I Tried Android for the First Time

  • Published on Sep 22, 2016
  • Our video editor, Andrew Evers, decided it was time to ditch his iPhone 6 Plus and take the Android-powered Nexus 6p for a spin.
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Comments • 4 883

  • Pavithememer
    Pavithememer 10 days ago

    Yes, it's totally Android's fault because you forgot the passwords. "I agree with you"

  • Tech Raid
    Tech Raid 14 days ago

    it's not the OS it's your own fault that you can't remember anything. you should be able to know your own bank info by heart or have it written down.

  • Mr Mac
    Mr Mac 17 days ago


  • Mark Paul Cards
    Mark Paul Cards 23 days ago

    "Android sucks because I'm too retarded to remember a password"

  • Almost God
    Almost God Month ago

    My opinion ...
    my phones first
    Moto Razr v3
    Nokia communicator E 95
    iPhone 1
    Samsung galaxy S4
    iPhone 4s
    iPhone 6s
    Samsung s9
    Yaa ... I love Android cos it's open system , but I also miss the beauty and simplicity of iPhone ... But in terms of work HELL YA ONLY ANDROID.... But I loved the first iPhone , personally it was my first touch phone , nowadays I use phone so much now I miss my old Razr v3 cos all it could do is just call 🤣🤣 I miss my space .. phones are damn addictive

  • I StM I
    I StM I Month ago

    So he doesn't like Android... because it requires switching from iOS. Bruh... Are all iSheeps so dumb ?

  • ʀ ø ʏ
    ʀ ø ʏ 2 months ago

    Android is better

  • Cactus Gurl
    Cactus Gurl 3 months ago +1

    I had android my whole life when I switched to iphone in 2018 I regretted it it always froze it lost charge very fast even when I had low power mode on now im happy if u want an easy life get android also on apple once ur iPhone gets hacked u lose everything as for android once u get a new phone get it all on Google sign up on google do everything on google so when ur phone gets hacked u get a new phone u put ur email and everything goes back and on android u charge the phone to a hundred u start using ur phone at 7 am at 2 am ur phones percentage is only 30 or 40 no joke it's awesome over all I think both phones are great but if u want an easy going fast phone use android btw I dont hate iphone I love apple but I think they need to fix their phone and everything will be good

    • Cactus Gurl
      Cactus Gurl 2 months ago

      @Sam Pomare ya I had an iphone i promise you all of this happened but thanks and i know exactly what I'm talking about

    • Sam Pomare
      Sam Pomare 2 months ago +2

      Cactus Gurl your comment is funny because you don’t know what you’re talking about. Are you sure you’ve used an iPhone

  • Sakura Yosshia
    Sakura Yosshia 3 months ago

    I hate android. (This is true)

  • Angelo Dimicco
    Angelo Dimicco 4 months ago


  • Mike Paquet
    Mike Paquet 5 months ago

    doesnt know his own passwords=androids fault apparently. Also the lack of home button/touch ID can be fixed by just getting a different android phone.

  • Aleksandar be together not the same

    iPhone cheap trash made foe stupid american without brainz 😂😂😂😂 foxcon garbage

  • Connor flux
    Connor flux 6 months ago

    If your going to try an android try a samsung

  • Moon Kang June
    Moon Kang June 6 months ago

    Android users are barbaric
    Like android is the best
    And iphone users are civiliz
    Like ohh this is great im a android user btw

  • Thomas Bangalter
    Thomas Bangalter 6 months ago

    *_Android is better, that's why Apple fanboys always come up with an excuse_*

  • c r i s t a b e l l ღ

    i’ve never used an android

  • Zigod Gaming
    Zigod Gaming 7 months ago

    Does he not know that Samsung has face time too with up to like 10 people

  • Mmm Spicy meme
    Mmm Spicy meme 7 months ago

    There u are folks apple causes memory loss

  • Dingo
    Dingo 7 months ago

    you're such a dumbass. Just because ONE phone runs android doesn't mean it's just like every other android phone

  • Sam Sheng
    Sam Sheng 8 months ago

    Make sure you store every password you need to Android too. Then you will have a clearer view towards the os themselves. If you are new to iOS, you also need to experience how frustrating forgetting passwords is.

