[SFM FNAF] Purple Guy's Death Scene (The Rise of Springtrap)

  • Published on Nov 12, 2017
  • [SFM FNAF] Purple Guy's Death Scene (The Rise of Springtrap)
    (Purple Guy's Death Scene | by Zapper770)
    ➜ Animator: Zapper770: ru-clip.net/channel/UCSrK6pGVqznij29nyOf4oHg
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Comments • 2 001

  • Danielvissd
    Danielvissd 40 minutes ago

    went you see you crush talk whit someone: 1:27

  • Danielvissd
    Danielvissd 42 minutes ago +1

    went you step on lego: 0:48

  • Potato June
    Potato June 3 hours ago

    Me : *taking shower*
    Shampoo: your death is here my friend..

  • Yiping Lin
    Yiping Lin 11 hours ago

    Geez purple guy is stupid

  • FeaR Winterz
    FeaR Winterz Day ago

    Feels bad man

  • FunGamer 8 - Rask

    Girls during puberty: 0:58

  • Major BiEL
    Major BiEL Day ago

    Purple Guy use Springbonnie
    Springbonnie use Springlock
    Is very effective!
    Purplw Guy has fainted

  • kaleb roberts
    kaleb roberts 2 days ago +1

    0:44 get rekt by a dead person

    • Danielvissd
      Danielvissd 31 minute ago +1

      how a bug fell went you crush him 0:49

  • LegoMeng
    LegoMeng 2 days ago

    Purple guy : HA HA HA HA HA
    Spring bonnie : I'm gonna end this man career

  • ed marius gumarang
    ed marius gumarang 3 days ago

    The spirit of death!!

  • Raffaello Reynard Filipus

    This Is Soooooooo Uncomfortable And Satisfying

  • YNWA
    YNWA 4 days ago

    What actually happened to him

  • Niccolò Iuliano
    Niccolò Iuliano 4 days ago

    0:43 william uses middle finger!

  • 2much4Borealis :3
    2much4Borealis :3 4 days ago

    My friend showed me this first...

    Why did i go back...

  • ed marius gumarang
    ed marius gumarang 4 days ago

    This video contains blood scenes,violent scenes and lots of creepy scenes

  • Criticlees
    Criticlees 6 days ago


  • Shazio Gaming
    Shazio Gaming 6 days ago

    R.I.P Bone Purple guy cracked 1like=1bone ahahhaah

  • pogo punk
    pogo punk 7 days ago +1

    I know that purple guy is a child murderer but this video makes me feel bad for him

  • Sam White
    Sam White 7 days ago +1

    0:43 Ladies and gentlemen, we've got him (may have copied someone's comment)

  • 18 Paul
    18 Paul 7 days ago

    0:46 *N O W T H A T S A L O T O F D A M A G E*

  • Taheem Ahmed
    Taheem Ahmed 8 days ago


  • Pedro Riku
    Pedro Riku 8 days ago +1

    Also,he got blind because the springlocks crushed his face,therefore,eyes

  • slope.
    slope. 8 days ago

    poor purple guy

  • BALDIFANART 4 Squad animates

    Animation sin:
    1. DONT you die slowly in a springlock suit
    2. Who has a beating heart if it’s stabbed there
    3. Who puts on suit only holding a head
    4. Who was stupid enough to not take of endo
    But this is great

    • Aarons0z
      Aarons0z Day ago

      you don't take springlocks off of a suit, also he was desperate to get away from them

  • BALDIFANART 4 Squad animates

    * Puts on suit with holding head *

  • Joseph
    Joseph 8 days ago

    Karma is real

  • Joseph
    Joseph 8 days ago

    At 0:51 the sound my nephew makes when he gets punished

  • Merieme Pacheco
    Merieme Pacheco 9 days ago +1

    Me:OHHH his Allergic to water

  • DarkTheODST
    DarkTheODST 9 days ago

    When you step on a lego

  • Dylan Baylor
    Dylan Baylor 9 days ago

    You didn't need to reupload this. It's still on his channel.

  • FoxyFlix Yt
    FoxyFlix Yt 9 days ago +1

    God: you can get away with nursing Afton

  • Dinomite biteyou
    Dinomite biteyou 9 days ago

    Wait I don’t understand what killed him inside like what happened to him.

