Jennifer Lopez’s Week at SNL

  • Published on Dec 7, 2019
  • Jennifer Lopez takes fans behind the scenes during her week at Saturday Night Live. Directed by Jason Bergh.
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Comments • 112

  • TShon Rice
    TShon Rice Month ago

    H.A.S.HTAg this Is a Vibe
    Sending Light,Respect&Prosprity

  • tami dalsing
    tami dalsing Month ago

    The whole thing was about how she is so much prettier than everyone else. Is she feeling insecure at 50?

  • Elizabeth McLeod
    Elizabeth McLeod Month ago

    You’re funny Jen. You’ve got so many fans. Happy Christmas.

  • Anthony Jordan
    Anthony Jordan Month ago +1

    This the 1st time I EVER... heard her MENTION... IN LIVING COLOR!

  • Sky Dreams
    Sky Dreams Month ago

    Money sucking beeech

  • Dat Nguyen
    Dat Nguyen Month ago

    See you in 10 years at 50! I mean 30!

  • miguel mora
    miguel mora Month ago +1

    Love jlo and SNL

  • dugfriendly
    dugfriendly Month ago

    The superfan guys should have done a sketch about the musical guest. Duh-baby!

  • Tsetsi
    Tsetsi Month ago +6

    She’s a bit special in a way

  • Elsa Tobias
    Elsa Tobias Month ago

    So they are warming us up for the super ball??? She is talentless and now a sell out (my opinion)...bye!!!

    • Elsa Tobias
      Elsa Tobias Month ago

      Jessica Jennifer interesting how you small brain thinks that a typo is a sign of dumbness 😂😂😂. You kiss your mother with that mouth??? I’m sure you do more than that with that mouth, you are ghettooooo! Thanks for the correction tho I’ll make sure to fix it 👍🏼

    • Jessica Jennifer
      Jessica Jennifer Month ago

      Sell OUT. no seas pendeja

  • Byron Collins
    Byron Collins Month ago +1

    Keep Up The Good Work, Jennifer Lopez ;-) !!!!!!

  • David R
    David R Month ago

    Jell-O is Stuck Up in real life she is a bitch 😆👎

  • BergletteMom
    BergletteMom Month ago +22

    She did a really nice job hosting, and was pretty good in the sketches, too. Unexpected.

  • Kaddywompous
    Kaddywompous Month ago

    How is she still so fucking hot??

  • Cecelia Russo
    Cecelia Russo Month ago

    Not funny! At all. Besr hardware dkit, workout skit...bad theatre!!!

  • 1504MBR 1504MBR
    1504MBR 1504MBR Month ago

    She showed her twat in the green dress🤣🤣. Dababe messed it up for her. That's gotta be the dumbest music guest on snl history!

  • Andrew Flood
    Andrew Flood Month ago +1


  • Cheryl Barlow
    Cheryl Barlow Month ago

    As usual she and Alex were fake.

  • Margo
    Margo Month ago +2

    Loved her sequined jumpsuit! ❤️

  • joe lemieux
    joe lemieux Month ago +5

    So far every sketch is about how hot she still is. She looks good for 50 but come on.

    • TotinosPizzaRollz
      TotinosPizzaRollz Month ago +3

      It's embarrassing how they have to have every sketch be about how pretty she is. Is she so vain they they have to constantly puff up her ego?

    • Blade Runner
      Blade Runner Month ago +1

      Dat ass though. Otherwise, that's it.

  • BlueAngel
    BlueAngel Month ago +1

    I dont have cable so i gotta wait til you upload it.cant wait. Wepa salio del carro bailando merengue.

  • Simply Astryd
    Simply Astryd Month ago

    how can i watch without cable?

  • Marcus Mars
    Marcus Mars Month ago +2

    Es mi imaginación 🤔 oh se esta kedando pelona jlo 🤷🏻‍♂️

  • Jeannette Escalante
    Jeannette Escalante Month ago +1

    Fake ass diva

  • Carolyn Marion
    Carolyn Marion Month ago

    Break A Leg #JLO s in the house ohlala xo STOKED

  • Cole Bagodoodoo
    Cole Bagodoodoo Month ago +2

    Old J

  • Tiphanie MosesSeantay

    i freakin love her

  • Mike Okkerts
    Mike Okkerts Month ago

    They don't start until Monday so it's not a week at SNL.

  • Trey Terronez
    Trey Terronez Month ago

    God I bet she smells so good

  • Tradeon
    Tradeon Month ago +1

    Does SNL stand for SeNiLe?

  • Gina Romantica
    Gina Romantica Month ago

    Please let her have the white walls,
    white linens & white candles!

  • slomojoe77
    slomojoe77 Month ago +1

    She's a lot of things, but funny she ain't

  • Rosemary Mancera
    Rosemary Mancera Month ago +8

    What???!!! Jennifer and Mango Diva competition!!! Not included. Awww....
    One of the best!!!

