Underground - Lindsey Stirling

  • Published on Jun 21, 2019
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    Director: Tom Teller
    Production Co. & Post House: Frame 48 (frame48.com)
    Executive Producers: Julian Conner, Tom Teller, Seth Josephson
    Producer: Bryce Cyrier
    Director of Photography: Nico Aguilar
    Production Designer: Juan Ramal
    Editor: Lindsey Stirling
    Colorist: Bryan Smaller at Company 3
    Featuring: Sofie Dossi, BDASH, and Miranda Wilking
    Sheet Music Here: lindseystirlingsheetmusic.com
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  • Алексей Ермаков


  • UnknownStar Gaming
    UnknownStar Gaming 3 hours ago

    I played this amazing album at college while we were doing Christmas things. They said that it was great music.

  • Spider-game :3
    Spider-game :3 6 hours ago

    Wow this girl has talent :)

  • Aimee White
    Aimee White 10 hours ago

    Your best...truly. I love you!❤

  • Expastelline_ Animates

    Doctor: you have 4:13 to live me: p e r f e c t w a y t o d I e

  • richard gaul
    richard gaul Day ago +1

    Gif scan clear

    • richard gaul
      richard gaul Day ago +1

      My Google Map assistant cleared scanner

  • richard gaul
    richard gaul Day ago +1

    Check with 83,000 + 43000 amateur Google's Map his assistant

  • Natalia Meadowsky

    Very good song❤

  • maxim Beketof
    maxim Beketof Day ago


  • Jamie Prado
    Jamie Prado Day ago

    Hi Lindsay,
    May I please use this music for my motovlog background music if I link it in the description?
    Thank you

  • Marlene Souza oliveira

    Só consigo imaginar letra nessa obra de arte que é esse instrumental

  • Nemesis.114
    Nemesis.114 2 days ago


  • Rachel GENTIAL
    Rachel GENTIAL 2 days ago

    i love lindsey

  • Maiky Espinoza Corea

    Te amo, quiero ser como tu, cuando sea grande

  • dibilson gomez
    dibilson gomez 2 days ago

    there is a Story.......

  • Arianna Thaler
    Arianna Thaler 2 days ago

    Okay I saw Sofie Dossi like if you did too. Love you Lindsey I listen to you while I do my math. Great job Sofie, but hey she always dose a good job

  • ShinFenrir
    ShinFenrir 2 days ago

    So this must be what being inside of a Playstation controller must feel like!

  • Gorpek
    Gorpek 3 days ago

    Bheartiful mmmm.. replay.

  • Shrk Skylive
    Shrk Skylive 3 days ago +2

    wow I am literally crying so beautiful

  • Cassandra Calder
    Cassandra Calder 3 days ago

    Literally the reason I learnt the violin was because of lindsey and now here I am picking it up again for school so I can play some of this new album for my sisters dancing.

  • Oxitoxic.
    Oxitoxic. 3 days ago

    So don't give up

  • Mohammed Sharlouck
    Mohammed Sharlouck 4 days ago

    Awesome Lindsey keep it up, you are great.

  • warriorlight417
    warriorlight417 4 days ago

    Somehow the chorus reminded of Phantom of the Opera for some reason...it makes u feel like going a staircase that spirals downward and almost endlessly

  • Alexandr Baranovskij

    Why so easy, create clip by firefly or "страна десяти тысяч чудес)

  • BlazeStar
    BlazeStar 4 days ago +1

    Brillant loving this one!

  • ForTehLulz101
    ForTehLulz101 4 days ago

    you are so talented babe

  • Jasmine Mathew
    Jasmine Mathew 4 days ago

    You gotta appreciate the background music that perfectly ties in with Lindsey’s playing!

  • Monica Robertson
    Monica Robertson 5 days ago +2

    also this gave me strong Game of Thrones vibes

  • Tvoe Schastie
    Tvoe Schastie 5 days ago

    это шедевр..

  • Sri Nihayah
    Sri Nihayah 5 days ago +1

    Lindsey, I always love your music

  • Lê BÌnh
    Lê BÌnh 5 days ago

    Is anyone understand the meaning of this song? I mean, it's interesting, but, I don't understand it at all.

  • STANLY left the building

    the drop at 0:40 is like a massage to my soul

  • Vorgenus
    Vorgenus 6 days ago

    Lindsey edition Cyberpunk 2077 :) ;)

  • imdavidarturo
    imdavidarturo 6 days ago

    I Love they dance

  • Karma Killer
    Karma Killer 7 days ago

    I do not understand why they told you that you have no talent in that ridiculous program, I see that it has a gigantic talent, I really like your style of playing the violin and the choreographies you do, everything looks great, your music Fasina, I'm a fan of you today

  • Insi TALO
    Insi TALO 7 days ago

    Love the dancers, the ones working from behind the scenes on making this beautiful mv and as always really love our girl Lindsey Stirling.

  • Sadness Melodie
    Sadness Melodie 7 days ago

    You are like Nicol Bolas

  • melena snider
    melena snider 8 days ago +1

    Beautiful just beautiful

  • badgerman
    badgerman 8 days ago +4

    Am I the only one who thinks Lindsey is hot??

  • Jessica-sama
    Jessica-sama 8 days ago


  • Discman Alexander
    Discman Alexander 8 days ago +1

    круг квадрат треугольник)))

  • Discman Alexander
    Discman Alexander 8 days ago +1

    лучшая твоя композиция , мой дочери 2 года она болдееет

  • Katherine Schwenennesen

    Hey Lindsey!! I really like what you are doing with the violin, and was wondering if you had ever heard of the trombone player Christopher Bill. He does about the same music as you, but with trombone. I commented on one of his videos suggesting this, and he responded with great enthusiasm for the idea. This could be an amazing chance to create amazing music for fans of trombone and violin. Anyways, I love your music!!

  • Marita Elizabeth Silva Guevara

    Lindsey, I really admire you, since you were little you always dreamed of being a violinist and when you entered the talent show, the jurors rejected you. However, you got ahead regardless of the challenges. Incredible ... my idol, your music is simply magic. I love you ... really ... too much ...

  • Gustavo Gonzales
    Gustavo Gonzales 9 days ago


  • Gustavo Gonzales
    Gustavo Gonzales 9 days ago


  • pisceans song ngư
    pisceans song ngư 9 days ago +1

    Incredible, always love you, talented artist

  • Reimo Dorn
    Reimo Dorn 9 days ago


  • Ava Mayer-Tucker
    Ava Mayer-Tucker 9 days ago

    Hey Lindsey , just wanted to say awesome concert I loved it keep going!
    P.S you inspired me to do the violin I also sang shatter me in my school talent show

  • Shirley Giordano
    Shirley Giordano 9 days ago

    That's it. I've gotta get this album.

  • Cassy Helzer
    Cassy Helzer 9 days ago

    listening to this with my airpods is giving me literal chills😻

  • Banana Bot
    Banana Bot 10 days ago

    Yes I finally found it

  • ironfaith53
    ironfaith53 10 days ago +1

    This is my favorite song!

  • Владимир Шишкин

    It's perfect!

  • daher camacho
    daher camacho 11 days ago +1

    A una milmillonésima de ser subliminal.... Espiritual....

  • Adi Vlogs
    Adi Vlogs 11 days ago


  • Rossana Alejandro Choque
    Rossana Alejandro Choque 11 days ago +1

    La admiro mucho, quisiera que venga a perú en lima😢

  • LancelotGrignev
    LancelotGrignev 11 days ago

    как это круто...

  • Mary S.
    Mary S. 11 days ago

    I can't believe this amazing music video exists! Ilove this!