I Wasted $1000 at Target!

  • Published on Jul 12, 2018
  • $1000 Target Tech + Tech Accessories Haul! Which tech item was your favorite?!
    New 📸 comparison of the Galaxy S10e vs XR is up! 🙋🏽‍♀️ ru-clip.net/video/rg6-BOBmgX0/video.html
    Everything I bought!
    Kanex Watch + Phone Charger - bit.ly/2L1os3J
    Alarm Clock - bit.ly/2KRHXMU
    JBL Pulse 3 - bit.ly/2KOwnls
    Watch Band - bit.ly/2zAtPSU
    iPhone X Cases - bit.ly/2ue3fdk
    iPhone X Case + Power Bank - bit.ly/2NbcgdQ
    S9+ Case - bit.ly/2ue4NnE
    Small Pink Speaker - bit.ly/2zzmRxp
    Baby HomePod - bit.ly/2uscq9g
    Kirby Looking Speaker - bit.ly/2usFn4S
    Cable Keychain - bit.ly/2zuK6Zm
    USB-C Cable - bit.ly/2zuYTna
    Power Strip - bit.ly/2NbRLOt
    Polaroid Camera - bit.ly/2me71yX
    Coaster Wireless Charger - bit.ly/2me5jh2
    Wooden Watch Stand - bit.ly/2L1tZax
    Echo Spot - bit.ly/2NIIlLf
    This video is not sponsored.
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    Instagram - instagram.com/krystallora
    Twitter - twitter.com/lora_krystal
    What I use to make my videos! 🎥
    Camera - amzn.to/2zsPLO0
    Lens - amzn.to/2hTydkK
    Lens Mount - amzn.to/2hSB90X
    Camera Mic - amzn.to/2yHQxri
    Tripod - amzn.to/2zqIKex
    Tripod Head - amzn.to/2zIna8g
    ND Filters - amzn.to/2yiVjY9
    Lights - amzn.to/2zFWIwl
    Laptop - amzn.to/2yGmsbH
    FCP - itunes.apple.com/us/app/final-cut-pro/id424389933?mt=12
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  • Krystal Lora
    Krystal Lora  2 months ago +48

    New 📸 comparison of the Galaxy S10e vs XR is up! 🙋🏽‍♀️ ru-clip.net/video/rg6-BOBmgX0/video.html

    • Alyssa Ward
      Alyssa Ward 24 days ago

      soz but u can't floss

    • _Jungk_Kook_
      _Jungk_Kook_ Month ago

      Krystal Lora if I hade 1000 dollars I would waste it on BTS stuff

    • Debby M.
      Debby M. Month ago

      This was posted on my birthday, cool ig

    • Shireenjit Johl
      Shireenjit Johl Month ago

      Yes please

  • galia rfe
    galia rfe 5 hours ago

    Samsung s10 already comes with wireless power share...

  • Jaelyn Barmore
    Jaelyn Barmore 19 hours ago

    Why is your phone blinking on the camera when the camera was video taping it

  • Masqiek Koii
    Masqiek Koii Day ago

    Gurl copyright

  • Issam Yagoob
    Issam Yagoob 3 days ago

    I need to become a RU-clipr I need money lol

  • Melanie :/
    Melanie :/ 3 days ago

    Spends $1000*
    Then returns the items she didn’t like because they didn’t work as she thought*

  • Kartikay Singh
    Kartikay Singh 4 days ago

    She also goes to target

  • Kartikay Singh
    Kartikay Singh 4 days ago

    Do you know Kristen McGowan

  • ZamAN IsLAM
    ZamAN IsLAM 7 days ago

    Just i wanna to say. U are amezing 😮😮

  • Ap 23
    Ap 23 8 days ago

    Its hard watching you spending money 💰 you waste
    You dont use half of them🙈

  • Kenzy Abdelghani
    Kenzy Abdelghani 11 days ago

    At least every RU-clipr who does shopping sprees gives away some away ..

  • Kazi Yusha
    Kazi Yusha 12 days ago

    Her: I WASTED $1000 AT TARGET.

  • Ally Bell
    Ally Bell 13 days ago

    5:41 copyright has entered the chat

  • HeyIm Jols
    HeyIm Jols 16 days ago

    I thought it was a lava lamp thats why I clicked

  • Daddy Duckie’s World

    i like how the title is “i *WASTED* $1,000 at Target” not “i *SPENT* $1,000 at Target” she was so honest

  • sis vs. bro
    sis vs. bro 16 days ago

    First of all you are acting like a spoiled brat and you really are dumb enough to not know that the speakers have a volume button.

  • Adel Sitaish
    Adel Sitaish 17 days ago

    That’s sad I could’ve bought an iPhone XR with that much money **crying** 🤧

  • Tutti Mulosmani
    Tutti Mulosmani 19 days ago

    I love how the title says " I WASTED 1,000 dollars at target" because it just makes us feel poorer then her and also you always buy something for a reason unless it's for a yt video

  • Aesthetic Edits and i oop-

    Noooo you forgot somethen!!!!

  • Jelanie French
    Jelanie French 22 days ago

    my favorite was the polaroid camera

  • The King of Turtle
    The King of Turtle 23 days ago


  • Aracely Gastelum
    Aracely Gastelum 25 days ago

    Why are you getting these things if you know that you don't like it move on to something else

  • Aracely Gastelum
    Aracely Gastelum 25 days ago

    Stop judging Target

  • So here's what I think

    Jesus how many speakers does one need?

  • Sophia Allsorts
    Sophia Allsorts 26 days ago

    I don't have target or Wal-Mart were I live lmao

  • Aythra
    Aythra 27 days ago

    I get annoyed when RU-cliprs just waste money.

