Donuts With Sugar

  • Published on May 3, 2017
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    Donuts With Sugar
    600 grams plain flour
    260 grams full milk
    2 medium eggs
    11 grams instant dry yeast
    100 grams butter
    40 grams fine sugar
    8 grams salt
    8 grams vanilla sugar
    Sugar Mixture (for coating)
    1 Kilogram extra fine sugar
    1/2 teaspoon salt
    8 grams vanilla sugar
    Oil temperature 160°C

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  • Michael Lim
    Michael Lim  7 months ago +217

    The recipe is in the description box below the video.

    • Baby Battad
      Baby Battad 19 days ago

      Thank you sir...ill try this tomorrow.

    • Mh Fd
      Mh Fd Month ago

      can you please put the recipe in cup measurement ?

    • Rony Kunou
      Rony Kunou Month ago

      Im gonna try make it today, i hope it become soft and fluffy. I'll try to make the coating with a little bit of sugar and milk powder, its for my autism son .. I dont want him to eat too much sugar cause he's hyper. Its okay once in a while, right guys?..😁

    • Rony Kunou
      Rony Kunou Month ago

      @Walter White 😂😂😂

  • Farida A.S
    Farida A.S Day ago

    Thanks for ricep see you next ricep

  • Sapta Bima
    Sapta Bima 2 days ago

    All purpose flour? Or any, Sir?

  • Monica Cruz garcia
    Monica Cruz garcia 2 days ago

    Hola como me encantaría que pusiera la receta en español lo felicito se ve muy rica🌟👍

  • Наталия Пушистая

    600 г простой муки
    260 г цельного молока
    2 средних яйца
    11 г сухих дрожжей быстрого приготовления
    100 г сливочного масла
    40 г мелкого сахара
    8 г соли
    8 г ванильного сахара

  • Alexandr Petrov
    Alexandr Petrov 6 days ago

    Very nice!

  • كل مايخص المراة مع شهرة الشلفية

    ازا في عرب اشتركو في قناتي

  • مس نسيم
    مس نسيم 10 days ago

    جربت العجينة وطلعت لذيذة جدا المقادير مضبوطة شكرا جزيلا وتستحق مليون لايك 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

    • Lamak Baba
      Lamak Baba Day ago

      السلام عليكم المقدر بالعربي من فضلك وشكراً

  • Alexia Dutoit
    Alexia Dutoit 11 days ago

    Very nice recipe I am going to try it out today only one question can they be filled up with jam or Nutella? Or is this only for sugar?

  • Fathio Benhassino
    Fathio Benhassino 11 days ago +1


  • Zhou Chen
    Zhou Chen 13 days ago

    Michael, can you make a video on baked donut version please?

    • Michael Lim
      Michael Lim  12 days ago

      I already did, please check it out on my channel under donuts remake video.

  • asia moh
    asia moh 13 days ago


  • Victoria Gelfenbeyn
    Victoria Gelfenbeyn 14 days ago +1

    Thank you very much for the recipe, I made doughnuts today and they turned out very good and tasty. I followed recipe exactly. I spoiled doughnuts shape, they turned out uneven shape, yet I think it matter of practice. It was my first time making doughnuts :)

  • malee De Silva
    malee De Silva 15 days ago

    So nice

  • Yogesh Deshmukh
    Yogesh Deshmukh 16 days ago

    Pls give Without eggs recipe

  • Angelica Velasquez
    Angelica Velasquez 17 days ago

    Hola porque no da las cantidades de lo que usa de producto

  • Barak Cohen
    Barak Cohen 18 days ago

    Work so gentle like the baby in arms

  • Rebeca Ramos
    Rebeca Ramos 21 day ago

    Alguém sabe se eu posso usar as mesma medidas usada no vídeo?

  • Cook With Mez
    Cook With Mez 22 days ago +3

    Just made these. I halved the entire recipe. And mixed the dough by hand. Absolutely amazing. Everyone loved them!!! Thankyouuu

  • عبد الله εïз
    عبد الله εïз 23 days ago +13

    Thank you Michael Lim
    *المكونات بالعربي* :
    ٦٠٠ جرام دقيق عادي
    ٢٦٠ جرام حليب كامل الدسم
    ٢ بيضة متوسطة
    ١١ جرام خميرة جافة فورية
    ١٠٠ جرام زبدة
    ٤٠ جرام سكر ناعم
    ٨ جرام ملح
    ٨ جرام سكر الفانيليا
    *خليط السكر (للطبقة الخارجية)*
    ١ كيلوغرام سكر ناعم إضافي
    ١/٢ ملعقة صغيرة ملح
    ٨ جرام سكر فانيليا
    درجة حرارة الزيت (١٦٠ درجة مئوية)

  • Pewdiepie Jr
    Pewdiepie Jr 24 days ago

    it's all about that machine.

