Natalie Portman Talks Female Thor, Tessa Thompson Confirms First LGBTQ Character

  • Published on Jul 22, 2019
  • After Marvel revealed at Comic-Con that Natalie Portman’s Jane Foster will be the female Thor and Tessa Thompson revealed that Valkyrie will be looking for her Queen in “Thor: Love And Thunder”, Carlos Bustamante and Graeme O’Neil discuss during “ET Canada Live”.
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Comments • 217

  • Boby Brown
    Boby Brown 4 days ago

    They act like every person should be gay in a movie nowadays, nobody wants this bullshit People just want to see a cool superhero movie, this is why they shouldn’t have let gays and females in to marvel

  • Speeding Atheist
    Speeding Atheist 10 days ago

    So, is Thorette going to stand on boxes when talking to villains? How about intense steroid treatment? At least a blond wig, right?

  • Viewer Online101
    Viewer Online101 25 days ago

    I’m glad that they're having more LGBT representation, but I hope they do it right. What I mean by that is that they legitimately have LGBT characters and don’t simply throw the title on someone and pretend they were that way all the time. That feels very disrespectful to the LGBT community, like they only did it so they could say they’re progressive.
    Here’s an example of what I mean. Valkyrie was established to be bi since her appearance, which was good LGBT representation, and it’s been stated that she’s going to have a female love interest in the new movie, which I’m totally on board with and want to see. And her love interest seems like it’s either going to be Jane or Sif.
    Making it Jane would not be good LGBT representation. She was in love with Thor for the first and second movies, was seen and stated to have dated other guys, even having an ex before Thor, and never gave any indication that she was into girls. To suddenly make her Valkyrie’s love interest would feel very forced, like they just suddenly decided to make her bi just so they can have representation. I mean, yeah, they can just say that Jane was bi all along, but that would come across as very forced and inaccurate.
    However, making it Sif would be good representation. Her sexual preference has never really been addressed other than it being vaguely implied that she might see Thor as more than a friend. So she could easily have been bi or even a lesbian all along. Also, unlike Jane, who, as far as we know, hasn’t had any contact or interaction with the Asgardians, Sif would have been with them and would have been able to have gotten close to Valkyrie and established a relationship with her. This would make them getting together feel natural, more real, and not feel forced or like it was simply thrown out there for the sake of representation. This also makes sense mythology-wise as Sif is the wife of the king of Asgard, which Valkyrie now is.
    So, yeah, I really hope they go with Sif over Jane. I’m glad we’re getting more LGBT representation, but I don’t like how so many of them feel like they’re just tacked on, or feel forced, or play such little roles that they feel like they’re their just for representation sake and nothing more. That feels very disrespectful to the LGBT community to me, like they don’t think they’re worth putting much thought into the character or something. That’s just my opinion though.

    • Viewer Online101
      Viewer Online101 23 days ago

      @marcus Guteirrez
      It's not all forced, and can often add to a character. Here, I'll give an example of good and bad.
      In the original Beauty & the Beast, Lefou was a Gaston fanboy who worshipped him and kissed the ground he walked on. In the remake, they made him in love with Gaston. This added to his character and gave him more depth and backstory, and also explained his actions more aside from simply making him a major groupie willing to do anything to please hishero. This was good representation and an improvement to his character.
      Now here's a bad and forced example. In the show True Blood, one of the main characters was this girl Tara. The show was 7 seasons long, and all throughout the first 6 seasons, Tara had several love interests, all guys, and a few were pretty big love interests who she only didn't end up with because they died. Not once did it ever hint to her being into girls. Then when season 7 started. There was a time jump from the ending of season 6. The first episode of season 7 suddenly and without explanation had Tara in a relationship with another girl. At first I'm thinking, "Ok, interesting, I wonder how this happened and where they're going with it." But it didnt go anywhere. Tara was in that episode for like 3 minutes, only had a few lines, and then both she and her girlfriend were killed off, and neither of them, nor their relationship, were mentioned again for the rest of the show. So now I'm left thinking, "Well what was the point of even doing that?" This was bad representation that was very forcibly inserted in just to claim that the show was "progressive". And while this for some reason got a lot of praise for being progressive, I'm left feeling insulted on behalf of the LBGT community that the creators very forcibly just threw that in there just so they could say they had representation. It felt insulting and inconsiderate to both Tara's character and to the LGBT community, like they weren't worth more than that tiny, pointless, forceful role.
      This is the bad representation that I have a problem with. I'd like to see representation, but it needs to be done right. Don't just randomly and forcibly throw it out there just for the sake of being able to say you have it. If something like that happened to me for something and was called representation, I'd be pretty pissed off. Yet this kind of bad representation is getting praise, which is why we're seeing so much of it, and that's not a good thing. Representation is good, but it needs to be done properly.

