Comic-Con 2019: The Cast of Riverdale Gives Season 4 Relationship Updates

  • Published on Jul 21, 2019
  • ET sat down with the cast of 'Riverdale' at Comic-Con 2019, where they dished on season four.
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  • misspugparis _
    misspugparis _ Day ago

    Imagine getting to be that interview

  • Sofia Tymchyshyn
    Sofia Tymchyshyn 2 days ago

    10:11 “very cute”
    “Very cute”
    “Very cute”
    “Very cute”

  • Hiral Vatsal
    Hiral Vatsal 7 days ago +1

    Why there is no seat for Cole and kJ

  • Elina Hasioti
    Elina Hasioti 8 days ago

    Kj's last word and Cami's laugh had me crying..

  • Gina Newton The Awesome Kid

    9:04 to 9:11 omg kj's face when lili giggled at cole hes like "idk wheher to say 'aww' or be jelous.... lili's little giggle thoughhhh sooo cuteeee coles' hair at 9:10 he gave kj the death stare hes like "sOmEoNe BeSiDeS mE iS tOuChInG mY hAiR!?!? lmaooo his hair after!!!

    •OREO TİMİ• 10 days ago +1

    Kj and medalenie shipp

  • ryan bryant
    ryan bryant 12 days ago +1

    Why do they seem so sad

  • XxxQueen_AngelxxX
    XxxQueen_AngelxxX 13 days ago

    1:23 they way Cole looks at kj. Cole:😍

  • jugstopic
    jugstopic 13 days ago

    “what would u like to see form cheryl”
    “uhh a smile”

  • Sub to me idk why
    Sub to me idk why 13 days ago +1

    They don’t care anymore and I love it

  • SamanthaJellyCat
    SamanthaJellyCat 13 days ago

    There are two words I have that must be in season four...: MORE FALICE!

  • Dazixs
    Dazixs 14 days ago

    Why the hell are people saying that cole and lili broke up?? Cuz they didnt

  • Lamija Selimanovic
    Lamija Selimanovic 17 days ago

    The hole time lili is louking at cole

  • Madeline Rose
    Madeline Rose 17 days ago +1

    Lili is so done with this show its hilarious

  • GypsyRock
    GypsyRock 17 days ago +2

    Why do the guys have to stand?ET couldn’t afford two more chairs ?

  • Catie B
    Catie B 21 day ago

    8:35 you see the moment of realization on lilis face that coles hair is hUge 😂

  • Cassidy 12
    Cassidy 12 21 day ago

    0:01 me when my teacher walks in

  • Lucifer • ML
    Lucifer • ML 22 days ago +1

    Nows not the time to get naughty Veronica.

  • saeed hashemi
    saeed hashemi 22 days ago

    Season 3 isn’t even out yet on Netflix

  • Taylor Vlogs
    Taylor Vlogs 22 days ago

    Season 1 bughead= perfect
    Season 2 bughead= rocky
    Season 3 bughead= perfect
    Season 4 bughead as we’ve heard = rocky
    Oh shot we have a pattern at least they get back together as we’ve heard.

  • angeldreams .x
    angeldreams .x 23 days ago +1

    İ want Barchie in season 4 😍😭

  • Kizhe Kamaran
    Kizhe Kamaran 23 days ago

    Once that show is over and they are free of their contracts they are going make fun of that show almost everywhere! they clearly hate it 😅

  • Phoebe Richards
    Phoebe Richards 23 days ago

    I honestly hope there is a teen pregnancy in there to spice things up I little more 🤰🤱

  • Diba Hossein pour
    Diba Hossein pour 24 days ago

    Kj making coles hair bigger 😂

  • Diba Hossein pour
    Diba Hossein pour 24 days ago

    Bromance MAYBE? 😂😂😂😂

  • Diba Hossein pour
    Diba Hossein pour 24 days ago +2

    Comic-Con 2019
    Boys: bromance and cole looking to kj and then both laughing I swear 😂

  • JasoYT
    JasoYT 24 days ago

    How is Archie in senior year if he failed the sat test

  • Sweetener Fan
    Sweetener Fan 24 days ago +1

    0:01 replay this

    • Juliannee C
      Juliannee C 22 days ago

      Sweetener Fan I did before I even saw this comment

  • Syria Porcelli
    Syria Porcelli 25 days ago

    3:03 uno reverse card lmao

  • Nor Lyana Mohd Ramli
    Nor Lyana Mohd Ramli 25 days ago

    Easy for her to scold jughead for fooling around at the back whenqs were raised she always seems to be getting cole to answer and acts like a real jerk to voice him how he should behave at least he committed to reply

