NBA 2K20 Gameplay Trailer - Next is Now

  • Published on Aug 1, 2019
  • Check out the new gameplay trailer for NBA 2K20 showcasing familiar faces in new places around the NBA landscape. Players will be able to get their hands on NBA 2K20 on #2KDay 9/6.
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  • Brian Estrada
    Brian Estrada 8 hours ago

    NBA Street Vol 2 is still the best basketball ball game

  • Top play
    Top play 22 hours ago

    i think they could do something with better quality and please make the characters to look more real , it is 2k20 but 2k15 looks better.

  • Patrick Berger
    Patrick Berger 2 days ago +1

    1:27 lol it had to be the Raptors

    ILI GAME 2 days ago +1

    best music

  • Peter Metanios
    Peter Metanios 4 days ago

    There was a 2k ad for a 2k ad

  • Gus Rodriguez
    Gus Rodriguez 4 days ago

    why is there so many likes? is the counter broken??

  • Anime Fan
    Anime Fan 5 days ago

    y’all payed a whole $80 for new rosters and a thinner shot meter😂 😴

  • Vitti Rayne
    Vitti Rayne 5 days ago

    Now pay up $2k to play as all cool players you just saw in this trailer as you try to get them through card packs, gambling mechanics, and despite already paying the $60 for this trash game. 👍

  • Francis Mangoba
    Francis Mangoba 6 days ago

    Hey guys whats the name of the music?

  • Marco Raffaele
    Marco Raffaele 8 days ago

    Wath a disappointment the only improvement less balls recovered...for the rest painful the game makes to vomit...It's unreal, full of bugs and then the stupidity of seeing and knowing the outcome before shooting with those stupid precision indicators of the shot showed. My's a 5 years old kids game!

  • Miles Gill
    Miles Gill 8 days ago

    i ain’t paying 60$ for a roster update


    Vamos nba live!

  • Aidan Considine
    Aidan Considine 10 days ago

    Got the literal same as before the video

  • Emile Nash
    Emile Nash 10 days ago

    What is the song name

  • Chloe Mpobi
    Chloe Mpobi 10 days ago

    Man I love NBA and I'm a girl so I play and love WNBA

  • Dj Gang
    Dj Gang 11 days ago


  • James Muino
    James Muino 12 days ago

    This game is so fucking shit fix ur fucking patches this is such fucking bullshit fuuuuck

  • Squeguin Quack
    Squeguin Quack 12 days ago

    Sir, I believe you have a basketball game in your casino

  • Kaine Leggett
    Kaine Leggett 12 days ago

    2K just stop, its getting embarrassing.

  • EDP445 second tolit
    EDP445 second tolit 13 days ago

    this all fake

  • Louis Gallo
    Louis Gallo 15 days ago

    Imagine what they do with 2k21

  • Oscar Menzies
    Oscar Menzies 15 days ago +1

    This theme is dope

  • The Meme Lover 101
    The Meme Lover 101 16 days ago +2

    lol saw the ad right before i watched this

  • Crunchy Curries
    Crunchy Curries 16 days ago

    Lol as I watch this I got the nba ad

  • XxGhidorahGamerxX
    XxGhidorahGamerxX 16 days ago


  • Luis David Fernández
    Luis David Fernández 16 days ago

    Me doy Cuenta wue tiene los mismo Gráficos Iguales de NBA2K19 Basura 2K20

  • SixPathsOf TMZ
    SixPathsOf TMZ 16 days ago

    When is this on sale for phone?

  • Pablo Doello
    Pablo Doello 17 days ago

    Song BACK UP

  • Dark_Roxal
    Dark_Roxal 19 days ago

    This game is amazing

  • Omi. Mi
    Omi. Mi 19 days ago

    It would be great if they put a Kardasian team

  • Matthewk00lkid 13
    Matthewk00lkid 13 20 days ago

    This game fire!

  • Recon fatty
    Recon fatty 20 days ago +11

    2010: NBA players still doing layups

    2019: Preschoolers doing windmills

  • dmawesomeness 123
    dmawesomeness 123 20 days ago

    What song is this

  • Jacob Pittman
    Jacob Pittman 22 days ago

    getting mine today

  • YJL
    YJL 22 days ago

    Bro I legit got the 2K20 trailer for an ad when I’m gonna watch it anyway lmao

  • dr.valor gaming
    dr.valor gaming 22 days ago

    I wanted a career mode where you make an Instagram model pregnant and now you have to pay 30k Month in child support but you refuse to pay 2k

  • SudaFederall
    SudaFederall 22 days ago

    Same shit different year. NBA, MADDEN, NHL, MLB, FIFA, NASCAR, WWE, and UFC are all the same games each year. The only thing that really changes are minor mechanics and team rosters. Sports games and CoD are repetitive games and everything after the original game in each respective franchise could have been DLC. Where did the creativity in games go as of late? 😴👎💩

  • ConsoleWars
    ConsoleWars 23 days ago

    Купить NBA 2K20 PS4 в Украине

  • Brenden T
    Brenden T 23 days ago

    Terrible game. Fix your shit

  • No U
    No U 25 days ago

    Errr this sucks !’n👺👺☠️👺😪😪😪😨😰🤬🤬🤬😠😤

  • H Mazzella
    H Mazzella 25 days ago +11

    2k20: “Hey can I copy your homework”
    2k19: “Yeah, but don’t make it obvious”

    MEXTEKA 25 days ago

    10k morons just got played with 2k20 microshitactions 🖕🏽

  • Mr_ Quack
    Mr_ Quack 25 days ago

    2k is really good

  • wow.sandwich
    wow.sandwich 25 days ago

    literally got an ad about 2k20 on a 2k20 vid

  • Dad is Gaming
    Dad is Gaming 25 days ago

    Greedy shit game

  • Paul Westcott
    Paul Westcott 26 days ago

    What's all this basketball doing in a gamling game?

  • Dezusa
    Dezusa 26 days ago

    Awesome, a kid-friendly gambling game with a basketball minigame in it! great work retards

  • bilel com
    bilel com 26 days ago +1

    the siege-back up brought me here

  • completely random
    completely random 26 days ago

    Stop promoting gambling

  • completely random
    completely random 26 days ago

    Stop promoting gambling

  • Anime Episodes And Moments

    Lowkey what’s that song

  • Gasury
    Gasury 27 days ago

    if simulated gambling is for 3 year olds
    then p*** games are for teen :D E+10

  • Big Boss
    Big Boss 28 days ago +3

    This game should be rated M for mature. It contains gambling which underaged kids play.

  • Gian Paolo Panicucci
    Gian Paolo Panicucci 28 days ago

    Waiting for some news channel to cover some nine year old that stole his parents' credit card to try and get anthony davis #justeathings

  • T3K kill3r
    T3K kill3r 28 days ago

    This game is all about gambling and is advertised to little kids. EA you have no morals you pieces of shit lowest of earth scum

  • JwhateverJ
    JwhateverJ 28 days ago

    Child gambling. This is literally evil.

  • cristian alvarez
    cristian alvarez 28 days ago

    didnt this game turn out to be garbage.NBA fans need to take off their rose colored lenses and smell the coffee

  • Mirik Perkowits
    Mirik Perkowits 28 days ago

    Stop selling simulated gambling to 3 year olds !

  • Kyrie Curry
    Kyrie Curry 28 days ago

    Year grows,sweat amount grows nothing else lmao

  • MikeShotta
    MikeShotta 28 days ago

    What is this Basketball they're talking about? I came for the slot machines