Inside the PS5 and Xbox Scarlett

  • Published on Jun 11, 2019
  • AMD just dropped a lot of details on the Zen 2 and Radeon Navi graphics inside the PlayStation 5 and next gen Xbox.
    More details on Xbox Scarlett:
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  • El Rayado
    El Rayado 2 days ago

    Defenetly getting a ps5

  • David Struve
    David Struve 5 days ago

    One thing I have never quite understood - why is it that despite the size of capacitors being shrunk (like the AMD 7nm) they also shrink the size of the die too? Wouldn't it be more advantageous to keep the 7nm process but KEEP or INCREASE the size of the die in order to fit more on it and therefore be able to DO more with it?? Wouldn't that hold off this brick wall we are rapidly approaching where we'll simply not be able to shrink things down any further?

  • Zackery John Sutton
    Zackery John Sutton 10 days ago +1

    I'm excited for the Ps5 and Xbox Scarlett I was nervous Sometimes I Saw it on Commercial Ps5 Trailer Xbox Scarlett Trailer

  • Blizzard *
    Blizzard * 13 days ago +2

    What did it cost?

  • Don Ramon
    Don Ramon 14 days ago

    First gen (for Sony and Microsoft) oh you have an Xbox? Cool
    2nd gen, you still have an xbox? LOL
    3rd gen: Eoooow is that a Ps3? Hahahah
    Last gen: Eoooow is that an Xbox 1? | Eoooow is that a ps4? (Both the same performance so i put both opinions

  • Lj3M00N -
    Lj3M00N - 18 days ago +1

    i dont want 8k i want 60+fps :(

  • Esther Abrafi
    Esther Abrafi 21 day ago

    Xbox Scarlett and the ps5 will be the most powerful consoles on the market
    Nintendo: hold my beer

  • ZX6R
    ZX6R Month ago

    it's it crazy how the console war stopped once the xbox one X came out. You literally don't see annoying sony fanboys yapping away online. Once they lost the power brag they just stopped.

    • GrtlooYt
      GrtlooYt 28 days ago

      Well they brag about the exclusives

    NUROCYPHER Month ago

    Who else is from uk and got triggered when he got confuzed when he said maths

  • Al Mahian
    Al Mahian Month ago

    end of PC master race

  • hari baskar
    hari baskar Month ago +2

    Apple has totally become crap company after Steve Jobs Death.

  • Albert Wesker
    Albert Wesker Month ago

    So, If they come out
    Around November,December next Year, the marketing for
    This will
    Be Huge, Giant, I’m preordering Both next year on amazon, I’m going to be 17 when these come out, i hope GTA VI is a launch title, but Rockstar will probably announce it next year and release it in September 2021. Or they could announce it later this year like Rdr2, I don’t see it, but it possible i want a new Rockstar IP or bully or max Payne 4, but let max Payne rest and give us a Max Payne 1 and 2 Remake and Max Payne remastered and GTA III-San Andreas remakes.

  • Overlord277
    Overlord277 Month ago

    PC is so screwed.

  • Average Bro
    Average Bro Month ago

    I am so hyped about this, i love progress and next gen consoles, i know its gonna be goood. xbox one x is already pretty decent and if new xbox is 4 times stronger its gonna be really good.

    TDP RAW Month ago +1

    Aye like it dont matter to sum people wat im about to say people can believe what they want even if its right or wrong but doubt u not the ps5 is going to be better than the scarlet number 1 since the six generation of consoles sony and Microsoft take turns on whos going to be the top dog for each generation 2 xbox and ps every generation have the same chips (gaming chips) for example both consoles are going to have amd ryzen graphics cards thats why every generation ps and xbox graphics looks similar u can only see the flaw in one no big deal just a little difference. And 3 it this really doesn't mean anything perhaps only if u can see what happens every next console generation the first time ever sony and Microsoft teaming for cloud gaming which mean it can possibly be crossplay between the scarlet and the 5 but in otherwords what im sayin is sony and Microsoft market whatever console to fix what the next generation wants xbox is going to have ray tracings i doubt ps is going to have that i bet u the scarlet is going to be the thing watch next year wat i say

  • Michael Goodall
    Michael Goodall Month ago

    I’m hopping that Sony is going to do FPS upgrades because rainbow six siege is struggling

  • Anyone Anybody
    Anyone Anybody Month ago

    Cos to be fair it makes a lot of sense to put a high-end workload CPU in a console what are you on
    Let alone pair it with a rx 5700 which wouldn't even stretch the 3700X's legs

  • Anyone Anybody
    Anyone Anybody Month ago

    Hahaha RX5700 in a console funny NO.

