• Published on Aug 16, 2019
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    Remember stone-carved oven? Let’s use it again! #Cornmeal is popular all around the world, especially in #Balkans where people use it to make #cornbread in various shapes: muffin, pie, casual bread and others - all of those are called “Proja”. Today we want to make a #vegetarian #pizza with a #Serbian touch, made of fresh #organic and even wild ingredients. Don’t you think #Avocado and #Fragaria are the best #toppings combination? Finish it off with a goose #egg - voila, #healthy and #balanced #lunch is ready!
    • goose egg
    • a handful of wild strawberries (or Fragaria)
    • .........
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    JOSE GARCIA Day ago

    Ohhhh! Wonderful place!!!!!

  • iLord
    iLord 9 days ago

    Don't you need a new trousers?!

  • Indio Sonorense
    Indio Sonorense 10 days ago +1

    no mames vegetariano con queso y huevo

  • Richard Life
    Richard Life 14 days ago


  • fiorioify
    fiorioify 17 days ago +1

    Too many ingredients all messed up with no sense but always a relaxing video. Nice to see not to eat.

  • MamMia Less
    MamMia Less 18 days ago

    Much better than in Italy.

    CANNORR 20 days ago

    Nice prank🤣🤣🤣

  • tom sawyer
    tom sawyer 20 days ago

    nkkarelax subra panuorin mga video mu almazan, more video pa po and godbless.

  • F**K t-RumP
    F**K t-RumP 20 days ago

    I just found your channel and I love it ,No talking just a man doing his thang 👍💙💙💙💙💙

  • sam 91
    sam 91 22 days ago

    Parmesan Cheese isn't vegetarian a chef should know that 😞


    Вы реально отжигаете! 🔥🔥🔥 СПАСИБО, добрые люди! 👍

  • Jasmine
    Jasmine 23 days ago +1

    Love your video! Big love from Taiwan❤ Your meal looks like very delicious at 10:48p.m TTTT

  • Tess K
    Tess K 24 days ago

    Where is Almazan kitchen filmed at ?

  • Amol Bp
    Amol Bp 24 days ago +2

    Don't you make pure veg videos ?
    Almazan: Pure veg word isn't in my dictionary, that's why I put some egg into this dish.

  • Anne-Lis Larsson
    Anne-Lis Larsson 25 days ago +1

    Wow,I would be happy to share the meel with you. Hi from Sweden

  • Debora Fernandes
    Debora Fernandes 25 days ago

    Tradução em português por favor, aí vou gostar mais ainda

  • Princess Karldelen Lalata

    Background sound is too loud 😭

  • King Kool
    King Kool 26 days ago

    Good Tonight Everyone. I'll see you all tomorrow. Sleep well. So relaxed.

  • ok 4fun
    ok 4fun 26 days ago

    There is a douyin app in China, where a person steals your video and becomes his own. He used to make money, he does not indicate the source. It is already fire.

    • ok 4fun
      ok 4fun 26 days ago

      heHis name in douyin is called:现在的我饿了

    NO SOUCI 27 days ago

    Vous pourrez faire une nouvelle recette de poulet entier frit ou cuit

  • Руслан Гильманов

    I'm sure this is a very tasty dish.

  • ThePreachie
    ThePreachie 27 days ago +1

    That knife thou.. (made from old tank parts)

  • Aparecida Santos
    Aparecida Santos 28 days ago +1

    Uau, que mãos abençoadas, só prepara coisas deliciosas, nossa, como gosto de assistir esses vídeos, pena que não posso comer kkkkkk, olha vc é show na cozinha 👏👏👏👏😙💕😙

    TONS OF VANARCHY 28 days ago +1

    You dont need those pants anymore, go with a loincloth or a bit of fur and leather. ;)

  • Alperen Bayram
    Alperen Bayram 29 days ago

    Someone:how do you get orgasm without sex?

  • Tommy Arnold
    Tommy Arnold 29 days ago +10

    I dont think there is nothing that knife cant do ..🍕🥑🧀🔪💪

  • Lamitta Katarina
    Lamitta Katarina 29 days ago

    you need to do something about the background noise... its too loud and sounds like cable was cut off and your TV has the black and white noise thing that it does, and is really annoying, doesnt sound like a waterfall at all

  • HackerSapiens Bushcraft

    Vegetariana y usas huevo? , illo mejor no engañas a la gente

  • Алекссей Иванов

    россия привет

  • Dee Dee
    Dee Dee 29 days ago

    Nice shirt.Are there any shirt for sale?

  • Faye Farahmand
    Faye Farahmand 29 days ago +3

    Based on the ingredients, you can have this for breakfast, lunch and dinner 😋
    Where are the cats BTW? 🐈 🐈 🐈 🐈 🐈

  • AManCalled Da-da
    AManCalled Da-da Month ago

    This is the only video series my cats watch. Try it. Nothing holds their attention like the Almazan outdoor kitchen vids. These videos are wonderful for reminding peole of what cooking USED to be, so long ago: a feast for the senses.

  • Ivar Songe
    Ivar Songe Month ago

    This is not pizza. Its a sandwitch. Making a pizza without meat in those cool and awesome owen is sacrelidge.

