Lenovo Y540 - Pick the Right Gaming Laptop!

  • Published on Aug 3, 2019
  • Dave2D review of the Lenovo Legion Y540 and Y545 gaming laptops. These are the best gaming laptops from Lenovo for inexpensive portable gaming, but only one of them is worth getting.
    Legion Y540 - amzn.to/338rPvV
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  • Dave Lee
    Dave Lee  2 months ago +1124

    Legion Y540 doesn't disappoint. Very impressed by it. Anyone picking one up?

    • Deepak B
      Deepak B 10 days ago

      After Watching Several Laptop Review Your Not Only a Laptop Reviewer More Than That You Are Best Gamer on Planet w(°o°)w

    • pawloiox2
      pawloiox2 14 days ago

      yes me

    • Walt Kowalski
      Walt Kowalski 14 days ago

      Yes i Have Y540

    • Michael Scornavacca
      Michael Scornavacca 16 days ago

      @Deniz Narli how did you get the student discount?

    • Satish Parikh
      Satish Parikh 17 days ago

      I wanted to know if the rubber coating on the laptop gets sticky or melt after time.

  • Anand Kumar Dwivedi
    Anand Kumar Dwivedi 8 hours ago

    I want to know this laptop will better or not for graphic designing or editinng or 3d animation?

  • Jithin Nair
    Jithin Nair 10 hours ago

    Should I get an i5/i7 or 2060/1660ti?

  • Sreehari Bijikumar
    Sreehari Bijikumar 11 hours ago

    Is a Legion Y540 w/1650, i5 9th gen + 512SSD good?

  • Jack Stuff
    Jack Stuff 17 hours ago +1

    I got a Lenovo Legion with intel i5 and gtx 1650 4gb

  • Алежка Дарк
    Алежка Дарк 18 hours ago

    in ukraine y540 with same spec - 1800$

  • Satyam Kumar
    Satyam Kumar Day ago

    After deciding and making comparisons for ages, I finally bought This Lenovo Y540 laptop - i5 9300h,8gb ram, gtx 1650, 512 Gb ssd.
    I wanted to go for the 1660 ti version but that was almost 300 dollars more, and i couldn’t afford it at this time(let’s hope for the future)
    I’ll say I was a bit let down because I always wanted a 1060 or 1660 ti laptop, but when this arrived i was just blown away. This just does not look like a flashy gaming laptop like the Acer predator and others. The design looks much more detailed, and subtle in real life.
    As per the perforhmance, the i5 usually sits between 2.4 and 3 GHz but under loads, I’ve seen it boost up to 4.1 GHz.
    So far, THERE HAS BEEN NO THERMAL THROTTLING. I get how sad it is that you can’t control the fans manually but this laptop have the best automatic cooling that I’ve seen in a while.
    Gaming wise, even if you’re an avid gamer, most modern games will get you up to 60 FPS in a mix of high settings.
    I’m not much of a really hardcore gamer, I’ve bought it mostly for a mix of production, design and gaming.
    Eg - GTA 5 @1080p, With a mix of very high settings(grass quality and reflection - ultra), usually sits between 55 - 70 FPS.
    If you’re a really avid gamer then sure go for the higher version but THIS WILL NOT DISSAPPOINT YOU.
    Thanks Dave for helping me with this purchase decision!

  • Allen Rocks
    Allen Rocks Day ago

    Got d Y540,Texts looks fuzzy,tried using Cleartype,setting Scaling to 125%(mine was 150% default)...Texts n Games Look fuzzy..Reducing Scaling Makes it harder to read,still blurry...any possible fix?
    Specs:i5 9th Gen;8Gb Ram;Gtx 1650;1Tb Hdd+256 SSD)

  • Anish Raja
    Anish Raja Day ago

    I upgraded it to 32gb RAM got it for 1200 bucks.. Lot of useful coupons out there.

    • Anish Raja
      Anish Raja 3 hours ago

      @Jake Thomas If you are not into heavy games. 12g should be good.

    • Jake Thomas
      Jake Thomas 5 hours ago

      Do u think 12g ram is good enough

  • Joel Pariat
    Joel Pariat 3 days ago

    Can this system install both 2.5 SSD + M.2 Pcie SSD instead of HDD?

  • Cold Studio
    Cold Studio 3 days ago

    Can you guys suggest me the best gaming laptop priced

  • Bryan Hinojosa
    Bryan Hinojosa 3 days ago

    helios 300 or y540?

