I was BANNED in 8 minutes of play - Battlefield 4

  • Published on Nov 18, 2019
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    ►Download Setting and user.cfg Battlefield 4 2019:
    ►Download Setting and user.cfg Battlefield V:
    🎮 Setting Sensivity:
    • 6% in game
    • 100% Scope sens
    • Uniform aiming off
    • 400 DPI (1000Hz Polling Rate)
    • Windows 10 Sensivity 6/11
    • MouseRawInput 1
    🎮 CFG in game:
    • Resolution 1920x1080 16:9
    • All Low
    • FOV 85 (Hor+101)
    • Scale Resolution 100%
    • Digital vibrance 100%
    🎮 Monitor Settings:
    • Brightness: 100
    • Contrast: 50
    • Sharpness: 8
    • Black eQualizer: 5
    • Reset Color: No
    • AMA: Premium
    • Instant Mode: On
    • Color Vibrance: 17
    🎮 PC:
    • Intel Core i7 4790k @4.7 Ghz
    • GeForce RTX 2070 SUPER 8GB EVGA
    • 16GB RAM HyperX 1866mhz
    • Z97A MSI Gaming 6
    • EVGA Supernova 750w 80Plus Bronze
    • SSD Samsung 850 EVO 500 GB
    • SSD Samsung 960 EVO M.2 250 GB
    • SSD Kingstong 480GB
    • Enfriamiento liquido Corsair Hydro H110i
    • NZXT Phantom 820
    🎮 GEAR:
    • Zowie EC2-B
    • HyperX Alloy FPS Pro
    • MousePad Glorious XXXL
    • Sennheiser GAME ZERO
    • Zowie Bungee
    • Benq Zowie XL2540 240Hz 1ms
    • AOC 16 E1670SWU-E 60Hz
    • EVGA NU Audio card
    • Geekdigg soporte
    • Chair Cougar Armor
    ● NETWORK:
    • Linksys WRT1900AC
    • Switch NETGEAR Nighthawk Pro Gaming SX10
    • Ethernet CAT 8
    • ASUS XG-C100C 10G
    • gyazo.com/4edd7f06ce358ca45033711430e4b81d
    #BANNED #BF4 #Battlefield
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Comments • 260

  • -IIIOverDoseIII-
    -IIIOverDoseIII- 16 hours ago

    When rich kids rent servers by dad`s money

  • The Doomguy
    The Doomguy 2 days ago

    This is what happens when you're better than the admin.

  • Ogi Kovacevic
    Ogi Kovacevic 4 days ago

    lol. BF4 was a shit show. I'd get banned for jumping too much. Getting banned by owning people was a common thing.

  • Cornelius Martin
    Cornelius Martin 4 days ago

    I bought BF4 like 5 days ago and I wish I was that skilled man :D

  • Schwarze Sonne
    Schwarze Sonne 4 days ago

    What would anybody expect from one of those shitty brazilians servers

  • Yamato Miyamoto
    Yamato Miyamoto 6 days ago

    Caught a hot ban last week lol

  • Classic Aussie
    Classic Aussie 8 days ago

    I mean hackers are meant to get banned so 🤷‍♂️

  • Darth Draka
    Darth Draka 8 days ago

    the addresses of the servers you play on?

  • SAA
    SAA 8 days ago

    play bf3, bf4 is garbage ...
    bf3 is more realistic.

    • losif Stalin
      losif Stalin 3 days ago

      i wouldnt say bf4 is garbage but bf3 is so much better

  • Winterlows
    Winterlows 8 days ago


  • ViscaElBarca
    ViscaElBarca 9 days ago

    Bro how do you not get bored of the same map and game ?

  • Mr OC7
    Mr OC7 9 days ago

    Maybe next time switch off your esp

  • NoBanMePLS
    NoBanMePLS 9 days ago

    Pffffft. I got banned by a BF3 badming in 4 obviously I'm just butter.

  • Okan Yilmaz
    Okan Yilmaz 9 days ago

    That recoil tho..

