I Wasted $1000 at Target!

  • Published on Jul 12, 2018
  • $1000 Target Tech + Tech Accessories Haul! Which tech item was your favorite?!

    Everything I bought!
    Kanex Watch + Phone Charger - bit.ly/2L1os3J
    Alarm Clock - bit.ly/2KRHXMU
    JBL Pulse 3 - bit.ly/2KOwnls
    Watch Band - bit.ly/2zAtPSU
    iPhone X Cases - bit.ly/2ue3fdk
    iPhone X Case + Power Bank - bit.ly/2NbcgdQ
    S9+ Case - bit.ly/2ue4NnE
    Small Pink Speaker - bit.ly/2zzmRxp
    Baby HomePod - bit.ly/2uscq9g
    Kirby Looking Speaker - bit.ly/2usFn4S
    Cable Keychain - bit.ly/2zuK6Zm
    USB-C Cable - bit.ly/2zuYTna
    Power Strip - bit.ly/2NbRLOt
    Polaroid Camera - bit.ly/2me71yX
    Coaster Wireless Charger - bit.ly/2me5jh2
    Wooden Watch Stand - bit.ly/2L1tZax
    Echo Spot - bit.ly/2NIIlLf
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    What I use to make my videos! 🎥
    Camera - amzn.to/2zsPLO0
    Lens - amzn.to/2hTydkK
    Lens Mount - amzn.to/2hSB90X
    Camera Mic - amzn.to/2yHQxri
    Tripod - amzn.to/2zqIKex
    Tripod Head - amzn.to/2zIna8g
    ND Filters - amzn.to/2yiVjY9
    Lights - amzn.to/2zFWIwl
    Laptop - amzn.to/2yGmsbH
    FCP - itunes.apple.com/us/app/final-cut-pro/id424389933?mt=12
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  • Skeleton Clique
    Skeleton Clique 5 hours ago

    I fucking wish I had 1k to waste on shit I want 😂

  • Emma Bapst
    Emma Bapst 5 hours ago

    my sister got the last phone case but for samsung

  • m47lovey
    m47lovey Day ago

    Am I the only one who doesn’t have wifi?

  • Lesley Trends
    Lesley Trends Day ago

    2019 anyone?

  • Lesley Trends
    Lesley Trends Day ago +2

    Her: I wasted $1000 at Target!
    Me: Walking to the bank to claim my $6 pension

  • Elizabeth Trinh
    Elizabeth Trinh 2 days ago

    I would buy that pollard camera with a bunch of films and an iPhone x and Starbucks and a bunch Of makeup 💅👏👏👏👏🤷🏻‍♀️❣️💋😇💄💄

  • Cristinee
    Cristinee 2 days ago

    When she said "Alexa take a picture" my Alexa went off and scared the soul out of me

  • Purple Panda
    Purple Panda 2 days ago

    If you don't like it why but it, honestly!???!!

  • Purple Panda
    Purple Panda 2 days ago

    Isn't she supposed to be showing us what she got instead of reviewing every item?????

  • Rippkai Starnes
    Rippkai Starnes 3 days ago

    I have an Alexa in my room and You just ordered me some cliff bars😅

  • mari ortiz
    mari ortiz 6 days ago

    RU-cliprs sometimes spend alott but they return it and get there money back

  • Karolanne Petrin
    Karolanne Petrin 6 days ago

    Omg she is so ongretful

  • Mamaama Mia
    Mamaama Mia 7 days ago

    Is it just me or is her lisp really annoying lol 🤣🤣

  • Becka9871_yay Yay
    Becka9871_yay Yay 7 days ago

    can you but me one of those amazon spots it would mean the world to me i have subsribed and i loe your vids xxx

  • right right
    right right 7 days ago

    Wait,so she has 3 phones

  • Army Forever
    Army Forever 8 days ago +3

    I would’ve spent all that money on BTS albums.💜🥰

  • Victoria xox
    Victoria xox 8 days ago

    Her house so aestheticcc ❤️

  • - Jazlyn -
    - Jazlyn - 9 days ago +2

    Thank you for your attention

  • Rachel blog
    Rachel blog 9 days ago


  • Kasey Kemp
    Kasey Kemp 9 days ago +2

    The whole video she complained about the products she bought, it annoys me the way she is talking about the money, like the money is nothing.

  • Baraa albeydani
    Baraa albeydani 9 days ago +3

    Your so lucky jbl speaker in Australia is $300

  • alienveluz \ bts stan
    alienveluz \ bts stan 10 days ago

    I would already be bankrupt if I would spend 20€.

