Joe Rogan | Are Alpha Males and Beta Males Real? w/Adam Conover

  • Published on Apr 17, 2019
  • Taken from Joe Rogan Experience #1282 w/Adam Conover:

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  • Magix71092
    Magix71092 17 minutes ago +1

    Adam stfu please

  • C Caballero
    C Caballero 19 minutes ago

    Blah blah blah right?
    Blah blah blah blah blah right?
    Blah blah blah blah blah blah blah right?

    • C Caballero
      C Caballero 18 minutes ago

      Right? Not necessarily right?

  • Haddy Smokes
    Haddy Smokes 4 hours ago

    Where is Jesse Lee for this guy

  • ajasioux bea
    ajasioux bea 4 hours ago +1

    Hourglass body shape is the only attractive shape everything else is a fetish

  • Mike Novak
    Mike Novak 4 hours ago

    after his 6th "right?" to conclude a statement, his 24th verbal pause, 12th "like, um" within 120 seconds, I stopped watching because Adam is obviously just a pseudo-intellectual pawn and is transparently useless without a script, unwatchable without heavy editing and completely lost without his puppet-masters.

  • ajasioux bea
    ajasioux bea 4 hours ago +1

    What anthropologist or psychologist would say alpha males don't exist

  • ak assasin
    ak assasin 4 hours ago

    Denial at its purest

  • ajasioux bea
    ajasioux bea 5 hours ago

    An alpha male and beta male discussion the existence of alpha and beta males

  • Daves World
    Daves World 5 hours ago +1

    It’s fascinating listening to a beta male argue that Alpha Males don’t exist, as he’s speaking directly to one.

  • TheRevolverGuy
    TheRevolverGuy 5 hours ago

    I can't tell whether or not if that giant B on his chest stands for bitch or beta?

  • Stokage
    Stokage 6 hours ago

    What's ironic about this is its actually the beta Male that was created by society, not the alpha. In nature, where it's all about survival, there is no room for stuttering betas

  • Doc Holliday
    Doc Holliday 9 hours ago

    Can someone please do a supercut of all the times Adam says "right"

  • Carter Holt
    Carter Holt 10 hours ago

    This guy is a fucking dork

  • Kri Ren
    Kri Ren 12 hours ago


  • orenji
    orenji 14 hours ago

    Adam can’t even keep his gaze on Joe for more than a few seconds while talking. He constantly has to break eye contact. Joe keeps his gaze on Adam at all times while talking. Huge indication of confidence in what you’re saying.

  • Occams Razor
    Occams Razor 14 hours ago

    0:30 That's really weird, because men can naturally form hierarchies. I think the terms alpha and beta are being misinterpreted. We're tribal. For tens of thousands of years we formed small, tight-knit tribal groups. Long enough that it's almost built into us as a genetic memory, essentially, instinct. And in those roles there is one alpha that's the tribal leader. Then there is a niche for a "second in command." He attends to matters that need to be addressed to free the alpha to focus more on strategy. Exactly like a military hierarchy, there will be a second in command, or XO, that manage the troops while the Alpha, the CO, focuses more on the political aspect.

    Take this scenario as an example; for thousands of years, small tribal groups of humans we compete for resources. In areas where resources were more scarce, there may be a need to more closely protect the more vulnerable (in terms of violence) members of the tribe. The women and children. So the alpha would lead a hunting party while the beta stayed behind to protect the group.

    The internet's use of beta is probably miss-attributed; they're referring to the gammas of the group. Betas, though more command than alphas, aren't so by much. And will have their own competition for the beta spot just like two or more alphas would. Alphas can be demoted (willingly or otherwise) to a beta role if two tribes pair (which also pushes one of the betas down into the group of gammas), but normally there would be only one beta (maybe a couple for particularly large groups).

    That's my interpretation and liberal dose of sociological theory at least *shrug* Oh, and in before; "that's such a beta thing to say! You cuck!" At least I'm not a gamma, dipshit.

    EDIT: 1:22 I think Joe is actually referring to gammas. He's using common internet parlance as shorthand, but he, like most, don't realize there a missing rung in there. There's another niche role that's been glossed over.

  • Hunterdivine
    Hunterdivine 15 hours ago

    If you think the word right this many times you are convincing yourself you are right.
    If people drank everytime he said right, they would die, right...

