Joe Rogan Experience #883 - Kevin Smith

  • Published on Dec 7, 2016
  • Kevin Smith is a filmmaker, actor, comedian, public speaker, comic book writer, author, and podcaster. His latest movie "Yoga Hosers" is now available on Netflix.

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  • Nicholas Bruns
    Nicholas Bruns 13 hours ago

    After 3 years of President Trump, hearing them talk about how he's got to change when he takes office makes me remember those days of cautious hope.

  • Saber0003
    Saber0003 2 days ago

    The bit about a Universal Income to cover food and shelter is something I don't see happening in my life time. We can't even get people to agree that Global Warming is real for fear of losing their precious green paper, we'll never convince them to give their money away to make society better as a whole.

  • hasani H
    hasani H 2 days ago


  • Viking Jack
    Viking Jack 2 days ago

    i love how Kevin went "she didnt show up the lawsuit against matrix, cause shes trapped in it, saw 2 black cats !!!"

  • asdf jkl;
    asdf jkl; 3 days ago +1

    Joe wants more freedom from the Government. The original “system” was set up to have a Limited Federal Government. We have lost that and that has caused ALL of our current issues.

  • dilonisabamf
    dilonisabamf 4 days ago

    Joe you’ve got to have the comics explained guy. He really wants to come on the show.

  • dilemaz85
    dilemaz85 4 days ago

    Joe "it's entirely possible" rogan

  • Steven Lemons
    Steven Lemons 5 days ago

    Love Joe but he’s talking too much. I love it when he reacts and adds to the conversation. He’s pushing the conversation here which can’t be easy with Kevin. KS loves to talk

  • Tyler  Kraver
    Tyler Kraver 5 days ago +1

    I love how smart Kevin is and his best character never speaks until he has a intelligent rant.

  • Chris Foster
    Chris Foster 6 days ago

    Kevin full of shit

  • William Steele
    William Steele 6 days ago +1

    “Idk where I’m going with that, save me.” Literally made me spit my drink out 😂 God I love Kevin Smith lol

  • Buildin_N_Preppin
    Buildin_N_Preppin 8 days ago

    Joe "sweat this" Rogan

  • Nancy Falcon
    Nancy Falcon 9 days ago

    such a bromance!

  • Pablo Riveros
    Pablo Riveros 9 days ago

    Joe "If you're alive you're a person" Rogan

  • Matt Simpson
    Matt Simpson 11 days ago

    My man Kevin dont breath wtf. If he aint talkin he's rippin a cig

  • Kelly Leininger
    Kelly Leininger 11 days ago

    You can get your rights back after prison. You have to apply for them and it depends on your crime but lots of people get their rights back.

  • Jacilyn Roland
    Jacilyn Roland 12 days ago

    Tried watching Red State. I can't find it streaming anywhere.

  • Ryan Campbell
    Ryan Campbell 12 days ago +2

    Joe Rogan predicts Andrew Wang's Freedom Dividend 2 years in advance & while high

  • Ryan Campbell
    Ryan Campbell 13 days ago +1

    "The blood of young mice"
    "That's a great name for a novel!"

  • Michael Malecha
    Michael Malecha 13 days ago

    Kevin "and shit" Smith

  • King Edward Titus
    King Edward Titus 13 days ago

    If we can get our act together we can graduate from the planet.....
    So since if read the major body of science fiction out there much of which becomes fact, our possibilities are endless, sadly the elite bankers are interested in reducing the population by 80 percent by 2030. And I hope to get a copy of Divine Principle and the US Constitution of Cheon Il Guk (Google it) as a Kingdom of Heaven model for self and collective responsibility. So science can do a lot but ethical application may be torpedoed by big tech and totalitarian political democidal reflex.. And then there's that whole love of money self destructive and genocidal tendencies.

  • RumForBreakfast
    RumForBreakfast 14 days ago

    Do you know the founding fathers really really debated the idea that the executive branch should have three Presidents?

  • Kaupovski
    Kaupovski 15 days ago

    Dave Grohl has really let himself go...

  • Aj Gaynor
    Aj Gaynor 18 days ago

    Hilarious to look back on now that beyond meat is starting to become a big thing 😂

  • Danyel J. Roberts
    Danyel J. Roberts 20 days ago

    I don't smoke weed (I tried it, just wasn't for me) and have zero interest in it, but on principle alone, I find it outrageous that a government can presume to dictate what we may or may not consume. It's just so unbelievably invasive and overreaching. Like, fuck off- focus on fixing potholes and preventing actual crime. Stop wasting finite resources stopping people from smoking a fucking plant!

  • matt
    matt 20 days ago

    Need to get rid of career Congress men they need terms

  • Yaron Langer
    Yaron Langer 21 day ago

    hey it's J and silent bob

  • Steven Williams
    Steven Williams 22 days ago +1

    "just appreciate someone else's ability" Kevin Smith

  • Steven Williams
    Steven Williams 22 days ago

    Chickens eat anything. I've seen one eat a lit cigarette butt.

  • Sethism
    Sethism 22 days ago

    "Know him? Nigga owes me twelve bucks" - COMEDIC GENIUS, apparently...

    These 'hollyweird' types are fucking insufferable.

