The New Apple Macbook Air Unboxing - But can it run Fortnite, Black Ops, MW2?

  • Unboxing Apple's new Macbook Air 2018 and Fortnite Battle Royale, Black Ops and MW2 gameplay test. Thanks to Master & Dynamic for sending the cool looking MW50 headphones!
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Comments • 80

  • Björn Lundberg Wallin
    Björn Lundberg Wallin 13 hours ago

    Är du svensk och har fem miljoner prenumeranter

  • Juan Charpentier

    No one absolutely no one
    The relaxing end playing with gloves 🧤

    GEOVANE MANDRAKE 2 days ago


  • Ayaan Ali
    Ayaan Ali 3 days ago

    does it get hot when u play?

  • Ayaan Ali
    Ayaan Ali 3 days ago

    what are the specs

  • Chappie Chappman
    Chappie Chappman 3 days ago

    Does it lag if u play games like black ops

  • Budget Entertainment
    Budget Entertainment 3 days ago +1

    3:33 when ur parents start arguing

  • Lowkey Productions
    Lowkey Productions 4 days ago

    was this the i3 version?

  • القناص الماهر

    منو يتبرع اللابتوب الخاص

  • Cantika Kirana
    Cantika Kirana 7 days ago


  • Bryan Kelis
    Bryan Kelis 8 days ago

    Kweet da ge belg zijt

  • suraya khan
    suraya khan 10 days ago

    do you think xbox one is better or playstation 4 is better

  • It’sShawty
    It’sShawty 12 days ago

    7:30 UGLY

  • ToshK
    ToshK 15 days ago

    It should have been *MINECRAFT* you uncultured human

  • Sophi SH
    Sophi SH 15 days ago

    He plays better with a touchpad than me using a mouse k k k

  • Tech Frix
    Tech Frix 16 days ago +1


  • huzafah
    huzafah 16 days ago

    This is how unbox therapy used to be

  • Random Videos
    Random Videos 24 days ago

    You know when you return anything, it just gets put on a shelf in a big storage warehouse to never get used again right? That means whenever you return the stuff you are testing it just gets wasted.

  • Phuc Tin Tran
    Phuc Tin Tran 26 days ago

    4.99m Subs! Congrats!

  • Python World
    Python World 27 days ago +1

    It's not a gaming laptop

  • The FUNTIME foxy plush Adventures

    Hi can it run minecraft java

  • Unmei Tobaku
    Unmei Tobaku 29 days ago +1

    Hey bro.. i noticed someone stole your video.. but with facebooks ridiculous policy... I wasn’t able to report the theft... I highly recommend you view the link and report this add bc they stole your works ^^” love your videos ^^ hope the best for you~

    • Unmei Tobaku
      Unmei Tobaku 28 days ago

      The FUNTIME foxy plush Adventures yes.. it is rly upsetting how fb basically doesn’t rly seem to care abt copy right theft ^^” and makes it rly easy for anyone to upload content with almost zero liability for there actions... i hope Facebook fixes this in the future ^^”

    • The FUNTIME foxy plush Adventures
      The FUNTIME foxy plush Adventures 29 days ago +1

      Im am outraged

  • Theoden Drake
    Theoden Drake 29 days ago

    I prefer Dr debox

  • Ivan Rogers
    Ivan Rogers Month ago

    somehow this got me so relaxed

  • Jesus Espino
    Jesus Espino Month ago

    Hi, I don’t know if you’re aware of this but there’s this school facebook page using your video to promote them selves

  • Philippe Keita
    Philippe Keita Month ago

    Can someone try apex legend? Plsss

  • Philippe Keita
    Philippe Keita Month ago

    Finger print 😂😂😂

  • Lyan Heartale
    Lyan Heartale Month ago

    The laptop seems lacklesster without a perfect frame rate with atleast medium price, I mean for the price (1,000$ average in the world) you can find really good dupes of the Predator gaming laptop at only 600 or 800$

  • Tapas Kumar
    Tapas Kumar Month ago

    I have this color mack book air

  • Pulipati Tamoghna
    Pulipati Tamoghna Month ago

    Air or pro comment

    • Andy
      Andy 4 days ago

      Pulipati Tamoghna pro

  • Pulipati Tamoghna
    Pulipati Tamoghna Month ago

    Fortnite fans like

  • Umar Mohamed
    Umar Mohamed Month ago

    Can you give me one

  • Zykereyah Hampton
    Zykereyah Hampton Month ago

    sooo it won't get a virus when you download it

  • TrYwHaRD Mendes
    TrYwHaRD Mendes Month ago

    r.i.p black ops we will miss you why are the servers down :(

  • TrYwHaRD Mendes
    TrYwHaRD Mendes Month ago

    how?? do you play mw2 on a Mac that look good im using geforce now to play Fortnite,apex legends, destiny 2 and you come from the corner and play without geforce now mw2

  • Flawless Pants
    Flawless Pants Month ago

    But how do you return a laptop after you've opened it without penalty?