    • marcus Guteirrez
      marcus Guteirrez 23 days ago

      Viewer Online101 i think representations of lgbtq is brainwashing and a attempt to polarized people and confuse people. I agree its all forced and done it the wrong way but in the sense that they want to destroy culture in America specifically the central values that govern us, they’re doing a good job at misinforming people about reality, facts, science, nature, Ect...

  • firetopman
    firetopman 27 days ago

    I'm concerned by how much I dislike Tessa Thompson. It's not healthy to loath someone you barely see this much. But everything she says and does in her movies comes across as superior and condescending.

  • Kiam Kweli
    Kiam Kweli Month ago +1

    I feel nothing...

  • Bella Bee
    Bella Bee Month ago

    So excited!!

  • Glen George
    Glen George Month ago

    So who's going to play Wonderman???

  • - TheCastletvShow-
    - TheCastletvShow- Month ago +1

    I'm not watching no lbgt movie

    • Superderpyfish
      Superderpyfish 13 days ago

      I'm sorry. you are missing out on a amazing life.

  • willl 88
    willl 88 Month ago +2

    I'm going to go out on a limb and say this is going to bomb

  • Yoyo Ball
    Yoyo Ball Month ago +18

    I'm not watching this movie...good job MCU, make the same mistakes and go down the path that the comics/Star Wars did, You people must enjoy losing money?

    • marcus Guteirrez
      marcus Guteirrez 23 days ago

      Yoyo Ball do you see the manipulation snd brainwashing in the culture

  • Bruce Wayne
    Bruce Wayne Month ago +8

    You know Portman sued Marvel just to leave the MCU .
    Plus Valkyrie LGBTQ ?????? WTF
    Also I am here to watch Chris Hemsworth as Thor . At least I hope he’ll be in Guardians 3 .

  • Baily Sawyer
    Baily Sawyer Month ago

    This just sounds like one of the shittiest ideas marvel could possibly have

  • Fantallana
    Fantallana Month ago +2

    All the misogynists and homophobes in these comments: “REEEEEEEEE”
    this is the funniest thing I’ve ever seen. Remember when these same clowns said Captain Marvel would bomb... and then it made a billion dollars? These female, black, and lgbt characters are lifting film to knew heights, and cave men are sad that the world is leaving them behind 😂 when the world grows the hell up, you gotta do the same or get left behind. That’s the way the cookie crumbles, babies.

    • Slim Paco
      Slim Paco Month ago

      Clowns also said Ghostbusters, Oceans #, Fantastic 4, and MIB, would fail, so they got 1 wrong. This just looks dumb, but hope you like it, if you actually see it.

  • Red eye
    Red eye Month ago

    Boycott the movie guys it's time to show them we are not playing there games anymore. If you want to watch it, watch it for free in Showbox or other services. Don't pay your money to support feminist garbage.

  • Robert Lewis
    Robert Lewis Month ago

    Oh my, look at this mess. The current mostly insane Hollywood crowd without talent is so busy with their agenda they forget to make anything worth watching. Those feminist wildcat women are getting rich off of the retards that follow them around on social media, shaming anyone that disagrees with their dim-witted views. Those mangina men that are helping, "only for the money" are also fake as heck. We all know how the women wiggled in, the usual ways of course. Marry, divorce, money grab, lying, suing, cheating, etc. But this current agenda that is forcing agenda over anything entertaining is terrible and funny at the same time. Watching skinny EXTREMELY weak white women parade around on TV/movies doing it all is hysterical. Also those big mouth white woman are fake, good God there are so many racist white women its not even funny.

    Not one penny from my pocket though for any of it on what I can control. First off the movies/shows are boring as heck. I'm sorry they cannot create any good female characters, so instead they destroy male characters. I think its because those feminist are so crazed they love ruining it for men, or normal men anyway. I guess the little girls will go see it with daddy's money and feminist women taking orders by social media. Those inflated ticket prices offset the really low ticket sales. Anyone that continues to feed the current agenda that crowd is pushing must be little girls or feminist & manginas. I know some men, with their tiny "trying to impress women" brains will say they go because of all the conflict and they makes feel big, when they are actually dumber than dumb.

  • _data• corrupted- ¡

    This makes me want to support misogyny

  • hairbandfan1967
    hairbandfan1967 Month ago

    I only have a problem with this: the director say wants to “destroy” the Marvel mythology. This has larger implications. Destroying a culture’s myths is basically destroying a culture and spitting on all it has done for humanity. Like Nazi book burning. Intellectual genocide.

  • Paul Gilheany
    Paul Gilheany Month ago +1

    Couldn't she just be something else

  • edyounot55
    edyounot55 Month ago

    It's like watching them make the Wonder woman character into female Thor. Stupid and unoriginal.

