iPhone 11 Release Date CONFIRMED

  • Published on Aug 17, 2019
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Comments • 101

  • Bacon Gaming
    Bacon Gaming 3 days ago +1

    cool the 11 is cool
    and chill

  • PureStatz
    PureStatz 11 days ago +7

    It’s gonna be released 9.20 bois

  • Vipin V Nath
    Vipin V Nath 11 days ago


  • Dillon Thorne
    Dillon Thorne 11 days ago

    Isn’t that today?????

  • Its Hariz
    Its Hariz 12 days ago +3

    Only 6 hours remaining

  • JaydenLKW
    JaydenLKW 12 days ago

    Release date September 11th ur welcome

  • Tajinder Singh
    Tajinder Singh 12 days ago

    Todey is that date

  • Bleachy GLaPPツ
    Bleachy GLaPPツ 12 days ago +4

    Alright ITS 10th of september 1:58 pm

  • Enrique Andrews
    Enrique Andrews 14 days ago +3

    By the time apple has made a new phone Samsung has made 3 new phones wtf

  • Awe47
    Awe47 15 days ago +4

    Welp this video was wrong

  • Jamar Martin
    Jamar Martin 20 days ago +2

    That camera is not elegant at all. I buy Apple because their design language is elegant. It’s simple and sleek.

  • MrX
    MrX 23 days ago +1

    Why do you have to clickbait man? Just tell me why? Are you that insecure in your abilities ? Don’t be , i would have watched your video till he end if only your title was something like this “ hmmmmm new iPhone11???”

  • Sanam m
    Sanam m 24 days ago

    Fuck that notch

  • Saddam Hossain
    Saddam Hossain 26 days ago

    Wait for mate 30 pro

    T-SERIES SUCKS! 26 days ago +6

    Be prepared to get your iPhone 11 and naruto run to Area 51, stormers!

      T-SERIES SUCKS! 11 days ago

      Rice Gum lol

    • Rice Gum
      Rice Gum 21 day ago

      T-SERIES SUCKS! By the way the aliens your looking for are actually in Area 52

  • Eno Beano
    Eno Beano Month ago +1

    I’m not really sure? Translation he is just making stuff up.

  • Rafiqul Islam Sohag
    Rafiqul Islam Sohag Month ago +1

    bad camera design

  • m
    m Month ago +1

    This script sounds like it was written by a 6th grader😂

  • Amirul Hakimi
    Amirul Hakimi Month ago +1

    Switched from iPhone xs max to S10+.
    Never look back again. Just realized how trash iPhone actually is until i got my hands-on Samsung S10+.
    Great battery, one of the best camera I've ever experience, better customization option, THE SCREEN IS SO GORGEOUS, excellent UI, HEAPHONE JACK, external storage & ease of use.
    And all of these package comes with way more cheaper price compare to iPhone's ridiculous price.

    • Jacob Witmer
      Jacob Witmer 19 days ago

      Amirul Hakimi I have friends who still use the 5S to this day and plan to get the iPhone 11 when it comes out! It’s not that we don’t have the funds to buy the latest and greatest every year. We just like to use it for the entire length of software support. The X was replaced by the XR.

    • Amirul Hakimi
      Amirul Hakimi 20 days ago

      @Jacob Witmer who tf stays with the same phone for more than 2 years? Ohh iPhone users. Cuz they cant afford to buy the latest model

    • Jacob Witmer
      Jacob Witmer 20 days ago

      Too bad the Samsung will only get 2 years of software support!

    • NanoReeferKeeper
      NanoReeferKeeper 26 days ago

      theetinolewis I’m using an iPhone XS Max and I feel ripped off. I was an Apple sheep too because of the ecosystem but now it’s inferior. I have awaken to the truth.

