Underground - Lindsey Stirling

  • Published on Jun 21, 2019
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    Director: Tom Teller
    Production Co. & Post House: Frame 48 (frame48.com)
    Executive Producers: Julian Conner, Tom Teller, Seth Josephson
    Producer: Bryce Cyrier
    Director of Photography: Nico Aguilar
    Production Designer: Juan Ramal
    Editor: Lindsey Stirling
    Colorist: Bryan Smaller at Company 3
    Featuring: Sofie Dossi, BDASH, and Miranda Wilking
    Sheet Music Here: lindseystirlingsheetmusic.com
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  • grisel neri
    grisel neri 5 minutes ago +1

    Muy bonita tu musica yo ya la escuchaba desde hace un tiempo i love you 😘😚

  • H L
    H L 2 hours ago

    o mundial do lol vai ser foda

  • RR Krishnan
    RR Krishnan 2 hours ago

    Is there a tabla sound somewhere there??

  • Tiago Nery
    Tiago Nery 2 hours ago


  • Heike Oberste
    Heike Oberste 3 hours ago

    Cool Cool Cool 👍👍👍❤️❤️❤️

  • Niva Khadim
    Niva Khadim 6 hours ago

    Wowww it's so awesome

  • Dai 大
    Dai 大 9 hours ago

    So much money wasted on a dumb music video. Music is still good.. why not just pay an animator for a simple but cool screensaver-like image?

  • Señor Buena Onda
    Señor Buena Onda 10 hours ago

    IDK guys, but this is what I need as my "daily dosis".

  • Kaitlyn Buck
    Kaitlyn Buck 12 hours ago

    Plottwist! This is an ad for playstation XD

  • Ryan Curran
    Ryan Curran 14 hours ago

    And I am a girl but this is my dad's phone

  • Ryan Curran
    Ryan Curran 14 hours ago

    Lindsey I love your violin techniques and I have not been listening to your music since like 2 or 3 years ago I'm so excited I get to listen to it now😍

  • Juan Lara
    Juan Lara 14 hours ago +1

    Wait Was that shopie dossie like if u agree

  • Laura Wright
    Laura Wright 14 hours ago

    Lindsey I want to say that was amazing. I really want to see you play Somewhere over the rainbow from Wizard of oz.

  • Claudia Gossmann
    Claudia Gossmann 15 hours ago +1


  • El Charly Crack XD
    El Charly Crack XD 15 hours ago

    Hola, simpre me han gustado tus vídeos, sobre todo la forma en que transmites emociones en tus músicas, excelente.

  • The Period of Pringel
    The Period of Pringel 15 hours ago

    Artorias Disapproves

  • Joshua Cotton
    Joshua Cotton 17 hours ago +1

    Uninspiring 'challenges' plus narcissistic female equals waste of time

  • Lily K
    Lily K 18 hours ago

    I love your violin Lindsey!

  • Gonzalito 150
    Gonzalito 150 18 hours ago


  • franchescaa aviless
    franchescaa aviless 19 hours ago

    Increíble música 💜💜💜💜

  • Christian Deile
    Christian Deile 19 hours ago

    Once again a beautiful piece of music Lindsey keep up the amazing work. Lindsey I would love to see you do a piece of music with Mauve the Fiddler of Celtic Women, I think it would be awesome.

  • 夜冷
    夜冷 Day ago

    Wow this MV just like the movie

  • Sri Nihayah
    Sri Nihayah Day ago

    Lindsey, I always love your music from I watch rountable rival

  • Sanatbekovv _
    Sanatbekovv _ Day ago +1

    She is woman now and she got some children, i'm listening her still 2012😖

  • Steve Pahl
    Steve Pahl Day ago

    So awesome music love this

  • Ange Tuny-Depreaux

    Je ... Wouaaaaah. Je n'ai rien à dire . C'est magnifique

  • BelladonnaGaming

    I LOVE this track

  • yann carnec
    yann carnec Day ago

    Just whouaou, it's magical sound, beautiful

  • Adrian Prepelita

    I was so glad to see Sophie here! She's a great performer! 😍

  • Uñas Chic
    Uñas Chic Day ago

    Épico a otro nivel mejor imposible esta súper wow

  • Francisca Barrueto

    Hey Lindsey the TRIANGLE

  • Nicol Chipana
    Nicol Chipana Day ago

    your music is inspiration for me....

  • T.I KaY DecaY
    T.I KaY DecaY Day ago +1

    Lindsey playing while Tousou Hounnou, a sound track from Toriko plays at the same time. THIS IS AWESOME!

  • Casey Darwin
    Casey Darwin Day ago

    I love you Lindsey! ! ! Keep letting it rip baby!! Blessings!!