  • daniel achilles remus dela cruz

    A lot of Android phones have a physical home button.

  • William Murrell
    William Murrell 8 months ago

    Oh so you need the phone to guess your passwords? Just put in a password that YOU CAN REMEMBER!

  • Chilly Chills
    Chilly Chills 8 months ago

    Most Andriods phones have pretty bad cameras, but surprisingly Andriod has more features and came up with many things on the phones that iPhones can't seem to do, plus Andriod is more relaible and doesn't rip you off like iPhones do.

  • Hello World!
    Hello World! 8 months ago

    My first smartphone was android, then i got a different android, then i got my first iphone (se) because it's the smallest smartphone and i was tired of phablets, and it did fit in my pocket nicely, in mycupboard, etc. But what an ugly system, everything is dumb down for non thinking people who like to be told what to do, from the square app icons to the commands, it's just ugly and limiting. And it doesnt give you full control of the phone, or its looks or anything. I used it for 2 years until i broke it, and got me a newer android, i cant be happier, and it's a budget one i got for free. Oh man, i missed it so much and now that we got back together it has gotten so much better, im truly in love, i almost cried LOL. Siri, why, got google assistant in 2 languages, got so many options and freedom. And anytime i see an iphone screen i wanna puke, im glad it's over

  • Happy Mangki
    Happy Mangki 8 months ago

    iSheep spotted

  • mariokart3456
    mariokart3456 8 months ago

    Hi fandroids

  • Reek Reeker
    Reek Reeker 8 months ago

    If you have troubles using an android after iOS, you must be retarded.

  • Jac0bNot- Gay
    Jac0bNot- Gay 9 months ago

    These dudes did a test on Android and iOS and Android won MOST NOT ALL BUT MOST test rounds(Yes they were pros about technology)

  • Joj Cena
    Joj Cena 9 months ago

    The funny thing is that an Android guy can switch to ios with ease but ios users have a hell of a time switching to Android. Personally as an Android user I had to dump down to a more simple minded approach when I desided to use a cheap iphone se for a week just to see what it's like.

  • Kevin Bradshaw
    Kevin Bradshaw 9 months ago

    Took me years to appreciate Android. My work phones for years were iphones, but now down to just my android for both business and personal, it's simply a much better phone for business. Android also has a learning curve before you can really appreciate it,

  • Booty Gangsta
    Booty Gangsta 9 months ago

    iPhones are for basic people

  • toma kerculj
    toma kerculj 9 months ago

    Of course Android is better.alone because much more Brand's are using it so you have much more choices of which phone to pick instead of Apple just having an iPhone. Android has Samsung Sony Huawei LG and and and .....

  • Sh1r4shYT
    Sh1r4shYT 9 months ago +2

    How come everyone says Android is better than Apple??? iM bOtH BiTcHEs

  • Waey
    Waey 9 months ago

    You beeing dumb and not writing down passwords is not android's foult

  • Vegan Marshall
    Vegan Marshall 9 months ago


  • Sun Rise
    Sun Rise 9 months ago

    Such a bad review. Totally biased and boring

  • Tyler Howell
    Tyler Howell 9 months ago

    Homeboy didnt even get the good android he got a crappy one he needs to try the new android

  • Shiro Xiza
    Shiro Xiza 9 months ago

    "Better than ios"
    Welcome to the fandom of android users

  • scwidy dude
    scwidy dude 9 months ago

    Apple sheep

  • Neal Frost
    Neal Frost 10 months ago

    Android #1

  • JWC IV
    JWC IV 10 months ago

    Scratch!!!! Lose.

