Grisham: Media 'seemed to revel' in witness mocking Barron Trump

  • Published on Dec 6, 2019
  • White House Press Secretary Stephanie Grisham reacts to law professor invoking Barron Trump during impeachment hearing.
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Comments • 1 949

  • Thomas Cassler
    Thomas Cassler Month ago +1

    i think she looks great in anything she weres!

  • Common Sense
    Common Sense Month ago

    oh poor Hannity...he gets the crap beaten out of him everyday ?? and he works 4 hours a what a schedule ...and you managed to gather $ 250 million upto sure are well paid commentator...
    why don't you explain to the American tax payer they had to pay for Trump jr's trip to Africa to shoot an almost extinct sheep , accompanied by special forces...yeah a real strong takes a lot of courage to shoot a sheep....what a joke you are all

  • Common Sense
    Common Sense Month ago

    oh wait you are not allowed to go after a teenage kid ?? this is crossing a line...what a hypocrisy....then why did you all love going after Greta...and even Trump , who was so jealous that she got chosen by Time and not him...that is ok ??? don't like attacking children then what is going on at the Mexican border with seperating children from their parents ??

  • Kierra DeRosa
    Kierra DeRosa Month ago

    Reading through these comments is hilarious. Kind of painted yourselves into a corner on this issue. I’m sure you’ll all hold Trump to the same standard. Lol, just kidding, you’ll compartmentalize it until pne of these mouthpieces finds a way to explain away the double standard. If that fails, just call it fake news, or blame Ukraine the scourge of Europe.

  • Walk-in Mysoes
    Walk-in Mysoes Month ago

    Well.....I guess now we know she understands how many people feel when the idiot that she has for husband mocks and bully others...
    Here's a reminder of that: "So ridicules. Greta should work on her Anger Management problem, then go to a good old fashioned movie with a friend! Chill Greta, Chill!" Maybe her mother should sue her stupid husband too!!!! And all his fanatic bullies who cheer the idiot bully thug number 45. Because that's what all of you are... Don't believe me? Read your comments!

  • Nope What
    Nope What Month ago

    So where’s Melania now? Why is she letting her husband talk about a 16 yr old on the cover of person of the year? 🤔 mmmm

  • Paul C
    Paul C Month ago

    I really can't wait for Hannity's objective report on Trump's twitter attack on a teenager with Asperger Syndrome.

  • Citizen EU
    Citizen EU Month ago

    Is insHannity now also angry when President Donald Trump just now attacked a 16 year old girl on Twitter?

    • Paul C
      Paul C Month ago

      and it wasn't even the first time...

  • Christopher Thorn
    Christopher Thorn Month ago

    Trump just attacked teenager Greta . Where is the outrage now!!

  • kkajj5
    kkajj5 Month ago

    What is the difference between trump picking on a 16 year old and someone doing it to his spawn? Nothing, his kids are trash like him.

  • Sean Phillips
    Sean Phillips Month ago

    Why do people say this was an attack on Barron? They certainly have attacked Barron before. But how is this one of them? Come to think of it, why doesn't Melania call out MAD magazine. They've gone after Barron and the entire family. Why is MAD never mentioned?

  • Paul C
    Paul C Month ago

    But It's okay for Trump to mock kids on Twitter though, right?

  • Sascha Haywood
    Sascha Haywood Month ago,,!!!!

  • DMac FPV
    DMac FPV Month ago

    Dump Trump 2020!

  • asher elward
    asher elward Month ago

    Stop it Baron Trump is a anchor baby!!!

  • Bher Rabbit
    Bher Rabbit Month ago

    Admit they are wrong? They should admit "insanity". Though they will continue to impede the President and Congress the Democrat politicians are certain to blame any problem in America ON the President. Mark my words. BS

  • Iahel Cathartes Aura

    Yes, Karlan is literally rabidly obsessed with young Baron. She gets almost sexually aroused & very very keyed up talking about her bizarre Marxist-programming fantasies about this child!

  • Linnaeus
    Linnaeus Month ago +1

    I am a lifelong Democrat and not a fan of Trump. But the children of our elected leaders are 100% off-limits at all times. I do not blame Melania at all for her reaction and think it was appropriate. Remember what the press did to Amy Carter and Chelsea Clinton? It was just awful. The line has to be drawn and held to. These children are innocent.

  • dane kelly
    dane kelly Month ago

    The barron is coming back to bite the dims...just watch!

  • Arthur Walker
    Arthur Walker Month ago

    hmmm, started the fake impeachment on Halloween. Study your history folks. Hint, Trump is a builder. I know I'm not the only one who sees the big picture. What really happened on Halloween, why do they celebrate it ?