  • Natalie Boey
    Natalie Boey 25 days ago

    Bighead better not be dead

  • Natalie Boey
    Natalie Boey 25 days ago +1

    Can not frikin wait

  • Natalie Boey
    Natalie Boey 25 days ago +1

    I can't wait till season four literly dying

  • FuTuRe NKusH
    FuTuRe NKusH 26 days ago


  • Kmcyo Artist
    Kmcyo Artist 26 days ago +2

    All secs KJ and Cole Bromancing
    0:18 KJ BOI.
    1:16 COLE BOI.
    1:23 bromance.
    1:48 xD Lol is jughead dead. KJ face tho.
    2:14 Cole looks at Kj. Lili looks at COLE.
    2:19 Cheryl pissed xD with those two boys
    2:37 Cole look at KJ passionately xD
    2:58 Boi Kj giving signs to Cole.
    3:28 Ya Boi!
    3:50 All voicing out.
    4:25 Boi boi
    4:39 Cole giving Kj back pat
    5:08 Cole lookin and kj sexily haha
    6:48 Kj and Cole shoulder
    7:09 boi
    9:00 Kj laughing at Cole hair
    9:08 Kj just want to play with Cole hair and Lili approve XD
    9:55 Colidinosaur is coming xD
    10:12 'VERY CUTE' lets all say it
    10:16 jeronica alert!

  • omar gamer7789
    omar gamer7789 27 days ago +1

    Cole and lili keep looking at each other. I love it.

  • Leaf Wing
    Leaf Wing 27 days ago

    (About reggie)
    'Cuz hes got a bromance now'
    Kj: yeah, he does *bites and licks lips*

  • Gracie Partington
    Gracie Partington 28 days ago +1

    Wait Cole just said that jughead is going to prep school this season so he is still alive ?!

  • Rooz 3
    Rooz 3 29 days ago +1

    ليش م في ترجمه عربي 😭😭😭
    I am very sad because there is no Arabic translation and there are also many Arab followers😭😭😭😭😭

  • CW Fan
    CW Fan Month ago +1

    Am I the only person who kinda wants to see Cami/Veronica play the saxophone in the band.
    I think they were joking but I don’t mind

  • DaYaNa
    DaYaNa Month ago

    I love the way jughead didnt stop moving 😂😂

  • Amanii Xo
    Amanii Xo Month ago


  • Keira Rees
    Keira Rees Month ago +1

    Can’t stop looking at Cole looking at Lili, Lili looking at Cole and them looking at each other.

  • Awoken.Legend
    Awoken.Legend Month ago +2

    Cole and kJ can’t stop messing around lmao

  • Valerie Wagner
    Valerie Wagner Month ago +2

    7:28 cole said jug goes to prepschool what means he isn‘t dead

  • Valerie Wagner
    Valerie Wagner Month ago +3

    cole:strokes kj
    mads:i see kjole coming

  • Devine Olubakinn
    Devine Olubakinn Month ago +1

    Whats Up with the Cast they seem so out of it looks like they lost hope they all look lost and Kj was not laughing at madeliene he was laughing because cole was just staring why madeleine act like this

  • Kyra Lusk
    Kyra Lusk Month ago +1

    If been hearing rumors about betty being pregnant with Jugheads baby does anyone know if it's true

  • Kyra Lusk
    Kyra Lusk Month ago +1

    Is betty going to be pregnant with Jugheads baby

  • Kate Maguire
    Kate Maguire Month ago

    Does anyone else love it when cole smiles

  • The XC_Clan
    The XC_Clan Month ago +2

    Wait wait wait wait wait... IS BETTY AND COLE THE SAME AGE???

    Oh wait nvm I’m a dumb ass

  • Michelle Leahy
    Michelle Leahy Month ago

    You can tell how sad they got when she mentioned Luke Perry which is tragic😭

  • Payton Monti
    Payton Monti Month ago +1

    Jughead doesn’t die in season 4 bc cole said he goes to prep school

  • Michelle Belle
    Michelle Belle Month ago

    PETITION FOR NETFLIX TO PRODUCE, NEW WRITERS, MATURE! let the fans grow up with the show.

  • sara Gilbert
    sara Gilbert Month ago +1

    Cole looked so happy this interview, its great to see him in a such a caring relationship. Who can blame him for falling for his co-star, Kj apa is one fine man..

  • L and Y Twins
    L and Y Twins Month ago

    8:43 the interviewer laughing 😭😭😭😭😭😭😂

  • Shyguy_ YT
    Shyguy_ YT Month ago

    Why was cole rubbing kjs back 😂

  • Taylor Sarbo
    Taylor Sarbo Month ago

    Kj and cole are high asf lol

  • Katelyn Sanchez
    Katelyn Sanchez Month ago