    What I’m saying is he was inside the suit but I don’t understand what kille dhim

  • •Lynn Chan•
    •Lynn Chan• 10 days ago

    That’s why I like more die in the fast way

  • King Ghidorah
    King Ghidorah 10 days ago

    Purple guy in springbonnie or springtrap:bad finger

  • Haveń ,
    Haveń , 11 days ago

    Uh the crunching makes it so much more uncomfortable and the way you can’t see his body the jagged movements of his limbs snapping and his screems for help are made far more uncomfortable because no one is able to hear him and no ones there it’s just unsettling it’s really not to bad until he hits the floor

  • Riiconnect24lover 5555
    Riiconnect24lover 5555 12 days ago +1

    Purple guy: *sticks up middle finger* faaak u
    Knife from wall: ima bout to end thes man's life (GOT THES FROM THES PART OF VIDEO 0:45)

  • Riiconnect24lover 5555
    Riiconnect24lover 5555 12 days ago +1

    thes is what happends when you press the subscribe button XD

  • Animation World
    Animation World 12 days ago

    vibe check

  • Springtrap
    Springtrap 13 days ago +1


  • ImpactabIe
    ImpactabIe 13 days ago

    I Actually feel bad, the noise thi

  • Kiri to
    Kiri to 13 days ago

    Honestly Even though he killed the children I still fell bad for him because of his screams

  • kaguno lssj
    kaguno lssj 14 days ago

    my nigga asking for help when he killed 5 mabie 15 children

  • A D
    A D 14 days ago +1

    Just imagine the pain he is going through of all the stabbing and bleeding
    Ouch that has GOT to hurt

  • Noah The shine
    Noah The shine 15 days ago

    Why is portal 2 music in here

  • Leonardo Brown
    Leonardo Brown 15 days ago

    For a reason I feel bad

  • supra man
    supra man 15 days ago

    phil swift would be so proude couse

    (nvm someone else made that joke before me

    HOPELES- s - SOUL 15 days ago

    1:06 critical impact

  • Fire Soldier
    Fire Soldier 15 days ago

    0:47 When your mom makes you eat vegetables

  • Nic Stewburrey
    Nic Stewburrey 16 days ago +1

    it still horrifies me to this day that the audio was sooooo detailed, you could hear the endoskeleton (or whatever that snapped into his organs and veins) snapping, and you could actually hear him shouting "get it off" "someone" and phrases. it's so real that when i first heard it the sound literally gave me a vision of how the whole thing happened.

  • BlindEyeAnimations
    BlindEyeAnimations 16 days ago

    How it feels to chew Five Gum-
    *this video*
    New Five Gum. Stimulate your senses.

  • Dawson Hankins
    Dawson Hankins 16 days ago

    **Agreeing With IAmFooBar** Yes It Made Me Uncomfortable But He Did Deserve It ALOT For The Kids He Merked In Fnaf 1 And 2 But If He Didnt KILL AND SLICE AND DICE CHILDREN I Would've Wanted To Help Him.

  • Peter Sobing
    Peter Sobing 16 days ago

    omg teh sound of teh springlock was grose teh crunching the banging

  • Rhema Miller
    Rhema Miller 17 days ago

    0:42 William : *flips the bird*
    Springlocks : DAI

  • Nanu Lee
    Nanu Lee 17 days ago

    He was fine in the suit until it rained one day as soon as water drops on the spring Locks it will come causing death

  • Raiderplayz
    Raiderplayz 18 days ago +1

    0:47-1:14 is me when I got my first splitter

  • Kathryn Childress
    Kathryn Childress 18 days ago +1

    A spike landed on his head

  • Kathryn Childress
    Kathryn Childress 18 days ago +1

    I know how the purple guy died now

  • X_pvpmaster_X 10
    X_pvpmaster_X 10 18 days ago

    Purple guy didn’t suffer enough


  • CreeperLord playz
    CreeperLord playz 18 days ago

    This is the best animation of this

  • Dubu Dubu
    Dubu Dubu 18 days ago

    a single drop of water rEalLy?!