Why I left my job at Google (as a software engineer)

  • Published on Jun 11, 2018
  • "The Tech Lead" Patrick Shyu explains why he quit Google as a software engineer.
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Comments • 3 747

  • chicken636
    chicken636 7 hours ago

    The jackass that decided to code-in preview boxes at the end of videos that block the screen should be fired.

  • S L
    S L 13 hours ago

    How did you ever get any job with that voice and your poor speaking skills?

  • GamerZ Log
    GamerZ Log Day ago

    The dislikes are from Google.

  • Bharath
    Bharath Day ago

    I don't know I subscribed you within a sec I didn't even watched your video yet hmmm
    Some thing special I am going to learn here lmao

  • Archer V.
    Archer V. 3 days ago

    porque es extremadamente estresante. asi de simple... google le saca el jugo a los empleados..
    que la comida sea gratis es un truco. lo mismo con las fiestas de verdad nadie quiere trabajar en google para toda si vida. solo para mejorar su curriculum.

  • mukut mitra
    mukut mitra 4 days ago

    TRUTH: google fired you!

  • Black Nirvana
    Black Nirvana 4 days ago +2

    I feel sorry for Google, they lost a great TechLead, the best in the whole world.
    Stay hungry Bro.
    I think you should start you own company and call it The TechLead or just TechLead, that would push Google and Facebook towards bankruptcy in few weeks that´s for sure.
    Stay strong Bro.

  • Aris mu
    Aris mu 5 days ago +1

    Why I left google. Best bait! Nothing there

  • NaijaGuy
    NaijaGuy 5 days ago +2

    Anyway, you've left many thing except youtube

  • Fritz
    Fritz 6 days ago

    I joined my current job 3.1999 years ago

  • Wendy Wendy
    Wendy Wendy 7 days ago

    Want to write software for me. I hv lots of software to write?

  • abc def
    abc def 7 days ago

    i couldnt find the line that explains why he left. but i am here to say or ask as to why i cant use google accts anymore, i opened the google accts with my house phone numbers long long ago, now damn google wants a celluar phone number to use their services, I cant change google settings, i cant do anything in there, google ROBBED my accts.

  • Chenqi Bao
    Chenqi Bao 7 days ago +1

    :O wow u got 2000+ cl submitted in 4 years, I only got like 700 cls...

    • Chenqi Bao
      Chenqi Bao 6 days ago

      @TechLead :) I'm watching ur video while at work...

    • TechLead
      TechLead  7 days ago +1

      type faster

  • enemay
    enemay 11 days ago +2

    7:30 What are these behind the wall technologies? Come on you need to elaborate, and make video on these.

  • Sevde Altunışık Sürmeli

    Does anyone understand why he left Google?

  • milkywayrocks
    milkywayrocks 14 days ago

    Zero info content.

  • Sơn Nguyễn Hồng
    Sơn Nguyễn Hồng 16 days ago +1

    Hey TechLead. I sent Vietnamese subtitle to you. I hope you'll see it and accept it. Have a good day! :)

  • Yuhua Anderson
    Yuhua Anderson 16 days ago +3

    Watching this on a Monday morning is stressful. Lol

  • kannan kumar
    kannan kumar 17 days ago

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  • leo mamangun
    leo mamangun 17 days ago +3

    I understand why you get bored working on google ,maybe you have the guts to said that and I respect that.

  • Fat Russian
    Fat Russian 18 days ago +10

    Ahh, I see that you picked up on Zuckerberg's double speaking technique to hit that ten minute mark for increased ad revenue.

  • Ayewjay
    Ayewjay 18 days ago

    A lot of people in the comments who are missing the point. He's not saying nothing, nor is he truly talking in circles. More like spelling it out for those who are able to read it.

  • Seshendra Andavolu
    Seshendra Andavolu 18 days ago +2

    I’m unsubscribing your channel because of this video.

  • Seshendra Andavolu
    Seshendra Andavolu 18 days ago

    So you left the job at google to see what other companies tech stack is??

  • dax86it
    dax86it 18 days ago +5

    He is the Tech Leave

  • Drongorius
    Drongorius 19 days ago

    Hey man , so you are responsible for the shitty comments scrolling on iOS app ? Dude it skips frames like crazy in scrolling the comments while watching the video . Tell them to fix it . It makes the user end experience horrible . Thanks

  • Stewie111111111
    Stewie111111111 19 days ago +2

    He left cuz he's not in need of money. His family is well off and he earned much money at Google and from side jobs like posting youtube vids. Working at the same company for years is usually boring especially for smart people like him. There's plenty of options for him, he's not like in pressure paying off his student's loans like kids from middle class families.

  • ឥតយហ胡៥៦ហ籁峰

    Life career goal 🥅 3.2 years long enough are thought 💭 by most people

  • myingxue
    myingxue 20 days ago +8

    He is genuine engineer in tech company because every his talk is off the topic of title.

  • M E
    M E 20 days ago +22

    Basically he's saying he left google because Google is so cool.

  • Shubham Ambekar
    Shubham Ambekar 20 days ago

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  • kathyhos
    kathyhos 23 days ago +1

    Is this guy supposed to be compelling?

