Paulie Malignaggi BROKEN HAND & FACE BLOODIED in LOSS vs. Artem Lobov

  • Published on Jun 23, 2019
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    Paulie Malignaggi BROKEN HAND & SLICED FACE in LOSS vs. Artem Lobov - Interviewed by Radio Rahim.
    Paulie Malignaggi BROKEN HAND & SLICED FACE in LOSS vs. Artem Lobov - Interviewed by Radio Rahim.
    Paulie Malignaggi BROKEN HAND & SLICED FACE in LOSS vs. Artem Lobov - Interviewed by Radio Rahim.
    #BareKnuckle #Boxing
    Paulie Malignaggi vs. Artem Lobov

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Comments • 3 301

  • Organized Entropy

    Paulie will be reminded of the 🐐 every time he looks in the mirror and sees that juicy scar on his eyebrow.

  • Rene Perez
    Rene Perez 3 hours ago

    Pauline is the most annoying person on the internet

  • 482 644
    482 644 5 hours ago

    Artem demolis him!

  • Lord Beerus
    Lord Beerus 2 days ago

    Paulie won rounds 1,2,3. 90% these comments are teenagers who train ufc in their room.

    • Tren Kokoko
      Tren Kokoko 5 hours ago

      Lord Beerus bareknuckle is like boxing but way more brutal and not gay

    • Tren Kokoko
      Tren Kokoko 5 hours ago

      Lord Beerus 😂 no Paulie lost you can’t fight like a bitch in bareknuckle

  • RaLLenheimer
    RaLLenheimer 4 days ago +1

    This guy is riding paulies dick like a pro

  • Timothy Bradley
    Timothy Bradley 7 days ago +3

    Paulie Malignaggi landed more punches on Artem Lobov, but "judges" declared Artem the winner. Paulie was robbed!

    JOHN DOE 7 days ago

    What a jabbering Butt plug.

  • Tel
    Tel 8 days ago

    I want to piss in his mouth

  • LANo
    LANo 9 days ago +1

    Boxing fans punching the air in these comments 😂💀

  • Eduardo Flores
    Eduardo Flores 9 days ago

    Paulie was never a heavy handed dude (not even in his prime) and has always had hand problems (sorta like Floyd), so I figured he’d fight on points and was talking all that trash to sell the fight. (Though he also spit on Artem, which is indefensible/makes me think it wasn’t just promotion.) He should have reviewed the scoring system a bit more-though, one could have guessed that a bare knuckle fight won’t be won by out pointing the guy/trying to outbox the guy.

  • Jarmeain Carswell
    Jarmeain Carswell 9 days ago

    Pauile won 3-2

  • GV Games
    GV Games 9 days ago

    Yes but to be honest if the fight had gone on longer he could easily have won. He did connect more. If people watch the full fight in slow motion. He had the balls to fight a bigger guy bare fist and probably should have won it too. All these people in their mother basement jumping on the bully bandwagon. It was a decision win and Lobov connected about 8 times the whole night, facts.

  • Kill Bill
    Kill Bill 10 days ago


  • Claudi Solano
    Claudi Solano 10 days ago

    Hahahahahah cry Bich!!!!!!! Puta zorra jodete Paulí, llora llora buaaaaaa escusas maricona!!!!!!

  • Syed Ali
    Syed Ali 10 days ago

    I see somebody had a field day on his face

  • daniel rodriguez
    daniel rodriguez 10 days ago

    Paulie should of and could of just talked his apponent to death or

  • 2WheelForte
    2WheelForte 11 days ago +2

    RU-clip would be so much better without comments. Keyboard "warriors/experts" are so cringe worthy.

    • Jeremy B
      Jeremy B 3 days ago

      Looking at your comment history bro ,,
      You are quite the warrior yourself..
      And an expert as well ..
      Pot meet kettle

  • Orchaisama
    Orchaisama 11 days ago

    Yeah sorry paulie got robbed. Not sure who the judges were or what they were smoking but Atrem clearly didnt win that fight. I mean the dude was practically crying blood for Pete sake. I swear the amount of biased against paulie has always been unreal.

