Matt Whitaker calls bureaucratic leakers 'cowards'

  • Published on Sep 20, 2019
  • Former acting Attorney General Matt Whitaker says he can't think of another administration where 'career bureaucrats' have leaked the way they have during the Trump administration. #FoxNews

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Comments • 1 080

  • P K
    P K 22 days ago

    matt is such a tool.

  • P K
    P K 22 days ago

    cant believe you guys can't see thru trump. what can trump do to lose your favor?? jesus

  • In truth we trust
    In truth we trust 23 days ago

    No "oversight"?

  • Philip Salemi
    Philip Salemi 23 days ago +1

    The deep state is a bunch of criminals that have been working in government for their own rewards.

  • Philip Salemi
    Philip Salemi 23 days ago +1

    The American people see that you lying mainstream media are in bed with the Communist Democrats. You are lying scum, that will be written in history, unless the Communist Democrats try to deny history like they have been trying to do.

  • Philip Salemi
    Philip Salemi 23 days ago +1

    ABC and NBC and the others need to outed for they are the biggest instigators and liars that are totally doing the bidding of the Communist Democrats.

  • Gaza Trucka
    Gaza Trucka 23 days ago

    Get the off the TV ok every one a you a leaker Morning Noon and Night ok yea take up for Wanna be Dictator no Hillary this time so Biden is the target now I really wonder when this is going to over who break the law on get away with it all just like that there a lot of stuff need to Change.

  • josephl. Carson
    josephl. Carson 24 days ago

    shifty shiff should be in prison for false accuzations

  • Melissa Davis
    Melissa Davis 24 days ago

    It's about Joe Biden stealing massive money and putting it in his sons bank account !!!

  • Cary VerHalen
    Cary VerHalen 24 days ago

    Well stated and truthful

  • Derek Wilson
    Derek Wilson 24 days ago

    The demonrat's jumped through hoops for blasey ford , so i dont expect anything less for this whistleblower?

  • Richard Willette
    Richard Willette 24 days ago +1

    Trump is above the law

  • Warren McDonald
    Warren McDonald 24 days ago

    Cowards? They went through the process as a whistle blower. I can only image the stress of doing this. Basically your career would be over if you have in anyway made it up

  • Cambo Rambo
    Cambo Rambo 24 days ago

    Schiff is destined for federal prison.

    DJJ CCC 24 days ago

    Lies, lies, lies. Career bureaucratic cowards smearing with lies, lies, lies. Assertion, potentially...such definitive words...NOT. Trying to cover up the Biden Ukrainian bullying bribes that went on.

  • Nils Telle
    Nils Telle 25 days ago

    About time people tell the truth about a toxic Trump,them that cover up are yes people hiding from the truth,should be much more leaks about a tweeting Donny boy liar,

  • Gus Garcia
    Gus Garcia 25 days ago

    Maybe we need some trials for Treason. IF found guilty, they may not like the penalty.

  • Jean Gow
    Jean Gow 25 days ago

    Schiff took the bait (( - - )) shifty...

  • Jean Gow
    Jean Gow 25 days ago

    the NutBall Channel just reported that Biden is upset that POTUS coerced a foreign government.... how about a bribe to fire an investigator of your son, joe.

  • Jeannette Johnson
    Jeannette Johnson 25 days ago

    This guy has no credibility. Watched him stutter and lie through his congressional meeting. This is not about the Democratic or the republicans. This is about a person who knows nothing about the constitution and has no respect for the rule of law. If he is so innocent..why dont they turn over the information.? I don't trust the Ukraine president has something on him...he has compromised himself and he is to dumb to realize it.

  • seaofghosts
    seaofghosts 25 days ago

    No one knows anything about the whistle blower yet somehow it comes from the "deep state." If no law has been broken, then there's no reason not to release it to Congress. Nothing to be afraid of if all it is is a policy disagreement.

  • John Young
    John Young 25 days ago

    The only thing this "whistleblower" exposed was the 1 billion dollar quid pro quo from Biden.

  • Mimsy Borogove
    Mimsy Borogove 25 days ago

    Once again, FAUX viewers prove what a brainless bunch they are. Gullible & blind to reality. If I ever want to start a new religion all of you Trumpers are ripe for the picking. You DESERVE Trump. The majority of us don't so enjoy the grifter while you can.

  • Puppy Dog
    Puppy Dog 25 days ago

    The wistal blower did put his name out it.

  • Yolanda Quartilho
    Yolanda Quartilho 25 days ago


    ALICE 25 days ago

    Australia is like second China, CCP has so many of their children, relatives living there, using their stolen money from China to influence the Australian government toward China policy. One of their congresswoman Ms. Liao admits she works for CCP. Australia needs to drain the swamp.

  • Jasen Jahn
    Jasen Jahn 25 days ago

    Trumps own appointees seeing wrong doing are the true patriots. Fox, the state news, is sure showing their Russian red.

  • Os O
    Os O 25 days ago

    Q: Project Odin coming soon, Standby

  • PDNC
    PDNC 25 days ago

    SO essential a deep state actor probably Susan Gordon who is mad that she didn't get the DNI director position because she is part of the deep state has made a compliant because Trump is not part of her swamp.

  • Violet Kostun
    Violet Kostun 25 days ago

    Adam Schiff is a sick little man who would do anything to get on TV, damage our President or leak Fake Stories. We in America don’t need this kind of person in our Congress. Adam Schiff is a Security Risk. He Needs to go!

