi vert and asap, big no) and got drake I would have demanded a refund. Well, partial, I would have still enjoyed seeing Tyler in person. He's one of the rare people producing good hip-hop imo.

  • Scremqueen Supreme
    Scremqueen Supreme 17 days ago

    fuck drake, he's a predator. is in "close relationships" with underage girls then publicly starts dating them the second they turn 18, then moving on to the next underage girl. not to mention the recent spread footage of him fondling a girl then continuing to do so after she told him she was underage.

  • Carlos Angel
    Carlos Angel 17 days ago

    Watching any artist get booed is fucked up, whether you like them or not. Its disrespectful and childish. They came out to perform for you, not because they were getting paid, but because they want to make you happy, and this is what you give them in return? Go fuck yourselves!

  • Sascha Husenbeth
    Sascha Husenbeth 18 days ago

    let's be honest here, festivals are so huge that (a) those in the front will be quite likely to be the 'obsessive' type, the mega fans who are absolutely crazy about their favorite artists. you only end up in the front if you are willing to sacrifice a ton of other concerts and a ton of energy (and money - let's not forget the significance of class here). and let's consider what joni mitchell said when she reflected about her concert at the isle of wight festival in 1971 (forgive me if I got that wrong). she said that (b) a crowd is like a giant dragon - those in the front are the head, the artist must face the head, convince those in the front, and then the mood ripples through the crowd, all the way to the tail. if we put those two points (a&b) together, then we have a genuinely scary situation for an artist having to live up to a situation that was hyped up like that. those in the front are, in a sense, "representing" all the fans, not least from the point of view of the artist. it can then easily happen that drake, facing those in the front, perceives that the whole crowd hates him, even while it's entirely possible that the majority enjoyed the concert.

  • Andrei Simionescu
    Andrei Simionescu 18 days ago

    Are you fucking obtuse? That Canadian cunt is jerking it to (if not fucking) kids and you pull some weak ass points about young people being entitled because Spotify exists?! What the fuck are you smoking, you bald fuck?

  • Angel Aguilar
    Angel Aguilar 19 days ago +1

    Is this the Needle Drop second acount?

  • Pete Wade
    Pete Wade 19 days ago

    Well.... Drake does got a lot of enemies

  • Hecatrice
    Hecatrice 20 days ago

    American audiences are spoiled af, I live in Greece and Drake will only come here if he wants to blow money in Mykono

  • Rijad Sablja
    Rijad Sablja 20 days ago

    These comments are so funny lmao yall still act like drake isn't maybe the biggest star rn

  • Corneilious38
    Corneilious38 20 days ago

    canada hate's drake

  • Milktraap
    Milktraap 20 days ago

    Nobody knew but Anthony was actually at Camp Flog Gnaw booing at Drake, but only because he wanted MC Ride to be the secret guest

  • Northreyar
    Northreyar 20 days ago

    Tyler recently was awarded by the Wall Street Journal as Music innovator of the year. I think that there's a reason to believe that there would be little overlap between the fanbases of a guy who does playlist bait music and an artist who is has been considered to be a music innovator. It's like if Swans hosted a festival and brought in Khalid.

  • Davidson Vasquez
    Davidson Vasquez 21 day ago

    Drakes a canadian piece of shit we shouldnt even support him cause he’s not even from the USA 😂😂😂

  • Hayley Cakes
    Hayley Cakes 21 day ago

    Yall remember when Drake was on Degrassi? His name is fucking Aubrey Graham for crying out loud. Fuck Drake, i hope it happens more to him and glad it did happen to him.

  • CheesecakeLasagna
    CheesecakeLasagna 21 day ago +1

    I appreciate and love the Dom shoutout.

  • Gwen
    Gwen 21 day ago

    he's a pedophile

    • Gwen
      Gwen 21 day ago

      drake deserved this treatment and worse. he grooms children.

  • Badass Dan
    Badass Dan 21 day ago

    When are people gonna grow up and realise these are people too, like properly realise it. Personally I’m not a fan of drakes music, I find it bland and boring but at the same fucking time I’m not gonna boo the guy off the stage when he’s out there doing what he loves? What the fuck is up with that?
    Same shit with Fred Durst, I hate Limp Bizkit doesn’t mean dude deserved to have his house burnt down, how can you even think that way?
    Man Make Music. Man Make Bad Music. Man Bad. Boo Man. Boo Man. Retards dude.