  • Me
    Me Month ago

    Wait a minute you stupid idiots. I just watched what she said. It was not anything about him personally. She was using his name BARRON! So stop the crap and get a real defense

  • Me
    Me Month ago

    The republicans have called Michelle Obama names so give me a break. Do you remember when they made fun of Chelsea Clinton? Just get over it

  • Ambushofblacks
    Ambushofblacks Month ago

    Think about the children....bahaha snowflakes

  • Jon Cavanaugh
    Jon Cavanaugh Month ago

    “He was a fattish but active man of paralyzing stupidity, a mass of imbecile enthusiasms--one of those completely unquestioning, devoted drudges on whom, more even than on the thought police, the stability of the Party depended.” George Orwell 1984

  • atomic phoenix
    atomic phoenix Month ago

    Snowflake republicans nothing is off limit in politics

  • I inhale Poop
    I inhale Poop Month ago

    Fake. Outrage

  • BoaLuvR
    BoaLuvR Month ago

    Attacking Trump doesn't work, so let's go and attack his kid. Wowsers! You all need to throw in the white towel, it's a lost cause. TRUMP 2020 🇺🇸

    • BoaLuvR
      BoaLuvR Month ago

      @Paul C I am on her side about climate change. One page I wish Trump would be on myself.

    • Paul C
      Paul C Month ago

      @BoaLuvR not at all. The target of the joke and the subject of the joke are rarely the same. However, I applaud your objections to any child being attacked. So I hope you are equally as outraged at Donald Trump mocking a child (Greta Thunberg) on Twitter only last month .

    • BoaLuvR
      BoaLuvR Month ago

      @Paul C Using Barron as a pawn is attacking both of them.

    • Paul C
      Paul C Month ago

      she wasn't attacking his kid. She was attacking Trump.

  • baja joes
    baja joes Month ago +1

    The Speaker drips with so much hate she can't speak properly.

  • baja joes
    baja joes Month ago +1

    IF President Trump would have had Ms. Grisham as Press Secretary from day 1 he'd have been much better off. She is excellent!

  • Little Heath
    Little Heath Month ago

    Professor Pamella is also an authority on being Barren which is why she is so bitter & twisted.

  • Internet Privacy Advocate

    Melania is a great mother. For that alone she should be an inspiration to all women.

  • Sandra Walch
    Sandra Walch Month ago

    I did not hear laughter, I heard silience. I watched off n on. It was disgusting. I changed the channel 5 secs later after she said that. I have to say for a professor, she was better spoken in her conviction than Blassy Ford. All i heard ford say was yes that's what my cognitive brain says. This wo man was out for blood. She said as a Democracy Law Professor no, it was out of her expertise BUTT as a citizen yes. Bullshiff said thank you, we will accept your citizen vote. How Fracking UNDemocratic is that¿ She gets TWO votes and WE can't even get ONE. BULLSHIFF. ONWARD!

  • Lien Pham
    Lien Pham Month ago +1

    Dems are all CHEAP, their morals , if they have one , are lower than a snake's bottom!!

    • Paul C
      Paul C Month ago

      But It's okay for Trump to mock kids on Twitter though, right?

  • Ron Marleau
    Ron Marleau Month ago

    Grisham - is FOX the new weekly WH Press Briefing
    They don't ask any real questions there so smart thing to do

  • Garret Sterling
    Garret Sterling Month ago

    Kimmel sucks ontop of being an annoying hypocrite.

  • chrisflach69
    chrisflach69 Month ago

    Unfortunately about a third of our Country believes the TV no matter how many times the TV punks them. The TV controls them so well, they were calling for a kid to be burned alive in his school for smiling.
    It's way past time to bust up media monopolies.

    BROWNBASE1973 Month ago

    i d like to see round 2

  • Thomas Reilly
    Thomas Reilly Month ago

    Please stop with the fake outrage. Trump trashes everything and everyone. Barron will be fine as long as his dad doesn’t blow through all of Grandpa’s cash.

  • Mick Killeen
    Mick Killeen Month ago

    The first lady is a classy lady. Probably the greatest first lady ever.

  • Mary McReynolds
    Mary McReynolds Month ago +1

    No one mocked the Johnson girls or the Carter girl or the Clinton girl or the Nixon girls. Hands off Barron. Leave him alone.

  • Memento Maxolga
    Memento Maxolga Month ago +1

    Disgusting, pathetic hyenas.

