Building the Ultimate Xbox 360

  • Published on May 31, 2018
  • The Microsoft Xbox 360 was THE game console but how does it handle the ultimate treatment?
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  • Kirby Venom 9517
    Kirby Venom 9517 21 minute ago

    The only reason why the HD DVD player didn't work is because... YOU NEED THE HD DVD INSTALATION DISC FOR THE 360!!!

  • stefan popa
    stefan popa Day ago

    But fine

  • stefan popa
    stefan popa Day ago

    I not Tell You cause my dad said

  • stefan popa
    stefan popa Day ago

    But i know what's next onevolution

  • Big Cheese
    Big Cheese Day ago

    You look like a 30 year old virgin

  • IliyaGamer -Yt
    IliyaGamer -Yt 2 days ago

    My friend has 4tb ssd and he has xbox 360 elite so you know old xbox 360s hard dtives were different tehn the black one so we open the 120gb hdd he had and we tooked off the hdd 120gb and we put 4tb ssd on it and holy shit you don't belive it it became the fastest xbox 360 like xbox 360 e v3 and we were gettin a smooth 1080p 45fps do you belive it i always count on ssds than hdds

  • pmm4177
    pmm4177 2 days ago +1

    I never realized how small storage was on the xbox, my ps4 is 4.5 tb

  • Fahrenheit Gaming
    Fahrenheit Gaming 3 days ago +1

    I think I'll stick with PC... I found an $85 Dell PC that has a 3.3GHz Dual core core i3-2120, 4gb ddr3 ram, 250gb had, and windows 7 pro. There's no reason for this comment, I just wanted to say this.
    Edit: I was gonna upgrade it's ram and storage.

  • Reloadeddd
    Reloadeddd 6 days ago

    Hey Austin this is guys.

  • Olaf the human
    Olaf the human 6 days ago

    Build the ultimate xbox

  • Osric J
    Osric J 7 days ago +2

    Ultimate PS3 please

  • Deomi Ibnu Raisha
    Deomi Ibnu Raisha 7 days ago

    PS3 ???

  • Joshua Savage
    Joshua Savage 8 days ago

    The first minute and a half of this video you are acting like a woman just an FYI

  • Hybred
    Hybred 8 days ago

    The batteries isnt a drawback for the 360 or xbox one because it doesnt "run on them" its optional, use a rechargeable battery pack or buy your own rechargeable batteries if you want to or use regular double A.
    Having a forced irremovable battery pack decreases the controllers life as the battery inside gets weaker, I don't want to have to buy a new controller I'd like to swap out to a different rechargeable battery instead or be allowed to use my really expensive rechargeable batteries that make my controller last extremely long. It's a positive

  • Rick Lemke
    Rick Lemke 9 days ago

    You're fucking obnoxious

  • cool vines
    cool vines 9 days ago


  • Jimmie Mckay
    Jimmie Mckay 11 days ago

    Where do you buy from

  • Lj Yates
    Lj Yates 11 days ago

    For Xbox 360 if you don’t have a mic you can use the Kinect to talk to people so Kinect isn’t useless

  • Peter Griffn
    Peter Griffn 12 days ago

    I Got the inner cooler for my 360 too

  • Dillon Snowder
    Dillon Snowder 12 days ago

    I think the intercooler actually works because of how the 360 is, if you play more than an hour the 360 starts getting hot

  • Gamer Frytz YT
    Gamer Frytz YT 12 days ago

    4 GB Really

  • KaOs
    KaOs 13 days ago

    lol, thought the 4GB was RAM

  • i like clips 1000 get some saltyness

    I have 88 games install and I still have 1.1 TB of storage

  • 「Lps Genevieve」
    「Lps Genevieve」 13 days ago

    hEy GuYs ThIs Is AuStIn AnD I JuSt FuCkEd A dUdE jk sorry I had to my sister said it as soon as I turned on the video

  • Minene Uryuu922 I PC Masterrace I

    no rgb

  • GucciGang omar
    GucciGang omar 15 days ago

    I am going to tell you all my consoles (not much) Ps3 xbox360 and a Ps4 pro

  • NextGeneration 9501
    NextGeneration 9501 15 days ago

    i saw those consoles with mods like monster trucks, don't know why lol

  • Eric bywaters
    Eric bywaters 16 days ago

    And every one in Richmond VA will know how hateful devin solavin richers, is these days, and it's for him to go to church,

  • Eric bywaters
    Eric bywaters 16 days ago

    Diven, solavin, richers, one of those and he said something about it and the man at the end become very hateful tors, the xb1 and I started to wonder if he wasn't vary truthful and I do remember him saying why do you get a ps4 and I m, still getting another xb1 in the mid west and this year getting a new ps4 and oh yes devin, solavin richers did spit, on my xb1 last year and that tells some people how hateful that is theses days

  • Eric bywaters
    Eric bywaters 16 days ago

    I had one 1 for 8 years stright?

  • FaTaL 0tiz
    FaTaL 0tiz 16 days ago +2

    me:this runs better than my pc


  • Tacky Adza
    Tacky Adza 18 days ago +1

    so rich

  • Patrick Zweygardt
    Patrick Zweygardt 18 days ago

    Am I the only one that wonders if the guy in the video is younger than the Xbox 360 itself?