  • Farida Lukmanji
    Farida Lukmanji 24 days ago

    U prepared so neatly feel like eating it now 😋

  • فردوس فردوس
    فردوس فردوس 24 days ago

    واااو روعة😘

  • Baqer Sadiq
    Baqer Sadiq 27 days ago +1

    ممكن الترجمه بالعربي👌👌👌👍👍👍⚘⚘

    • عبد الله εïз
      عبد الله εïз 23 days ago +1

      *المكونات بالعربي* :
      ٦٠٠ جرام دقيق عادي
      ٢٦٠ جرام حليب كامل الدسم
      ٢ بيضة متوسطة
      ١١ جرام خميرة جافة فورية
      ١٠٠ جرام زبدة
      ٤٠ جرام سكر ناعم
      ٨ جرام ملح
      ٨ جرام سكر الفانيليا
      *خليط السكر (للطبقة الخارجية)*
      ١ كيلوغرام سكر ناعم إضافي
      ١/٢ ملعقة صغيرة ملح
      ٨ جرام سكر فانيليا
      درجة حرارة الزيت (١٦٠ درجة مئوية)

  • Tonchy Shultz
    Tonchy Shultz 28 days ago +2

    Very good and interesting ..bravo ..greetings from Canada! 🍁👌🍷🌹💕👍🍁
    I shoot SUB, amd LIKE can you do this to my channel.! Ok..Thx .

  • Perla Souza
    Perla Souza Month ago +1

    Everbody pay atencion don't need be talking all the time to teach something in U tube.It 's got be a man ..they talk less kkk

  • Sija Sija
    Sija Sija Month ago +1

    extra !😁😁

  • Its OohxBetty
    Its OohxBetty Month ago +1

    It’s a must that I try this recipe ☺️

  • Fatima Zamzoum
    Fatima Zamzoum Month ago

    I like all your recepies

  • Candida Rivera
    Candida Rivera Month ago +6

    🤩Mmm,delicious, please Michael lim,it's ok ,please, you can put the ingredients in cups 💖🤩thank you very much, GOD bless you Job

  • kim chea
    kim chea Month ago

    Can I use all purpose flour?

  • Richie Love23
    Richie Love23 Month ago

    Perfect perfect 👍👍👍

  • Zaw Min
    Zaw Min Month ago

    how many pieces for that recipe

  • Moon Light
    Moon Light Month ago +1

    This is the best donuts recipe ever!! Thank you so much!

  • Mel Meliya
    Mel Meliya Month ago +2

    So lucky I finally found you. I made it today, and it cooked perfectly amazing soft yummy and less sugar. Thanks for the receipe ! 👍😉

  • Makarim Alshakhly
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  • Idalia Orantes
    Idalia Orantes Month ago

    I want one ☝🏼🤤🤤🤤 ... thanks Michael 💋

  • Joe Gerrie
    Joe Gerrie Month ago

    I made them but they're dense even though the yeast was alive, i didn't get the white stripe in the middle I got a dark stripe

  • KristinA G
    KristinA G Month ago

    look at 1.5 speed

  • meh
    meh Month ago

    Is it possible to make the dough at night and then fry it in the morning?

  • chhiwats zine bladi
    chhiwats zine bladi Month ago +1

    hello Michael lim nice to meet you good recepe thank you for sharing !lik

  • Isamadinova Fatima
    Isamadinova Fatima Month ago +1

    Made these donuts today.. it came out so nice and soft.. everyone loved them.. thank you for the recipe..

  • dracocamacho
    dracocamacho Month ago

    Any substitute for Vanilla Sugar?

  • fhmi100
    fhmi100 Month ago +2

    OMG i made them today. Super soft and nice. Thank you so much for sharing the recipe. God bless you

  • Rodica Both
    Rodica Both Month ago +1

    Daca uleiul nu este suficient de fierbinte ,aluatul va absoarbe mult ulei !!!!...aluatul este putin necopt !!!

  • ChaidirMT
    ChaidirMT Month ago

    Hallo chef lim. That's cold butter??

    • ChaidirMT
      ChaidirMT Month ago

      @Michael Lim okay thnks chef 🙏🙏

    • Michael Lim
      Michael Lim  Month ago

      Room temperature butter.

  • Inong Havelaar
    Inong Havelaar Month ago +1

    Thank you so much for you're recipe, turn out so good 😋😋😋😋

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    Mouth watering amazing!!!

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    Wonderful give me one😋
    Where are you from?

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    Thankbu so much for your recipe!

  • عبدالله العامودي

    الرجاء الترجمه بلعربي

  • hashtag #CulinaryJourney

    Well done

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    Wow, I came by the recipe but I only saw the huge muscles!

    GALEGA BRUTA 2 months ago

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    I like your biceps tho

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  • Sawiyah Alias
    Sawiyah Alias 2 months ago

    I like you video v much.
    Can you give small portion recipe because I hve small family. With you portion is too much for me