  • Anyone Anybody
    Anyone Anybody Month ago

    Hahaha 3700x in a console funny NO.

  • mountain doolicious

    These consoles may be running zen 2 but remember they will be clocked under 2Ghz, PC gaming is just something current console players should be looking towards getting into, if you don't believe me look at AMD's new Flute processor.

    • mountain doolicious
      mountain doolicious Month ago

      @P1SkrtSkrt I never had a gaming PC, for the past 3 years I've been playing on PS4, quite frankly I'm done with the console race and am just trying to tell as many people they need to get out of it. Currently in the process of building a gaming PC but I know what it's like being a console player.

    • P1SkrtSkrt
      P1SkrtSkrt Month ago

      mountain doolicious If it’s 800 it will probably not sell high, most people will switch to a PC but like I said again, tell that to someone who isn’t as fortunate as you.

    • mountain doolicious
      mountain doolicious Month ago

      @P1SkrtSkrt the consoles are rumored to be at a $800 price range, the extra 200 dollar bump isn't very far off

    • P1SkrtSkrt
      P1SkrtSkrt Month ago

      mountain doolicious Ok, we get it, the PC is superior, but try telling a kid who isn’t as fortunate as you to get a 1K computer.

  • Cyle Drew
    Cyle Drew Month ago

    Lol feel sorry for PS user's passing down the price change from china to there customer's lmao RIP

  • Musharaf Ashraf
    Musharaf Ashraf Month ago


  • Musharaf Ashraf
    Musharaf Ashraf Month ago

    I'm godd wit 120 fps 4 I plzzz

  • ExpertCobra1911
    ExpertCobra1911 Month ago +1

    So I spent 1400 on a laptop that is about to be beaten by a 400 - 700 buck console? Eh, at least my laptop can be used for other purposes even though I only game on it.

  • nitrously
    nitrously Month ago

    I love when he said hey guys this is Austin

  • Coryx kenshin
    Coryx kenshin Month ago +1

    Ps5 like xbox scarlet comment

    LLENN Month ago

    I am buying Nintendo next gen

  • Angela Medrano
    Angela Medrano Month ago

    Who else is here from story booth😭

  • Fawkk YuTuu
    Fawkk YuTuu Month ago

    In the neighborhood of a 5700 at only 7.95 TFLOPS?

  • Treejog
    Treejog Month ago

    0:45 Thanks for triggering every British person ever.

  • Lil Shank
    Lil Shank 2 months ago

    *I can make a console with a box of scraps*

  • Coach62
    Coach62 2 months ago

    Does he have another channel? I've seen this guy somewhere else before lol Does he kind of look like Logic? lol Idk

    • Akiyo
      Akiyo Month ago +1

      He does get around on other Tech channels like linusTechTips, BitWit, Unbox Therapy Etc.

  • Trenton Pritchett
    Trenton Pritchett 2 months ago

    Or the Xbox 2.

  • David Red
    David Red 2 months ago

    Should I wait for these consoles or get a gaming pc with a RTX 2080ti I don't want to get a pc then these consoles turn out to be more powerful or better

    • Akiyo
      Akiyo Month ago +1

      get the PC yes they consoles are alot more powerful then the previous ones but no where as powerful as a top of the line PC which is what you're going for so yes get the PC, i assume you're going to get the i7-9700k with that or the 9-9900k processor which will make you miles ahead of console
      I would be more worried about the release of newer GPU's/CPU's then i would be worrying about if console is going to catch up or not

  • Siddhant Singh
    Siddhant Singh 2 months ago

    I'm eagerly waiting for ps5 because due to ps5 I'm not buying ps3 this year again it I have a ps4 but I Love my ps3 slim model 9 months ago the hardware of my ps3 was crashed that's why I lost my ps3 & now ps3 super slim comes with multiman jailbreak 1 tb with 70 games so I also want to buy ps3 but I've come to hear that ps5 will support backwards to compatibility so probably it will also work as a ps3 simulator.

  • Multiapplecat
    Multiapplecat 2 months ago

    me confused

  • Chill Gunner
    Chill Gunner 2 months ago

    We are in the dark age of gaming. The games are gonna SUCK ASS!!!!!