  • Dumke
    Dumke Month ago

    Excellent, this is quality of life, I always follow your videos, here in Brazil is fucking live

  • Gone Zapatero
    Gone Zapatero Month ago +1

    You should always use tomato with Pizza, dont matter what country you are from, or dont call it Pizza

  • Juan Alfonso Martinez
    Juan Alfonso Martinez Month ago +1

    Venga k seguro estáis buscando el comentario en español. Pues aquí lo tenéis.
    Este cabronazo siempre me deja con la boca echa aguaaaa

  • 魔法使いchikako
    魔法使いchikako Month ago +1


  • bizagam1974
    bizagam1974 Month ago +1

    Been a fan for a few years now. You never cease to amaze me with your ability to make beautiful, delicious looking meals out in open nature. Keep doing what you do

  • ika kralj
    ika kralj Month ago

    Kako je lep zlatibor

  • 나탈리아
    나탈리아 Month ago +6

    WOwow, with speed 1.5 and the video still looks normal.

    • Dedgin
      Dedgin 27 days ago

      나탈리아 true

  • Mattiaperry 95
    Mattiaperry 95 Month ago

    This is not pizza. This is a heresy. And its not the first time you ruin a italian dish. So stop cooking italian pls. U r only ruining our tradition. Its embarassing watching this video

  • Jay Kennerley
    Jay Kennerley Month ago +1

    Hey bro, did you know you have a hole in the back of your trousers.
    You might need some new ones for next time

    • Jay Kennerley
      Jay Kennerley Month ago

      @Joshua Freedman Ha ha Yeah good idea

    • Joshua Freedman
      Joshua Freedman Month ago

      Jay Kennerley Maybe start a GoFundMe page for a new pair of pants for him as a gift from his fans! 😉

  • Mayrene Acosta
    Mayrene Acosta Month ago

    Where is this? So beautiful!

  • JøSɛρɧ
    JøSɛρɧ Month ago +1

    The worst pizza ive ever seen in my whole life

  • felipe ooo
    felipe ooo Month ago +1

    que delicia cara

  • Junior Avalos
    Junior Avalos Month ago

    I love your cooking and your channel but using an egg and cheese isnt vegetarian

  • Hagi A. S
    Hagi A. S Month ago +4

    Are you sure that place is not in some fantasy world

  • 1up4u
    1up4u Month ago

    eggs are ok for vegetarians ?

  • Village Food
    Village Food Month ago

    Amazing video like always

  • Let's Go Beautiful Destinations

    FOREST :) Pizza :) Vegetarian :l ahh

  • M
    M Month ago


  • Fernando Rodriguez
    Fernando Rodriguez Month ago +1

    Dude vegetarians don’t eat eggs !!!

    • Joshua Freedman
      Joshua Freedman Month ago +1

      Dude, "*vegans*" don't eat eggs, but a "vegetarian" can, if they choose! Just like there are some Jews who *will* eat bacon/pork/"traife"!

  • Vahid M
    Vahid M Month ago

    Didn't know vegans eat eggs

    • Joshua Freedman
      Joshua Freedman Month ago

      Vahid M "*VEGANS*" don't eat eggs; this video is labeled as a "vegetarian" pizza, so, an egg *is* still a valid choice.

  • Tommy h
    Tommy h Month ago

    You lay eggs? What are you?

  • jen
    jen Month ago

    This is the same bowl he used at Chernobyl 😱😱😱😱😱

  • 슬팜의 뒤뜰키친 Backyard Kitchen

    This is AMAZING VIDEO!!
    I want to bake pizza myself!

  • Daytona
    Daytona Month ago +4

    К веганской пицце ещё безалкогольного пива и резиновую бабу пожалуйста. Какие же веганы ущербные.

    • Daytona
      Daytona 27 days ago +1

      @Tim Tivi Тим ты чето путаешь. я не обсираю еду без мяса, понимаю что пицца 4 сыра вкусная, но опять же сыр это животного происхождение а веганы сыр не едят ( то есть ты в качестве веганской еды привел пример сыр который веганы не едят) . я обсираю веганов которые из этого делают блядское шоу и способ самовыражения, навязываю и пропагандируя это другим. ну только еблан может отказаться от вкусного стэйка или шашлыка, мясо едят все и везде и всегда, без мяса блять люди бы не выжили просто тясячи лет назад, солдат без мяса ослабеет и не будет воевать. ( образно говоря )

    • Tim Tivi
      Tim Tivi 27 days ago

      Daytona Я все ем,просто у тебя коммент идиотский,а если честно,пица 4 сыра очень даже нехуевая

    • Daytona
      Daytona 27 days ago +1

      @Tim Tivi оппа Vegan triggered!

    • Tim Tivi
      Tim Tivi 27 days ago

      Daytona Каждый кушает что хочет,а бабу резиновую тебе надо,хотя у тебя и рука есть

  • deadmoon27
    deadmoon27 Month ago +5

    hmmm so relaxing to watch :) I forget about my depression for a few minutes thank you

  • Chalron Bjork
    Chalron Bjork Month ago

    01:20 onwards looks like a scene from a horror movie 😂

  • Sad Dream
    Sad Dream Month ago