  • Marcus Sextus Maxentius Augustus

    Paulie Malignaggi vs tony ferguson would be awesome

  • Gabe Lopez
    Gabe Lopez 16 days ago

    Pauli footwork did not have an answer for a striker like Artem, probably most of boxers as well is a fighting IQ thing. Boxing is comfortable technically. Definitively a lost for Pauli, so unfortunate that he have poor sportsmanship.

  • amazingjake
    amazingjake 17 days ago

    all the dudes in affliction t's are coming in their camo shorts about this win... sad really.

  • JParks1981
    JParks1981 17 days ago

    Damn everyone in the comments just dumping on Paulie. Yeah he talks a lot. But the guy is a legend doing what he did in boxing with the hand problems he had then at his age goes bare knuckle? Who in the world thought his hands would hold up for that? Mad respect for ever fighting again after the Porter fight

  • tylor Franks
    tylor Franks 18 days ago

    Orlando magic shirt coming in real rude.

  • Buttered Bread
    Buttered Bread 19 days ago

    Radio Rahim always gets salty when they cut off his outro lmao 5:00

  • nizamm
    nizamm 19 days ago

    Paulie's talk sounds normal when you watch at 0.25

  • nizamm
    nizamm 19 days ago

    Paulie floats like a bee and stings like a butterfly.

  • Nicholas Tarr
    Nicholas Tarr 19 days ago

    This guy got his ass beat and the guy that beat him took his girl right after the fight! I'm sure he thought he won that one 😂

  • Nicholas Tarr
    Nicholas Tarr 19 days ago

    Lol this guy lies to make himself better I guess the whole world seen it but whatever helps you sleep!

  • Stroop
    Stroop 19 days ago

    Here I was thinking he could get a Conor McGregor match payday. Ugh. He should have spent a sold year trolling Connor on video every day. Agreed to a boxing match one night followed by a MMA fight the next for $100 Mil. Oh well. You lost in this Indian casino event and lost that chance forever ♾. Better fighter than me though I guess. Good job

  • Tommy Binion
    Tommy Binion 19 days ago

    Paulina coulda shoulda etc.....

  • s z
    s z 19 days ago

    He lost a boxing match, to an amateur

  • The Ghoul
    The Ghoul 20 days ago +1

    anyone else hate this interviewer?

  • Tommy DeNato
    Tommy DeNato 20 days ago

    So u can win in bare knuckle by "trying harder"....participation trophies for everyone. Paulie won. Period.

    • wut Wut
      wut Wut 19 days ago

      See it more als trying to get an actual fight instead of running all day cuss ur scared to get hit

  • xnivektonx
    xnivektonx 20 days ago

    He’s a bitch

  • Rasheed Huggins
    Rasheed Huggins 21 day ago

    Haha, he got his faced sliced that what you get for talking shit.

  • k bone
    k bone 21 day ago

    Hahaha Paula got his wig split. Hahaha. Talking all that shit.

  • Landon Pro
    Landon Pro 21 day ago

    Probably just got in there for the money. That's it. Got a big cut before he leaves it all

  • joshx413
    joshx413 22 days ago

    He hit me once. 😂

  • Juan Gutierrez
    Juan Gutierrez 22 days ago

    His body language after round 3 tells a completely different story.

  • kas0016
    kas0016 22 days ago

    Denial and Delusional

  • Cristina Neganova
    Cristina Neganova 22 days ago

    there is no chance his hand is broken, just look at the way he is holding them and what he is doing with them in this video , so many excuses !!

    ELIAS TAN 22 days ago

    Where is your chuwing gum

  • Dan the man
    Dan the man 22 days ago


  • Triedge The Gamer
    Triedge The Gamer 22 days ago

    Thank god he lost ... making excuses all day long bla bla bla

  • Money moves
    Money moves 22 days ago

    When shit talk goes wrong

  • Ignacio Placencia
    Ignacio Placencia 22 days ago

    That hand aint broken lol

  • rstyree
    rstyree 22 days ago

    Why does he always look so coked out?

  • Kyle Harrison
    Kyle Harrison 22 days ago

    It's funny because people are saying hes making excuses & I was one of them , but if you REWATCH THE FIGHT he actually does stop using his right hand round 2 onwards lol so pretty impressed he stayed in there with one hand js shit fight still...

