Family Words in Finnish | KatChats

  • Published on Jun 20, 2019
  • In this Finnish video lesson, I will go over the basic words to describe your family members! So going through the list of various people that may be in your family :)
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Comments • 72

  • Ranskulainen
    Ranskulainen 4 months ago +3

    2:42 It's actually 2 veljeä not veliä

    • KatChats
      KatChats  4 months ago +2

      OH GOODNESS you're right, silly me. See even I make mistakes D:

  • Stine Henriksen
    Stine Henriksen 2 days ago

    In Norwegian we can say mormor for grandma. if i say "min mormor" (my grandma) it's like saying my mothers mother. and it's the same with grandpa. we can say farfar. and we can mix it up as well for morfar (my mothers father) and farmor (my fathers mother). we can also say bestefar and bestemor, i guess those words are closer related to the english words grandma and grandpa
    we can also say cousin in different ways. kusine is female and fetter is male but we can also say søskenbarn which is gender neutral and it can basically be translated to "siblings child" because your cousin is the child of your parents sibling
    we also have two ways of referring to our parents. we can say mamma (mum) and mor (mother). and pappa (dad) and far (father)

  • Thiên Trần
    Thiên Trần 20 days ago +2

    could you make a video to instruct Finnish learners how to pronounce "R"? That's would be great. :)

  • Heather Greisha
    Heather Greisha 26 days ago

    from the philippines. grandpa- lolo, grandma- lola

  • Sarah L
    Sarah L Month ago

    Thank you so much for making these videos! They're so helpful. Kiitos!

  • Chen Galo
    Chen Galo Month ago +1

    Philippines : Grandma - Lola , Grandpa - Lolo

  • suicide6redemption
    suicide6redemption Month ago

    Oon puolalainen. Me puhumme babcia, babunia - isoäiti ja dziadek, dziadziuś - isoisä :) mama, matka, mamusia, mamcia, mamunia, matula - äiti ja tata, tatuś, tatko, ojciec - isä :)

  • pully
    pully 3 months ago +3

    So my dads from finland and I'm born Australian. I've always referred to my grandparents as mummu and pappa?

  • Ignacio Roure
    Ignacio Roure 3 months ago

    I'm from Uruguay, I call my grandmothers VOVO and NANA, and my grandfather ABU

  • Coco Curly
    Coco Curly 4 months ago +2

    In Saksa we call our Grandparents OMMA and OPPA or OMA and OPA

  • Крестьянин
    Крестьянин 4 months ago

    Can you please teach us how to conjugate basic verbs: to learn, to read, to write, to eat, to sleep, to go, to return.

  • Rolande Ekango
    Rolande Ekango 4 months ago +1

    Also, please could you do a video about Finnish prepositions? His, missa, jossain, kuin, kun....

    • KatChats
      KatChats  4 months ago

      Sure I'll add it to the list! :D

  • Rolande Ekango
    Rolande Ekango 4 months ago +1

    Kiitos paljon, mutta mä ajattelen, unohdit #eno, because I think,maternal uncle is eno and paternal uncle is sera 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 I think

    • KatChats
      KatChats  4 months ago +1

      Omg yeah I did, although honestly I went my whole life not realizing eno and setä are for paternal/maternal uncles until people commented that o.O The more you know! :D

  • Hellio Barbosa
    Hellio Barbosa 4 months ago

    Good explanation. Kiitos paljon

  • UFOnutCZ KoKoSS
    UFOnutCZ KoKoSS 4 months ago

    Can you please do video about cases in Finnish? Or mainly about partitive (partitiivi)?😊 I am ,,lost" in it

  • jmtikka
    jmtikka 4 months ago +2

    Actually there are two words for uncle in Finnish: eno (mother's brother) and setä (father's brother).

    • KatChats
      KatChats  4 months ago +1

      Oh true true, I completely forgot!

  • bebina
    bebina 4 months ago

    Awesome! Hyvää juhannusta 🌞

  • William Gilreath
    William Gilreath 4 months ago

    Thank you for this video. Question: how do you say something like "first cousin 3 times removed"? Also interesting to learn that Veli means brother, as I've seen people with names like Veli-Matti ______, which rather makes it sound like they are in the clergy, in family trees and among DNA matches.

