2018 iPhone Xr First Look + New iPhone SE 2 Leaks!

  • Published on Jun 1, 2018
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    New iPhone SE 2 leaks continue to show an iPhone X-style design. Fresh renders give us our first unofficial look at the 2018 LCD iPhone X. And the iPhone X Plus could have three cameras...
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    Wylsacom 2018 iPhone renders - wylsa.com/eksklyuziv-rendery-iphone-x-plus-iphone-9-i-iphone-9-plus/
    2018 iPhone X Plus may have three cameras - www.theinvestor.co.kr/view.php?ud=20180530000858
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Comments • 134

  • Alex
    Alex Year ago

    SE2 has been cancelled lmao

  • Michael Lechner
    Michael Lechner Year ago

    I'm excited for all the new phones that will be announced in the Fall, but I'm going to hang on to my iPhone X since it will have the latest software updates!

  • Aximos / أكسيموس

    Guys should I get an iPhone in June 2018?
    Or should I wait?

  • Rebecca K
    Rebecca K Year ago

    Why are they making the phone cheaper? Are they getting rid of the glass back?

  • eXoguti097
    eXoguti097 Year ago

    The vertical lenses and flash is to make space for the truedepth system

  • ime0509
    ime0509 Year ago

    "Meme-able" I love it LOL

  • ram64man
    ram64man Year ago

    I wonder if this year they will announce a microled panel for there thunderbolt 3 external screen

    HD_POWER Year ago

    Flagship Apple phones needs to be 3 devices:
    1- iPhone X (5-6 Inches)
    2- iPhone X Plus (6+ Inches which is a Phablet)
    3- iPhone X Mini (Less than 5 Inches)
    all of them share almost identical features and Prices should be similar due to identical features.
    Making more affordable phones is not good idea. You either make an iPhone Mini with latest technology or just keep producing the old iPhones such as iPhone 6S or 7 with a discount.

    HD_POWER Year ago +3

    Steve Jobs didn't like big mobile devices. Normal phone devices needs to be less than 5" in size. Anything between 5 and 6 inches should be called Bigger sized phones and over 6 inches are Phablets!
    The point is Apple didn't make a flagship Normal phone for years!
    I'm willing to pay $1300 for 256GB with latest technology inside an iPhone less than 5 inches. They should make a flagship normal sized phone along with iPhone X and iPhone X Plus.

  • Nawwk
    Nawwk Year ago

    Easy, they'll not call it SE2 and just call it iPhone Air

  • jasjeetsuri
    jasjeetsuri Year ago

    Unlimited UK & Texts -> makes no sense. im from the uk..

  • Jett H.
    Jett H. Year ago

    iPhone X front with an Apple logo shaped fingerprint scanner instead of face ID haha
    Would be a fantastic SE lol

  • Cockpit cock
    Cockpit cock Year ago

    waiting from 4 months to buy iphone se 2:(

  • Gerasimos Rico
    Gerasimos Rico Year ago

    I feel like apple is just trying to fool us with the 6.1 . The 6.1 will. Ever happen

  • Devin Martinez
    Devin Martinez Year ago

    I want the SE2 tbh if it looked like that

  • Kolby Trosclair
    Kolby Trosclair Year ago

    You are cute okay! Like for real!

  • Barcelona's Hot Crowd

    The EE pricing of the SE2 is DEFINITELY FAKE!!!!! I'm in the UK and EE WOULD NEVER give 18GB of data for that price. Heck, they charge £32 a month for the SE with 1GB of data! Same with my iPhone X only 10GB of data MOST of their iPhone 8 prices only have 4GB of data! Also FAKE - demand would be so huge that EE WOULD NEVER give away a free charging matt. You only give stuff away when you can't sell enough. This phone will fly out of the stores!
    I have to question everything about the SE as NO WAY will any case manufacturer know anything. Heck, Apple have their own cases. Reminds me of the make believe iPhone 5 in Oct 2011 with no bezels and instead we got... the iPhone 4S OR in the summer of 2009 the iPHONE NANO tiny phone because people thought that the iPhone 3G was too large at the time!!! Also, I hope that the SE2 will feature Apple's new design strategy as the older iPhone designs look so dated after the X. What we may see is a new SE2 in September with a RRP of the original iPhone say £530! Very strange how a 6" or 6.1 is the first of the three new models. That is a HUGE size to many AND WHY would it be larger than the X screen? Very exciting times ahead!!!!!!!!!! :)

  • Lukas Graham
    Lukas Graham Year ago

    Lcd? Oh my jesus....

