Normani - Motivation (Official Video)

  • Published on Aug 16, 2019
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  • Cynn Cynn
    Cynn Cynn 2 hours ago

    RIP to all the creases in those Jordans 😩😩

  • Drew Valentine
    Drew Valentine 2 hours ago +3

    Has anybody asked about the girl in the beginning? She killed! Who is she???

  • _yofav cj_
    _yofav cj_ 2 hours ago +1

    Make this blue if you think so amazing and can be the next Beyonce

    BTS ARMY 2 hours ago +4

    50M ✅

  • Roblox Pineapple
    Roblox Pineapple 3 hours ago +2

    i ship normani and migos and idc which boy it is just migos

  • megapooldealsdotcom
    megapooldealsdotcom 3 hours ago +1

    more trash for the sheeple to consume. too bad, she is cute and it's a happy song.
    why not have some young ladies striving to break a record in running a mile or studying to be a Supreme Court Justice or battling the housework to provide the best life for their children.
    lets redo this video Normani and deliver a cleaner real MOTIVATION for young ladies to succeed!!!

  • M D
    M D 3 hours ago +1

    Y have I not seen this before

  • Adryon Ard
    Adryon Ard 3 hours ago +1

    Loooove to see a girl bring on the real twerk...loooove to see something solo oldschool..ya momm raised you right...totally diggin your dance moves too...that's how ai was raised!! Gimme some more..dancin is dancin is dancin...your awesome...I'm glad my baby girls have some one to look up to....

  • Kodo Elder-Groebe
    Kodo Elder-Groebe 3 hours ago +3

    You ever feel sad when a song ends because you could just listen to it forever

  • Samantha Salas
    Samantha Salas 3 hours ago +1


  • Milena Monteiro
    Milena Monteiro 3 hours ago


  • mimi hayes
    mimi hayes 3 hours ago +1

    This video kinda confused me but I still loved it 😂

  • m_odrosky4
    m_odrosky4 3 hours ago +4

    1m 🔓
    10m 🔓
    25m 🔓
    50m 🔓
    75m 🔒
    100m 🔒

  • Instagram/bracefacejojo 986

    Was the basketball real 🥴🥴

  • benjamin mcmichael
    benjamin mcmichael 3 hours ago +3

    I'd love to see what she and Bruno Mars could do together.

  • benjamin mcmichael
    benjamin mcmichael 3 hours ago

    This is just a joy to watch! Never knew who Normani was before this song/video. She's a breath of fresh air. Great music, awesome choreo, hope she keeps it up. Kinda reminds me of how well Bruno Mars combines music and showmanship.

  • Reina Playz
    Reina Playz 4 hours ago +2

    I liked how that girl danced in front of her mom 🤣😂

  • Victor Eluan
    Victor Eluan 4 hours ago +2

    Love love love love ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Emily K
    Emily K 4 hours ago +1

    Watch out y’all she’s coming for yo man

  • Rezki enggia putra
    Rezki enggia putra 4 hours ago +3

    Who is here today?

  • john Jesalva
    john Jesalva 4 hours ago +3

    good job normani to your new song we love you 4 ever

  • Marianela Vizcaino
    Marianela Vizcaino 4 hours ago +1

    Te amo Normani

  • Amber H
    Amber H 4 hours ago +2

    Im uh... im...Pretty motivated id say

  • Vinicius Amorim
    Vinicius Amorim 4 hours ago

    50 milhão!!!!😁👏👏❤

  • Lhs Cheer vlogs
    Lhs Cheer vlogs 5 hours ago +5


  • verixximo
    verixximo 5 hours ago +1


  • sjoelsje
    sjoelsje 5 hours ago +2

    lolove this song!!!! only that 1996 makes me feel so old! ;)

  • karol souza
    karol souza 5 hours ago

    Let's go 100M🥉🔥

  • Emily
    Emily 5 hours ago +1

    OK but she KILLED that shit

  • Karen Lum
    Karen Lum 5 hours ago +1

    Did anyone else realize that she's wear briefs and a g string? lol

  • Nothin for u hun
    Nothin for u hun 5 hours ago +1

    it's funny how 50million people has seen this but i was here before 2k OKJIUHYT65R4