  • Daryl B
    Daryl B 2 months ago +1

    chances are it will be navi and >3600ish class cpu(but it will be an apu like always so they might stick with 4 cores 8 threads) and hahahaha navi on par with 2060 it KILLS a 2060. and I highly doubt they will go for a pcie4.0 nvme drive but it would be cool to see nvme 3.0 4x drives but I really expect sata which atleast will be faster than the spinning rust in consoles nowadays.

  • Aqua Plasma
    Aqua Plasma 2 months ago +1

    Sony: lol PS5 going to be best console better that xbox one x hahaha
    Microsoft at E3 2019: Xbox Scarlett Late 2020
    Sony: F***
    Microsoft: XBoX NeVEr DiEs

  • Joel
    Joel 2 months ago +2

    Gaming PC is at the side laughing at this console war.

    • Brando Torres
      Brando Torres 2 months ago

      Ha imagine spending 4000 dollars on a computer when you can get a xbox for 199 and cheaper that has way more games and 80 percent of the same graphics fps and gameplay. and imagine using a keyboard to play.
      Not tryna be hostile just tryna make a point

  • Paddy Mc
    Paddy Mc 2 months ago

    I still don't understand why console makers don't just made big, huge, f-off consoles. Once you put it in place beneath the monitor it lives there forever and whether it's the size of a traditional 'console' or a small desktop pc size, so long as it doesn't approach the behemoth size of like the original Thermaltake Level 10 PC case which was 21kgs of aluminium and the size Eric Cartman (short and wide child) nobody will care.

  • Eternity
    Eternity 2 months ago

    seems like a pipe dream to have all those parts in there for a console price point.

  • hamiz 98
    hamiz 98 2 months ago

    Xbox two is unbeleivable. But i guess new Xbox is scarlett.

  • Angus Hilliker
    Angus Hilliker 2 months ago

    Lets face the facts boiis: Xbox Scarlett sounds cooler than PS5 and Jesus Christ, assuming these will drop in the next one or two years; do we really need 8K? Like, seriously - at least put 8K on the inevitable PS5 money-grabbing remakes.

  • Jairo Dominguez
    Jairo Dominguez 2 months ago

    Can anyone give me advice on whether my 2019 Helios 300 1660ti version will be better or worse or on par with the new generation?

  • Adarie Pennant
    Adarie Pennant 2 months ago

    What if Microsoft Sony and Nintendo Sega join forces and make a super Console

  • BaddSkully ENT
    BaddSkully ENT 2 months ago

    Does Austin look like Logic the rapper

  • tevi blekhman
    tevi blekhman 2 months ago

    If you get ps5 or the next gen Xbox can you do a unboxing

  • kletsen
    kletsen 2 months ago

    I find my xbox 1 standart pretty good grachich but ones again that is my opion

  • Syntaax
    Syntaax 2 months ago

    And then they run ut on a 60hz tv

  • Charles Jade
    Charles Jade 2 months ago

    Nah Intel should go on PS5 as is if it is more powerful than AMD in EXTREME GAMING

  • Abas Hashim
    Abas Hashim 2 months ago

    Please for the fucking love of god Idc what the graphics look like just give me 60-120 frames and im happy.

  • Tea Tea
    Tea Tea 2 months ago

    Why is it scarlet? It's color for red! Oh no they are bringing back the red ring of death!

  • Major Degtyarev
    Major Degtyarev 2 months ago +3

    Here comes the console war again, people gonna be bickering on which is better.

    • Dylan Lapham
      Dylan Lapham 2 months ago

      People are very good at taking sides on any topic you give them.

  • Raymond Cruz
    Raymond Cruz 2 months ago

    with all these high fps and refresh rates, display tech should keep up or it's a waste of capability if monitors can't keep up 🤣

  • 11aaskam
    11aaskam 2 months ago

    Maths- you were right the first time

  • GamingTechReview
    GamingTechReview 2 months ago

    Hey Austin I wont be asking this for any recognition but im having trouble finding music for my videos. Even paid services don't offer anything good for tech videos? Does anyone here know where I can get music for youtube videos. Can you make a video on that?

  • ReKY
    ReKY 2 months ago

    still trash

  • HUNTER gaming
    HUNTER gaming 2 months ago

    Xbox best

  • Ray Typical
    Ray Typical 2 months ago +1

    Really want booting ips not a thing next year