Anna Fedorova Interview

  • Published on Feb 23, 2017

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  • OOCM
    OOCM 25 days ago

    03:44......Ahhhh ...Rajmáninov... Awesome....

  • GosokuRyuYodan
    GosokuRyuYodan Month ago

    Anybody recognize "All By Myself" by Eric Carmen? He took part of it from this piece. He was quite a pianist.

  • stebunn
    stebunn 2 months ago +1

    She seems like a very nice person- with an incredible gift.

  • Konstantin Ridaya
    Konstantin Ridaya 3 months ago

    So talented and in the same time stunningly beautiful and charming. How does Ukraine do this: apparently two of the absolute greatest female pianists of our days comes from Ukraine, the other one being Valentina Lisitsa. From this now war-torn country between European Union and Russia. I sure hope, that EU and USA gets their dirty interests out of Ukraine soon, so this nation can shine and thrive, in it's obvious great potential. Watch Trunews or read Global Research, if you don't know, how bad this really is.

    • GosokuRyuYodan
      GosokuRyuYodan Month ago

      They're raised on this, not rap. America has done more to ruin music than any other nation on earth.

  • Amed Horsalat
    Amed Horsalat 5 months ago

    Bellisima y talentosa rara combinacion Gracias Anna!

  • Vincenzo Lo Scalzo
    Vincenzo Lo Scalzo 5 months ago

    Thisi is it: magic! A kiss!

  • arno venancio de paula
    arno venancio de paula 5 months ago

    ...és bela, por dentro e por fora! ...como a tua música! ...

  • arno venancio de paula
    arno venancio de paula 9 months ago

    ...és maravilhosa, Anna! ...

  • Stephen Powdexter
    Stephen Powdexter 10 months ago +3

    Such a cheerful young woman for someone who had to work so hard all her life to achieve this level of perfection.

  • Meredith Foster
    Meredith Foster Year ago +8

    Exceptionally talented, speaks good English, good looking. Such a combination makes for good box office.

  • donna gilligan
    donna gilligan Year ago +10

    OMG she's fabulous, elegant and so gifted. Spending hours of practice surely paid off for her. Not to mention the joy of her spirit fills up our souls. God bless you Anna and those you inspire.

  • Hypermarlin
    Hypermarlin Year ago

    Is there a link somewhere please to the Rach 2 with Johannes Gustavsson she is playing, in the purple dress, in the 2nd half of this interview video? Anyone?

  • Luke Schneider
    Luke Schneider Year ago +1

    I... can do THAT!! 👍 👍 😜

  • Mark Ian
    Mark Ian Year ago +7

    Such a beautiful woman

  • emily schwellenbach
    emily schwellenbach Year ago +13

    she is truly exceptionaly talented, thats right the music makes us fell like we are flying

  • Rafael Fuentes
    Rafael Fuentes Year ago +1

    Sin duda una de las pianistas más brillantes de nuestra época. Sin ella, el mundo no sería el mismo... Gracias Anna!

  • Gedackt 8
    Gedackt 8 Year ago +6

    wow, she speaks very good english.
    Anna, you're such a beautiful and talented woman! Congrats.

  • lmh92
    lmh92 Year ago +1

    Замечательный пианист с неоспоримой индивидуальностью !

    • Mzitekscoorp
      Mzitekscoorp Year ago

      @Vovas Romas а мухосранск по определению подразумевает под собой неграмотность?

    • Vovas Romas
      Vovas Romas Year ago

      "Замечательная пианистка" всё-таки. Учитесь писать правильно, а не так, как будто вы из Мухосранска

  • Gabriel Carlos
    Gabriel Carlos 2 years ago +2

    Beautiful pianist..