Skip and Shannon disagree LeBron deserves to win MVP this season | NBA | UNDISPUTED

  • Published on May 17, 2018
  • Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe react to the 2018 NBA MVP finalist announcement where LeBron James, James Harden and Anthony Davis are nominated. Hear who Shannon and Skip think should win the MVP this season. Does LeBron deserve to win his 5th MVP?
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    UNDISPUTED is a daily two-and-a-half hour sports debate show starring Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe. Every day, Skip and Shannon will give their unfiltered, incisive, passionate opinions on the biggest sports topics of the day.
    Skip and Shannon disagree LeBron deserves to win MVP this season | NBA | UNDISPUTED
    Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED
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  • Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED

    Does LeBron deserve to win his 5th MVP?

    • Makai Perry
      Makai Perry Year ago +1

      Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED yes he deserves it but he’s not this years mvp Shannon stop letting your love get in the way from wat James harden actually did this year so the mvp is James harden

    • El Marocano
      El Marocano Year ago


    • King James23
      King James23 Year ago

      Yes. Absolutely

    • Luke Mulford
      Luke Mulford Year ago

      Skyiuuup? Would u take the Cavs without bron or would you take the rockets without harden? Exacty... my question sounds crazy af

    • Luke Mulford
      Luke Mulford Year ago

      Anybody who says harden is more valuable to his team than lebron is to his is mentally disabled

  • Chris Renshaw
    Chris Renshaw 17 days ago

    Only a complete idiot would pick lebron as mvp

  • velly jam
    velly jam 6 months ago

    I feel like NBA just got tired of giving it to lebron

  • Billy Causgrove
    Billy Causgrove 9 months ago

    Shannon only says LeBron should win unanimous cause Steph Curry was the first to do it and not LeBron.

  • BucsDude 2002
    BucsDude 2002 10 months ago

    Can someone make a compilation of skip sitting still?

  • RealJad11games
    RealJad11games 11 months ago

    Lebron James is the real MVP but they can't give it to him every year. It would be pointless and then the MVP would be "cancelled" because LBJ was winning it all the time

  • isaac kabari
    isaac kabari Year ago

    Give the Crown to the rightful king👑...Lebron was superhuman this season

  • charlotte barnes
    charlotte barnes Year ago

    I agree lebron deserves

  • Mr Slash Man
    Mr Slash Man Year ago


  • zuka Tm
    zuka Tm Year ago

    LeBron is best player in the world

  • Scott Leamy
    Scott Leamy Year ago

    I’m yet to see skip make a good argument against lebron. His best skill is to not answer questions

    BIG TREY Year ago

    LeBron deserves finals mvp but harden deserves regular season mvp

  • Derek Solomon
    Derek Solomon Year ago

    Don’t forget per put Draymond As 97th best in the League. PER isn’t recognized by any legit statistics websites or magazines like ESPN. Of course skip would use PER if it benefits him

  • Joseph Plaza
    Joseph Plaza Year ago

    Shannon,stop coming up with excuses for lebron,you keep using stats for your argument for lebron being the goat but stats don't mean a thing now because you want so much for lebron to win it

  • Christian Gonzalez


  • DASH X20
    DASH X20 Year ago

    James Harden deserves MVP he robbed last year it's that simple

  • raphael_gibus
    raphael_gibus Year ago

    shannon the most sympathic dude

  • Bryce Sause
    Bryce Sause Year ago

    + - is a stupid stat

  • Luca Pederson
    Luca Pederson Year ago

    Skip can go vertical

  • yellow meloe
    yellow meloe Year ago

    LeBron's MVP every year

  • Uros Djurdjevic
    Uros Djurdjevic Year ago

    How can anyone even think this Skip guy is normal?

  • JMelanin28
    JMelanin28 Year ago

    Skip is so ridiculous

  • Roszay_ 912
    Roszay_ 912 Year ago

    It doesn't matter who you put up against LeBron any NBA player and Skip is going to find a way to make them better than LeBron 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Chester Collado
    Chester Collado Year ago

    No love to Anthony davis?

  • cam
    cam Year ago

    You're right skip, Lebron should go all out on defense so that he is tired on the offensive side of the ball, and can't put up 40 every night, that should help the cavs tremendously, because we all know how good everyone else on the team is

  • asanda dandala
    asanda dandala Year ago

    Can't wait for the day Skip retires and goes six feet under...

    RRY PHILL Year ago

    It's insane to even ask Shannon anything about kidding.