  • Shitler 88
    Shitler 88 Month ago

    Bitch hit the wall. Hard!

  • peripheral void
    peripheral void Month ago

    Thats retarded. Natalie Portman is attractive but least they could have done is pick someone who has muscle on them

  • Canadian KRISPY Bacon
    Canadian KRISPY Bacon Month ago +2

    Another, SJW, that’s going woke, and will end up broke.
    Marvel, has been using the ante, and now they have appeared to gone balls deep...errr, ahh vava....right up to their elbows.
    Each time these idiots bend to the SJW’s lose millions of dollars, 10’s of think to yourself, ok, they’ve learned their lesson...but nope, just when you thought they couldn’t of gotten anymore stupid, they manage to find a whole new level of stupid...I mean these morons are actually redefining stupid on a weekly or even daily basis now.

  • TJ Tilghman
    TJ Tilghman Month ago +7

    Can we please stop putting politics in movies?

    • Goddamn 47
      Goddamn 47 Month ago

      @Andre Villafranco its literally political. She's a tokenized Thor. It's not hard to understand.

    • Andre Villafranco
      Andre Villafranco Month ago

      TJ Tilghman this isn’t political, the comics portray Thor losing his powers and Jane Foster becoming worthy of the hammer

  • Macx Fairley
    Macx Fairley Month ago +1


  • Haley Davis
    Haley Davis Month ago

    Make a female Muhammad and I'll be ok with it

  • atownsen
    atownsen Month ago +4

    LOL the hammer is too heavy for her

    • Kiam Kweli
      Kiam Kweli Month ago +2

      Yep they'll have to make an actual lighter version for the movie. #Facepalm

  • Surprise Surprise
    Surprise Surprise Month ago +9

    End of hollywood is near....
    Culturally its costing us a lot.

  • Jimmy Pop
    Jimmy Pop Month ago +1

    I Love these actors, what's wrong with them?

  • Jimmy Pop
    Jimmy Pop Month ago +1

    female thor is bullshit

  • Christopher Shreiner

    Watch Bjorn Andreas Bull-Hasen's video on Marvel's Female Thor and their Cultural Appropriation on RU-clip!

  • Jordi Flores
    Jordi Flores Month ago +4

    Women wanna ruin everything men do

    • dahcorgi
      dahcorgi Month ago +1

      It's in the comics

    • H.I.T.B nn
      H.I.T.B nn Month ago +2

      Sexist much ?

    • MovieManiac33
      MovieManiac33 Month ago

      And they want to disparage them while they're ruining their creations.

  • michael yucon
    michael yucon Month ago +2

    The cultural insult going on is beyond reason let’s create comics with Christ we can make him transgender with Muhammad as a bisexual Asian and Moses can be a female lesbian.

  • Nerd Boy2002
    Nerd Boy2002 Month ago

    I was alright with Jane being thor but come on A TRANNY. We all can thank brie Larson for introducing her politics into marvel films. I mean if this is how phase 4 is gonna end up starting then you might as well throw in beta ray bill to make things more complex and different. But hey we may get bad actors but the movies still turn out to be good. Dont blow this marvel

  • Greymort
    Greymort Month ago +4

    Female thor? HA!!! I'd rather chew on glass and drink gasoline than watch that rubbish.

  • Mcu Z
    Mcu Z Month ago +3

    Lady sif as Valkarie queen

  • Skummy
    Skummy Month ago +2


  • Rachel C
    Rachel C Month ago +2

    box office fail...just saying

  • Spartan 6
    Spartan 6 Month ago


  • isaac muturi
    isaac muturi Month ago

    Let them keep bringing this bullshit... I'll sit down and watch Marvel run down to nothing because we are all sick and tired of these SJW Billshit

  • Aaron
    Aaron Month ago +8

    These cringe sjw films are practically writing the lesbian porn parody’s, same level of acting on both. 🤦‍♂️

  • Aaron
    Aaron Month ago +7

    Since they are role reversing everything is Black Widow going to be a trans woman who was a man all along? Gotta be fair

  • Juan Rodriguez
    Juan Rodriguez Month ago +16

    Only the money is important, only the money

  • ryan mclean
    ryan mclean Month ago +1

    Why marvel why ur making ur amazing movies follow a left wing agenda when u should just focus on making amazing superhero movies

  • taipan185
    taipan185 Month ago +2

    Not at all happy to hear this even though I really love Natalie Portman. I have no doubt she will make the best of it and she is infinitely more likable than Bree Larsen so I'll support Natalie regardless

  • K annable
    K annable Month ago +4

    It’s a hard pass for me cotton

    • aSliceofBrie
      aSliceofBrie Month ago

      YESSS!!! 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾
      I say this all the time and no one ever knows what I'm talking about. I appreciate you. 😁

  • Jimmy 0126
    Jimmy 0126 Month ago

    What the meaning of Thor love and thunder

  • R S
    R S Month ago +7

    Holly Holm would have been a better choice for a female Thor. She actually can fight and has muscles.

