• Published on Oct 14, 2019
  • Larray and Issa Play Mash to Find Husbands! -
    Welcome back to "DETECTED"!!! Join AwesomenessTV in welcoming Larray and Issa!! The duo straps up to take a polygraph test with polygraph expert, John Grogan. These besties are prepared to grill each other with tough questions and find out who's telling the truth and who's lying. These two get dirty, asking questions like “Has Issa ever had a crush on Larray?”,“Is Issa secretly dating someone?”, and of course, “Is Larray attracted to John the polygraph examiner?” This crazy episode is one you REALLY won't want to miss!! Watch and find out!! Also, be sure to like, comment, and subscribe!!!
    Will She Get Engaged?! | Detected w/ Jordyn Jones and Jordan Beau -
    Detected is a series where two influencers take a lie detector test.
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    Issa Twaimz (@issa) & Larray Merritt (@larrayox)
    EP: Christopher Babers
    Director: Marta Palley
    DP: Golnar Fakhrai
    PD: Victoria Slate
    Editor: Alex Zingaro

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Comments • 2 586

  • Kween Jaee
    Kween Jaee Day ago

    They both have been exposed 😳🤭😂

    Larri likes John
    Issa like larri 😳💀


    can y’all have John take the lie detector test?

  • Maxwell Fairbanks

    Why John look so pissed

  • courtney bauer
    courtney bauer Day ago

    Johns growling

  • The life of Maddy

    at the beginning when he said "welcome back to..." I thought he was gonna say "I'm Issa and I'm Larray and welcome back to Disney channel."

  • Myla Riggs
    Myla Riggs Day ago

    Yesss Issa is Beyoncé btw I ship Issa and larray

  • Thickest Larry fan

    The La-rat sweats a-lot.

  • Anahi Diaz
    Anahi Diaz Day ago

    No one:
    John: “TrUe 👍”

  • Posion Ivy
    Posion Ivy Day ago

    larri: John whos the better dancer me or him he said yes
    John: 👍🏽
    Me: ????

  • nzuria hambrick
    nzuria hambrick Day ago

    XD i was laughing the entire time especially with the editing

  • Olivia and More
    Olivia and More Day ago

    I feel like John needs a hug. 😣❤️

  • Paula Lynn
    Paula Lynn Day ago

    LARRI: are u down?
    John: *growls

  • Nylah Dischert
    Nylah Dischert Day ago

    larray and issa: cracking up and making fun of john

    john: not moving a muscle not laughing not being offended but "growling" at them

  • Whittle Ruby Universe

    The other guy beside them looks like he’s already tired of them from the beginning of the beginning XD

  • Norell Frank
    Norell Frank Day ago

    I like the word borrowed dead😂😂😂

  • Katelyn Kischnick

    They call eachother baby

  • Katelyn Kischnick

    5:39 they looked so cute tho what they looked like they were like together what the heck bro

  • Gabele Jade
    Gabele Jade 2 days ago

    That moment when John was in that Santa costume 💀

  • Fatou D
    Fatou D 2 days ago

    Bicth no

  • reesie cup
    reesie cup 2 days ago +1

    john looks like he’s dead inside

  • Shay's Everything Show
    Shay's Everything Show 2 days ago +1

    10:28 to 10:35 me when my sister ask me the same question issa asked larray

  • Deeprope Shm
    Deeprope Shm 2 days ago +2

    Are you secretly in love with me?
    lie detector: lie
    Larry: so you are packing your things tomorrow...

  • iroshani90
    iroshani90 2 days ago


  • iroshani90
    iroshani90 2 days ago

    Issa has a beard

  • iroshani90
    iroshani90 2 days ago


  • Nae Chanél
    Nae Chanél 3 days ago

    Dang they are mean to John

  • WhyNotDarius
    WhyNotDarius 3 days ago

    john hates them😭😭

  • Sharon Bhara
    Sharon Bhara 3 days ago +1

    I love how the man just sitting there typing away at the beginning not having a sence of humor🤣🤣 sorry John.....

  • Briscenia Garcia
    Briscenia Garcia 3 days ago +1

    “John is growling” has me dying!

  • Rere R.
    Rere R. 3 days ago +1

    10:26 Issa:can you be more pecific?
    me: ya missed an S but ok XD

  • Moon Shine Down
    Moon Shine Down 3 days ago +1

    But Issa is honestly extremely attractive

  • Kammy Mends
    Kammy Mends 3 days ago

    "He said I had an big package and he wanted to open it"

  • jossie j.
    jossie j. 4 days ago +1

    john looking cute or whatever 😍

  • fairchildsrunes
    fairchildsrunes 4 days ago +2

    “it’s because i have to fart” I LAUGHED SO HARD

  • fairchildsrunes
    fairchildsrunes 4 days ago

    john was not having it 😂

  • princess
    princess 4 days ago

    “ he told me i had a big package, and he wanted to open it “ LMFAOOOOOOOOOOOOO

  • princess
    princess 4 days ago

    john is like so uninterested LMFAOOO

  • Erica Caldwell
    Erica Caldwell 4 days ago

    my favorite part was when larri acted like a two year old and said he likes you lmao

  • jswizzle
    jswizzle 4 days ago

    john is kinda scary but also ive never related more to someone in my life

  • That one kid ._.
    That one kid ._. 5 days ago

    😂 I ship

  • Ityourgirlsammie Savage

    Poor John

  • Mekhi Kearney
    Mekhi Kearney 5 days ago

    follow me on tiktok : mk150234 🍌

  • Posey Beanie's YT Channel -VIP-

    “you can’t pass.”

    “you pass gas.”

  • meme salad
    meme salad 6 days ago +4

    *my favorite question: **11:18*

  • Dãńñię
    Dãńñię 6 days ago

    JOHNNNN 😂 I’m rolling

  • LPS Sugar Creationzzz
    LPS Sugar Creationzzz 6 days ago +8

    larray and issa: *laughs about john*
    john: *internally dying*

  • Donna A
    Donna A 6 days ago

    ISSA:balala I cant speak English

  • daviana torres
    daviana torres 6 days ago

    btich i love your videos keep doing it ,xoxo you number 1 fannnnnnnn

  • Sara Dobre
    Sara Dobre 7 days ago

    I LOVE THIS VIDEO 😂😭❤️❤️❤️

  • ALDC Dance Mons
    ALDC Dance Mons 8 days ago

    If they are both physically attracted to each other shouldn’t already and Issa just date? Like.......... omg WHY NOT

  • Jaylene Camarena
    Jaylene Camarena 8 days ago

    Lmao I’m dying at this part

  • Wislie
    Wislie 9 days ago

    Is John homophobic?😂

  • Hannah Mcgeough
    Hannah Mcgeough 9 days ago

    Y’all both cute*

  • Hannah Mcgeough
    Hannah Mcgeough 9 days ago

    Y’all both cu the

  • Leone
    Leone 9 days ago

    I see Twaimz and Larry I CLICK

  • Kate Guevara
    Kate Guevara 10 days ago

    Bro me and my friend are literally Larry and Issa😂😂

  • Gaby .G
    Gaby .G 10 days ago

    Who else ships Jarry , Larry and John

  • Gabby Powers
    Gabby Powers 10 days ago


  • Matilda Hughes
    Matilda Hughes 10 days ago

    John looks like he hates his life

  • Matilda Hughes
    Matilda Hughes 10 days ago

    3:24 LARISSAA I SHIP IT!!!