  • LetsBeRational
    LetsBeRational 4 days ago

    Unless I see Ark Survival and Metro Exodus Benchmarks, I ain't judging a laptop...
    Up to this point, it seems that only laptops with a mobile (150+ tdp) RTX 2080 can run AC Odyssey, AS Evolved, and Metro Exodus, at ultra above or at 60 fps. (sure, there's the big issue with price)

  • Brian Dela Cruz
    Brian Dela Cruz 5 days ago

    Dave, which one is the best laptop under $1000 value?

  • Mystic Iber
    Mystic Iber 8 days ago

    Wait. 9th generation Intel and rtx 2060 in just 1200 dollars?
    In my country that same config cracks up to 2100 dollars.
    My country is India.
    How can it be so expensive

  • Racer 14
    Racer 14 8 days ago

    Please Review.
    Lenovo Ideapad L340 Gaming With i5 and i7

  • Sushil Kumar
    Sushil Kumar 8 days ago

    is y7000 better than y540 🙄🙄?

  • Rohan Kumar
    Rohan Kumar 9 days ago

    How is the colour reproduction on the display?

  • Prakhar Pandey
    Prakhar Pandey 11 days ago +4

    I bought this laptop and trust me till now its amazing. Ask all the questions you want to.

    • Prakhar Pandey
      Prakhar Pandey 6 days ago

      @artmankey BTW I would recommend you to check the channel Jarrod's Tech. His review on the legion y540(basically every laptop) is straight up amazing. See that video and you'll know all about the laptop.

    • Prakhar Pandey
      Prakhar Pandey 8 days ago

      @artmankey yeah bout that... I don't know if I feel this way because I have bought a gaming laptop after 7 years or is it just because it is with this laptop. The laptop does get pretty hot while playing Assassin's Creed Odyssey but the cooling system is top notch. The fans are moderately loud when at full power(the fans don't even turn on when I'm surfing or Downloading stuff) but overall the laptop does a pretty good job at cooling it off. After every 30 minutes of AC Odyssey I like to put the thing down to cool off. Its not that there is any stuttering of any kind but because I feel like it is better to let it cool off. It hardly takes a minute to cool off with the game off and 3 minutes or so with the ESCAPE menu on. The time also gives my eyes a break. BTW I got to do this only once because even though I try hard to get some gaming time, I simply cannot.
      I have been thinking about UNDERVOLTING it as well. I'm dead sure that it will help with lowering the temperatures.
      In conclusion:
      If you're used to gaming laptops. I don't think that you'll face any problem with the thermals on this laptop.

    • artmankey
      artmankey 8 days ago

      What temperatures do you get while gaming and how's battery life?

    • Prakhar Pandey
      Prakhar Pandey 8 days ago

      @Kshitiz Sharma Nah man, the Helios 300(laptop only) is about 2.495 kgs while the Legion Y540 is 2.3 kgs(laptop). I don't think the power brick of the Legion Y540 can weigh 395 grams more.

    • Prakhar Pandey
      Prakhar Pandey 8 days ago

      @badhri nathan Okay I have no idea about those laptops but will try to research.

  • Gautam kumar Sahu
    Gautam kumar Sahu 11 days ago

    Sir please review on ASUS rog strix g531gt 1650gtx 4gb , i5 9300H

  • dvrman123
    dvrman123 12 days ago

    What's the heat dissipation difference between the y540 and the y750? I don't know which one to buy, this is kind of the deciding factor for me.

  • Andris Setyanang
    Andris Setyanang 12 days ago

    Better buy legion y540 or ideapad l340 gaming?

  • Ronaldo Fan
    Ronaldo Fan 13 days ago

    dave lee. thanks for the video, also does the number pad squished in the keyboard make the key smaller?

  • Rizwan Abdul rahiman
    Rizwan Abdul rahiman 13 days ago

    Which is better dell G3 or Y540?

  • Mitchell Jules
    Mitchell Jules 13 days ago

    Bought a y720 and the motherboard crapped out on my 3 times in the first year. Since I didn't buy a warranty I am now out of a 1300$ lenovo gaming laptop. Lenovo wants 2300$ to fix the issue again. But knowing that it's going to malfunction again I am throwing away my laptop and never buying a lenovo again... I am currently looking into buying a new gaming laptop but want something low profile. Any suggestions?