  • Big AL
    Big AL Month ago

    I feel sorry for BArron since his dad is the most dishonest, corrupt, traitorous, ignorant, racist, sexist, pig of a human ever to be in the white house

  • Filomena Braschi
    Filomena Braschi Month ago

    Hannity , Unload on him anyway, he's a leftist commie!

  • Violet 4Lite
    Violet 4Lite Month ago


  • Kathy Hyden
    Kathy Hyden Month ago

    Dems aren't angry, they are afraid. When all comes out, they will go down!!!!!!!!!

  • Violet 4Lite
    Violet 4Lite Month ago

    Well sense its the real fox news, and not crazypeet or somebody I dont know ! ...Ill thumbs up !

  • Mike's Music Box
    Mike's Music Box Month ago

    Liberal slime...NEVER VOTEW DEMOCRAT.

  • Lisa Fitzwater
    Lisa Fitzwater Month ago

    The left owns hate

  • Jenny Rose
    Jenny Rose Month ago

    I believe they have attacked your beautiful First Lady and her son as a means to hurt your wonderful President. Because that’s about the only way they can hurt a loving husband and father. For that to come from a Law Professor is deplorable. God Bless your wonderful President that is standing up to the deep state. Cheers from Australia

  • Vernon Pennington
    Vernon Pennington Month ago

    Barron is a innocent child . Trump and Molonia never mock any ones children . Trump's do so mutch for other children . Their son Barron is a lovely respectable and mannerly brought up child . Sickens me how Evel Dems treat the child of our President
    And graciouse First Lady . And the white be house is so lovely . And Beautiful briliantly decorated And Molonia knows how to shine. She is quite briliant in her own right.
    Obama's are ignorant people . Can't decorate a front door. Without hiring some one to figure it out. Then take praisell over something Obama's didn't have a first clue about.
    Of coarse Leftist lie .!about all
    That's their art .! Ugly color results lieing.! 🇺🇸🌟🌏🌍🌎💞👺The world's not Stupid
    Just like Americans know Obama's are Just filthy communist just like Clinton's and Criminal F. B. I . Añd Dem Congress And The Communistic Fake News
    Savanah Geuthery ,Chuck Todd and his buddy Lester Holtt And All C.NN News Braudcast . Reporters. Even the Fourign News stink brewed Corospondents .👺🤧

    • Paul C
      Paul C Month ago

      Come on, be serious. Only last month Trump was mocking a kid on twitter. Just ask Greta Thunberg. The fascinating thing is that unlike Trump, Karlan wasn't even attacking the child. But even still she apologised. Trump STILL hasn't. So where's your outrage for that?

  • Kacey
    Kacey Month ago

    Get em Hannity..Kimmel is a weasel anyway..let him have it.

  • Meryl Verkins
    Meryl Verkins Month ago

    Why doesn't Hannity talk about how Michelle Obama is MICHAEL. She is a HE, and nobody is talking about it. The reason Joan Rivers died is because she said 'everybody knows' to the press shortly before she died, at the hand of a plastic surgeon...and the video of 'Michael' dancing on the Degenneres show, obviously showing 'her' junk. And, the 'rent-a-kids- daughters from their friends...AND, Obummer calling her MICHAEL...more than once.

  • James Cn
    James Cn Month ago

    The left media should be ashamed !!! They are so low and they are going lower !!

  • Terri Hoang
    Terri Hoang Month ago


  • Bang Bang Niner Gang

    I’m starting to even hate being left handed.. any right handers want to trade?

  • Heidi Elle
    Heidi Elle Month ago

    Very well said, thank you.

  • Dale Gervais
    Dale Gervais Month ago

    These clinton/epstein/oblama/pelosi/comey deamoncrats have not been this angry Stupid since Trump/Lincoln freed their caged children/slaves.

  • vickersonp
    vickersonp Month ago

    Sean, please, don’t wait! Please. Dump on Kimmel now....Please!

  • N H
    N H Month ago

    Pamela Karlan , The view , Jimmy Kimmel, are all complete Trash toilet slime. Low lifes . If you child goes to the College she is a so called Professor at, take them out immediately..... Their degrees will all be in question Now... Biased Grading and Favoritism for students who are Dems And students who are not could be penalized.... If the facility goes along with keeping her there is a real problem there.

  • JP Duffy
    JP Duffy Month ago

    The left again proving they are without class and fall really short of the values they purport to champion. They hate kids. They hate democracy. They hate America. They hate scrutiny. They hate everything not on their side. They are intolerant, unkind, racist, sexist and socialist scum. F@ck em.

    • Paul C
      Paul C Month ago

      but it's okay for Trump to mock kids on twitter, right?