  • Thomas Mcbrearty
    Thomas Mcbrearty 23 days ago

    Pauline got shagged by a Goat

  • Kyle Clayton
    Kyle Clayton 23 days ago

    his hand looks fine! Artem's were worse u pussie!

  • Rekos vibe
    Rekos vibe 23 days ago

    Paulie the type of guy that puts on hair extensions to look jamaican into a fight ,the type to put on elephant underwear to a fight weight in then gets hes chick taken away likes to spit on people then gets beaten ...but sure has hundreds of excuses

  • elllo govna
    elllo govna 23 days ago

    1:12 he looks like a holocaust prisoner

  • Tyson bit off His freakin ear

    Hes embarrassed, and he should be, I'm a mma guy but I do love and respect boxing, and this was embarrassing, but.. this bare knuckle shit is diffrent I believe its 3 things, gloves help u block, dirty boxing, and short fight so it's more of a sprint, and also respect to artem mfer is tough.

  • Florin p.k
    Florin p.k 23 days ago

    Artem just retired him 😂

  • Florin p.k
    Florin p.k 23 days ago

    This guy got what he deserve. Artem beat his ass.

  • bassbeasty mitzy
    bassbeasty mitzy 23 days ago

    His hand is no more broke than mine, he has no problem moving, and clenching it.

  • John Williams
    John Williams 23 days ago

    He is actually deluded like what planet does this mong come from?? The reporter is a little bitch aswell all up in Paulines nutts.

    • pistol pete
      pistol pete 23 days ago

      Well paulie did win the fight.
      And yes, the interviewer's a fucking idiot

  • Randy Kissoon
    Randy Kissoon 23 days ago

    You didn’t beat shit. You got beaten by an amateur at boxing . Shit the fuck up. You fan the whole fight .

  • "Rawdogg"
    "Rawdogg" 23 days ago

    i thought paulie out pointed artem in a shitty fight...artem did totally fight like a fuckin ape...paulie was all left hand the right he threw broke his hand on artems face...if artem fights another boxer bet the house he gets KOd and thank me later cuz he was there for that right hand all night...pussy ass paulie shoulda thrown it anyways.

  • maisetas
    maisetas 23 days ago

    i mean if he knew he would break his hand, he could definitely have chose to hit to the body with right hand or use it more on late rounds. but his style is not suited for throwing much of a right hands, his right sideis far behind him and throwing right hands to the body is way out of question at least against other boxer. paulie couls have been much more aggresive with doubling and tripling jabs and moving side ways, throwing uppercuts from an angle coz lobov have such wide hands and wouls not protect himself quick enough. the bottom line is that paulie promised to hurt lobov but what he actually did after all this talk was defending himself and surviving all these rounds. he used his out date techniques which partially worked in boxing.same mistake mayweather made in early rounds angainst mcgregor, at least he adjusted and realised conor is shit and he just have to walk him down.paulie disapointed boxing community for sure.

  • Ahmed Saafin
    Ahmed Saafin 23 days ago

    5:32 of excuses .. every question the interviewer asks him makes an answer of excuses

  • dredned
    dredned 23 days ago


  • Alex Vargas
    Alex Vargas 23 days ago

    Broke my hand, Spinal!

  • favoritemusicon
    favoritemusicon 23 days ago

    Boy, somebody pleeeese show this guy the replay.

  • Diego Flores
    Diego Flores 23 days ago

    So you also cry like a Bitch.

  • Miguel Alamo
    Miguel Alamo 23 days ago

    Paulie is right, he outboxed Artem... But this wasn’t a boxing match. He ran the entire fight and then the ref didn’t let them work in the clinch or else Paulie would’ve been fucked.

    XXX GAMES 23 days ago

    Let's see the keyboard warriors skills

  • AFMaay Maay Memes
    AFMaay Maay Memes 23 days ago +9

    Dude how fast does this guy talk ? 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 he makes more excuses than asking a girl who’s not feeling u to come over to ur crib.

  • Influenz
    Influenz 23 days ago

    Salty paulie can't even give respect to the man who whooped his ass.

  • Joe Real
    Joe Real 24 days ago

    Pauline is bitch

  • Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship

    Hey Fight Fans! We have never received an official confirmation from Paulie or his camp if in fact his hand was fractured/broken. To date, there have only been 5 hand fractures in BKFC with over 120 fighters and 60+ matches.

