Game of Thrones vs Mahabharata - Standup Comedy by Robin Pupneja - LIMEWIT Live

  • Published on Jan 25, 2019
  • Game of Thrones vs Mahabharata - Standup Comedy by Robin Pupneja - LIMEWIT Live.
    Our school friends, college friends and colleagues influence our freewill to a great extent. We proudly call this peer pressure. Stand up Comedian Robin Pupneja is no different. The Stand up Comedian proudly says “ I have taken some of the worst decisions of my life because of this peer pressure ”. In this Hindi Stand up Comedy video, Robin Pupneja talk about some of those things and how they turned out to be his worst nightmares. He highlights the after-effects of watching popular TV series Game of Thrones ( GOT ) and why he prefers Mahabharata over Game Of Thrones or any other web or TV series. In the end, there is a seamless transition to the consequences of using the Autocorrect feature in smartphones. According to the comedian, the Autocorrect feature behaves exactly like 'Duryodhana' of Mahabharata fame and is a part of his connection to the LGBT community. Watch this video to find out more!
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    This Standup Comedy Performance was shot at LIMEWIT Live Pomedy Evening V2.0 at Akshara Theatre, New Delhi featuring performances by some of the Top LIMEWIT Live Artists including Robin Pupneja, Shivam Sehgal, Rajat Sood, VIjay Choudhary and Arpan Khosla.
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  • LIMEWIT Live
    LIMEWIT Live  9 months ago +22

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    • Nilesh Malviya
      Nilesh Malviya 9 months ago

      I am stand up comedian and I want to perform !!

  • Sameer
    Sameer 3 days ago

    Even I hvn't seen a single ep of GOT.

  • Prathamesh More
    Prathamesh More Month ago

    Bsdk 1 Baar Tu Marathwada mein aa ja tera sidha Sir Kalam kar denge madarchod 😡😡😡😠😠😠

  • Extreme point . 16
    Extreme point . 16 Month ago

    Yahabhi simar ka sasaral nd naagin 😂🤣🤣😂🤣

  • Himanshi Soni
    Himanshi Soni Month ago

    Dark Comedy 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Shirsho Ghosh
    Shirsho Ghosh 4 months ago

    Log bhi nahi hasrahe

  • Abhishek Kaushik
    Abhishek Kaushik 4 months ago +6

    Bro you look like young sarfraaz (Pakistani captain)

  • raj Khair
    raj Khair 4 months ago

    Teriiii maaa kaa bhosada😡🔥🔥🔥🔥 tere baaap ne condom use kiya होता naa achha होता teri जैसी नालायक aulade paida nahii होती jo apne desh ki history kaa culture ka mazak udataaa haii bhadveee mahabharata prooff hoo chuka haii tera games of thoroens वो kalpanik haiii landee kii औलाद kabhi muslim chirstian ideology peee bol aisa tuuu जिंदा reheta hai kyaa dekh मादरचोद stand comedy karni tuuu भडवे stand hone ke layak nahi rehenga ganduu saalee bhahar ke dusare desh apne desh ki history ideology ka mazak nahi udate haii aur idhar tere jaise convent school ki najayas paidaeshh apne desh कि history culture udate hai aise najayas log paida होते haii zatuu

  • Sanjeev Kumar
    Sanjeev Kumar 4 months ago +1

    Craaaaap Behanchod yeh comedy hai...sala haga mutteee kertey ho...tumlog doob maro paani mey...ek single joke bhee naheee..worst standup comedian...waste of time chutiyee

  • Hardev Singh
    Hardev Singh 4 months ago

    Wow great dude

  • Hiren Official
    Hiren Official 5 months ago

    Was I supposed to laugh on this?????? So these are the stardards of comedy now!???? SHAME

  • ritik nandanwar
    ritik nandanwar 5 months ago

    Click-bait at its best #GOT

  • Trisha Singh
    Trisha Singh 5 months ago

    I didnt laugh at all

  • ketan singh
    ketan singh 6 months ago

    Bc #geeta jake padh bhosdike

  • Leo Majestic
    Leo Majestic 6 months ago

    If I got this bastard I will definitely beat him in his dick mf insulting the Indian history n culture

  • Suraj Waskar
    Suraj Waskar 6 months ago

    Ludo best game 😂😂😂

    THE JOKER 6 months ago

    Not good.😔

  • Shreya Mintri
    Shreya Mintri 6 months ago

    Lousy promotional techniques used by the artists. I'm sure you'd grow much better if you actually hire a PR firm rather than going haywire on apps like bumble and luring girls into coming and watching you live. Shows nothing but desperation and lack of marketing skills.

  • Nomad Himachali
    Nomad Himachali 6 months ago

    Bawa joke toh aaya nai, aacha asar pada hai tujhe indian serials ka, shaabash

  • Armadio
    Armadio 6 months ago

    I clicked here for Game of Thrones. What did i just watch???

  • Naksh Dhawan
    Naksh Dhawan 7 months ago

    Loved his style of delivering his Standup Comedy on Game of Thrones

  • jayesh yeole
    jayesh yeole 7 months ago +1

    Aur ye Mahabharata prr jokes marke achha nai hua...gaaliyan dene kaan karra but ...sanskarr.

  • jayesh yeole
    jayesh yeole 7 months ago +1

    Rahul gandhi cracks good joke than u...he is hood stand up than u....

  • krishan Arora
    krishan Arora 7 months ago

    Got ka maha episode

  • kartik shiroya
    kartik shiroya 7 months ago

    you fucking idiot you spoil mahabharat you infedal.. if i see u i will kill you you damn

  • cap7ainskull
    cap7ainskull 7 months ago

    ye funny hai ?