  • Raf Kitchen
    Raf Kitchen 28 days ago

    If i have 1000 i would probably would buy a camera so my videos would better quality pictures.. I guess next time..lol

  • Raf Kitchen
    Raf Kitchen 28 days ago


  • Sincerely, Lilyanne
    Sincerely, Lilyanne 28 days ago

    Someone is OBSESSED w/Taylor Swift.

  • Sanne Axolotl
    Sanne Axolotl Month ago

    80 dollar for a Charger 😱

  • Sunflowerxlyy Roblox

    it said wedsday july 11th ! thats my birthday!


  • Changer101
    Changer101 Month ago

    Do one at Best Buy and see how many things you get there😏

  • Texting Stories
    Texting Stories Month ago

    Girl u going to get copy righted

  • boony chua
    boony chua Month ago +1

    Your singing is awesome!!!😊😊😊

  • Il vxruix lI
    Il vxruix lI Month ago


  • Julia Begain
    Julia Begain Month ago

    Why do you have 1000000000 phones😂😂

  • Savannah Zubek
    Savannah Zubek Month ago

    Her: "Everyone should have a electronic device in your home."
    Me: "Yea so the govermwnt can watch and hear you, idiot."

  • sarah joo
    sarah joo Month ago

    gurl how many phones do you have?

    us broke people only have one

  • Andy
    Andy Month ago

    Y tho?? Omg. This is like shopping addiction with the immediate gratification of getting what you want but don’t *need* immediately lmao. Can you guys imagine being able to be like “yeah I have a random $1,000 to spend instead of paying my bills”? I’d return that shit after the video 😂

  • Your Local Jam Dealer
    Your Local Jam Dealer Month ago +1

    Damn, *i don't even have a penny*

  • Goldy AG
    Goldy AG Month ago

    Dammm. Your maaa beautiful 😍

  • AreYOUaSpider
    AreYOUaSpider Month ago

    So do you keep all this stuff lol? Or do you return half of it?

  • Rian Mahdi
    Rian Mahdi Month ago

    Dont lie it was clas huson

  • Manik miah
    Manik miah Month ago

    I love you

  • Grace Justice
    Grace Justice Month ago

    This challenge would just be me if I didn’t look at the price tags

  • yellxw mix
    yellxw mix Month ago

    Its just funny how she smiles in the thumbnail and says "I 'wasted' $1000 at Target". I mean is that a good thing??? lmfao.

  • Maria Rodriguez
    Maria Rodriguez Month ago

    If this is what you call little shopping then I don’t want to know big shopping 💛🌻✌️🙃

  • Zulekha Hussein
    Zulekha Hussein Month ago


    ELIJAH ENGLAND Month ago

    13:18 “wait is this sponsored by amazon” lol

  • Bella Dobs
    Bella Dobs Month ago

    My Alexa kept going off! 😂

  • Miya Phillips
    Miya Phillips Month ago +1



  • Lapin
    Lapin Month ago

    This is so stupid and wasteful. I hate consumerism. People like that need to become more mindful. Acknowledge your fucking problem....

  • dollarmyg
    dollarmyg Month ago

    it is just me or she kinda sounds like ariana grande when she talks, or it’s just me

  • Hyelin’s Yoongi
    Hyelin’s Yoongi Month ago

    I’m not trying to say what people can and can’t buy, but a thing that annoys me is when someone buys something that they don’t need.
    You never know whether or not you’ll regret spending that much in the future (unless you’re rich AF).

  • Nina Ragos
    Nina Ragos Month ago

    I'm catched by the Title and I'm shock she plays TAYLOR'S SONG!!!! ❤

  • Spaaadez Games
    Spaaadez Games Month ago

    You forgot flexing your airpods?!

  • Spaaadez Games
    Spaaadez Games Month ago

    1:00 This spoiled rich kid doesn't even know that older iPhones exist....

  • HelloIts MeGames
    HelloIts MeGames Month ago +1

    Krystal Lora, looks like Selena Grande

  • Alexa Moorhead
    Alexa Moorhead Month ago

    uh guys i don't think you know being a you tuber you get money i mean a hell lot of money but you have to be good at it!plus thats her dissension to do whatever she wants shes a woman she can make her on choices

  • Mostlyxgail
    Mostlyxgail Month ago

    I am suprised this isnt copyrighted

  • Thaanvi Bareth
    Thaanvi Bareth Month ago

    Are you swiftie?

  • Aldrin Fernandes
    Aldrin Fernandes Month ago

    It is not TuReLY wireless charger you have to connect it
    She is so smart🤷🏻‍♂️

  • emilia schmidt
    emilia schmidt Month ago

    Spoiled much.....

  • AlienRider
    AlienRider Month ago

    Imagine how much of your money she would burn through if she was your wife

  • AlienRider
    AlienRider Month ago +8

    "why did you buy a 2nd wireless charging pads""because it looked nice". How do these people exist and haven't been taken by natural selection.

  • AlienRider
    AlienRider Month ago

    I have seen a few of these videos and it seems teen girls with somehow lots of money are buying stuff not because they are good or 'useful' but because they are "cute". Marketing teams need to take note of this.

  • AlienRider
    AlienRider Month ago

    I can't understand how you can waste that much money in a store where everything is relatively cheap. Like I bet the person at the till has never given a $1000 receipt before. Like why are you buying things you "don't really like" and why you buying lots of the same things like speakers. Don't know if your parents are rich but you will be broke real quick. Like you could invest the $1000 and make quite a lot of money out of it.

  • Pink Lady
    Pink Lady Month ago +3

    This is me when ever I go to target

    EVERY TIME 🤣😂😂

  • Amirahh h
    Amirahh h Month ago +1

    “I bought it because it looked nice” what????🙄

  • marla tomlinson
    marla tomlinson Month ago

    You could have gave 100 dollars to 10 different homeless people