    • William Gilreath
      William Gilreath 4 months ago

      @Harri Kotikangas 3 Veli-Matti matches on MyHeritage. Two are in their 60's. One is in his 50's. Checked to see if Kotikangas gave me any hits, it doesn't. Should mention that my number of matches with the given name 'Veli-Matti' is probably lower than what may be the norm for other people with Finnish ancestry since I'm 1/8 Finnish and, hence, will have a lower number of total matches connected to Finland than someone with a higher amount of Finnish ancestry.

    • Harri Kotikangas
      Harri Kotikangas 4 months ago

      My friend's dad is Veli-Matti too and he doesn't have any brothers. Female name Sisko (means sister) is also a real name but it can't be combined. In these days they are not very common names in Finland.

    • William Gilreath
      William Gilreath 4 months ago

      More often without the hyphen, as it turns out, and Veli can appear before or after the given name.

  • Elias Isaksson
    Elias Isaksson 4 months ago

    Do you live in America?:)

  • S K
    S K 5 months ago +1

    Greetings from İstanbul 🌹 I love all your videos. ..thank you 😊

  • Adnan Ahmed
    Adnan Ahmed 5 months ago


  • Rikhard Patriksson
    Rikhard Patriksson 5 months ago +1

    You forgot to mention one of the most, if not the most popular name for grandpa, which is "pappa". I call my mother's father "pappa" and my father's father "ukki".

  • Enver ERDEM
    Enver ERDEM 5 months ago +1

    In Turkish, we call mother as "anne", and grandmother as "anneanne" :D it's simple and interesting

  • Maël Verbrugge
    Maël Verbrugge 5 months ago

    Hyvä yötä, we call or only grandmother "bonbonneke" . She is 93 and healthy. Hyvä juhannus kaikki. ☀️

  • Sh0ckmaster
    Sh0ckmaster 5 months ago

    Brit here. I used to call my paternal grandparents Grandma and Grandpa. However I call my maternal grandparents Nana and Papa, to the point that all my other relatives also call them that :)

  • luca sferco
    luca sferco 5 months ago +1

    What's the word for twin in Finnish?

    • luca sferco
      luca sferco 5 months ago

      @KatChats In italian the word for twin is "gemello" and due to the fact that italian has a grammatical gender distinction the words ending in o usually have a female form ending in a. So I can say twin sister making "gemello" "gemella"

    • luca sferco
      luca sferco 5 months ago

      @KatChats Thanks 😊

    • KatChats
      KatChats  5 months ago +1

      Kaksonen! :)

  • Rafael Carlos Cruz
    Rafael Carlos Cruz 5 months ago

    Im phils. We call grandpa and grandma as Lolo and Lola, respectively.

  • MOHA 89
    MOHA 89 5 months ago

    Mun Opettaja on kaunis🙂

  • Saanjt
    Saanjt 5 months ago

    Love your vids. And find you pretty damn attractive :O :D

    • Saanjt
      Saanjt 4 months ago

      @Thorbjørn Vaasi And that was my point, really? Me jerking off to her vids? So I cant find her vids good and her face really cute? Don't really see the problem here.

    • Matthew Mayer
      Matthew Mayer 5 months ago

      @Thorbjørn Vaasi I pity you. You're emotionally naive you know that? name calling and behaving under ignorance influence is for naive people who can't control emotions properly and they can't stand other people addressing their behaviors. I wonder if you are really part of this community or you're just a random trespasser. You should know your type of behaviors are not accepted around here on [her] channel.

    • Thorbjørn Vaasi
      Thorbjørn Vaasi 5 months ago

      @Matthew Mayer yep

    • Matthew Mayer
      Matthew Mayer 5 months ago

      @Thorbjørn Vaasi Why you runaway from a logical conversation? Aren't you a grown up? act like it.

