Need For Speed Review

  • Published on Nov 3, 2015
  • Ghost's great-looking reboot shifts the series in a nice direction but doesn't pack quite enough under the hood.
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  • Pipa Obala
    Pipa Obala 6 hours ago

    Its 2019 (almost 2020) this game still cant be played 100% offline.

  • aaron Lopata
    aaron Lopata 4 days ago

    For a horizon needs to come to ps4

  • Hadley Wolf
    Hadley Wolf 18 days ago

    Not sure what manner of ADHD spaz IGN reviews appeal to, but I wish they'd show something for more than 2 and a half seconds.

  • Sunny Dee
    Sunny Dee Month ago

    Had to comment that they drink so much energy drinks lmao.

  • MikeflightFPV
    MikeflightFPV Month ago

    Lack of drag racing? There are drag races in it! Overall if your in the mood for a traditional NFS title then get it..20 bucks later you'll not regret it..

    • Alex.2001
      Alex.2001 Month ago +1

      This was an review of the game at launch. Drag races were added in an update

  • Małcin
    Małcin Month ago

    Asphalt 9>This

  • Cryptic Scope
    Cryptic Scope Month ago +1

    Probably the most boring need for speed

  • bilocan 5555
    bilocan 5555 Month ago

    No 9 point

  • Aviator Gaming
    Aviator Gaming Month ago

    0:51 song name? please thank you I know its dubstep or rap music but just need the name

  • Joyce Hayes
    Joyce Hayes Month ago

    Online only? That doesn't sound quite right. ',:|

  • Mahibul Nabil
    Mahibul Nabil Month ago

    After rivals every nfs game was a big flop

  • Bruno Gomes
    Bruno Gomes 2 months ago +1

    So many potential wasted....

  • Wesley C
    Wesley C 2 months ago

    It's rebooted NFS Underground games.

  • Lucatron 9000
    Lucatron 9000 2 months ago

    Cops were awful in this

  • Ratan Bharadwaj
    Ratan Bharadwaj 2 months ago +1


  • Slade Racer
    Slade Racer 2 months ago

    This is why Payback is much better
    No Online mess
    The handling is better
    And the visuals while saturated are great
    Not a great game tho but way better

  • Rohit Xavier
    Rohit Xavier 3 months ago

    3:09 Noice

  • Rishav Thakur
    Rishav Thakur 3 months ago

    dont know when this game came and gone

  • sdotslim
    sdotslim 3 months ago

    Bring back split screen so i can play with my son with one console

  • ye ye
    ye ye 3 months ago

    Its not that like you have a ps4 and a modern tv and no internet router so you cant play it?

  • Crime RO Gaming
    Crime RO Gaming 3 months ago

    And I thought that this game is bad.If I knew nfs payback......

  • The Frozetti
    The Frozetti 3 months ago

    Only thing I have to say. You shouldn't have to "mod" the F40. It's special on its own.

  • Javian Brown
    Javian Brown 4 months ago

    Just wish there was a camera view for inside the car

  • MVG mobile gaming
    MVG mobile gaming 4 months ago

    Dont you all get it travis is a friend of eddie travis is in the game eddie is in the game and mellisa is eddie's girlfriend nfs 2015 is need for speed underground remasterd

  • roh 23
    roh 23 4 months ago +1

    Who is here because of Playstation Plus July 2019?

    • Tornado 092
      Tornado 092 4 months ago

      roh 23 wdym July PlayStation plus

  • Pedro Sanchez
    Pedro Sanchez 4 months ago

    Need for speed carbon

  • Sergio Danvers
    Sergio Danvers 4 months ago

    Just got it for 8€

  • Mousa Hacker
    Mousa Hacker 4 months ago

    Can I play nfs 2015 with no psn or with

  • Juan Rodriguez
    Juan Rodriguez 4 months ago

    so if my wifi is acting up i cant play this game? tf is up with that

  • Z3ROtheone
    Z3ROtheone 4 months ago

    Online only? No no thanks

  • William Bedggood
    William Bedggood 6 months ago +1

    Why does it look so bad when he drifts it looks like it locks in to a drift

    • iKnightmare
      iKnightmare 5 months ago

      Theres a sort of "assist" option when you drift, but it can be turned off.