  • SB B
    SB B 23 days ago +2

    He didn’t come from a place of privilege ... that’s why he’s so grounded you can tell

  • Salmontres
    Salmontres 25 days ago +4

    Plot Twist: he was actually the Google water boy.

  • Kay Dee
    Kay Dee 26 days ago +2

    So you are the guy responsible for not being able to minimize youtube app and still have it play music on my iPhone...

  • Thapelo David Moshoadiba

    Tahiti, it's a magical place

  • Bawoni Tuntun
    Bawoni Tuntun 28 days ago +1

    Not surprise. Is not only in Tech Companies Buddy! Is everywhere!

  • Christian Mark Ponting
    Christian Mark Ponting 29 days ago +1

    Simply because you dont possess this "contentment"

  • D Gillies
    D Gillies 29 days ago +2

    The good thing about google tools is that they are simple and powerful. The open source tools (github) are all messed up in some way. they are clumsy and must take 2x more code or greater to do what the simple google tool does with x lines of code, and does it faster. Think of the difference between Critique (codereview website) vs. PR (github code reviews). PR has 90% of the features of Critique, its just messed up and clumsy. Google is not very far in the future. They are only a few years in the future, like 2-3, not a decade in the future... The tools are not mind-blowing, they are just well designed. Xerox stuff was mind-blowing, the 8010 project was targeted at 10 years in the future, and they hit the target. Xeroids did not have to work 50+ hours per week just to keep their jobs.

  • swetank pandey
    swetank pandey Month ago

    Cs dojo

  • #Conditioner
    #Conditioner Month ago +1

    So you quit Google, your wife took your son & left your ass, and you got fired from Facebook. The only thing that’s keeping him alive is his millions.

  • Caramaliz3d
    Caramaliz3d Month ago

    Seems like he found out he was going to get fired, then decided to do all the shit he supposedly says he did. Sorry but this bitch annoys me..

  • Henrik Tamulenas
    Henrik Tamulenas Month ago +1

    Free Sample abuser!

  • Pearz
    Pearz Month ago +22

    So you're the reason the RU-clip app can't play from the lock screen...

    • Kwizera Pacifique
      Kwizera Pacifique 25 days ago


    • Fede Juarez
      Fede Juarez 26 days ago +2

      It's a feature you have to pay for with youtube red

  • NO NWO
    NO NWO Month ago

    Bummer. I thought he was a heroic whistleblower.

  • fat az
    fat az Month ago +1

    0:03 for the memes

  • Mohamad Zakaria
    Mohamad Zakaria Month ago +1


  • Juan Fran Martín
    Juan Fran Martín Month ago

    Interesting video TechLead, it would be nice that you make a video explaining why googlers quit their job or the reasons why people left big tech companies.

    • Denis bbb
      Denis bbb Month ago +1

      Juan Fran Martín He already said it. Google is not the end of the journey, it is just another piece of the journey, lasting on average 3.2 years. Some left to travel, some left to do Startups, and some wanted to see what other companies have to offer.

  • Arshia Hematpoor
    Arshia Hematpoor Month ago +2

    man you genius but you are stingy and mean when it comes to money. thats why your wife left.

  • VtownJAMES
    VtownJAMES Month ago

    free samples? dude, what are you on about. you went to google and had tons of free samples

  • I bu
    I bu Month ago

    The answer is actually at 6:20

  • Red
    Red Month ago

    google doesn't support freedom of speech
    look up zach vorhies

  • Do you Know
    Do you Know Month ago

    What's your name

  • Bruce Nunn
    Bruce Nunn Month ago +1


  • Tina Rawlins
    Tina Rawlins Month ago

    You are a hiring managers nightmare. Looking at a job and turning down many. ROFL.

  • Tony H
    Tony H Month ago

    hahahaha I like your hair

  • Prince Obairi
    Prince Obairi Month ago +1

    This guy is a fool. Pointless! I regret watching your video.

  • J J
    J J Month ago +3

    The unveil: he left cause he wanted to try something new. That's it. Nothing more and nothing less. Average American (not sure if he is) historically had 3 employers in their life time, now it's 8+ (I crushed that average years ago) Ahahahaha

  • S Han
    S Han Month ago

    I completely agree with your view on travelling. You really don't need that much time. To sit doing nothing, just consuming, at places you had loved and initially more appreciated but you don't really belong, does get pointless after some time.. at most a month's time. The longer you keep travelling the less appreciative you become of seeing new places that look amazing normally but you are by now so used to 'consuming' too, even travelling becomes a repetitive process and you are physically exhausted too... Many people who go away for longer terms like many months start just sitting around in hostels or guest rooms, in a tourist friendly city (pointless then) doing nothing, at same fixed location... But if travel is during defined vacation leave with a job to come back to, a few weeks most, after hard work, tough stressful months of work-city-family you live in.. it again feels fascinating, appreciative, restoring and amazing. Purposefully staying in another very different country, delivering something, with a goal, is more rewarding experience and feeling, and that way, you learn new things, get to know people and community better, benefit them, but also able to travel around in weekends and may be taking a few days off during that volunteer or work experience.. I feel that is way better for people who have chance to do so at some intervals in their life.