  • Not a BOT
    Not a BOT 19 days ago +1

    Still not better than a xbox with... _that_ chip.

  • Enderdragooon
    Enderdragooon 19 days ago

    I have an old Xbox 360 with connect and it’s Star Wars themed

  • RetroPCGamer
    RetroPCGamer 20 days ago

    The slim model may not have a red ring of death, but my Xbox got a red "DOT" of death that had the same effects of the red ring of death.

  • Campbell Walker
    Campbell Walker 20 days ago

    Ha I have still have my xbox 360 elite

  • Zakiry
    Zakiry 21 day ago

    I had the red ring, turned it off for the night, when I woke up it was good

  • TGLadyN
    TGLadyN 22 days ago

    If you get the right kind of rechargable battery pack for a Xbox 360 controller; then you can charge the controller while playing a game. That's what I have for my Xbox 360 controller.

  • Alex Pellom
    Alex Pellom 23 days ago

    Austin. The Xbox 360 slim can play hd dvd without the player

    • Patrick Zweygardt
      Patrick Zweygardt 18 days ago

      Are you sure about that boss? All the companies that were developing HD DVD'S stopped doing so in 2008. Release date of the Xbox Slim was June of 2010. Wouldn't make any sense to put tech that lost the battle in that next version of the console.

  • Hannah Ip
    Hannah Ip 23 days ago

    I've got three Xbox 360's + one kinect sensor and 200gb + three monitors

  • Jiwanjot Singh
    Jiwanjot Singh 23 days ago

    I havent laughed so hard in a long time. Thanks bud ✌🏻

  • Drunk Gamer
    Drunk Gamer 23 days ago

    Don’t hold the air can sideways, you’ll get water inside the Xbox

  • Macca_Boys
    Macca_Boys 25 days ago

    my ps3 was 320gb and i had over 50 games. They only filled up 50-75gb

  • Ireland
    Ireland 25 days ago +3

    I got an xbox 360 with no face plate and disk tray cover. Works good, hasn't red ringed yet. How? I don't even know

    • FinchGaming
      FinchGaming 15 days ago

      @Ireland lmao

    • Ireland
      Ireland 15 days ago

      @FinchGaming Something to work on after I'm done crying over the Titanic not being on HD DVD

    • FinchGaming
      FinchGaming 17 days ago

      Ireland you should be working on getting Northern Ireland not playing ur xbox 360 lmao


  • Lashley Oladigbolu
    Lashley Oladigbolu 25 days ago

    How about ps3 ultimate build


    Austin triggered 8:41

  • FaZe UltraSnipes
    FaZe UltraSnipes 26 days ago

    4GB WHATT?

  • Ryan Campbell
    Ryan Campbell 27 days ago

    What an abomination!

  • loly abo
    loly abo 28 days ago +1

    Xbox is amazing

    • loly abo
      loly abo 26 days ago

      @Luis Santos nah ps in general sucks

    • Luis Santos
      Luis Santos 26 days ago

      loly abo ps3 is better

  • Anthony Guevara
    Anthony Guevara 28 days ago


  • Liviu Japonia
    Liviu Japonia 28 days ago

    XBOX Sucks

  • Liviu Japonia
    Liviu Japonia 28 days ago

    i like the PS4 console

  • Zim Gt
    Zim Gt 28 days ago

    wtf xbox 360 - 4 gb
    xbox one s - 1 tb

  • Trinicia Lewis
    Trinicia Lewis 29 days ago

    When turned on my Xbox 360 after years later, it was green because my it was sitting on my Xbox one ..

  • James Doster
    James Doster 29 days ago

    Something to note about the HDD size. At that point in gaming you didn't need to install a game onto the hard drive, and there wasn't a hell of a lot in the way of games in the online store. I remember buying the first Puzzle Quest game, which didn't use up much space at all. With that being said, the 4 GB HDD was essentially there to hold your updates and act as a huge (for the day) internal memory card.

  • Ryan Walters
    Ryan Walters Month ago +1

    My famijy cant even afford an xbox 360

  • jason Slusher
    jason Slusher Month ago

    Is this the 360 slim?

  • Gamer49 Master
    Gamer49 Master Month ago

    Make ultimate xbox one s please

  • Sameer Hafeez
    Sameer Hafeez Month ago

    Normal people : Not only
    Austin : no tornly

  • That guy Soteriou
    That guy Soteriou Month ago

    Build the ultimate PS3

  • Non Gucci Kid
    Non Gucci Kid Month ago

    Building the ultimate Wii


    My xbox 360 S dont need to use that hd dvd xbox 360 S Have that inside and did not need to buy a disk to my xbox 360 S

  • Falcon Fleet
    Falcon Fleet Month ago

    “Why is it so dirty?! Ew” it was $20 what do u think

  • MiniTieGaming
    MiniTieGaming Month ago

    lmao this is amazing :D

  • stan101 mollie
    stan101 mollie Month ago

    U look like logic

  • Billy Cuddihy
    Billy Cuddihy Month ago

    all your missing is an RGH chip

  • BlueDino -Games
    BlueDino -Games Month ago

    I like. This vid

  • Alejandro Zamora
    Alejandro Zamora Month ago

    Skyrim instead of Halo?

  • Hayden Yim
    Hayden Yim Month ago

    Case for the xbow 360?????????????????????? 7:24