    • theetinolewis
      theetinolewis 29 days ago

      Cool story bro

  • nankee grewal
    nankee grewal Month ago +1

    Why don’t you work apple store

  • Alyssa A
    Alyssa A Month ago +3

    Bro I swear on my life my head was scratching before I clicked on the video then I did and I was scratching omg once in a lifetime

  • Smoki Loki
    Smoki Loki Month ago +1

    Wow they have an iphone 11 and samsung only has a s10

    • Smoki Loki
      Smoki Loki 14 days ago

      @Enrique Andrews im not talking about how many phones they make im just saying apple has an iphone 11 and samsung s10

    • Enrique Andrews
      Enrique Andrews 14 days ago

      Smoki Loki by the time apple has made a new phone Samsung has already made 3 phones wtf

  • Ryan Root
    Ryan Root Month ago +7

    It seems there’s a lot of animosity against Apple/Android (and vice versa)... but at the end of the day hasn’t all this somewhat plateaued? It’s a phone. It makes calls. Takes damn fine photos. It has internet access. It’s fast enough. I mean, what quantum leap does one have over the other anymore?

  • muppet1011
    muppet1011 Month ago +1

    I won’t be buying another iPhone. Lack of innovation, price ridiculously high (and stays high) poorer camera unless you want their biggest phone etc. Going to try out the Samsung S10

    • janice azar
      janice azar 29 days ago +1

      Hayna Ltu apple rocks

    • Hayna Ltu
      Hayna Ltu 29 days ago +2

      Samee, but after buying s9 I got back to Xr after 1month, now I'm really know that Iphone is way better

    • liljfunk21
      liljfunk21 Month ago +1

      Get the Note 10+

    • Karl Blackwell
      Karl Blackwell Month ago +1

      Muppet1011. You're welcome there must be plenty of reviews regarding the note 9 and s10+. It's a good time to invest with a note 9 as it's been out for almost a year (UK) and I'm sure owners of the note 9 will be selling to upgrade to note 10+, so hopefully you will find some good deals. In not, HOLD ON a few months and I promis you the note 9 will fall in price alot. Rember to always pay for a used phone only is you have the phone in you're hands. Never pay of it has to be sent to you. Enjoy Muppet1011

    • muppet1011
      muppet1011 Month ago +1

      Karl Blackwell Honestly hadn’t considered the Note 9 and I’ll definitely check it out. I’ve had iPhones for years and in the past even defended it against Samsung users. No more! Have to say the final blow was when released a credit card. You only come out with those to leach as much money as you can out of previously loyal customers. Thanks for the tips.

  • malik zeitone
    malik zeitone Month ago +1

    Trash device

  • malik zeitone
    malik zeitone Month ago +2

    Same date and same crappy phone

  • claudio villavicencio
    claudio villavicencio Month ago +4

    They have no choice to leak,Apple users are switching to Androids at a unsettling pace,Apple Is Frantic!

    • Hayna Ltu
      Hayna Ltu 29 days ago

      ios 13 is a super🔥

    • Judy Baird
      Judy Baird Month ago +1

      claudio villavicencio Then the 12 better be amazing. I love my iPhone but I am tired of the same old thing. They need to do something better than the 11.

  • Dudelord
    Dudelord Month ago +4

    Pre order starting Friday thirteenth ok

  • owen Leong
    owen Leong Month ago +10

    No interest....no innovation and no surprise.....boring with apple product

  • Jay Danniels
    Jay Danniels Month ago +69

    “They love picking Tuesday’s and Friday’s and maybe even weekends sometimes”.... so basically nothing specific and you have no clue

    • yungmamasaywad
      yungmamasaywad 6 days ago

      Facts ! 😭 I'm like wtf 🙁
      He say AND so much

    • Plotzes
      Plotzes 21 day ago

      Jay Danniels IKR

    • Eno Beano
      Eno Beano Month ago +1

      Jay Danniels this guy can talk forever and he really doesn’t tell you anything concrete because he guesses. Anybody can guess. He is like the weather man.

    • PotatoCatcher
      PotatoCatcher Month ago

      I thought the same 😂

    • m
      m Month ago

      Ik I was like okay then😂

  • S am
    S am Month ago

    Wtf camera??

  • kokieeeee
    kokieeeee Month ago +7

    iPhone's died ...