  • Verónica Chacón

    La mejor !!! Te amo Lindsey !!!!! ❤️❤️❤️

  • Camila Reyes ramirez


  • Canan Acarer Ak
    Canan Acarer Ak Day ago +1

    Satanist simgeler var, çok kollu simge.

  • jodoh kamu
    jodoh kamu Day ago


  • Deedee CL
    Deedee CL Day ago


  • Miranda Giovannini


  • Alexander Mikhnin

    Sony должна заплатить за рекламу :-)

  • Hugo Daniel Zamorano Gil


  • jorge velasquez
    jorge velasquez Day ago

    Me siento drogado

  • Anita Kumari
    Anita Kumari Day ago


  • Estefani Gonzales

    Me encanta, hace que la música cante, toca al violin como si ella tuviera vida propia y estuviera interpretando el mejor de sus repertorios, es increíble! ❤️

  • регент земли

    Я хотел бы умереть с этой песней в сердце...

  • Beck González
    Beck González 2 days ago

    No entendí el video😅😅😅, pero está buena la canción 😎😎

  • Alicia Crow
    Alicia Crow 2 days ago +1

    This video clip talks about the rising of the Antichrist.

  • Тути
    Тути 2 days ago

    Очень красиво ....

  • Wanderrer Boy
    Wanderrer Boy 2 days ago

    В общем, скажу по русски ( по английски не шарю), данный трек - а.уителен!!!!! А те, кто поставил дизлайк..., - конченные долб@ёбы!!!

  • Maher Hawari
    Maher Hawari 2 days ago


  • Grenan Tylos
    Grenan Tylos 2 days ago

    Lindsey is the only one who is allowed to have an electric violin and it wouldnt be sacrilegious

    GALLO PRRO 2 days ago +1

    Like si eres el unico mexicano aqui

  • TuffKid Gaming
    TuffKid Gaming 2 days ago

    when u do what u love.. u get 11 million subs

  • clampfan101
    clampfan101 2 days ago

    Do you take requests? I’m sure everyone would go absolutely crazy for you playing Aloy’s theme from Horizon: Zero Dawn!

  • M Layne
    M Layne 2 days ago

    1:29 to 1:49 the top chord progression line reminds me of a vocal hook of another song... I cannot figure out where I've heard it before. Absolutely love the song tho.

  • Tiger Face
    Tiger Face 2 days ago

    Очень красивая музыка и сложная по структуре! 👍

  • kyle dekruif
    kyle dekruif 2 days ago

    Lindesy may you be so blessed tonight I love you

  • kyle dekruif
    kyle dekruif 2 days ago +1

    The violin remains one of the most important instruments of all time

  • kyle dekruif
    kyle dekruif 2 days ago +1

    My darling I wish you only knew what I could feel for a woman like you of such magic

  • kyle dekruif
    kyle dekruif 2 days ago

    I cannot help but sing hallelujah when you play your music you are so beautiful I get lost my darling you are so magical

  • kyle dekruif
    kyle dekruif 2 days ago

    What an intelligent woman

  • kyle dekruif
    kyle dekruif 2 days ago

    May you never forget fur Elise you work magic and I must say that I I cannot explain

  • kyle dekruif
    kyle dekruif 2 days ago

    Lindsay you are more than just a musician you are a God

  • kyle dekruif
    kyle dekruif 2 days ago

    I would die just to love you my darling

  • kyle dekruif
    kyle dekruif 2 days ago

    What a very intelligent woman I must say such a beautiful person more than I've ever known

  • Christian Reynolds
    Christian Reynolds 2 days ago

    Truly Magnificent, it's like music like I never heard before
    In my entire life, it's as if "THE VOICE OF THE UNIVERSE"
    Has finally reached out to mankind's ears after all these
    Year's, Lindsey Stirling "You are a True Musical Genius"
    To all music lovers.
    :Truly Magnificent:

  • Angélica Zacarías
    Angélica Zacarías 2 days ago +1

    La contorsionista era Sophie Dossi?

  • Fatima Georgina Rios De La Cruz

    Me encanta🙄que talento

    VEL0Z ARQUER0 2 days ago

    Pense que luis iba a dejar un comentario

  • Abilene Hernandez
    Abilene Hernandez 2 days ago +3

    It's that Sofie Dossie? Sorry idk how to spell her name but,I really think it's her♡

  • Zer0
    Zer0 2 days ago

    Isn't artemis the goddess of hunt?

  • Tianming Gao
    Tianming Gao 2 days ago


  • quantrill
    quantrill 2 days ago

    This Girl is the best artist ever, can you believe i only found her music this week. Amazing music'

  • Наум Зельдович