  • j balvin
    j balvin 21 day ago +1

    Sashu Ponnaganti

    REVEN6E 22 days ago +1

    Sinatra lifestyle I'm just being Frank withcha.

  • TheCarp1989
    TheCarp1989 22 days ago

    Takeway number 3 is spot on.

  • JP
    JP 22 days ago

    My guy looking like a picnic blanket

  • NINJA's Depression
    NINJA's Depression 22 days ago


  • Grymjawビジョン
    Grymjawビジョン 22 days ago

    fck drake !! remember when he came out the same time as jcole and people were comparing them back in the days.... deadbeat dad, lying about his own dad, REMEMBER WHEN HE STOLE BIG SEANS FLOW and from alot of others ... yeah glad this happens poeple finally done with his bullshit!

  • Chris Lemieux
    Chris Lemieux 22 days ago

    Fuck with drake that heavy? Says the busted looking Logic

  • K1NGxKO
    K1NGxKO 22 days ago

    Ppl booing Drake in the crowd are those unstable fans, who the fuck hates ppl they dont know that much? Yall gotta stop it with this crazy stuff

  • Burge Skurg
    Burge Skurg 22 days ago

    Concert tickets are a lot of money most of the time so people are easy to be dissatisfied

  • Stevie Compton
    Stevie Compton 22 days ago

    fantano look like mr. rime

  • Chase Is An Aryan
    Chase Is An Aryan 22 days ago

    In modern consumerism it is now entitled to be given a product you didnt want and didnt ask for and complain about paying for a shitty product. God help us though if a movie review channel finds a low budget early 2000s squirter and reviews it because the internet will tear that film and everything associated to it to absolute shreds until nothing is left except a deep vitriol towards the director of this crime against humanity. Drake and Tyler the Creator are safe though because if you dare call their product shit you are entitled and a disrespectful fan. Have fun getting every fucking penny sucked from your overworked pathetic life because you're not entitled to your money or a quality product either.

  • SilvLocs
    SilvLocs 22 days ago

    Dawg “Drake
    Looks defeated”? Bruh, where do you get these opinions from? Couldn’t have handled it more professionally man was chillin

  • EverTt
    EverTt 22 days ago

    This is definitely an American thing. At most UK festivals it is KNOWN that part of playing at a festival is the possibility of you (the performer) being bottled off. Festivals were always places where you proved yourself to the audience, maybe gained new fans. They’re not places where you’re freely given respect and adoration no matter how big you are.

  • michael matthews
    michael matthews 22 days ago

    yike Tyler talking about 'cancel culture'

  • retard
    retard 22 days ago +1

    Drake , Tyler, and their fanbases are a bunch of faggots now

  • STS
    STS 22 days ago

    "Im a clown they just use me"
    "Feelin down they abuse me"
    "Come around you accuse me"
    "Ugly sound why you boo me?"
    There, 4 shitty rhymin lines, 7 syllables each, with that classic bitch-made sound that only Drake would put to the mic.
    Drake's agent/team of ghost writers, if you see this, its on me, go ahead, no joke...free of charge.

  • essentialpunk
    essentialpunk 22 days ago

    As much as I enjoy Drake not getting the praise he doesn't deserve, I agree with this being an undeserved one. It's kinda like getting a surprise dessert then being mad it wasn't chocolate pudding or whatever.

  • grimduck LRA
    grimduck LRA 22 days ago

    "SING THE FUCKING SONG" - tyler the creator

  • Diy_CaT
    Diy_CaT 22 days ago

    I dont listen to much hip hop/rap but if Drake randomly showed up at a Deftones concert I wouldn't start raging against the machine. Like, come on. I was born in 1990 but when given the chance to meet Tommy Lee you better believe I was all about it.
    Drake tickets must be in the hundreds. Spoilt.

  • rEdf196
    rEdf196 22 days ago

    In the mid 90's I remember when (then popular) hip hop duo ,PM Dawn singer was pounced on and beaten by some bad boy types prior to a stage appearance or performance. I never heard or saw anything from them ever again.

  • F0rs4k3nR0gu3
    F0rs4k3nR0gu3 22 days ago

    @6:12 follow brendan karet! hes hilarious

  • ChocolateJorge
    ChocolateJorge 23 days ago

    I was at the event. & I agree with your takes Melon. The audience is hella spoiled & should’ve just shut the fuck up & enjoyed the set, but at the same time I agree, Drake and Tyler fans don’t over lap so he shouldn’t have made it a surprise so the fans wouldn’t have got their hopes up