  • dbc680
    dbc680 Month ago

    Very artistic

  • TheSpanishzombie
    TheSpanishzombie Month ago

    J lo is the type of person you be like, how the fuck did she got famous ? Music is average same as acting, then you looked at her ass and you be like ah i get it

  • Jamila
    Jamila Month ago +2

    Kenan is kindness perfect in this

  • Ximena Zea
    Ximena Zea Month ago +1

    Niki Minaj, Cardi B and JLo same level VULGARITY.

  • Joseph De la torre
    Joseph De la torre Month ago +50

    Everybody will be watching except Mariah Carey.😂🤣😅🤣😂🤣😂😅😃😅😂🤣😂

    • nick t.
      nick t. 27 days ago

      jdelgadosegovia mariah doesn't like anyone and Jen is one of them cuz their producer gave them the same song 20 years ago and Jen was the first one to release it

    • jdelgadosegovia
      jdelgadosegovia 27 days ago

      Wait what did I miss?? Why wouldn’t she want to watch?

    • nick t.
      nick t. Month ago +1

      j bianchi oh yeah she only has one song we all remember

    • j bianchi
      j bianchi Month ago

      nick t. The woman at the top of the hot 100

    • j bianchi
      j bianchi Month ago +1

      nick t. Yes shes alive and well. She has the number one single in America atm 😭❤️❤️

  • Oscar Torres
    Oscar Torres Month ago

    How old are you

  • Angel Del Valle
    Angel Del Valle Month ago

    I'm can't wait

  • David Van Horn
    David Van Horn Month ago +46

    Love that we’re gonna see her awesome performance tonight, but be honest “Dababy” is the STUPIDEST name on the planet 🙄🙄

    • ShmiGod
      ShmiGod Month ago

      David? OOF that’s tuff :/

    • Jacob Kemezys
      Jacob Kemezys Month ago +1

      Ernst Boye 7kl Let’s put it this way! Where’s DaBaby? Where’s DaBaby? Where’s DaBaby? There’s DaBaby! Thanks for coming to my Ted talk!

    • Big Sog
      Big Sog Month ago

      David Van Horn what about lil baby?

    • Ernst Boye 7kl
      Ernst Boye 7kl Month ago +20

      Wait you’re saying DaBaby is a bad name when your own name is DaVid? Hmmm interesting....

  • L T
    L T Month ago +2

    Hennifer Lopay

  • Junkies_Tv
    Junkies_Tv Month ago +2

    She looks amazing for her age!Cant wait to meet her 💯

  • Denise Marie
    Denise Marie Month ago +2

    That's so cute! Somebodies at NBC think people want to see more of Jennifer Lopez.

  • Andrea Umba
    Andrea Umba Month ago +5

    It's her 3rd time hosting SNL I love J. Lo so much

  • bugsfrickingbunny
    bugsfrickingbunny Month ago

    Spoiled unfunny hoe hosts snl wow I am stunned

  • Dark Star
    Dark Star Month ago +10

    Wonder if they needed an entire building for JLo's

    • Nelson Medina
      Nelson Medina Month ago +3

      Are you jealous she has a big ego, just asking for a friend lol

  • chesco
    chesco Month ago +1

    being that she is in a giant commercial for BRAIN INJURY next year, this is really a great PR thing that yalls should do with all the guests. I will be watching because she is amazing at it and it is SNL BUT. Don't forget that CTE creates KILLERS, RAPIST, and destroys the part of the brain that helps people make good choices. So when they ask you "Why are we so low in education?" IT"S BECAUSE YALLS ARE A BUNCH OF FUCKING TERRORIST THAT TERRORIZE EACH OTHER :) and JLO you may be one of the most talented people around but that stench still smells like SHIT to my DAD.. PS GOD!

  • siavm
    siavm Month ago

    I am ready tonight.

  • Michael Bryant
    Michael Bryant Month ago +1

    i bet she sucked more cock than usual that week.

  • Fartrell Cluggins
    Fartrell Cluggins Month ago +17

    Will she sing Taco flavored kisses???

  • Stevie K.
    Stevie K. Month ago

    Love this woman!!

  • C J
    C J Month ago +2

    Awe she really seems like she wants to do an awesome job!

  • Cademan Caden
    Cademan Caden Month ago +1

    She's so overrated

  • Mac Kenzie
    Mac Kenzie Month ago +6

    I’m so excited now!

  • Kino
    Kino Month ago +87

    Hope Melissa gets to do her Jlo impression.

  • euphoryuh
    euphoryuh Month ago +2

    This woman and Tracee Ellis Ross are some straight up MILFS and I want them to be my sugar mamas


    Instead of being a corporate shill/ exploited Lusty Latina for the U.S. for over 20y now, why doesn't she now finally stand up for her ppl in PR that are being exterminated at the hands of our govt. since Hurricane Maria (& even BEFORE)?

    • Fartrell Cluggins
      Fartrell Cluggins Month ago +1

      You mean the Puerto Rican govt that keeps iembeciling the funds and aid that we keep providing.

    • Martin D
      Martin D Month ago

      Why do you mix personality politics with an offered important identity? JLo is an entertainer. The actors went on strike at the turn of the century. Why don't you find out what happened to them, if there was recrimination, and then you would have a video for people to watch.

  • Zhanel911
    Zhanel911 Month ago +1

    Amazing woman✨