  • Jenn Mills
    Jenn Mills 25 days ago +1

    The Bidens and Clintons and white collar gang followers should be in prison solitary confinement for making billion dollar deals with China and other countries for personal gain! Traitors. Yet Obama administration wanted snowden for betrayal? Amazing how dems play their political rich games and are living in luxury while the nation's middle class and low income have suffered financially during their Dem administration. Socialists Socialists

  • Loren Stevens
    Loren Stevens 25 days ago +1

    These endless liberal accusations are by conservatives can't fully advance their agenda, while in a defense mode, and responding to nonsense.......

  • Jenn Mills
    Jenn Mills 25 days ago +1

    Isn't the Ukraine the hub of pedophilia and human trafficking?

  • iluvCR250Rs
    iluvCR250Rs 25 days ago

    Related to Forest?....anybody?.... anybody at all...

  • howard steussy
    howard steussy 25 days ago

    Another attempt to undermine administration, common sense said it would have come out sooner, just another smear tactic of the left.

  • Jack Maher
    Jack Maher 25 days ago

    I am still waiting for the "proof" that Adam Shiff says (on multiple ocasions) he saw with his own eyes that Trump colluded with Russia. The Mueller report comes out and not a peep out of the pencil neck about that damning evidence. I blame the MSM for allowing these America hating democrats to say anything and everything and then never asking them for some kind of proof to back up what are truly outrageous statements. That includes Nancy Pelosi saying Trump is involved in a coverup. Not even a single question by the MSM as to what she is talking about or any kind of proof. And I am angry at my fellow Americans who don't care because they hate Trump. What is done to Trump and his base now will be done to others further on down the road. MAGA.

  • Alex Marin
    Alex Marin 25 days ago

    There are Sick people in the Democratic Party, no doubt about it...

  • ONELOVE Rivera
    ONELOVE Rivera 25 days ago

    I guess the new rule is .....Donald Trump is above all laws and rules. Trump ran his life and business with sketchy characters and he is now running our country the same, using these stupid A$$ catch words(ie.. deep state) shouldn’t be fooling anyone.
    WRONG IS WRONG no matter who is doing the wrong!!!
    Fox “news” are actually worst than some at MSNBC !!! Americans, actually the world relies on getting facts, NOT OPINIONS!

  • Joe Trujillo
    Joe Trujillo 25 days ago

    Biden done so why not BLAME Trupmie for it?

  • mayormike - Mike Mortimore

    It involves a State Department sanctioned meeting. At what point are these obstructionists not guilty of sedition? This is a political war that is making the American People the collateral damage.

  • palliboy101
    palliboy101 25 days ago

    Shift for brains is butt hurt from Mueller

  • c kenton
    c kenton 25 days ago

    GOP the new MOB

  • Gary Conway
    Gary Conway 25 days ago

    well Matt, you were the AG for a short time, why didnt you arrest some of the bad boys. Your as bad as the rest of the problem people

  • martha schnapp
    martha schnapp 25 days ago

    Schiffless also had hard evidence of Russian collusion.

  • Toga Tours
    Toga Tours 25 days ago

    "Former Acting" is the title here...still trying to fluff the trump... it's embarrassing. Leakers by name are leaking truth not spin! Only when spoken badly of... is your opinion when it puts the trump in embarrassing situations. Assumptions before truth Whitaker? You don't know what happened or was said. Or do you believe Rudi "Truth isn't truth" BS. BS Pundit Whitaker

  • Tena Ell
    Tena Ell 25 days ago

    I believe this was dangled bait and Schiff took it

    MASTER BLASTER 25 days ago

    Suspend congress

  • Mallungay
    Mallungay 25 days ago

    Your beliefs, Adam Schiff, have been proven wrong time and time and time again.

  • peter cotto
    peter cotto 25 days ago

    MATT WHITAKER IS A BADASS AMERICAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • James Reed
    James Reed 25 days ago

    No matter what kind of leaker it is, he or she violates confidentiallity and trust rules. They should be tried as treasoners and spies. There is no grey area here. Lock them!

  • Dimitri O.G
    Dimitri O.G 25 days ago

    Shitstain finally re-emerging

  • Reality Check
    Reality Check 25 days ago

    Whistleblower = Disgruntled John Bolton

  • Paulm The Truth Seeker

    The deep state is trying to save Biden. Go for it Mr Trump.

  • Paulm The Truth Seeker

    Deep state is so deep! Haha

  • Richard Reedy
    Richard Reedy 25 days ago

    Wow from New Zealand are all republicans just lying SCUMBAGS🖕

  • Russ Gallagher
    Russ Gallagher 25 days ago

    Trump wanted Ukraine to look into the Biden/Obama EXTORTION plot; ie. "Lay off Hunter Biden or you don't get $1 Billion in foreign aid!" There is video of Creepy Uncle Joe bragging that he got the prosecutor fired. What more does anyone need for proof?

  • Worker man
    Worker man 25 days ago

    Its there job to keep the Pres and all the other Cons in the political party that think they are above the law and just trying to enrich themselves.

  • Corrocean
    Corrocean 25 days ago

    Someone please give us the names of the members of the deep state. This is a necessity to get a perspective on what conservatives are up against! The term deep state has been thrown around so much it makes us numb! WHO ARE THEY??! NAME THEM! I'm serious.

  • TidalWaver
    TidalWaver 25 days ago +1

    This Whitaker guy is so dumb and incompetent that he wasn't even offered the AG job full-time.

  • u2mister1
    u2mister1 25 days ago

    The DOJ needs to indict these criminals....NOW! Enough destroying America.