How to Get Rid of Bixby... Forever!

  • Published on Sep 11, 2018
  • Samsung has not given us a way to remap or disable Bixby with software yet... So its time to take maters into our own hands. Here is a quick way (although might void your warranty) to disable Bixby permanently. The quickest way to turn off Bixby is to cut off the little white rubber tab under the button. That will render the Bixby button ineffective. If you want to turn off Bixby forever... this video is for you.
    If you want to go the extreme route, you can always remove the button entirely and fill the void with solid Gold, (or other materials) If you want a Gold Bixby Plug you can find my friends over at S.E. Needhams here: (This is not sponsored, nor do I make any money if you buying anything. These guys are just cool and let me film cool stuff at their shop.)
    Check out the Solid Gold Han Solo Lego we made:
    Awesome Smart Phone Tool Kit:
    Green Pry tool:
    Metal phone opening tool:
    The camera I used to film this video:
    The Lens I used for this video:
    Wide angle lens:
    And this Metabones adapter:
    This is the drone I use:
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    Facebook: on. 1U4bQqv
    Twitter: ZacksJerryRig
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  • Olsen Foto og Video
    Olsen Foto og Video 22 hours ago

    My bixby button literally got stuck down and was constantly pressing and starting bx. I tried all things online to disable. Then I found your video. Saved my life. Thank YOU!!!

  • Night Shade
    Night Shade Day ago

    How do i put the bixby botton back if i want to?......use glue?

  • jaclyn yvonne villarreal rench

    Thanks I Am So HAPPY I KILLED THAT ANNOYING FREAKING BUTTON,My Husband Thinks I am Crazy, I Told Him You Haven't Seen Crazy till you go through what I went through with this button

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  • William Switzner
    William Switzner 3 days ago

    Lol old Clyde bixby the black white supremacist

  • Android's Art
    Android's Art 4 days ago

    Glorious video. I love your videos. Thankyou for doing what you love!

  • Laura Bythatagari
    Laura Bythatagari 5 days ago

    Or remap it to something useful. I remapped mine to Google assistant

  • XeTrOnIx 109
    XeTrOnIx 109 7 days ago

    Nate im disabled , this is my bros channel i use his phone , to use RU-clip this is bixby talking ! Hope you understand why i love bixby

  • Nate
    Nate 8 days ago

    Why the fuck are all you silly retards constantly hating on Bixby? I literally use Bixby every damn day when driving my car and it works a hell of a lot better than Siri.

  • Scott Ahrens
    Scott Ahrens 8 days ago

    Just install Nova Launcher remap the home button to Google Assistant then remap the Bixby button to Nova Launcher

  • Marcelo Acuna
    Marcelo Acuna 12 days ago

    I think I'm just going to use some crazy glue around the button so that it stays locked in the unpressed position

  • Aria Seraj
    Aria Seraj 14 days ago +1

    Since you now can remap it.. i have remapped it to Mute switch.. and now i actually love Samsung for the bixby button

  • Step Dad
    Step Dad 14 days ago

    There's apps that reroute bixby to Google assistant. Works great

  • PortalVR
    PortalVR 14 days ago

    I just haven't updated it in a year

  • LBSi UK
    LBSi UK 14 days ago

    Just use bxactions

  • Bill Banche
    Bill Banche 16 days ago

    after reading a lot of these comments: did this: this is how to disable swipe to right activation on Samsung Note 8:
    use two fingers, which changes to a stepped out view showing all windows.
    swipe to the right to show the bixby screen, the one I hate.
    tap on the button that activates it upper right corner of that stepped out screen, which deactivates it!
    now it shows as a blank screen and the button top right as set to it’s left. tap that button to reactivate the annoying bixby screen by swiping to the right which moves the screen to the right and shows the screens to the left.

  • Bill Banche
    Bill Banche 16 days ago

    Problem with this is that the main way Bixby activates on my Note 8, is when I swipe to the right. No where near the bixby button. What REALLY TICKS ME OFF, is that it's impossible to get rid of that swipe right activation of the bixby screen (asking what language...) taking over the phone. AND in settings going to Apps, scrolling to the bixby apps, opening and choosing TURN OFF Notifications, does sort of work, BUT WHEN CLICKING BACK IT SHOWS notifications as ALLOWED. even though they are NOT. Deceptive, invasive, controlling jerks: Samsung. I will never buy another Samsung product. or, for that matter ANY car from South Korea. (that's another story.)

  • IceyBird
    IceyBird 16 days ago +1

    Why would you want to disable bixby? I don’t really understand the point of this?

    • Salamence
      Salamence 16 days ago

      Bixby has a terrible ai

  • Liftsky
    Liftsky 16 days ago

    1:33 *Cody'sLab has entered the chat.*
    Edit: Fixed the timestamp

  • East Ping
    East Ping 17 days ago

    Download an app that turns it into a button to open an app

  • I correctly
    I correctly 18 days ago

    The Bixby button is so easy to push, it's made me hate the feature, and I vow never to use it.

