Cannon loading in the eighteenth century

  • Published on Sep 25, 2015
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    In Fort Rinella. Kalkara, Malta, every day, they put on a show of loading and firing cannons, and members of the public are invited (for a fee) to fire them off.
    The cannon shown are eighteenth century barrels mounted on more modern carriages. The uniforms worn by the crew do not match those worn by eighteenth century artillerymen, but these same men were just minutes before performing a Victorian infantry drill, and are still dressed for that.
    The loading process shown here is not complete, because it lacks the vital stage of ramming in the ball and wadding. The carriages each have a stopper behind them, securely fixed down into the ground, so that they do not recoil backwards dangerously, and since no heavy ball is being fired, there is not nearly so much recoil as there would be in a battle.
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    Cannon loading in the eighteenth century"Lindybeige"

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  • Rimaj Sairy
    Rimaj Sairy 7 days ago

    El cañón funciona pero es una tapadera para ocultar las verdaderas armas del pasado ...

  • Rimaj Sairy
    Rimaj Sairy 7 days ago

    Tres señoritas disparando un cañó je

  • Imran Khan
    Imran Khan 11 days ago

    Bloody colonists

  • Joella Z
    Joella Z 16 days ago

    Why are they dressed like it’s the 19th century?

  • atom!
    atom! 17 days ago +1

    I can't believe this video is actually from the 18th century!

  • JoshDaSovietPotato
    JoshDaSovietPotato 20 days ago

    Good thing the seargeants voice is lower now

  • Cheat Cheat
    Cheat Cheat 21 day ago


  • Vritngh
    Vritngh 22 days ago

    “A good crew could get a shot in 90 seconds or 1 and a half minutes on a bad day” 😂😂😂

  • 211 pirate
    211 pirate 23 days ago +1

    just think how fast these mfs got at it after a while

  • Pancakesandsyrup123
    Pancakesandsyrup123 26 days ago

    That excitorama section was bloody brilliant!

  • Jim Stone
    Jim Stone 28 days ago

    If that cannon was loaded with real ammo and powder those 2 guys on the cover photo would be severely injured, (legs ripped off, most likely.)
    from that cannon rolling back several feet, and possibly spinning. Even with that wimpy roll back guard on the back of it.

  • povat Pal
    povat Pal 29 days ago

    গুদ মারানির বেটা

  • RoboHobo
    RoboHobo 29 days ago

    this is clickbait this is cannon loading in the 21st century

  • zen strata
    zen strata Month ago

    I like how they say "in the European Union".
    If you lived in the USA you could easily own your own cannon.
    Three cheers for true freedom!

    • TheHoly Hay
      TheHoly Hay 3 days ago

      zen strata owning guns is fucking awesome lets face it

  • fish
    fish Month ago

    Is that a kid or a very small man?

  • WindowsXPMapping1
    WindowsXPMapping1 Month ago

    Why laughs at the guys voice

  • john smith
    john smith Month ago

    These modern British army tactics are looking cool

  • Taekwondo Time
    Taekwondo Time Month ago

    Why not fire some actual cannon balls? I'm sure they could rope off an area and blast some shots at a few targets. :)

  • Travis Mackey
    Travis Mackey Month ago

    its still rubbish

    • TheHoly Hay
      TheHoly Hay 3 days ago

      Travis Mackey just like your mum

  • Dibyajyoti Patro
    Dibyajyoti Patro Month ago

    How much gun powder is used???

  • Nicola Loverre
    Nicola Loverre Month ago

    Better than an unboxing video

  • klenner
    klenner Month ago

    "Theres always one" aint that the truth, pure gold
    great video, i really enjoyed watching it and it was very informative for me
    "could get one shot off every 90 seconds, or a minute and a half on a bad day" 10/10

  • Angry Indian
    Angry Indian Month ago

    birds nest inside a cannon 😂

  • Meh
    Meh Month ago

    “Vent to the bone”!

  • // REDACT3D
    // REDACT3D Month ago

    far less things where damaged back then because they didn't use any projectiles ^.^

  • Arthur Brands
    Arthur Brands Month ago

    Exciteorama could be used to liven up some boxing matches I've seen, too!

  • coolliqs le
    coolliqs le Month ago


  • mikkosha
    mikkosha Month ago

    Navel guns and Naval guns. Know the difference xD

  • Napoleon Bonaparte
    Napoleon Bonaparte Month ago

    This canon i saw when watch british attack african nativ

  • John Does
    John Does Month ago

    Where the saying of the touch-hole is also where we get thumbs up and thumbs down anytime you see somebody saying thumbs up it means fire away why face book has that thumd on the chat boo

    • Mark Turner
      Mark Turner Month ago

      Cods Wallop....The thumbs up/down gesture was certainly in common use as far back as the Roman Empire and probably well before then.

  • Brian Collins
    Brian Collins Month ago

    excitorama was bloody hilarious!

  • Bruno López
    Bruno López Month ago

    Esto explica como un almirante cojo, manco y tuerto pudo defender Cartagena con pocos efectivos y tan mal equipados frente a una de las mayores armadas de la historia.