  • Connor flux
    Connor flux 10 months ago

    If your going to try android at least buy a good android phone such as a Samsung

  • rawrbro69
    rawrbro69 10 months ago

    So the thing is I started with android all my life not any good ones tho for the longest I wanted the galaxy the newest one.. one day my friend gave me her old iPhone and my first two days I was so confused on how to use it. But once I figured it out I realized how great it is. I personally don’t like the customization on androids that’s one of my biggest things I hate . iPhones are so simple I feel like and it’s way easier yeah the settings are a bit extra in iPhone but overall it’s less complicated for me atleast

  • Brotherhood inc
    Brotherhood inc 10 months ago

    @technobufflo try using nova 3i

  • RainbowCloud Radio
    RainbowCloud Radio 10 months ago

    android 4 life

  • B.A. Baracus
    B.A. Baracus 10 months ago

    Why does he think anyone gives a shit what beer his drinking or what he's drinking it out of? Typical pretentious apple d-bag cultist.

  • Tino Ramos
    Tino Ramos 10 months ago

    Like yourself I work with both Mac and Windows computers. I've switched back and forth between iOS and android many times. I like them both. I have an S9 right now but am due for an upgrade. I'm seriously thinking about getting an iPhone XR next. When I am using them I don't think better or worse but just different.

  • andres archila
    andres archila 10 months ago

    There is just 1 question that can give a definitive end 2 this fight, what can you do in an android that you can't do in an ios, also the other way around

    • Chris A
      Chris A 10 months ago

      Download Flac music direct from any web based store. Download cheaper music albums from other stores on the web. Sore files straight to a stock standard usb flash drive like a pc. Able to handle a multitude of files and have them playback without apple No support warning. Being able to download apps other than the playstore. Having a Real file system to go to to send files effortlessly to anyone a zillion ways not 1 way like apple. Hmmm i could go on but you get the gist of it.

  • George Babov
    George Babov 10 months ago

    hi its almost 2019 now and none of the iphones have home buttons

  • Sun Through Eyelids
    Sun Through Eyelids 11 months ago

    What would you recommend to switch to?? I have an iphone 8 but its just SO boring! And tiny and no headphone jack etc, i dont want to spend a thousand bucks on a phone so im thinking of the oneplus 5t?

    • Dylan Power
      Dylan Power 4 months ago

      Get the oneplus 7 pro. Its expensive but amazing and well worth it

  • Sotyka94
    Sotyka94 11 months ago

    So your biggest problem with android is that you don't remember your password....

  • Everette M
    Everette M 11 months ago

    Your friends were getting mad at you cuz your text messages were coming in green? What kind of asshole friends do you have? You not remembering your passwords is your fault not Androids.

  • 100 Subs With No Content Challenge

    Hahahaha comment section is full of retarded Android people including me

  • Qview Q
    Qview Q 11 months ago +2

    I switched to Android and now I can do what I want and not just what apple let's me

  • Ramanand Reddy
    Ramanand Reddy 11 months ago +2

    Average IQ people itself can learn any phone with in a day max. But you.. you my dear friend have to learn

    • Marko Veljanovski
      Marko Veljanovski 8 months ago

      Ramanand Reddy I would say 1 day to get familiar with it. 1 week to get really comfortable with it and probably 1 month to really get into it and try to learn everything that it offers.

  • simples
    simples 11 months ago +2

    so stupid cant work an intuitive phone lmao so stupid lmao lmao lmao lmao

  • Ih8u Goaway
    Ih8u Goaway 11 months ago

    Dude, ease up on the caffeine. You sound like a heart attack, speed talking.

    ALL ABOUT CRYPTO 11 months ago +1

    49% iphone users
    50% samsung users
    1% (LEGENDS) and this is me loving my nokia n8 symbian phone .

  • KB 405
    KB 405 11 months ago +1

    You need a password manager, can't blame the os for not remembering your passwords. Also can't see what you would miss from iOS, android is like free will, it's hard at first, but once you realize you're in charge it gets addictive. I would never go back to iOS.

  • Salty Boi
    Salty Boi 11 months ago +6

    It’s so stupid that people start a war over phone brands. Just get the phone you want, done. I personally like iPhone but Android is also a great phone brand. No need to attack someone for liking something you don’t. The first phone I got was an android, and it worked great.