  • Sinan Akkoyun
    Sinan Akkoyun 18 days ago

    He was not helping you out, he made your project come true.

  • Abdulla Al-Attiya
    Abdulla Al-Attiya 19 days ago

    Thought you were going to shove the stick up his ass

  • Nepali Gamers
    Nepali Gamers 19 days ago

    Never goona try but watching this

  • arcader dude
    arcader dude 20 days ago +23

    Bixby: change the world this os my final message goodbye

    • arcader dude
      arcader dude Day ago

      @Jack Harrow true its just a dummy tho

    • Jack Harrow
      Jack Harrow 2 days ago

      Soldier is better than all star

  • matt Alford
    matt Alford 21 day ago

    Easy. Don't buy a Samsung phone lol

  • Paul Cartwright
    Paul Cartwright 21 day ago

    maybe make a button from wood er plastic an give money to poor starving kids??

  • Seafour
    Seafour 21 day ago +1

    Samsung the people have spoken REMOVE BIXBY

  • ChewBaccaFlacka
    ChewBaccaFlacka 21 day ago +1

    Download Bxactions on the play store

  • Aleksandar Gerenski
    Aleksandar Gerenski 23 days ago

    omg your so stupid

  • Péter Márkus
    Péter Márkus 23 days ago

    Thank you Jerry!😁✌🏻

  • nathan ralph
    nathan ralph 23 days ago

    Hate Bixby.

  • dkasapis
    dkasapis 25 days ago

    why am I watching this shit. I don't even own a phone

  • Tabish Khan
    Tabish Khan 26 days ago +1

    You have your own unique style of presentation and thats pretty impressive.

    XXDRT 26 days ago

    Android users: I hate bixby
    Apple users: I hate Siri

  • KamoGaming
    KamoGaming 26 days ago

    First time I got a water proof phone, I checked a video that tested its rating. Then took it into the pool for underwater video shooting. My only annoyance was that since the screen wasn't hydrophobic, water would produce enough force on the screen to stop the recording. Not gonna lie, would it again (if I get a waterproof phone again)

  • Michael Švec
    Michael Švec 28 days ago +2

    Me: watching this video
    My phone: update Bixby

  • Julian Ortega
    Julian Ortega 28 days ago +2

    When your so _Rich_ you use Gold to remove a button.

  • Just Waboba
    Just Waboba Month ago it on Google play. Your welcome

  • bigtaxrefund
    bigtaxrefund Month ago

    how to disable your phone

  • xray-inFecTz
    xray-inFecTz Month ago

    What an idiot just disable it through the settings

  • Calvin Hikes
    Calvin Hikes Month ago


  • samsung 21126
    samsung 21126 Month ago

    Can't do that on the note 10

  • Gage Hall
    Gage Hall Month ago

    I just made an app that when u push on bixbi she does nothing, thinking about changing it to long press Google help, I got galixy s9

  • Robert Mitchell
    Robert Mitchell Month ago

    Yeah, I don't think so, Maynard...

  • Mar Mar Binkz
    Mar Mar Binkz Month ago

    fucking gold

  • little1xd
    little1xd Month ago

    I need this in my life

  • Redfastninja
    Redfastninja Month ago

    R.I.P Bixby 😂

  • Darktega
    Darktega Month ago +3

    Making a useless gold button it's some kind of flex.

  • Logan Jankowski
    Logan Jankowski Month ago +5

    *Accidently removes power button*

  • Cyber Gaming Studios

    Do not do this on the note 10/10+

  • glub123
    glub123 Month ago +1

    What is "Bixby"?

  • world of confusion
    world of confusion Month ago

    i used silicon in the bixbybutton hole😆

  • Harry Potter
    Harry Potter Month ago +1

    Should I start destroying phones to get muscles like that?

  • NoNonsenseKnowHow
    NoNonsenseKnowHow Month ago +1

    Thank you and great idea! I'm going to pull my button out and fill the hole with silicone. It's a shame that we have to go through all this. Makes me never want to buy a Samsung again

    • NoNonsenseKnowHow
      NoNonsenseKnowHow Month ago

      @Matteoflp yeah but it still pops up if you hit the button

    • Matteoflp
      Matteoflp Month ago +1

      You do know that you can just disable it

  • TheTuneAce
    TheTuneAce 2 months ago

    14 carat solid gold lmao

  • C u
    C u 2 months ago +1

    Do this on note10+ and you have distorted your power button lol

  • Mohd channel
    Mohd channel 2 months ago

    Hey jerry i want to talk to u at personal so where i talk i have some questions n m big fan of u

  • Hercule Poirot
    Hercule Poirot 2 months ago

    Have fun with the note s10 and s10+

  • 80" Reach
    80" Reach 2 months ago

    People don't ruin you 1k device. Pointless, you swipe to the right and Bixby still looking at you.