The New Apple Macbook Air Unboxing - But can it run Fortnite, Black Ops, MW2?

  • Published on Nov 21, 2018
  • Unboxing Apple's new Macbook Air 2018 and Fortnite Battle Royale, Black Ops and MW2 gameplay test. Thanks to Master & Dynamic for sending the cool looking MW50 headphones!
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  • Missing door hole

    I was trying to find a MacBook Air video if it had the best games and i came across this video thank you for making this

  • xSparKxes
    xSparKxes Day ago

    MacBook airs are like the girls at my school, they look pretty but are stupid af

  • ok Boomer
    ok Boomer Day ago


  • Słoń Makao
    Słoń Makao 2 days ago +3

    2009: Can it run MW2?
    2019: Can it run MW2?

  • Anthony Naumets
    Anthony Naumets 2 days ago

    This man puts his fingerprint with 🧤

  • Quentin爱
    Quentin爱 2 days ago +1

    Yeah, my $300 pc runs better than that

  • Aqua :D
    Aqua :D 3 days ago

    Well, yes, but actually no

  • اسلام سعد
    اسلام سعد 4 days ago


  • A R C -
    A R C - 5 days ago

    Imagine losing to a guy with a fucking mouse pad. xD

    SUDEEP KHATRI 5 days ago

    Playing with touch pad😂😂😂😂😂

  • Niyah’s world with Madison Niyah’s world

    Those headphones are ugly

  • Giovane fagundes
    Giovane fagundes 11 days ago

    ouch , so much screen tearing

  • Jarjini Sidislimane
    Jarjini Sidislimane 13 days ago

    as-tu l’argents pour acheter un autre

  • Khalil Safaoui
    Khalil Safaoui 15 days ago

    Better than the asmr 😂😂

  • resnof 29
    resnof 29 16 days ago

    I want to buy the master&dynamic just for his protection amk

  • Mehmet Emin Akın
    Mehmet Emin Akın 16 days ago

    Abi türksün

  • lognn.C ?
    lognn.C ? 16 days ago

    Season 11 please

  • Pavithememer
    Pavithememer 16 days ago

    The GPU and CPU be like: 😳😭🤒🤕

    PANTH OMG 16 days ago

    Hindi language

  • BibleReadingMum123
    BibleReadingMum123 17 days ago

    all laptops over £1000 should have a dedicated gpu

  • K!sko
    K!sko 18 days ago

    1:39 UHG OPSS

  • CPHparco
    CPHparco 18 days ago

    you play Fornite using touckpad????omg

  • Sahez
    Sahez 19 days ago


  • IXkillergood or MUSTAFA

    العرب is a madl aest

  • IXkillergood or MUSTAFA


  • ProGamer 2020
    ProGamer 2020 20 days ago

    Thank you

  • ProGamer 2020
    ProGamer 2020 20 days ago

    You do the best video's ever You are the best😊

  • Sciae
    Sciae 22 days ago

    But can it run Doom?

  • Prem Bhadana
    Prem Bhadana 22 days ago

    Apple is op all the gaming laptops like acer predator ASUs rog strix are not better than apple even apple iPhone is best than all android phones

  • Crazy Birdie
    Crazy Birdie 23 days ago

    How rich is TheRelaxingEnd?

  • sannie en sannie
    sannie en sannie 23 days ago

    Het is gewoon een Nederlander kijk maar naar de op lader

  • Darepro-MinecraftPE
    Darepro-MinecraftPE 23 days ago

    Can it run untilted Goose game

  • Marky101
    Marky101 24 days ago

    Please donate on my aunts gofundme page because the fires in LA burnt down her house

  • subscribe aku balik
    subscribe aku balik 24 days ago +7

    Therelaxingend:ahh this macbook runs fornite laggy a little bit
    Me:my phone cant even run youtube smoothly

  • One_Sturdy_ Alt and F4

    I have 240 FPS on IMac

  • Guccifer 97
    Guccifer 97 24 days ago

    smart fools buy mac
    but a gamer build a pc spending 2500 dollar

  • Wyntgg Game
    Wyntgg Game 25 days ago

    The iPhone xs has literally a better performance in fortnite 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️ apple computers are not worth it at all

  • Ayush Singh
    Ayush Singh 26 days ago

    Watch it on 1.5x and thank me later. :;-)

  • نسمق فووف
    نسمق فووف 27 days ago

    لاستخدام الغة العربية 😄😄😄

  • m.d rayan the cool
    m.d rayan the cool 28 days ago

    By the way just good luck on 1:38 going too lost a expensive thing I was just like this emoji 😯 suspence 😒

  • m.d rayan the cool
    m.d rayan the cool 28 days ago +1

    Did any one noticed that he's player didn't stop and he said oh no stop stop finally heard your voice voice reveald by mistake 🤘😎

  • BlazeMaster
    BlazeMaster Month ago +1

    The newer one

  • TrippyTech v2
    TrippyTech v2 Month ago

    But where’s the cheese

  • Penguin King
    Penguin King Month ago +3

    He uses a trackpad and the built in keyboard and still plays better than me

  • قناص ليبيا

    انا عربي بس اتابعك اول باول احسنت انت الافضل

  • metal fox 913 ITA
    metal fox 913 ITA Month ago

    All this money for a apple pc thar can't run a fucking 2010 game lmao

  • United Gaming
    United Gaming Month ago

    I did not know black ops was on MAC in the first place.Thanks cus I love that game

  • nesandu2004 dulaj
    nesandu2004 dulaj Month ago

    your and my fevorite game FORTNITE

  • Silviu 1093
    Silviu 1093 Month ago

    Your videos are the best from all the unboxing videos I love your channel because you have only good quality videos and unboxing . Keep on going with the good stuff

  • BlueShark Whale
    BlueShark Whale Month ago

    ;p i have da old MacBook air it works very very "good" my mouse broke so now i use a blue tooth mouse

  • Odst soldier
    Odst soldier Month ago +1

    On fortnite did it have good physics

  • Creeper Txd
    Creeper Txd Month ago

    I thought this was an in boxing not asmr

  • SlxckyCFW.
    SlxckyCFW. Month ago

    Why is fortnite always the first game u download on any device?

  • SlxckyCFW.
    SlxckyCFW. Month ago

    Why is fortnite always the first game u download on any device?

  • JuicyGamer Lol
    JuicyGamer Lol Month ago +1


  • Dian Robertson
    Dian Robertson Month ago

    you can game but youre going to overheat the macbook and reduce its lifespan

  • Lewis The Reviewer
    Lewis The Reviewer Month ago +4

    2:43 ASMR

  • visulator
    visulator Month ago

    cantonese wow 3:40

  • Jesse Cotrina
    Jesse Cotrina Month ago

    Does it get kinda hot and the fan turns on?

  • Prateek Kashyap
    Prateek Kashyap Month ago +52

    6:18 This is what you’re looking for.