  • Vanessa Governo
    Vanessa Governo 10 days ago

    That eco spot would be dangerous in my hands I’d go broke but I love lol

  • May Emma Catherine
    May Emma Catherine 10 days ago

    *1:21**: girl w h a t it's 80 dollars*

  • scorpio
    scorpio 10 days ago

    i do that almost every time i enter a target. it’s a problem

  • Sunflower The Fennec Fox

    I have the one step 2 also but girl you spoiled

  • Its Simply Ang
    Its Simply Ang 11 days ago

    Please choose me for the AirPods giveaway😫😫

  • safa malik
    safa malik 11 days ago

    what r u doing with ur life

  • Vivian Prokof
    Vivian Prokof 11 days ago

    When people have to much money

  • Lenz Walters
    Lenz Walters 11 days ago


  • It’s meh Jam Bobias
    It’s meh Jam Bobias 11 days ago

    100% not a waste because she buys what she need or she buys what she not need it’s her money not yours

  • 1-800-NotMy Problem
    1-800-NotMy Problem 12 days ago

    Why do you need so much phone cases?? There all basic colors expect the sunset one ;---;

  • Girl Squad
    Girl Squad 13 days ago

    I love echo

  • Joni Brooks
    Joni Brooks 13 days ago

    When your TOO rich. Can’t relate

  • Goldshmidt
    Goldshmidt 13 days ago

    why do you have so many phones

  • Ali Blaha
    Ali Blaha 13 days ago

    When i get bored i watch this videos we need more

  • Pixie Dust Blogs
    Pixie Dust Blogs 13 days ago +2

    'SpEnDinG 1000 dOllArS At TaRgEt' *as you do*



  • Camren Ortiz
    Camren Ortiz 14 days ago

    Krystal sounds like a stripers name jk

  • Clo Clo
    Clo Clo 14 days ago +1

    Is she a Taylor swift fan?cause I am

  • Maria Rivera
    Maria Rivera 16 days ago

    would have been better if u just spent it all on helping homeless ppl lol

  • JJ Cello Vlog
    JJ Cello Vlog 16 days ago

    I love you being a swiftie and playing end game and dont blame

  • Copyright ZJRB
    Copyright ZJRB 16 days ago

    "wasting"..... maybe try donating? :)

  • Fares Abdulrhman
    Fares Abdulrhman 17 days ago +2

    If you split the 1000$ to homeless people in the streets and the people how really need money for medicine... that’s will be helpful rather then buying stuff that you already have like them !!

  • LarryBarry
    LarryBarry 17 days ago

    Me: yeS
    Money: broKE WHo ?

  • • Beans•
    • Beans• 17 days ago

    “I’m going to do a LITTLE shopping “ lmao 😂

  • Elle Marie
    Elle Marie 18 days ago

    Copyright is in this alot

  • Katie Engemann
    Katie Engemann 18 days ago

    I wonder what the people behind her in the checkout line were thinking 😂

  • KC Mervine
    KC Mervine 18 days ago

    Yeah I ONLY spent 60$ on a crappy speaker 😐🙄

  • KC Mervine
    KC Mervine 18 days ago

    How is she not copyrighted and broke

  • Big Chungus Can Gacha!
    Big Chungus Can Gacha! 18 days ago +4

    Broke English version:
    *I wasted £10 at Tesco!*

  • Anaya Jones
    Anaya Jones 18 days ago

    I hate target, they are expensive, i could've gotten everything she bought for under $100

  • EJMC 2007
    EJMC 2007 18 days ago

    That alarm cost 625 piso, on our country.
    And that JBL speaker cost 7,813 piso.

  • Hi I'm Martin!
    Hi I'm Martin! 19 days ago

    9:45 your phone records u!!!!

  • claudia roussel
    claudia roussel 19 days ago

    She should be donating that money to charity, people are starving on the streets and in third world countries

  • claudia roussel
    claudia roussel 19 days ago +4

    Krystal: i feel like every home should have a some type of smart assistant speaker
    me:i feel like every home can’t afford a “smart assistant speaker”, not everybody is as rich as u krystal

  • Mariati Maksom
    Mariati Maksom 19 days ago

    2:25 what song is that?

  • Tinyhamsters Bigliving

    This is my normal afternoon

    I’m broke if you can’t tell by now

  • Amazing
    Amazing 20 days ago +2

    I mean, I would kill to have any on those things !!