    • Kore Ops
      Kore Ops 7 days ago

      That's the power of PC

  • Micheal Prendergast
    Micheal Prendergast 9 days ago +17

    This is normal gameplay
    Admin probably just angry he got killed and was failing to take C

  • Useless-Toast
    Useless-Toast 11 days ago

    how do u get that FPS counter!??!!

  • thedude5413
    thedude5413 12 days ago

    Lol its cause you literally cheat

  • Wendy Spagnolacchi
    Wendy Spagnolacchi 12 days ago

    Half the people that have servers are major white admins

  • Wendy Spagnolacchi
    Wendy Spagnolacchi 12 days ago

    Probably got banned cause your a mexcian on a Mex server

    • EbicViches
      EbicViches 10 days ago

      ?????? that's a portuguese server you dumb cheese

  • Carlos Helich
    Carlos Helich 12 days ago

    aim assist .. gg man

  • Mike Costa
    Mike Costa 14 days ago

    Anyone playing on ps3?

    • Mike Costa
      Mike Costa 3 days ago

      @BillyBobJunior are u pretending to be or are stupid? No said anything about the age of bf4 community. All I asked is anyone still playing...here comes ur dumbass saying no without even knowing...go to sleep

    • BillyBobJunior
      BillyBobJunior 3 days ago

      Mike Costa “opening my mouth for nonsense” makes sense, What does the community have to do with its age

    • Mike Costa
      Mike Costa 3 days ago

      @BillyBobJunior talking like u know everything..u haven't even logged on to see the bf4 community and here u are opening ur mouth for nonsense ....

    • BillyBobJunior
      BillyBobJunior 3 days ago

      Mike Costa define it then

    • Mike Costa
      Mike Costa 3 days ago

      @BillyBobJunior well u act like one

  • Dylan Sime
    Dylan Sime 14 days ago

    Well you are technically cheating using 3rd party software

  • ast5o
    ast5o 15 days ago

    That recoil management... congrats mate

  • Hentai Neko
    Hentai Neko 15 days ago

    I missed it when battlefield was the one shooting game i was remotely good at other than cod the easiest fps the world gotta offer

    • k dh
      k dh 3 days ago

      Hentai Neko just started back playing bf1 and im a complete beast got 143 kills in operations argonne forrest yesterday. Having a blast

  • Bogyo
    Bogyo 16 days ago

    Nem sok admin szereti a csalókat,én bannolnálak a játékbol is.

  • Daniel Stuckey
    Daniel Stuckey 16 days ago +5

    This is why the aussie servers are great. As a kiwi with a 2.04 K/D, my kind can thrive on our locker and 1000 ticket shanghai servers. If your a god on foot or in a vehicle don't worry about being banned cause of salty players, cause on the aussie servers everyones toxic! Infact my mate is a madlad and got 214K 17D on Locker and got praise from everyone for having good skills!!

  • Rocker T
    Rocker T 16 days ago

    You are clearly using a script or hack. So... STFU!

  • Parker Fitzgerald
    Parker Fitzgerald 16 days ago

    I feel bad lol

  • Aero1027
    Aero1027 16 days ago

    I’m new to battlefield and I’ve been banned from multiple servers just because I’ve had a high KD on a low level account. It’s really frustrating when you just get banned for being better and it’s demotivating me when I want to keep playing battlefield

    • Revan VonHeaven
      Revan VonHeaven 5 days ago

      This is why Cod and Cs will always be better and they have more mature players.

  • mati2626
    mati2626 17 days ago


  • Marllon Macedo
    Marllon Macedo 17 days ago

    nice recoil control, macro? xD

    • Mr OC7
      Mr OC7 9 days ago

      Yep, that why he got banned

  • Myrko Schneider
    Myrko Schneider 17 days ago

    Estuve en esa partida,no recuerdo el server pero hay dos nuevos que te expulsan sin razón. Uno es el (gaT) clan y el ottro es CLR. Según tengo entendido "La Comunidad Battlefield" los está monitoreando y se van a "encargar" de ellos.