  • Robert Preston
    Robert Preston 24 days ago

    Pauli you are delusional

  • Migatron1
    Migatron1 24 days ago +10

    Pauli Malignaggi's boxing ethos is: Hit like a butterfly, spring like a flea

  • Samsung J3
    Samsung J3 24 days ago

    Why he talk so fast?

  • Private Hudson
    Private Hudson 24 days ago

    he cant punch its unfortunate

  • A ArmsOfSin
    A ArmsOfSin 24 days ago

    poor paulie.

    DEVON LARRAT 24 days ago

    Paulie Malignaggi VS ADRIAN BONNER!!!

  • todd booth
    todd booth 24 days ago

    My mom and myself had Artem winning.

    DEVON LARRAT 24 days ago


  • TheMagnificentPower
    TheMagnificentPower 24 days ago

    Paulie should retire. Give his mouth a title shot.

  • top gun
    top gun 24 days ago

    At what point did he thinking was winning before the first round maybe

  • Jamie Green
    Jamie Green 24 days ago +4

    Why would someone who has a history of broken hands while wearing gloves, take a bare knuckle fight?

    • Jamie Green
      Jamie Green 16 days ago

      @Tren Kokoko I would think he has enough sense to not hang out in bars and avoid a bar fight. And while bar fights are usually unplanned, this was a planned, professional fight. So if gloves don't protect his hands then why would he consciously take and plan for a fight with no gloves?

    • Tren Kokoko
      Tren Kokoko 16 days ago

      Jamie Green lol 😂 you think he gunna pull out some huge ass boxing gloves when he’s in a bar fight to protect his hands 🤣😂

  • Safraz Tabrez
    Safraz Tabrez 24 days ago

    Pauline give your arse a rest and let your mouth have a chance to speak blablablablablablablabla I didn't know humans were capable of speaking faster than what the brain could process.

  • BlueBoy 1
    BlueBoy 1 24 days ago

    Paulie talked a big game before the fight. He was warning Artem not to try it in the build up - just imagine what Artem would've done to him if they actually had a real scrap in the build up. Paulie would be fucking mangled. Boxers need to know their place when it comes to no holes barred. I've never seen anyone throwing jabs in a street fight

  • Patrick Cody
    Patrick Cody 24 days ago

    I think he broke his brain too

  • Ramrod
    Ramrod 24 days ago


  • Ramrod
    Ramrod 24 days ago

    Those hands are not broken

  • Frank Lucas
    Frank Lucas 24 days ago

    Paulie the excuse maker malignaggi

  • John red
    John red 24 days ago

    This guy is a fucking retatd, plenty of guys boxed on and won with broken hands gatti v ward gatti broke his hand fought on won and never bitched about it, paulie giving excuse after excuse a fucking moron ! I'm gonna put him in a coma yeah right get fucked loser !

  • Super Limon.
    Super Limon. 24 days ago

    Paulie is a loser

  • Jason Forde
    Jason Forde 24 days ago

    He waffles some shit turned it off after two mins

  • Dom Smith
    Dom Smith 24 days ago

    Excuses 🤣😂

  • Johnny Doggs
    Johnny Doggs 24 days ago

    Is this guy a boxer or an announcer of a horse race?

  • kenneth Wilson
    kenneth Wilson 24 days ago

    Paulie's back was broken.....SPINAL!

  • glem chally
    glem chally 24 days ago

    "Beat him with one hand" classic paulie denial. Sound like Joanna after Rose whooped on her, Paulie said some other classics like "hit me with one punch" Look in the mirror you Jersey shore fuck.

  • Jesus Favela
    Jesus Favela 24 days ago

    There goes Paulie with the judge excuses.. he whooped your ass. Plain n simple.

  • Austin Smith
    Austin Smith 24 days ago

    Bro is so wack 😂😂😂

  • MP GC
    MP GC 24 days ago

    typical Guido lies and excuses

  • AZ Extreme
    AZ Extreme 24 days ago

    This dude looks like he got hit by a car

  • Paddy Murphy
    Paddy Murphy 24 days ago

    Like if the shots landed at all .....look in the mirror Paulie lol what s fucking moron 🤣🤣🤣🤣