  • Emma
    Emma 20 days ago +1

    *only 20 bucks*

  • rayyan tehreem
    rayyan tehreem 20 days ago

    Girl!!!!!YOu said a little shopping but what the helll that is full waste

  • Amanda Estrada
    Amanda Estrada 20 days ago +1

    Can you talk about the google mini

  • Gina Lucas
    Gina Lucas 21 day ago +1

    loving the pullerride

  • Aiden Nealon
    Aiden Nealon 21 day ago

    That’s my yearly allowance

  • sugar cookies xx
    sugar cookies xx 21 day ago +1

    weird flex but ok (no hate lmaoooooaooa)

  • jumana attarwala
    jumana attarwala 22 days ago +2

    I really enjoyed watching your video and yes I loved the Amazon echo spot it is damn good loved it.

  • Abby Lee
    Abby Lee 24 days ago +2

    Her: *Aimlessly spends my life savings at target*
    Me, in the clearance section: *Hmmm... $0.95 seems a bit over budget, but I think I can make an exception just this once.*

  • *_Destiny _*
    *_Destiny _* 25 days ago

    Y'all can't even do the floss , smh

  • limelight Mrs.herron
    limelight Mrs.herron 25 days ago

    Bro she got the same blue charger as me

  • limelight Mrs.herron
    limelight Mrs.herron 25 days ago

    Her:spending 1000 dollars at target
    Me: should I spend 10 or 15 dollars

  • G unit
    G unit 26 days ago

    How much money was the echo spot?

  • DIY with Ananyaa
    DIY with Ananyaa 27 days ago

    I wish I had that much money I am broke

  • Liv2swim
    Liv2swim 28 days ago

    why does someone need 3 phones?

  • Amy Strikes again
    Amy Strikes again Month ago

    Technology these days, it just gets me thinking too much

  • Tan and fran DIY
    Tan and fran DIY Month ago +1

    I feel like she didn’t really like what she got

  • Eilish _34
    Eilish _34 Month ago +6

    her: i’ve never had a metal watch band for my apple watch
    me: i’ve never had an apple watch

  • Dunia al
    Dunia al Month ago

    Is no one going to talk about the fact that she has 3 phones

  • DNAGumdr0p 369
    DNAGumdr0p 369 Month ago

    How many speakers do you need? I don’t even have one me and my mom share

  • SugarRushSlimez
    SugarRushSlimez Month ago

    I only got 1 case for my second $1000 phone! My gosh! The audacity!

  • Mia Mountinfeather
    Mia Mountinfeather Month ago

    u wasted??

  • Libby Warbucks
    Libby Warbucks Month ago +2

    Weird idea

    Pair all of the speakers and play sicko mode.... is that a good idea?

  • Nadiraaraa
    Nadiraaraa Month ago

    Other youtubers be postin 'minimalist lifestyle' or 'things i dont buy anymore' while lora here posts I SpENt 1000dOLLaRs oN target!!!

  • Akira Scott
    Akira Scott Month ago

    Rich people be like: I bought because it looks cute,
    I don’t like it because it feels cheap.

  • Zoha’s Life
    Zoha’s Life Month ago

    Did u actually WASTE that money or liked the stuff

  • Rupna Chowdhury
    Rupna Chowdhury Month ago

    Awesome 😄😍

  • Mini Mochi
    Mini Mochi Month ago +1

    Are you sure you went to Target and not Best Buy?

  • Sockys Pockys
    Sockys Pockys Month ago +1

    Way to flex on us

    ****THIS WAS JUST A JOKE, i am a hugeeee fan of krystal.

  • skye patton
    skye patton Month ago

    how many phones does she have???

  • Jayci D
    Jayci D Month ago

    why does she need so many speakers?

    edit: why does she need so much just STUFF?!

  • Hannah R
    Hannah R Month ago

    I was watching this and my echo dot went off when she said alexa

  • Anna
    Anna Month ago

    Most millenials now go on binge shopping bec something looks cute.. I don't think that's a good enough reason but ok that's their money ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  • Anna
    Anna Month ago

    I'd spent $500 on food and groceries, and the $500 on useless stuff 🤔

  • Rene Lopez
    Rene Lopez Month ago

    Why do you say wasted and not spent lol

  • ヘリーナ헬리나

    Whats your job by the way 🧐🧐

  • mymumlovesme myasiandadlovesme

    her face..

  • avocado allie
    avocado allie Month ago

    how many speakers does one need

  • Amazing Friday
    Amazing Friday Month ago


  • 4,108,624, 018
    4,108,624, 018 Month ago

    This video make me realize that i'm a Minimalist

  • M. Naeem
    M. Naeem Month ago

    Plz Unboxing The ViVo Phone

  • Lea Lea
    Lea Lea Month ago

    Her: it feels really cheap 1:42
    Me: I can’t afford that so...