  • Dheeraj Anap
    Dheeraj Anap 7 months ago

    Good Try. Better luck next time.

  • Nimisha mundher
    Nimisha mundher 7 months ago +7

    See don't make jokes on our epic. It is not really good. Respect it.

    • Umesh Wagh
      Umesh Wagh 7 months ago +1

      Ya its not just a epic its an whole knowledge of life that krishna gives to arjun

  • Aafreen Zeenat
    Aafreen Zeenat 7 months ago +28

    I clicked this video because of GOT and now feeling so disappointed

  • onkar powar
    onkar powar 8 months ago


  • Devil's Advocate
    Devil's Advocate 8 months ago

    The title of got got him movies

  • Rohan ッGaming
    Rohan ッGaming 8 months ago +1

    game of thrones is overrated

  • Shashank Gogoi
    Shashank Gogoi 8 months ago

    Vote for Clean Politics. Vote for Truth.
    Vote for Aam Aadmi Party.

  • Pranaykumar Anugurti
    Pranaykumar Anugurti 8 months ago

    One of the worst standup i have ever seen....the title is excellent you entirely ruined it

  • 浮士德自然
    浮士德自然 8 months ago


  • Shubham Malakar
    Shubham Malakar 8 months ago

    Maha bhart ka mjak bnaraha
    Shrm krle
    Hinduo pe klnk he tu

  • Tathagat Kumar
    Tathagat Kumar 8 months ago +1

    Game of thrones pe standup comedy epic this bhaiii 😂😂

  • Tathagat
    Tathagat 8 months ago

    Game of thrones pe pehli comedy. Gazabb 😂😂

  • Indian football home
    Indian football home 9 months ago

    Pasa and ludo are same thing??😕😕

  • Vijay k
    Vijay k 9 months ago +1

    Aise faltu joke kaise marte ho baap ne kaise paidaish ki hey..

  • Devesh Seth
    Devesh Seth 9 months ago

    Its a serious comedy change the name bro ! 😊

  • Pankaj Singh Negi
    Pankaj Singh Negi 9 months ago +2

    Its not funny to bring our culture Mahabharata in such a way. Its a shame we laugh in such a indecent comedy.

  • Jake Stiffler
    Jake Stiffler 9 months ago +1

    2:48 bhai meri kachi goti thi😂😂

  • Piyush Mishra
    Piyush Mishra 9 months ago

    Game of thrones and Mahabharata pe epic bole tum😆😆😆😆

  • Radhe Krishna
    Radhe Krishna 9 months ago

    Nice standup comedy and bhai and game of thrones bhi sahi tha

  • anshuman tiwari
    anshuman tiwari 9 months ago

    waiting to get a little smile on my it when this video ended

  • ashwini pandey
    ashwini pandey 9 months ago +2


  • Raja Pandit
    Raja Pandit 9 months ago

    Kya thaa ye bc. Stand up comedy pe hasi nii aa rahiii😑😑

  • Kaushik Gameplays
    Kaushik Gameplays 9 months ago

    Dead audience

  • IndiaTopTens
    IndiaTopTens 9 months ago

    Don’t waste your time doing this, you are NOT offence, free advice, take it or leave it.

  • crazy Rohit
    crazy Rohit 9 months ago

    shitty stand up comedy

  • Subham Singh Negi
    Subham Singh Negi 9 months ago +17

    Bhosdi k tmko Hindu Bhagwan pe joke k alwa or kuch ata h Bc..
    Gaandu saale

    • Tushar Ranjan
      Tushar Ranjan 5 days ago

      @Piyush Garg bhai ram mandir banane ja rahe ho na tum
      tumhari hi kami hai udhar
      halka fulka mazaq sab jagah chalta hai

    • Piyush Garg
      Piyush Garg 5 days ago

      @Tushar Ranjan aur tum dallo ko mulle se behn chudwane ke alawa kuch na aata

    • m g
      m g 3 months ago

      @Tushar Ranjan yeah season 8 was bad but still better than stupid indian daily soaps infact way better

    • Tushar Ranjan
      Tushar Ranjan 3 months ago

      @m g season 8 ke baad my lips r sealed about GOT, ab toh breaking bad is the best

    • m g
      m g 3 months ago

      @Tushar Ranjan koi comparison hi nhi h bhai

  • Catsu Klen
    Catsu Klen 9 months ago +44

    Anyone else distracted by his sweat stain?

    • Joise Meghana K
      Joise Meghana K 6 months ago +2

      Sweating is normal yaar...if you don't sweat then it means u have a disorder...grow up kid...

  • The Indian Noobie
    The Indian Noobie 9 months ago

    Jab samjha nhi Mahabharat, kyu comments krta hai, agr believe nahi religion Mae toh don't put such video on RU-clip. Wrna tu bolega har jgh right wingers aate hai aur gaali dete hain. Joke bnane ke liye bhut kuch hai

  • keshav kumar
    keshav kumar 9 months ago +1

    i think more efforts should've been put on content before making a video out of it... damn this shit was boring

  • human being
    human being 9 months ago +2

    U are good in comedy

  • Shawn Mixwel
    Shawn Mixwel 9 months ago +8

    Itna sab kuch muh se kaise hagg dete ho be.
    Such a shittty video I’ve ever watched on RU-clip.
    Shame on you you don’t know anything about Mahabharata. And how could you make a joke of it ?

  • Sam
    Sam 9 months ago +2

    Hastinapur me feminism nahi hai😂😆

    VIDHU PRAKASH 9 months ago +1

    Well it seems like FOLLOWING ONE'S OWN PASSION ne kaiyon kii li hai...not your fault man😂

  • Dr. Harley Quinn
    Dr. Harley Quinn 9 months ago

    Maza nhi Aya yaar