  • Martian Martin
    Martian Martin Year ago

    LeGoat = Unanimous MVP

  • Q B
    Q B Year ago

    Hardens prancing and flopping is laughable. This is like picking Steve Nash over Kobe. Lol LeBron Davis then Harden

  • Mr. X Factor
    Mr. X Factor Year ago

    Bron is carrying a team bunch of role players to the ECF

  • Mr. X Factor
    Mr. X Factor Year ago

    They should make the mvp sympathy award

  • Kong Sedumedi
    Kong Sedumedi Year ago

    Who is LeBron even playing with?

  • Andrew Jackson
    Andrew Jackson Year ago

    Joy in 720p60HD should be the MVP frfr.....

  • Joey Versa
    Joey Versa Year ago

    Should've let Shannon finish his statement at the end

  • Marcus Silvestre
    Marcus Silvestre Year ago

    In a vacuum, in the gym, on the blacktop, in a phonebooth 😂😂😂

  • Ding Ren
    Ding Ren Year ago

    shannon is lebum's wife confirmed

  • dualShock
    dualShock Year ago

    Kyrie Irving was at the CAVS won 51 games with LeBron James then leaves and goes to Boston and wins 55 games. Is Kyrie the MVP ? 😂 lol what a logic

  • Luke Mulford
    Luke Mulford Year ago

    Skyyyiiiuuup? Would you take the Cavs without bron or rockets without harden? Exactly

  • Serac
    Serac Year ago

    I love both Harden and Lebron and i feel bad because he has had an amazing last 3 years but the MVP stands for the Most VALUABLE Player, so by definition who is more valuable Lebron or Harden? If Lebron wasnt on the Cavs, they wouldnt even have 10 wins and the rockets would have more than likely 40 wins still if not 45 without Harden

  • Dan Suchetka
    Dan Suchetka Year ago

    I love LeBron and I still think Harden deserves MVP without a doubt... dude got snubbed last couple years and not to mention he finished with a better record than the greatest team of all time

  • Del3rd WitDaFacts

    The mediator JOY TAYLOR is CLEARLY a dude/Tranny...WAKE UP SHEEPLE!!

  • Octavia Martin
    Octavia Martin Year ago

    I just realized Shannon is a low key Bronsexual🤣🤣

  • andrewkim
    andrewkim Year ago

    James is the MVP this year

  • Carl Berry Dorcely

    skipe shut it ? the dude is getting older, and he is the only player in his team, who never lack off offensively, go back in 2002 when he won his first MVP, he won everything that year except a championship, Harden is younger than Lebron, after 15 years Skipe you are expecting Lebron to play the same level in defense, you are out of your mind, BIG HATER you are making me sick to watch UNDISPUTED.. HATER HATER

  • Edbert Gonzales
    Edbert Gonzales Year ago

    Lebron james harden is the mvp.!!

  • david Greulich
    david Greulich Year ago

    lol the second I heard shannon say unanimous I immediately came to the comments.

  • Chris Montilla
    Chris Montilla Year ago

    Skip needs to get fired he knows nothing about basketball at this point 😂😂

    DHEERAJ VARMA Year ago

    I am tired of Shannon. I cannot understand a single word he is saying he mouth is full of Lebron’s d. Come on Shannon. Take it off.

  • devilman man
    devilman man Year ago

    do you hear james or harden?

  • Im Evil Morty
    Im Evil Morty Year ago

    Skip got owned everytime he face LeShannon

  • Im Evil Morty
    Im Evil Morty Year ago

    didn't they know that the "V" in MVP stand for Valuable? Lebron is the meaning of that. Skip is fronting about the 19 game stretch that lebron had from december to january while lebron played ALL 82 games compare to harden

  • IRON59 _
    IRON59 _ Year ago

    James James da mvp dis year

  • BaranToGo
    BaranToGo Year ago

    shannon crushes skip in every discussion, the evasiveness on skip makes me cringe badly

  • Paul Conroy
    Paul Conroy Year ago

    Of course Lebron hater skip says harden and leshannon pick bron!😂 But fo real Lebron should be MVP

  • Zesty Squad
    Zesty Squad Year ago

    LeBron is clearly MVP, shouldn't be unanimous tho

  • Callandor
    Callandor Year ago

    Skip's hatred vs. Shannon's love affair with LeBron. I love it! :)

  • Annabblle Despabiladeras

    skip never shut up hahahaha lol

  • Justice Garber
    Justice Garber Year ago

    Lol I love Shannon sharpe

  • Huunncho Hancho
    Huunncho Hancho Year ago

    MVP should be given to both harden & LeBron.

  • Josh Smith
    Josh Smith Year ago