    • Nortan
      Nortan Month ago +2

      That's a good shout. At least believable. Holly would have at least been able to hold it up without looking like it was an effort to hold up the plastic version.

  • Matt Canty
    Matt Canty Month ago

    You would have to be a fkn idiot to turn down a leading role that pays millions of dollars for 8 weeks of work.

  • Simon Barnes
    Simon Barnes Month ago +11

    Just cancel Thor 4, please just cancel it, sounds painful, ewwwwwww.

    • Goddamn 47
      Goddamn 47 Month ago

      @Faizan Nishat that's only something a dumb ass beta male would say when he has nothing to derive from for evidence to prove any of his soy statements.

    • Slim Paco
      Slim Paco Month ago +1

      @Faizan Nishat But she isn't strong, she's a 100 pound middle aged vegan.

    • Simon Barnes
      Simon Barnes Month ago +1

      @Faizan Nishat no, it just sounds lame

    • Ashley Spurling
      Ashley Spurling Month ago +1

      @Faizan Nishat your fucking joking right?

    • Faizan Nishat
      Faizan Nishat Month ago

      Why coz their is a strong powerfull woman in it

  • Christopher Marlowe

    Hemsworth is 35 years old and the perfect Thor. Why the fuck are they writing him out of his own story? He looked miserable in this panel. Of course he’s smiling because he’s paid to but look at his eyes.

  • Bartlett Dave
    Bartlett Dave Month ago +5

    This is a terrible idea, female Thor romance movie, puke worthy!

  • Adrian Sandoval
    Adrian Sandoval Month ago +5

    I love that Valkyrie is portrayed as a character that happens to be bi/gay and wasn’t thrown in as a bi/gay character
    And yes, there is a distinction

  • rocco flavioni
    rocco flavioni Month ago +38

    The hammer looks heavier than her...

  • Mike
    Mike Month ago

    this is a fucken joke. marvel has gone off the political correctness scale. no one wants to see this.

  • rabblerouser
    rabblerouser Month ago +4


  • galenicahoney
    galenicahoney Month ago +3

    Pleaseee i want tessa to be female thor. Not natalie portman 😭

  • Chirho Knight
    Chirho Knight Month ago +6

    What’s next, a female Hercules? But don’t mention the female part. The Spartans are supposed to have Hercules blood in them, so let’s make them women. 🤡 🌎

  • 11H8
    11H8 Month ago +2

    Wow they gave us what we always wanted!!!!! We've been asking for a female thor since the first movie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Ashley Spurling
      Ashley Spurling Month ago

      @11H8 believe it or not, I have fpund a couple people on here who are seriously excited about all this.

    • 11H8
      11H8 Month ago

      @Ashley Spurling U think someone would actually say that?

    • Ashley Spurling
      Ashley Spurling Month ago

      Please tell me that was sarcasm?

  • enough - A P L A U S E -

    If this was necessary I want guardians vol 3-69 and also you couldve used Ronda rousy an intimidating looking woman who looks like she could be a thor

    • Dot matrix
      Dot matrix Month ago

      @taipan185 She would at least be more believeable.

    • enough - A P L A U S E -
      enough - A P L A U S E - Month ago

      @taipan185 you point about not being able to sell a role applies when theres more people that convey what the role is while not having unnecessary shitty traits outside of the movie

    • enough - A P L A U S E -
      enough - A P L A U S E - Month ago +1

      @taipan185 shes gonna jam the girl power thing cause everyone who's not black widow does

    • taipan185
      taipan185 Month ago

      @enough - A P L A U S E - I do think though that Natalie Portman might seem a little soft for this role. She doesnt have much of a physical presence which might make the whole thing pretty lame. On the upside she might not be written as a character that constantly jams this girl power bullshit down the audiences throat like some kind of highly enlightened being talking to peasants.

    • taipan185
      taipan185 Month ago +1

      @enough - A P L A U S E - You cant sell a product (movie) with an actor/actress thats seen as an obnoxious dick. Take a look at Brie Larson, anything with her in it is never going to make as much as it could have because so many people cant stand her. Captain Marvel could have done better had it not been for her being such a Tw@t.

  • fusionaut23
    fusionaut23 Month ago

    All of this stuff is overshadowing great story telling because it is the center piece of it all. I think this is just about the almighty buck $$$$. Create a new audience and those people will go and see the movies. Of course they will have the newbies there as well and lastly the MCU fan boys who will accept anything the MCU does no matter how idiotic or blasphemous it is to the comics.