New Free internet At home 2019


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  • Nim Gilbero
    Nim Gilbero Day ago

    My god its working not only 5g until 10g hahahaha..

  • Debbie Moore
    Debbie Moore 5 days ago

    Yes that nails is disturbing, is this a dude?

    ZERIA MAKATI 5 days ago

    It smoked my phone!

  • Penny Morris
    Penny Morris 6 days ago

    I call bs

  • banin john
    banin john 7 days ago

    nice sticker work on the display

  • Omar Farooq
    Omar Farooq 7 days ago

    This particular internet just shows trump's porn

  • Gideon Godwin
    Gideon Godwin 8 days ago


  • Dennis Hunter
    Dennis Hunter 10 days ago

    Someon ought to shove his dick into that electrical socket.

  • Sunil Sarkar
    Sunil Sarkar 10 days ago

    Your nail is producing your wifi internet...LOL

  • Felix Wilson
    Felix Wilson 13 days ago

    I'm going to kill you

  • K g
    K g 13 days ago

    what is the cardboard sheet he has and what is it mad of that alone could be a power source

  • Bogdan Ionitza
    Bogdan Ionitza 13 days ago +1

    the new ITAJ (Internet Through Audio Jack) is so good you won't need 5G any more. Also you need 4 long nails to boost the signal, otherwise it won't work

  • Alan Reynolds
    Alan Reynolds 13 days ago

    The only reason this doesn't work is the gay fingernails.

  • Adrian Munteanu
    Adrian Munteanu 14 days ago

    Dude, the free internet it's usually taken from the hot water pipe. WTF?

  • melissa cales
    melissa cales 16 days ago

    O and meant to say anything that will run on a Wi-Fi signal.

  • Andrew Dickerman
    Andrew Dickerman 16 days ago


  • angel rosario
    angel rosario 16 days ago

    Yes I have a couple of how you say I email accounts and passwords I need to recover them please anybody can help me I lost a lot of contacts a lot of information I have about six accounts

  • Martin Stuart
    Martin Stuart 17 days ago

    Wtf! Fingernails...

  • Fly Jeezy
    Fly Jeezy 17 days ago

    The video was edited it was cut once the phone was placed on the table

  • Jerry Hupp
    Jerry Hupp 17 days ago

    Was. That soft wire that you wrapped around a pen for the coil or solder.

  • Jason/Vador
    Jason/Vador 17 days ago

    Will this only work with cell phones or can I us it with my iPad?

  • Scott Preston
    Scott Preston 18 days ago


  • Antonio Plaza
    Antonio Plaza 19 days ago +1

    bro! everything was good till those freaking Nasty nails!! fucking Gay shit

  • Eroca Gabriel
    Eroca Gabriel 20 days ago

    is the wire stainless steel or silver? I will try it before commenting. So many nay sayers here, poor sports, give it a go before complaining. And so what about nails. I bet your toe nails are gross, but I don't care.

  • An Ac
    An Ac 21 day ago +1

    😀😁😂🤣што это за хуйня сука пидор👎🖕🖕🖕

  • coup d'afrique 2019
    coup d'afrique 2019 21 day ago


  • Leland Cox
    Leland Cox 22 days ago +1

    RU-clip should delete this stupid crap! All those "Free Energy" videos too!

  • Adam
    Adam 22 days ago +1

    He's not even getting wifi 😂😂😂

  • windell oconnor
    windell oconnor 23 days ago +2

    You is my genus

  • Raymond Girard
    Raymond Girard 24 days ago

    I tried with old Chevrolet 1958 spark plug then it did not work then I thought in 1958 he did not have internet after i put some recent spark plug and then it works and then i try download upload i get 1.5 gigabyte download and 940 mb sec upload that good i am very happy next time do a video on your nail in show what you do with your nail scrash the back of your boyfriend and change the name of ideas tech to ideas gay

    DEATHDEALER 24 days ago +2

    Hey, u miss the candle Freddy Kruger,it makes a lot of difference when u turn it on

  • Drokkenian
    Drokkenian 25 days ago +1

    this must be one of those "great ideas" people talk about getting when they're high on meth....................

  • Sturgeon Hunter
    Sturgeon Hunter 26 days ago +2

    got about 5 seconds into video and saw the fingernails... next

  • stephen doiron
    stephen doiron 26 days ago

    Dude,cut your nails....grosses me out!

  • Lethal Breed
    Lethal Breed 27 days ago

    Hey goddammit! I was watching that add!

  • peoplesconscience
    peoplesconscience 28 days ago

    fake way to earn income.