  • Kami Star
    Kami Star Month ago

    Cool , now try it against a real ship lol

  • Marek Pająk
    Marek Pająk Month ago

    Victorian army wore beige

  • ViohTV Online
    ViohTV Online Month ago

    British cannon copy from thailand patani cannon. Origenal cannon

  • Mireille Lebeau
    Mireille Lebeau Month ago

    For a film editor sounds is everything

  • Taika Tohveli rewamped

    Hes screaming so loudly.

  • Audie Suydam
    Audie Suydam Month ago +1

    I like excitorama Rama Rama hara hara. Go lindybeige

  • Mick M
    Mick M Month ago

    This has been a great channel for a long time so it amazes me it doesnt have at least 1.5 million subscribers. edit.. There is a big difference in sound when a ball is used which always dissapoints me with various versions of the 1812 Overture. They fire big cannon but with blanks so it lacks that "BABOOM' and all you get is a fair bang lol.

  • Jim NORRIS
    Jim NORRIS Month ago +1

    Will they could of really loaded it.with a ball.

    • TheHoly Hay
      TheHoly Hay 3 days ago

      Mick M still not accurate because the way we make gunpowder and the materials, nothing like legit nothing compared to the old days

    • Mick M
      Mick M Month ago +1

      It would have made the sound more accurate I believe but the boat out there in the background and the water police would have been grumpy I bet hehe.

  • Niklnik100
    Niklnik100 Month ago

    Wouldn't that quickmatch flying out the top of the cannon have been a ridiculous hazard within the inclosure of a wooden navy ship? I would imagine a risk of burns and also a fire and explosion hazard...

    • Mark Turner
      Mark Turner Month ago +1

      They didn't use quick match on board ship. The army used them in the field, but not the navy for the very reason you state.

  • alejandro nuñez
    alejandro nuñez Month ago

    How Many in despared??

  • Ade Barrett
    Ade Barrett Month ago

    Woo, still holding my breath after the EXCITORAMA. That thing needs a health warning.

  • This is The truth
    This is The truth Month ago +1

    I have seen exactly same cannons in India, it had a British crown and Low Moor inscribed on it. Plus a date with 1842 year on it.

  • Macnutz420
    Macnutz420 Month ago

    If you must a soldier be, there are many jobs worse than artillery. Unless you were in the navy, of course.

  • Freddie Mercury Bulsara

    Terrorists in uniforms British

  • Jay Smith
    Jay Smith Month ago

    Where do I get one of those Pith helmets?

  • Alex Bowman
    Alex Bowman Month ago +1

    I wonder how many times Indians were tied to the front of these before firing by the British. It was called "blowing from the gun" and the unfortunate victims head would fly forty or fifty feet in the air, their arms would fly apart, their legs would drop and their bodies would effectively vanish. This was used to punish muslims and hindus as it prevented religious burial.

    • Mark Turner
      Mark Turner Month ago

      I note that you fail to mention it was actually an Indian practice for centuries before the Europeans arrived. The Portuguese then adopted it. Eventually the British used it selectively, especially in response to the Indian Mutiny of 1857.

  • Sindento 1
    Sindento 1 Month ago

    Is that Charles Hawtrey firing the first shot?

  • Useless Tool
    Useless Tool Month ago

    0:34 Pietro Smusi?

  • fukrey nojawan
    fukrey nojawan Month ago

    Wastage of timr

  • Bill Johnson
    Bill Johnson Month ago

    Where is the cannonball?
    Wtf... Pansies you be

  • delmar leite
    delmar leite 2 months ago

    Muita frescura para operar um canhão...!🇧🇷

  • Constantine
    Constantine 2 months ago

    I always want to know about those Cannon's

  • Simkont
    Simkont 2 months ago

    Should get one of these in case someone tries to break into my house. Imagine the fear in their hearts while they wait for me to load the cannon their entire life will just flash by.

  • Chris Holland
    Chris Holland 2 months ago

    Were these artillery pieces Navy or army?
    If they were Navy then the uniforms are most definitely wrong as they should have been RMA Royal Marine Artillery blue

    • Mark Turner
      Mark Turner Month ago

      The Royal Navy had a habit of leaving Naval Guns on land trucks at shore batteries around the British World back in the day. These would be manned by a variety of people ranging from army detachments, local ruler's own troops, local militia etc. The uniforms are not meant to be an accurate representation of any particular unit or time period relevant to the guns. The RN kept up this habit of off loading guns (later full turrets) right the way up to WW2. In WW2 the Royal Malta Artillery were supplied with Naval 4.5 inch quick firing guns. The Regiment dates back to 1861.

  • Ali Basha
    Ali Basha 2 months ago

    ينيكون عرضهم حتى يضربون طلقة😂😂😂😊😂😂

  • shushunter shuntershunt

    quite an excitable bunch.

  • Steven Pilling
    Steven Pilling 2 months ago

    Those artillerymen were bloody well out of uniform! How can you hammer wogs and frogs in a spiffy manner if you're not dressed correctly? Bleedin' disgrace.

  • Bob Bober
    Bob Bober 2 months ago

    ЧТо это за клоуны?!!! :))