  • futureartist9
    futureartist9 Year ago

    I currently have the iphone SE, and i absolutely love it. What i dont like is people making fun of me for having a "5S" though its technically a 6S. Now i can flex on them with a SE thats technically a X

  • ßaßyßöö
    ßaßyßöö Year ago

    Why he looks so creepy

  • Thodoris Efstathiou

    what about a slower face id?

  • schultzphotographic
    schultzphotographic Year ago +8

    Apple should turn the Apple Logo on the back into the fingerprint scanner.

  • TechnoLadz
    TechnoLadz Year ago

    If this is true, for the SE 2 with 18GBS OF DATA then that means it’s going to be even cheaper than the original SE since the original SE with 8GBs of data costs £38 a month of EE

  • TechnoLadz
    TechnoLadz Year ago

    If this happens then I’m not buying it I’d prefer it with just the home button

  • Project Calm
    Project Calm Year ago

    0:07 hi, Wylsacom

  • Slayer DUDE
    Slayer DUDE Year ago

    should be named as Iphone XSE (no SEX)

  • Jess Barnett
    Jess Barnett Year ago

    Three cameras look weird!

  • Manish Golait
    Manish Golait Year ago +1

    6.1 inch screen variant is not OLED

  • Random Studios
    Random Studios Year ago

    The notch looks smaller.

  • DeepFreeze
    DeepFreeze Year ago

    Glass back? Wrong choice!

    • Edbase
      Edbase Year ago

      frozenman82 yep

  • Darvik Patel
    Darvik Patel Year ago

    Apple said the notch is the future of Apple

  • Memelord Andromeda
    Memelord Andromeda Year ago +6

    I'm digging the LCD iphone. love the simplicity of the design🔥

    • Memelord Andromeda
      Memelord Andromeda Year ago


    • Volen Andreev
      Volen Andreev Year ago

      Christopher Martinez me too! I think that’s going to be the phone I’ll buy when it’s time for an upgrade!

  • Matteo Tonelli
    Matteo Tonelli Year ago

    😍😍😍 if that’s the iPhone X LCD that’s amazing.. def gonna buy it

  • Colin Snider
    Colin Snider Year ago

    Maybe these iPhone se2 with the iPhone x design is the iPod touch 7th gen 🤔🤔

  • Mark Bennett
    Mark Bennett Year ago +1

    I’m in the UK and the EE advertising stuff does look bogus. It would say “ unlimited minutes & texts with 5gb of data for £34.99/month “ hypothetically because contract phones are always sold with bundled data and as you say “unlimited UK” sounds wrong. I hope the SE2 is a thing even if it isn’t so much of a budget device. Not sure if there is room in the line up for the large LCD iPhone as well?

    KILIK L Year ago

    Apple please stop making iPhone bigger and bigger, really annoying.

    • txny
      txny Year ago +1

      KILIK L the X plus won’t be bigger? It’s the 8 plus body with a bezel-less screen

  • Lj Jones
    Lj Jones Year ago

    Taking all these leaks very, very lightly

  • Amazing Abdul Muizz

    Ffollow me on instagram

    • Edbase
      Edbase Year ago

      why ? Who are you ?

  • макс 40 reg
    макс 40 reg Year ago

    пидор очкастый я рот твой ебал!

  • The Player's Channel

    What size screen will the Iphone X plus be? and will it be OLED Screen?

  • Chris P
    Chris P Year ago +14

    The iPhone SE2 is looking more and more like the phone I have been dreaming of. I really hope all the rumors are true.

  • Aaron Moses
    Aaron Moses Year ago

    Almost every notch shown in this video was not perfectly in the center of the screen.

  • jayo
    jayo Year ago +5

    If the iPhone se 2 has that design why would any one buy the 2018 iPhone x.

    • Lord Elmo
      Lord Elmo Year ago

      The size, most people like bigger phones.