    • kokieeeee
      kokieeeee Month ago

      @kader mohamad (has died) is used when you want to connect a link between the present and the past. Usually, ilkustrates actions that were finished recently or ones that still happening . so that means iPhone is going down . got it Kader the fuck !? hahahaha

    • kader mohamad
      kader mohamad Month ago +8

      Learn to spell dead, kid.

    YOUNG ELA Month ago +17

    What is there to leak same shit as last year only diffrence is the price it goes higher and higher

    • Reek Rodriqguez
      Reek Rodriqguez 12 days ago +1

      NanoReeferKeeper People said the same about the X camera 🤷🏾‍♂️ but look at them now

    • Shamoun Kyriakos
      Shamoun Kyriakos 24 days ago +1

      @Declan Kerr it is still expensive

    • Josh Harmon
      Josh Harmon 24 days ago

      I just hope the iphone xs max drops, otherwise I'll be upgrading my not 9 to a note 10

    • NanoReeferKeeper
      NanoReeferKeeper 26 days ago

      Declan Kerr because there is nothing new really. Just better camera and faster as always with a bit of new software and gadgets and apps. That large 3 camera lens looks ugly AF. Not exited for this years iPhone. Probably gonna stick with my max for a while.

    • Declan Kerr
      Declan Kerr Month ago +5

      YOUNG ELA The price for the new iPhones are rumoured to be the same as the iPhone 10 series. This has come from credible sources from insiders who work with Apple

  • Kyl Par
    Kyl Par Month ago


  • Kyl Par
    Kyl Par Month ago

    Apple is shit

  • Kyl Par
    Kyl Par Month ago

    Apple is shit

  • Ino Komodo
    Ino Komodo Month ago +8

    who cares. i'd already bought note 10 plus.

    • Gaming with Rian
      Gaming with Rian 22 days ago

      @Ino Komodo roasted!!!!!

    • Hayna Ltu
      Hayna Ltu 29 days ago +4

      iphone 11 will be faster and have a way better camera, and ios 13 is a lit

    • Tokodi Ádám
      Tokodi Ádám Month ago

      Ino Komodo and if u didn’t care about the new iPhone why did u write a comment?:D

    • Ino Komodo
      Ino Komodo Month ago

      Tokodi Ádám
      if you didn’t care why bother to wrote a comment?😂

    • Juma Aljbar
      Juma Aljbar Month ago +1

      Iphone xr better in 2019?🤔

  • Steve Crawl
    Steve Crawl Month ago +16

    Apple be leaking stuff now too lmao

  • d s
    d s Month ago +13

    Apple fan girl here to say I'm breaking up with Apple and on the 23rd I'm gonna start dating Samsung,I'm bored with Apple plus Samsung is giving me some free stuff and $650 at Best buy for my iPhone X.Bye rotten apple.lol

    • liljfunk21
      liljfunk21 Month ago

      @Truth Team correction Note 10+ has Quad HD 1440P with a 4300 mah battery

    • claudio villavicencio
      claudio villavicencio Month ago

      Apple is a boring white guy! Samsung is a sexy confident muscular superior Black man.

    • Valdemar Traça
      Valdemar Traça Month ago

      Bye 👋

    • Spidey Rocks
      Spidey Rocks Month ago +1

      Dating? Lol

    • Spidey Rocks
      Spidey Rocks Month ago +2

      Apple fanboy and I'm about to do the same, that's awesome girl props to you

  • alaamery m
    alaamery m Month ago +10


    • Laydou- Kab
      Laydou- Kab 19 days ago

      alaamery m Because iPhone jump from 8 to 10

  • Ty Ty
    Ty Ty Month ago +1

    iPhone lol . Apple died since iPhone 7. It’s all about google phone baby oh yeah just got me the not 9 while yal broke niggas rocking iPhone lol

  • Qreeb Aldiar
    Qreeb Aldiar Month ago +6

    If it came with 2 sims am gonna buy one

    • Steve Crawl
      Steve Crawl Month ago

      Qreeb Aldiar If it came with pokemon

  • Brenda Baker
    Brenda Baker Month ago +6

    I Want To See It Myself!!!

  • Brenda Baker
    Brenda Baker Month ago +4

    2nd! Yes

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