  • Kabuki Jo
    Kabuki Jo 18 days ago +1

    i love this game so much but i can't play it normally cuz of my crappy laptop, please halp :(((

  • Toby Wood
    Toby Wood 18 days ago

    That last magnum pull was great

  • Niiikoo
    Niiikoo 18 days ago

    el animal del aim❤

  • sunjabib ahladeen
    sunjabib ahladeen 18 days ago +11

    This is why I quit BF4 in the end, getting banned to often, that’s what you get for being pro with no life. The admins telling you to get off the game for your own sake.

    • iVootek
      iVootek 8 hours ago

      Same with me, in BF3 I got a cross ban, because I was so Pro with Jets, having a 105 killstreak with jets was suspicious 🤣 ruined BF4 for me, just a bunch fags that dont know how to play!

    • k dh
      k dh 3 days ago

      sunjabib ahladeen huh? Lma

  • Axlel
    Axlel 18 days ago +18

    4:11 Made me check Discord

  • Its Sauron
    Its Sauron 18 days ago

    Tbh I don’t blame them. In the end it was insane

  • gamesforever
    gamesforever 19 days ago

    Where is the recoil?

  • Alex Steel
    Alex Steel 19 days ago

    I was banned too in too much servers only for kill too much

  • gaahleux666
    gaahleux666 19 days ago



    Hahahaaa Ban Idk why some server ban op player when use the magnum .44

  • 5w4771
    5w4771 19 days ago

    Cheater noobs like you should banish from all 3d shooters for life. Without a cheat you are a nothing.

  • luca weiergräber
    luca weiergräber 19 days ago

    feck admin

    RAFAEL COZER HD 4K 20 days ago

    Server Brazilhan

  • nestor orozco
    nestor orozco 20 days ago +1

    Can i get your enemies? Mine shoot back

  • Jacie Dentin
    Jacie Dentin 20 days ago +9

    20hp revives? You deserved the ban

  • VHSRetroPL
    VHSRetroPL 20 days ago +1

    I image if those people would go and play on only locker hardcore tmd they would break emotionaly. Everyone is like him there :p

    • Mommasboy87
      Mommasboy87 16 days ago

      Bad Boys
      I actually prefer hardcore over normal BF4, even on locker and metro, most players are actually playing more intelligently and the camping isn’t as bad as you would think. It used to be lots of teamkilling and camping but now only the true fans play so it’s pretty fun.

    • Bad Boys
      Bad Boys 17 days ago

      No, lol, hardcore locker have more campers and all, same gameplay, same people, same retards

  • SurpriseToys 2.0
    SurpriseToys 2.0 20 days ago

    hello ! u will play battleroyal game again apex or something?

  • recrutas do ps4#
    recrutas do ps4# 20 days ago +1

    Por que não jogas BATTLEFIELD 5 ?

  • recrutas do ps4#
    recrutas do ps4# 20 days ago

    Já estoi a tornar-me tu fã, kkkk

  • Humberto Freitas
    Humberto Freitas 20 days ago

    Adm chorão é foda kkk

  • Vilenia
    Vilenia 20 days ago

    All make comeback to bf4 pls

  • lucas 24
    lucas 24 20 days ago

    40 years admin cry and rage ban XD

  • [TK69]Tankeiros 69
    [TK69]Tankeiros 69 20 days ago

    cade o resto do video mostrando que foi banido por um adm ?? ate onde vi nao tinha adm on mas em fim quer resolver isso me chame whats 21993602177
    qualquer adm que for pego fazendo sera expulso do cla e retirado de suas atividades aguardo contato

  • Kali
    Kali 20 days ago

    ¿Me explicas cómo eres capaz de encontrar partida en PC? Porque el matchmaking está muerto, y buscar servidores dentro del propio juego está bugueadísimo...

  • hardcore lollipop
    hardcore lollipop 20 days ago

    Thats the privat servers... i hate it. U play a bit better u go kicked from server i have that 3 times at day:/

  • Xi 077
    Xi 077 20 days ago

    Te amo ndeah

  • Tony B
    Tony B 20 days ago

    Better than new cod