  • azharhassan_
    azharhassan_ 13 days ago

    hopefully Lenovo improve their product quality.I've used 3 of Lenovo product (1 laptop on 2008 - forgot model number,Y50 on 2015 and Yoga Book on 2017) and all of them have their own unique issues.

  • De Kunthlux
    De Kunthlux 14 days ago

    helios 300 or y540 (both 9750h & RTX 2060) ???
    which one should i buy. Can someone give opinions

  • Thegaming Eagle
    Thegaming Eagle 14 days ago

    Does the y540 have all the legion sense things and can it change the backlighting of the keyboard like the y740

  • Night Train
    Night Train 14 days ago

    Could you do a review on the Lenovo P53 and P73 workstations

  • Spinfast
    Spinfast 15 days ago

    I minute 5:21 you show us 9750 CPU + RTX Card has great 144hz power - but that`s not available for the price you are showing in the Lenovo Cart. What is the deal here?

  • PleibeiszA
    PleibeiszA 15 days ago

    Hi, Does the GTX 1660ti worth over a Quadro P1000 for Industrial Design works? In my uni there is a HP Zbook G5 on sale for ~1200$ (from ~2500$, and it is a mobile workstation with Quadro P1000) but the Lenovo Legion Y540 is around the same price, but it has a gtx 1660ti. The HP's built quality is much better, but I didn't find anything about how the GPU benchmarks are translates in real life, like what is the limitation of the P1000, a.k.a. "how complex 3d model it can handle?" or the P1000 is perfectly fine for the following years. Thank you!

  • Claus Bohm
    Claus Bohm 16 days ago

    You lost me on the 3 hr battery life ...

  • Kulsoom Ashraf
    Kulsoom Ashraf 16 days ago

    I felt there is more eye strain/ glare with this ones display

  • naksreview
    naksreview 16 days ago +2

    Bought this laptop(Y540) after watching this review.
    Thank you, Dave.

  • Eisel Manuel
    Eisel Manuel 17 days ago

    can you please compare lenovo legion y540 and msi gs65? thank you

  • Ashutosh K
    Ashutosh K 17 days ago +4

    Is this laptop good for softwares like autocad, 3ds max

    • Abhijith V. N
      Abhijith V. N 13 days ago +1

      @Rizwan Abdul rahiman Y540 bro.
      It's got the looks. And had the power.

    • Rizwan Abdul rahiman
      Rizwan Abdul rahiman 13 days ago

      @Abhijith V. N , which one is good dell G3 or y540 I wanted to use Matlab and catia

    • Abhijith V. N
      Abhijith V. N 14 days ago +1

      @orhema oluga I'm from India and here during the festive sale I got it from Amazon for ₹85,500 [$1200] after availing instant discount and cashback.
      The usual listed price is ₹1,05,000. [$1400]
      The variant is an i7, 1660Ti, 144Hz, 16GB RAM (8+8), 1TB HDD, 256GB SSD.

    • orhema oluga
      orhema oluga 14 days ago

      @Abhijith V. N how much didd you get it for

    • Abhijith V. N
      Abhijith V. N 15 days ago

      I have a i7 - 1660Ti and I use AutoCAD, MATLAB, and CATIA extensively and it works flawlessly.
      Zero problems.

  • TB693 NY
    TB693 NY 18 days ago

    Dave, is it worth getting the razer series so you can add the eGPU option over the Legion line?

  • Habiba Hagag
    Habiba Hagag 18 days ago +2

    I’m picking the Y540 next month. I think it is perfect for the design and price point.

  • Hazwan Rijan
    Hazwan Rijan 18 days ago +1

    Thanks Dave for your great video, bought y540 just now!

  • Cardinal Gaming and Tutorials

    Please do a review for Nitro 7 :)

  • Pluto
    Pluto 18 days ago

    the number of likes = number of times he said okay

  • Aniket Singh
    Aniket Singh 18 days ago

    I'm really confused between legion Y540 i5 9th gen GTX 1650 vs ThinkPad L340 i5 9th gen GTX 1650 .. which one should I pick???
    Pls answer someone if you know anything..

  • Lars Yunglord
    Lars Yunglord 19 days ago +2

    Please review Asus TUF FX505DT & Asus TUF FX505DY.

    • Lars Yunglord
      Lars Yunglord 16 days ago +1

      @Fot Guru No, TUF series is better.