  • CLuv
    CLuv 23 days ago +1

    Too much politic talk

  • Raven Greenleaf
    Raven Greenleaf 24 days ago

    Hey joe I doubt you'll read this but darrington Washington has one of the biggest archery ranges in the country. All woods flat and up hills so many trails youd love it

  • etc gamin58
    etc gamin58 25 days ago

    Elon musk to kevin smith joe i have respect. This is coming from a foster dad slash back of the truck garbage man in texas.i wish i could have just 1 conversation with u sorry for gramer just a quick respect from me to you

  • Raven Greenleaf
    Raven Greenleaf 26 days ago

    Haha joe talking about the walking dead was funny. If he wants a fucked show watch outlander

  • Herb Collins
    Herb Collins 26 days ago

    Did joe watch red state with marc maron?

  • jan rees
    jan rees 27 days ago

    You'd be scared of leopards hiding in trees if you lived in Africa or india.
    They dont confine themselves to the game reserverves, they're everywhere, even in cities in India.

  • jan rees
    jan rees 27 days ago

    Eagles do that to tortoises too

  • jan rees
    jan rees 27 days ago

    Chickens eat other chickens
    My friend kept chickens and if 1 got a lesion they'd peck it, then all of them started pecking it to death and then they'd eat it.

  • jan rees
    jan rees 27 days ago

    Right now they are moving elephants to places where there are less elephants
    They recently transferred 600 instead of culling

  • jan rees
    jan rees 27 days ago +1

    I had my first broken arm and cast when I was 3 and again at 5 and both were on kids' playsets.
    The first thing was a metal slide and the second a metal swing for 2 kids and I didn't grow up in the 50s, I'm only 34

  • Hugh James-Berry
    Hugh James-Berry 27 days ago

    *"If you gave everyone $12000 per year, a lot more people would be out looking for BigFoot"* hahahahah

  • jan rees
    jan rees 28 days ago

    What about a board of like 1 leader for each state and 1 representative is voted to be the leader of the board every year, just to be the modererater in case the board cant make a decision.
    Each state chooses their own representative, no democrats or republicans, just people who run and campaign with their policies.

  • jan rees
    jan rees 28 days ago

    Kevin Smith has a way bigger fan base and casts a bigger shadow.
    Than he thinks.
    I live in South Africa and EVERYONE I know loves Kevin Smith.
    And my best friend moved to Slovakia and everyone who she knows also loves him.

  • IFeelTheDark
    IFeelTheDark 29 days ago

    Joe's position on the Russian hacking scandal has not aged well.

  • Pedro Torres
    Pedro Torres 29 days ago

    3:47:20 Sugar IN fruit is not bad for you. That is a popular myth. Isolated sugar is bad , not the one naturally present in fruits and vegetables. Eat as much fruit as you want. Having said that, the secret is EATING the fruit. If you juice it, then yes: you are taking the fiber out and getting a lot of concentrated sugar. Anyway, good episode as per usual.

  • SilentBob731
    SilentBob731 Month ago

    Hearing Kev praise Tarantino gave me the weirdest boner... ;-)

  • Joarthus
    Joarthus Month ago +1

    Not surprised at all that comedians, in general, had a tough upbringing. Comedy is tragedy + time.

  • Firehall Pro
    Firehall Pro Month ago

    Kevin you described me. I don’t like MMA but like most of what Rogan does

  • Johastro
    Johastro Month ago

    We came, we saw, he DIED. You want that "guy" to be in charge of the nukes. Perfectly painted picture xD

  • Joarthus
    Joarthus Month ago +2

    Why am I not surprised at all that Kevin Smith's episode is 4 hours long? XD

  • Acorn 15
    Acorn 15 Month ago

    Alex: *with vodka in hand* who’s your longest podcast?! We’re goin!
    Joe: nooo don’t do that that’s like 6 hours, I think Kevin Smith was?
    Eddie: fuck that dude

  • dragon ball talk
    dragon ball talk Month ago

    Doxycycline for a month twice a day puts u back normal enough to live if u discover Lyme early and know u were bit.there is also a incubation period

  • Nick X
    Nick X Month ago

    Kevin is hilarious!! X D
    Surprisingly wise as well.

  • Dereck Kessler
    Dereck Kessler Month ago

    Steel blades cutting lead bullets isn't as impressive as it seems

  • Mitch Chair
    Mitch Chair Month ago

    This guy's got a wayyyy bigger ego than he's earned lmao His movies suck.

  • Ian
    Ian Month ago

    The first time I realized Kevin Smith was this super talkative guy was at a show he did in Milwaukee at the Pabst theater in 2016. His show was supposed to be only like 2 hours long but he ended up calling a few people up on stage and extended the show for like an hour and a half longer. Really cool guy man, hilarious too lol

    • Joarthus
      Joarthus Month ago

      Yeah he has a bunch of shows where he just talks and tells stories. They last for hours and hours and are so wonderfully entertaining.

  • fainttrials
    fainttrials Month ago

    I live a couple miles away from the cottingley woods! So surprised Kevin smith knew of this fairy trivia 😂

  • Nolan Lamson
    Nolan Lamson Month ago +2

    MILK!!?? (I lost it when he said that) hahahaha

  • Nolan Lamson
    Nolan Lamson Month ago

    He is so right on with how Walking Dead is trash now! (as of 2016)

  • Music by Measure
    Music by Measure Month ago

    So we've gotten to this point in technology where we can build organs, muscles, tissues, make synthetic bone, nerve systems, ect. If we put all those pieces together, to make an animal or human or whatever, at what point would consciousness kick in? Or would it kick in at all? If it did kick in would that prove we basically are just the result of our anatomy. If it did not kick in, that would prove that we are in fact not so, and that consciousness comes then from an outside source, which therefore can exist outside of the body.
    or maybe this weed is just killer

    • Dereck Kessler
      Dereck Kessler Month ago

      Consciousness definitely exist beyond the body. Reincarnation is real