  • Hunterdivine
    Hunterdivine 15 hours ago +1

    I do not think this guy did enough research.
    Before you can know anything for certain you must first doubt what you think you know.

  • Hunterdivine
    Hunterdivine 15 hours ago

    An aplha male would not be confident in a challenge of intellect where as a beta could be confident.
    So it is relative to the situtaion.
    Then you have a mix of the two, smart and athletic.

  • Green
    Green 16 hours ago +2

    Women with large behinds were definitely not popular even 100 years ago.
    Furthermore, Adam is right with Alpha male argument, they don't exist in modern day culture, an Alpha male, a sporty, strong, leader, would not be hanging out with other 'Alpha's' as so often is the case in modern day society. Women too are not wholly attracted to sporty men, and strong men, we have passed evolutionary needs for such an outlook, although of course they may be attractive, women are scarcely attracted to men who are beyond athletic, who are insanely strong and have huge bulging muscles, it's simply not the case, well built men, who are not the strongest, but not the weakest are definitely preferred.

  • VibraniumPatriot
    VibraniumPatriot 18 hours ago

    I know we have to have "nice" conversations now, but this is what I say about this. Barring police intervention: Could I get the female over you? Could I take food from you? Could I take money from you? Could I physically dominate you? If you and I were in the same living area, would I get first dibs on food? Just because our society protects betas, does not mean they don't exist.

  • Matt Arrington
    Matt Arrington 20 hours ago

    Clearly this guy doesn't kno what the hell he's talkin about.... smh

  • Ilkka Rautio
    Ilkka Rautio 22 hours ago

    Adam is a bottom. 😂

  • Ga Gd
    Ga Gd Day ago

    The whole alpha beta thing has become overblown. Bunch of inept morons justifying behaving like an asshole, deluding themselves that they are special "alphas". It is cringe worthy.

  • No Idea for Name
    No Idea for Name Day ago +1

    This guy is si full of bullshit

  • 100% Dork
    100% Dork Day ago

    With Adam Con-Over...🤔🤔

  • BillyRunsShow
    BillyRunsShow Day ago

    Adam is gay. He isn’t even competing in this arena. How could anyone expect him to understand? He lives in a world where he thinks completely differently from a straight male.

  • John Argires
    John Argires Day ago

    I want Joe to just club this guy and say the debate is over dude

  • John Argires
    John Argires Day ago

    Is this an old clip or did Joe have this tool back on....GO AWAY!!!!!!!!!!!

  • 777Eliyahu
    777Eliyahu Day ago

    Adam made one pretty basic statement, the lack of scientific evidence for our so-called alpha/beta caste system. Most of the comments here just attack him rather than showing evidence to the contrary, pretty weak minds if you ask me..

    • The Guy
      The Guy Day ago

      @777Eliyahu Guys that fit the alpha male stereotype get laid *significantly* more, and by more attractive women, than guys that fit the beta stereotype. And it's not just about getting laid. They're superior in nearly every way.
      Those are physical traits, not roles. And being confident, funny, intelligent, having good social skills, and having a successful career are also "alpha" traits.

    • 777Eliyahu
      777Eliyahu Day ago

      @The Guy Yeah but there a lot of ways to get laid, I just think too many guys get caught up the idea that they have to fit some bullshit "alpha male" personality to get there.

      Also, I didn't mention anything about biologically designated roles, but it is ironic that after saying alpha/beta doesn't refer to that, you went on to describe that very thing in biological terms (tall/handsome versus short/pudgy)

    • The Guy
      The Guy Day ago

      Lol I think you're taking those terms a bit too literally. When somebody refers to someone as alpha or beta, it doesn't mean that's their biologically designated role. They're just used to describe someone. I think everybody will agree that the tall, attractive dude that gets laid all the time is more alpha than than the short, pudgy 40-year-old virgin.

  • Keith Fletcher
    Keith Fletcher Day ago

    Honestly Joe could be a Beta Male, but not at all in a bad way, you know?

  • Alain Portant
    Alain Portant Day ago

    That was painful to watch

  • brian ramos
    brian ramos Day ago

    all these betas bitchin in the comments. and look I was once a BETA BITCH but I changed my ways over years. this Adam dude is a little bitch lmao. he’s literally explaining how people will push back hard to facts and he’s the one who’s doing it lmaoooooooo.