  • Kev Thompson
    Kev Thompson 28 days ago

    can you list the music you used in ya free internet video please ?.

  • James Hathaway
    James Hathaway 28 days ago

    What, are you an IDIOT?

  • alan durden
    alan durden 28 days ago +1

    To Countryside and others, Did you consider he might be a guitarist .

  • Jim Bays
    Jim Bays 29 days ago +1

    i feel violated. i wish i could show you my well it works on free energy

  • abraham ranjbar
    abraham ranjbar 29 days ago

    I can make your nanay happy;-)

  • JiveTurkeyChannel
    JiveTurkeyChannel 29 days ago +2

    i wish i took a dump instead of watching this

  • chef luigi super star
    chef luigi super star 29 days ago

    Stop touching it like it's a cock

  • Tom Coker
    Tom Coker 29 days ago

    Nasty nails. Yuck

  • David Kelly
    David Kelly Month ago +2

    To say that video was crap would be praising it.

  • Michael Hughes
    Michael Hughes Month ago

    I tried this but forgot to glue on the spring thingy and it still worked. ;)

    • Michael Hughes
      Michael Hughes Month ago

      I have a usb wall adapter that has this functionality already built in, and it's pink.

  • Leon Gates
    Leon Gates Month ago +1

    what's it's approximate mpg and how many ft. lbs of tork when turning the solder coil ant. ???

  • alvaro ordoñez
    alvaro ordoñez Month ago


  • Christopher Davis
    Christopher Davis Month ago

    Hahaha stupid!! Stupid!!!! Stupid!!!!! Next someone will show you how to make a or grow a tree that produces 100 dollar Bill's. And idiots will believe it! Omfg

  • Robert Severson
    Robert Severson Month ago

    Spend to much time playing with this shit instead of getting to the damn point I get all that shit on my phone now without your crappy hookup

  • Patrick Hughett
    Patrick Hughett Month ago

    What's up with the coke nails??

  • Red Ignacio
    Red Ignacio Month ago

    Apply patent ASAP!!!

  • panda44r
    panda44r Month ago +1

    This looks like something that The Professor built to call the Coast Guard to get off the island, but Gilligan ruined it when he tripped over it.

  • Mona Benet
    Mona Benet Month ago

    Ugly finger nails

  • Junkworks1
    Junkworks1 Month ago

    Those two little digits are stealing the show.

  • John Jordan
    John Jordan Month ago

    The beginning was interesting, crashed and burned at the end. You didn't disconnect your device during a video to show a lost signal.

  • John Lewis
    John Lewis Month ago

    You notice this (1. his phone shows no carrier data connection) and afterwards (2. it shows a wifi connection) but he doesn't show in any way that he connects without a password so there are only 2 possibilities. (1. he's using his own service provider anyway) or (2. he's simply connected to a free hotspot anyway so what's the point?) Duh...

  • Monty Piethon
    Monty Piethon Month ago +1

    Far out dude pass that bong

  • countryside
    countryside Month ago +4

    Went shopping for nail clippers for this person.

  • Teo Vo
    Teo Vo Month ago


  • OLDAPO B shokoya
    OLDAPO B shokoya Month ago

    I think they are paying him for ads.

  • OLDAPO B shokoya
    OLDAPO B shokoya Month ago

    Why can't someone shoot this idiot?

  • Ed Fiifi
    Ed Fiifi Month ago

    When your psychiatrist dies prematurely and cant get another. Someone help !!!

  • Fred Guitar
    Fred Guitar Month ago

    Nice nose pickers but You only need one for the job...trim the rest

  • GrOklahoma
    GrOklahoma Month ago +1

    Do coke much?

  • jastej Sandhu
    jastej Sandhu Month ago

    This is indian chor mentality called ....u

  • Brian Smith
    Brian Smith Month ago

    Just plug it into the earphone jack am watch yor wifi signal shoot through the roof (plus the random sparks of the plugs inkrypt all passwords , so all wifi is FREE) 🤣😂🤣

  • Peter Jones
    Peter Jones Month ago +4

    This internet connection really " nails " it.

  • Franswuh Armbruster

    I don't get why the spark plugs, since the wire is wrapped around the electrodes and base. Or is it just for ascetics?

  • Ranier Gonzalez
    Ranier Gonzalez Month ago +4

    I wonder who stayed for the whole video??? Once he pulled out the spark plugs it was over.

    • Red Fixit
      Red Fixit Month ago

      Right,lol cause the parts in my truck engine will give me wifi.