  • JasonGameplays_YTGaming
    JasonGameplays_YTGaming 5 hours ago +3

    Normani you are beautiful inside and out

  • Jdd Jci
    Jdd Jci 5 hours ago +4

    50 M in a month If that’s not star power I don’t know what is

  • Laura Corbett
    Laura Corbett 5 hours ago +2

    I hope someday Normani will have her solo tour if she does I'm gonna go and I hope there'll be Meet And Greets I really want to meet her

  • Laura Corbett
    Laura Corbett 5 hours ago +2

    Do your thing sis

  • Laura Corbett
    Laura Corbett 5 hours ago +3

    I thank God for Normani who else does?

  • Keyiah Monique
    Keyiah Monique 6 hours ago +1


  • wesley Orthiz
    wesley Orthiz 6 hours ago +1


  • chris turner
    chris turner 6 hours ago +3

    I want to ask Normani on a date 😍😍😍

  • slimtee2
    slimtee2 6 hours ago +2

    Nice! Girl can really her singing, too! See a lil bit of Aaliyah in the beginning...then some Bey moves, a bit of Brit, and some JJ choreo... gone girl and represent! Nice vid!!

  • Jozavia Atkins
    Jozavia Atkins 6 hours ago +2

    She coming

  • Mariah Szypryt
    Mariah Szypryt 6 hours ago +4

    "Normani stop makin' all dat noise" and then "do yo thang girl" lol

  • Emili Guadalupe
    Emili Guadalupe 6 hours ago +1

    She have more like that subs HAHAHAHAHA

  • Deitrik
    Deitrik 6 hours ago +3


  • Ruby Red
    Ruby Red 6 hours ago +4

    Normani has been aligning herself with all the right people and taking advantage of every opportunity. She was aligned with Camilla in Fifth Harmony, they are the story of Fifth Harmony. I knew once she had her first hit outside of the group the group was over. She and Khalid made a geniune pair. All her features are amazing especially when she found herself in the same house with Sam Smith whom she already knew was a fan of Fifth Harmony so other perfect oppurtunity. She is working with JayZ and Beyonce. And even though Rihanna distance herself from Beyonce, she wanted to work work work with Normani. Normani proves she is ready opening for Ariana Grande and ofcourse securing a song with Ariana. Normani is busy and I am so grateful because I am such a fan especially Angels 🤗😍😄😊

  • Ruth Taei
    Ruth Taei 7 hours ago +3

    I think Normani is the best member in fifth harmony cuz she knows how to dance good!!!

  • Pablo Ar
    Pablo Ar 7 hours ago +2

    Definitely one of the best music videos of the XXI century, on top with Madonna, Daft Punk and the White Stripes!!!

  • Camila Martinez
    Camila Martinez 7 hours ago +1

    No Lo Puedo Creer Llegamos A Los 50 Millones😍Vamos Por Más💕

  • Tapps Kaykay
    Tapps Kaykay 7 hours ago

    Sao vskbsl aoodalb qok s

  • pree
    pree 7 hours ago +3

    She looks gorgeous 😍😍😍

  • Danielle Ferguson
    Danielle Ferguson 7 hours ago +2

    The eye candy in this video

  • layla dukes
    layla dukes 7 hours ago +2

    When he says he likes a girl who can play basketball.....

  • Maya Roberts
    Maya Roberts 7 hours ago +3

    It's been a while since a mainstream popstar sang and danced like this, this is really refreshing

  • work from home PRO
    work from home PRO 7 hours ago +3

    Omg. I love this so much.

  • katelynn767
    katelynn767 7 hours ago +4

    SLAY Queen SLAY!

  • Christina Kelly
    Christina Kelly 7 hours ago +3

    Slay queen, slaaaayyyy.

  • Wearing My Hat
    Wearing My Hat 7 hours ago +3


  • zachary vogelsong
    zachary vogelsong 8 hours ago +3


    ASIA YOUNG 8 hours ago +3

    AWESOME! Go Gurl!

  • belle
    belle 8 hours ago

    anyone else see halsey at 1:05?