    ANTISOXIAL MEEP 6 months ago

    online only:'(

  • Pedro Bergamim
    Pedro Bergamim 7 months ago +1

    Bring Back Underground 1, 2 and Most Wanted with actual graphics and/or even make a remake of these classic games..
    EA does not listen or read the fans.

    • William Bedggood
      William Bedggood 6 months ago

      Pedro Bergamim ea definitely listens they just only care about money because people always buy their games

  • Matt Caldwell
    Matt Caldwell 7 months ago +3

    Was going to buy this but knowing that its online only I will pass. Stop trying to force us into online gaming.

  • 1MantisPhoenix
    1MantisPhoenix 8 months ago

    Thanks, I will not waste my life on this :) looked at standard vs deluxe on origin now, EA DISGUSTS ME!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Big Boy
    Big Boy 8 months ago +2

    Underground 2, Most Wanted 2005, Midnight Club 3 Dub Edition Remix and Flatout 2 were the best racing games ever

  • Blake Hamilton
    Blake Hamilton 8 months ago

    I loved this game tho

  • serious Dopamine
    serious Dopamine 8 months ago

    ign- 6.8 can't pause online game.

  • Devon Saul
    Devon Saul 9 months ago

    The car sounds in this game are awesome💯. The subie and my r34 skyline sound exactly like real life

    RAINBOW DIP 9 months ago +1

    Do you need ps plus to play online?

  • Roberto C
    Roberto C 9 months ago

    Why did they have to take away the ability to pause, and make it have to be online? Those two simple, obvious fuckups make me not want it

  • Water Boy
    Water Boy 9 months ago +1

    I bought this game and couldn’t play cause I got no internet

  • colt newk
    colt newk 9 months ago

    Make a new Most Wanted. My favorite game of all time

  • Levi The Savage
    Levi The Savage 9 months ago

    They need to make a need for speed carbon remastered

  • cwaraklol
    cwaraklol 10 months ago

    tfw you compare nfs with forza horizon lol

  • Emotional Castelia
    Emotional Castelia 10 months ago

    Dude, this is the best NFS game ever played. It features the real street racing like japanese culture with lots of Jdms.

  • AldoBlack
    AldoBlack 10 months ago

    PSN Store for $6 if you have PS Plus.

  • DirtyMexican 4
    DirtyMexican 4 10 months ago

    Is it worth to buy

  • YoWarrior
    YoWarrior 10 months ago

    Is it better than need for speed rivals

  • Stephen Harp
    Stephen Harp 10 months ago

    What is that beat in the background

  • Big Daddy Chaos
    Big Daddy Chaos 11 months ago +125

    3 years later, just got it for $4.99

    • Khaled Bouhedadja
      Khaled Bouhedadja 22 days ago

      @Sunny Dee Oh I'm a PC gamer, thank you anyway

    • Sunny Dee
      Sunny Dee 22 days ago

      @Khaled Bouhedadja it's in the psn store, under the ea section.I think its still available

    • Khaled Bouhedadja
      Khaled Bouhedadja 22 days ago

      from where I can get with such price please?

    • Sunny Dee
      Sunny Dee Month ago

      @Ben Soares both

  • The_Homie _Clutch
    The_Homie _Clutch 11 months ago

    Do you need ps plus to play online

  • Chris Ozorio
    Chris Ozorio 11 months ago

    6.5 to much racing not enough guns - ign

  • Ryu E
    Ryu E 11 months ago

    As of 2018 the game is a lot of fun it reminds me of most wanted and carbon, I got the deluxe edition pretty cheap on psn I just wanted to drive that sexy bmw m3 gtr all over again

  • Oz Zaman
    Oz Zaman 11 months ago

    This game graphics better than payback

  • KD73
    KD73 Year ago +1

    Still waiting for nfs underground 2 remastered.

  • Karthikeyan Sreenivasan

    After NFS Payback, i would give this game a 8/10

  • Scope Out Horror Reviews

    I actually loved this installment
    Im bombing through it now and its awesome
    Just skip the cutscenes
    Thr corny as all hell

  • Shady gamer
    Shady gamer Year ago

    6.3 - "too much speed,not enough need"

  • Musab Navlakhi
    Musab Navlakhi Year ago

    Song name at 0.50?