  • David Roberts
    David Roberts Day ago +1

    Joe is correct. Their is data that demonstrates women are attracted to broad shoulders for instance.
    Evolutionary biology on the other hand is rather more complicated and is often misunderstood. Adam has a point on this. Social proof is a big factor.

  • Wesley Patterson

    Joe "ive convinced myself im an alpha male and I need it to be true to maintain my confidence" Rogan.

  • Mr. Candid
    Mr. Candid Day ago

    I bet he still believes in the “patriarchy” though.

  • Mr. Candid
    Mr. Candid Day ago

    Murder broadcasted on RU-clip.

  • bryndone
    bryndone Day ago

    Spends the entire clip arguing, and rejecting facts, to desperately try and maintain his preconceived belief...
    -Then preaches about a “Backfire Effect” with no sense of self-awareness, or irony.

  • golden ashtray
    golden ashtray Day ago +1

    He cannot stop saying "right" at the end of a sentence. That Adam guy is dumb as hell. Right? LOL

  • Surya Ramakrishna

    Spoken like a true beta

  • Dorian Ivanovski

    I get the feeling if adam got punched in the face instead of punching back he would ask why did you do that, sorry ass bitch

  • Unique
    Unique Day ago

    Damn Joe just destroyed this man😎😎

  • David Moomoo
    David Moomoo Day ago +7

    Every beta male in the world is trying really hard to believe this guy

  • Stepped Child
    Stepped Child Day ago

    Adam is a bottom

  • Chris Grainger
    Chris Grainger 2 days ago

    How the fuck is this guy considered as a voice??????? I’m livid, that this clown has a platform

  • MIKE2111ful
    MIKE2111ful 2 days ago

    I never really saw myself as an alpha or beta just a guy that likes weed and skateboarding

  • Christos Potamianos
    Christos Potamianos 2 days ago


  • Mtn Noel
    Mtn Noel 2 days ago

    I s*** beta males.

  • SirShakesworde
    SirShakesworde 2 days ago

    comment section of insecurities

    CBOLAR 2 days ago +2

    Adam should have a show called "Adam is wrong about stuff again"

  • Peter Hedlöf
    Peter Hedlöf 2 days ago

    Is it possible to be hated by both males & females att THE same time. Like both parts just say what a creep i hate him ??? You tube should concider rewarding THE most hateds also. I got One response from a grown Up person actually pointed out that i didnt have that many likes on You tube or IF it was Instagram. Likes are suppose to make THE creator feel Good about himself & feel popular. Should i feel depressed for not have that many likes or should THE Swedish defence forces answer My Humble question ?????

  • Fun Lover
    Fun Lover 2 days ago

    aaaaaa aa aaaaaaaaa ummm aaaaa aaaam uaaaa ummmmmaaa aauaaammmmaaa aaaaauuu uuaaaaamm ummaamaa auamamam aaaammmama maaamaaa umamaamam uaaa aaauaaa

  • k p
    k p 2 days ago

    Sure, I'll give you that, in some situations alpha and beta roles switch, but over all an alpha man is someone who can adapt mentally and physically to most situations he is put in, and retains useful skills and knowledge, good people person most of the time as well.

  • dakotamax2
    dakotamax2 2 days ago

    "..doing amateur pseudo-science.." as opposed to Adam's professional pseudo-science.

  • Yayi 1271
    Yayi 1271 2 days ago

    My god this guy is a wtf😂😂😂

  • ilcrawfo
    ilcrawfo 2 days ago

    The Gaadfather would tear this guy a new asshole.

  • Berserk
    Berserk 2 days ago

    I don't agree with the fact that most confident people are also athletic athletic or vice versa. I actually think that a lot of people start working out so they can increase their confidence or so they can be more attractive, confident people by the other hand might not have that need, so they don't try to change they way their body is

  • Andrew Goodine
    Andrew Goodine 2 days ago

    When he said dungeon master, the argument was over 😂

  • Andrew Goodine
    Andrew Goodine 2 days ago

    Adams a beta

  • Connor Falcon
    Connor Falcon 3 days ago +1

    I feel like they both have good points. But rogan wins this because he’s the Alpha