    • Fot Guru
      Fot Guru 16 days ago

      Don't buy those...this one is bettee

  • Tomas Pa
    Tomas Pa 19 days ago +2

    Would be great to see video for Lenovo L340 review:))

  • Adrian Bodolan
    Adrian Bodolan 19 days ago

    Hello guys, please give an advice, I cannot decide.
    1. 17 inch Lenovo Y540 60hz display
    2. 15 inch HP Pavilion 15 with the same specs but 144hz display?
    Bigger with lower display quality or smaller with better display?!?

  • ahmad salari
    ahmad salari 19 days ago

    Thanks for this great review.
    Could you please compare y540 and scar iii rtx 2060?

  • Cool Pup Studios
    Cool Pup Studios 20 days ago

    Who else wants an updated w541 with a gaming gpu?

  • Maskman
    Maskman 20 days ago +7

    Can u help me out to select the right laptop for EDITING and gaming purpose from following laptop
    1.Asus TUF FX505DT
    2.Asus ROG Strix G531GT
    3.Acer Nitro 5 (2019)
    4.Lenovo Ideapad L340
    5.Lenovo Legion Y540

    • Aniket Singh
      Aniket Singh 14 days ago

      @Prathu I have ordered Acer predator triton 300 at 60k it's a killer deal

    • Prathu
      Prathu 15 days ago

      Same question, but i am thinking about helios 300 as it seems to have a better display as well

    • prasanna tn
      prasanna tn 17 days ago

      Aniket Singh if you are confused with l340 and y540, you should go for y540, because l340 doesn’t have ventilations like y540 for air flow, so it will thermal throttle in order to fix this issue lenovo current limit throttled the l340 to minimise heat, well it works great but you will loose performance. i.e, 1650 will not give you the fps it should give.

    • Aniket Singh
      Aniket Singh 18 days ago

      @Julian Fabian now I'm shifting towards Asus tuf FX505DT with 1650 GTX but the problem is it has ryzen 5 3550h is it good enough??

    • Julian Fabian
      Julian Fabian 18 days ago

      get y540. nitro 5 and l340 are said to have bad thermal management

  • Zero zone
    Zero zone 20 days ago

    Does it have 144hz refresh rate?

  • Arthur Sugamosto
    Arthur Sugamosto 21 day ago

    Im planning to buy a gaming laptop between this Lenovo Y540 with RTX 2060 Zephyrus GX501 with 16GB Ram and, which one do you recommend?

  • ShadowYeeter
    ShadowYeeter 21 day ago

    got one with FreeDos and no Windows

  • The IM Storm
    The IM Storm 21 day ago

    I look at several of these reviews and I'm lost. Have no idea what to get for a creator laptop :p I like the Zephyrus S because of the keyboard actually :)

  • PilsPlease
    PilsPlease 22 days ago

    Wrong information, the thermals are cooler on the 545.

    • PilsPlease
      PilsPlease 21 day ago

      @Amiel Nobleza Because they use better thermal pads, paste and a different cooler than the Y540 which is better at removing heat and the side vent is removed so it doesn't burn up cables or stuff. A lot of laptops usually have side charging ports this one doesn't but that would melt the power cable when the laptop was used for long periods of time.

    • Amiel Nobleza
      Amiel Nobleza 21 day ago

      How so?

  • BlurBerry Creative
    BlurBerry Creative 22 days ago +1

    The ideapad 340 with a gtx 1650 is $700 in US if anyone's interested.

    • BlurBerry Creative
      BlurBerry Creative 21 day ago

      @Michael Wadsworth There's also one of the Asus tuf w/ a ryzen 5 and gtx 1650 for $700 too. It looks gamer-y but the materials are nicer. And hey, it's rgb 😂.

    • Michael Wadsworth
      Michael Wadsworth 21 day ago

      That’s the other laptop my gf is looking at, but she doesn’t think she’d like how cheap the material looks and feels.

  • Mehul Jain
    Mehul Jain 22 days ago

    Is the y7000 any good?

  • Saif !
    Saif ! 22 days ago

    Make a video on ASUS TUF series

  • roblox. sadderdxys
    roblox. sadderdxys 23 days ago +19

    "Inside we have a keyboard"
    My nan: ooh

  • Jay Nad
    Jay Nad 23 days ago

    I've heared that the y540 is having some thermal issues so is it still worth for long term use?

  • 2080 ti
    2080 ti 23 days ago +1

    mobile gamers aren't real gamers

  • GreenAsari
    GreenAsari 24 days ago

    You forgot about the 144hz default in the 545....