  • Rogue Leader
    Rogue Leader Month ago is using your video of the MacBook Air for their promotions on facebook

  • ItzSAU
    ItzSAU Month ago

    What fps on fortnite

  • DJNesado
    DJNesado Month ago

    This man using a TRACKPAD to play *FORTNITE*... What a legend

  • Gaganajit Singh BAJWA

    Trackpad Gamer

  • Pixel Dude
    Pixel Dude Month ago

    A 1000 dollar computer can’t play fortnite lol

  • Jamal Abdul
    Jamal Abdul Month ago

    Please make a video with ipad mini5 vs ipad 7th gen.

  • Andrei13 Izabela
    Andrei13 Izabela Month ago


  • Andrei13 Izabela
    Andrei13 Izabela Month ago


  • Rúben Cpl
    Rúben Cpl Month ago

    Wait, Macbooks can run games?????????

  • tbvm30
    tbvm30 Month ago

    how could you not get black ops to run 60 FPS. My MacBook Pro 2014 can run it 80+

  • kyBlik007
    kyBlik007 Month ago

    Press F to respect to play on Touchpad

  • Alexander Johansen
    Alexander Johansen Month ago

    A Mac is a PC 😝

  • Animating Alex
    Animating Alex Month ago

    Can you leave a link to the knife you use

  • actuallyforever alone15

    Overpriced piece of shit

  • 郑宇
    郑宇 Month ago

    5:34 LMAO

  • rick sanchez
    rick sanchez Month ago

    playing black ops 1 on macbook air
    a masterpiece on a piece of shit

  • Tamer Duman
    Tamer Duman Month ago

    DO NOT run games on a MacBook Air, they have terrible cooling and something horrible will happen. Source: Writing this on an Apple Laptop btw.

  • Commando Jessica
    Commando Jessica Month ago

    Buys $5000 computer

    Can barely play games at 60 fps

  • sheldon white
    sheldon white Month ago

    👎🏽 Apple is not made for games

  • Franco Pantoja
    Franco Pantoja Month ago +1

    Why do you always play those shitty games

  • ThePlayStationcriminal

    How did he download bo3 on Mac

  • Hey Guys, You Don't Know Me And That's Okay

    *looks at 2-cores processor*

    can it run microsoft office?

  • Chlorox Bleach
    Chlorox Bleach Month ago

    Are we just going to not mention how big of a knife collection he has

  • Logan Perkins
    Logan Perkins Month ago

    I wish they made the MacBook Pro in the newly refreshed cold color

  • Jayme Amero
    Jayme Amero Month ago

    something fishy about that knife

  • Cartofarul Pepe
    Cartofarul Pepe Month ago

    Face reveal 5 milion subscribers?

  • Arda4e Gümüs
    Arda4e Gümüs Month ago

    Was ist das für eine Aufnahme

    GURTEG SINGH 2 months ago

    He behaves like mia khalifa is in his hands 😂

  • Steve Mesa
    Steve Mesa 2 months ago

    IM rep do. so so so so Copart yyyoppiuyfreqwe

  • Pippa Peg
    Pippa Peg 2 months ago

    ewwwwwwwwwwwww fortnite

  • Bellybob
    Bellybob 2 months ago

    yep it does sound like a ps4 but can i play apex on it?

  • Shannon Harvey
    Shannon Harvey 2 months ago

    Try running it on an HP ProBook 450 g6 core i7

  • Thaddeus Hrabec
    Thaddeus Hrabec 2 months ago they are stealing your video.

    ROCKY BUZZ OFFICIAL 2 months ago


  • Daniel Ahdoot
    Daniel Ahdoot 2 months ago

    why is the enter button like that

  • sithlordmaster181
    sithlordmaster181 2 months ago

    Did you give them permission to use your video?

  • ABDO
    ABDO 2 months ago

    I ran Minecraft on mine and it broke lmao

  • Kaylee Gorial
    Kaylee Gorial 2 months ago

    Me getting a Mac Book: *Opens the Box like an Animal*
    This guy: *Opens it like a civilized Human*

  • Joe Robe
    Joe Robe 2 months ago

    Could u make a video from the imac plz?

  • Ezekiel Año
    Ezekiel Año 2 months ago

    Popping of bubble wrap is so fucking satisying

  • MP Sins
    MP Sins 2 months ago

    Lot of people are saying phone has more res and better performance so I decided to do a test I play on xbox I'd recommend xbox or ps4 or even pc playing on phone or switch or anything else is ass but yes changing the setting on the phone and laptop my controller still responded faster on the laptop

  • Wowbro07 Yt
    Wowbro07 Yt 2 months ago

    Black ops 3 doesn’t work on MacBook Air

  • Dan Tarakanov
    Dan Tarakanov 2 months ago +90

    This person probably does not have any pants on during the recording of this video.

  • Henry Akuryou
    Henry Akuryou 2 months ago

    I just found this on Facebook giving no credits to him ;I feel embarrassed