    • Jofranz Clifford
      Jofranz Clifford Year ago

      Power, ipx has a faster processor than the se 2, ram would also be lower for the se 2. It's gonna more about preference

    • Edbase
      Edbase Year ago +2


    • Syazmie Syahmie
      Syazmie Syahmie Year ago +2


    • txny
      txny Year ago +1

      jayo exactly

  • Dachyshun
    Dachyshun Year ago

    Sam, I need your help man. I haven’t had notifications in two days and tried all of Googles advice. Please talk about this in a video

  • RetailBox
    RetailBox Year ago

    I’m always holding off before I buy an iPhone 8

  • shubham sourav
    shubham sourav Year ago +5

    Before april event.. we are getting ipad, macbook airs , airpower, pencil 2 , iphone se 2 blas blah blah.. in the end got just a cheap ipad...
    Before WWDC, we are getting ipad pros, macbook pros , blah blah blah blah... in the end you will get nothing... these youtubers are just making money out of their brain created new devices 🤪🤣

  • Tai Banh
    Tai Banh Year ago +2

    I hope it’s more than a stack so none of you non baller could afford it only me

  • Tai Banh
    Tai Banh Year ago +2

    There’s no se 2 stupid . I work at Apple.

    • TR BLITZ
      TR BLITZ Year ago

      Definitely believe you.

      You can't be a 12y old kid trolling in the Internet cuz u work at Apple.

    • salman _47ner
      salman _47ner Year ago

      Tyler Banh i beleive you

  • Jaysann22
    Jaysann22 Year ago

    Apple leaks have been scarce since Apple made their "scary" threats about prosecuting internal leakers....

  • Giuseppe Nicotra
    Giuseppe Nicotra Year ago +4


  • Ponk 80
    Ponk 80 Year ago +1

    I’m so glad that RU-clip has a speed control, because you talk so fast, plus you cut out any pauses, so it just becomes one long stream of words, please give us time to take in your info.

  • Jianni Sargeant
    Jianni Sargeant Year ago

    I subbed

  • G R 1
    G R 1 Year ago

    Nice 👍🏼 man
    But tell me how did you make apps stickers behind you at wall😅😅

  • LUKAS bullock
    LUKAS bullock Year ago +1

    “Wirewess” 🤔
    Anyway great video 👍👏👏👍

  • Joel Obregon Ferreiro

    You don’t pin

    Btw your the best

  • Olivia Loves Rainbows

    That is exciting. What I am really hoping for is a MacBook refresh, the AirPower mat, and new iPad Pro models, but this is still interesting even tho I am planning on upgrading to the iPhone X Plus.

    • TR BLITZ
      TR BLITZ Year ago

      Mei Ling Chang I'm waiting for iPad Pro from months... I'll be heavily disappointed if it doesn't come out at WWDC18

    • Dani
      Dani Year ago

      Yeah I want to upgrade to that X Plus too, and I want both Airpods 2 and a Macbook Pro refresh (I want something great for my studies, hope the keyboards will be better). What are benefits of having an iPad Pro? I haven't understood the appeal of a tablet yet, unless it's for like movie watching!

  • Raydio Show
    Raydio Show Year ago


  • Just Zeed
    Just Zeed Year ago

    I hope it'll be less than 500$

    • Val3nt!n_
      Val3nt!n_ Year ago

      Just Zeed ok.

    • Edbase
      Edbase Year ago +1

      Just Zeed I don’t think so

    • Just Zeed
      Just Zeed Year ago

      Obi Wan Kenobi I would say yes coz they will be using normal display instead of oled and they won't put a dual camera so the cost will be smaller

    • Val3nt!n_
      Val3nt!n_ Year ago

      Tony Cave no.

    • txny
      txny Year ago

      Just Zeed I doubt it, I think it’ll be 600-800

  • Fahad Ali
    Fahad Ali Year ago

    It is simply not possible to remove chin from LCD phone. so LCD iphone cannot have X like screen

  • Sheik Dhawood
    Sheik Dhawood Year ago

    As u said before RU-clip sub feed sucks , u know it didn’t notify me for this vid...and also many chanel....🤬🤬😡