    • Thorbjørn Vaasi
      Thorbjørn Vaasi 5 months ago

      @Matthew Mayer lol stfu

  • jerick rodriguez
    jerick rodriguez 5 months ago


  • Obnoxious_Cow
    Obnoxious_Cow 5 months ago

    When I was I was a kid we would always call my great grandma mummi and I never understood why. It all makes sense now, kiitos!

  • Daniela !!!
    Daniela !!! 5 months ago

    I hate Ö so much, it always sounds like an A to me (my native language is portuguese). The word jäätelötötterö is a living nightmare, everytime I hear it it seems like the A sound changes in each different Ö. When you said tyttö I heard tyttA * crying emoji *

    • Helena Lopes
      Helena Lopes 4 months ago

      omg same, my native is also Portuguese

    • KatChats
      KatChats  5 months ago

      Oh no!! D: But yeah jäätelötötterö is quite a mouthful!

  • Gabriela Carlón
    Gabriela Carlón 5 months ago

    Hello Kat ! In Mexico grandmother is Abuela, but we tend to say everything in diminutive, so we say abuelita for grandma and abuelito for Grandpa. In my case y call her " Abu".
    Nice video ! I guess it was missing the words for " only child" , "husband"," wife" and grandchildren.🤔
    Have a nice day!

    • Gabriela Carlón
      Gabriela Carlón 5 months ago

      @KatChats awwww kiitos paljon ! Looking forward to your next video! 😊 All of them are so useful!! ✨☺️

    • KatChats
      KatChats  5 months ago +1

      Oh that's right, maybe I'll have to make a part 2 xD In any case: Only child: Ainoa lapsi, husband: mies/aviomies, wife: vaimo, puoliso = partner, grandchildren: lapsenlapsi (singular) lapsenlapset (plural) or "minulla on kaksi lapsenlapsea -> I have two grandchildren" :)

  • Epicans
    Epicans 5 months ago +1

    i thought the plural was made by adding a -t to the end of the word. But here, sisko is siskoa and not siskot, so i guess the plurar "form" changes with the case of the word you want to apply the plurar to

    • Epicans
      Epicans 5 months ago +1

      @Kseniya Virtanen thank you for your answer :)
      Okay so in Finnish the noun doesnt take the plurar form after a numeral.

    • Kseniya Virtanen
      Kseniya Virtanen 5 months ago +1

      Yeah, but in this case we have a word "sisko" in partitive case, SINGULAR. After numerals (2,3,4 and more) you have to put your noun into partitive case, singular - yksi koira - kaksi koiraa.

  • Ангел Иванов
    Ангел Иванов 5 months ago +1

    Mina tiedan tama

  • Filimon Fsehatseion
    Filimon Fsehatseion 5 months ago +2

    Kiitos opettaja

  • Rhiannon Wilmott
    Rhiannon Wilmott 5 months ago

    Whe I do singing time with toddlers and grandparents it's really difficult because you could be talking about someone completely different by accident! I called my grandmothers Nan and Grandma, but there's also Gran, Granny, Nana, Nanny, and lately lots of younger grandmothers are being called things like 'Nonna' (Italian) or 'Lolla' (Filipino) because they just can't see themselves with 'old person' names. It's so interesting - and strangely, in a little group in Southern England there are 3 families that have one Finnish parent.

    • KatChats
      KatChats  5 months ago

      Ow wow 3 families! :o And thanks for sharing, I find it very interesting too :)

  • Fely Tales
    Fely Tales 5 months ago +4

    That's interesting! In Italian we call grandparents "nonno" (grandfather) and "nonna" (grandmother). Those are both standard language and spoken language, we don't have pet names or endearings such as gramma or pop, or the like in English. Just one word. We do have two main variations for the parents, "padre" being "father" and papà=dad, and mother=mother, mamma=mum. That can also be abbreviated in everyday language, we commonly say things like ma' and pa', ora mamy/papy when we call them.

    • Fely Tales
      Fely Tales 5 months ago

      @KatChats thank you ^^ fun fact: you read Italian exactly as is written and most letters have the same sounds as they have in Finnish, so you can read those words as well as we do :-D

    • KatChats
      KatChats  5 months ago

      Thanks for sharing, I really like the Italian words for grandma + grandpa ^-^