iPhone XS Unboxing: Space Grey! (iPhone 10s)

  • Published on Sep 22, 2018
  • iPhone XS new space grey unboxing & review.
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  • Think Roblox
    Think Roblox 10 days ago +1

    I have an iPhone 7 plus the screen fickers a lot and my system keeps crashing I update regularly and the system still crashes freezes and flickers its a refurbished phone is it time to upgrade to iPhone XS brand new please reply

  • Zara Z
    Zara Z 13 days ago


  • LoveGalore
    LoveGalore 15 days ago

    Waiting patiently for the day when a youtuber will open the box and go straight to the phone! WE ALREADY KNOW WHAT ESLE IS IN THE BOX AND THEY AINT IMPORTANT RN🙄😩

  • Luis Ontiveros
    Luis Ontiveros 18 days ago

    Why didn't you do a iPhone xr unboxing video???

  • Johnatan Melton
    Johnatan Melton 22 days ago

    I can buy Toyota Corolla 2005 model for 2500$ WTF

  • King of Spades
    King of Spades 22 days ago

    That moment when he taps Canada

  • Eric Lucas
    Eric Lucas 22 days ago

    Does anyone else’s apple device start Siri whenever he says “Hey Siri”?

  • Alex Marquez
    Alex Marquez 27 days ago

    Apple:Introducing the IPhone 10 S!
    Me: introducing my lame ass iPhone 6!

  • emmi
    emmi 28 days ago

    5:47 torilla tavataan🇫🇮

  • ڪہـآنہـڪہيツ ڪين

    اتمنى ان احصل على ايفون

  • Kofi Max
    Kofi Max Month ago

    I need someone to personally ship an Xs for me then I pay him..am in Ghana

  • -
    - Month ago +1

    xs here, and the very important shot of the top of the inside of the box was what convinced me to cop it

  • Kamal Yusuf
    Kamal Yusuf Month ago

    Good video, there we go. Lol 🤣🤣

  • Arin's Blah Blah
    Arin's Blah Blah Month ago

    even the sound of plastic is louder than ur voice...

  • Jaz R
    Jaz R Month ago

    1:13 that’s really helpful thankyou! Lmao

  • Tine Adivar
    Tine Adivar Month ago

    I enjoy this iPhone. Thank you for sharing. :)

  • It’s Tomas
    It’s Tomas Month ago +6

    Omg when he said “hey Siri what’s the weather today; the Siri on my iPhone responded🤣

  • YangSoojung Ddungie

    Daaaang lot of ads no wonder you can afford those iphones

  • Gloria Ford
    Gloria Ford Month ago

    Nobody cares about the box

  • wiktoria streams
    wiktoria streams Month ago +3

    Am looking at reviews cause I rather get an iPhone XS then the 11 I think iPhone XS is better then 11 in my opinion don’t know which phone I should get 🤷🏻‍♀️ any suggestions

    • John and Maiya
      John and Maiya Month ago

      Hat vd nobody needs it turn down the lighting

    • Hat vd
      Hat vd Month ago

      John and Maiya you dont have the night mode on the xs tho.

    • John and Maiya
      John and Maiya Month ago +1

      wiktoria streams iPhone XS I’m getting that one too I’m trading my 7 in for it the iPhone 11 gives me anxiety from the damn cameras 😂🤣 and taking pictures with an 11 sucks ass and with the iPhone XS is better

  • Logan Loud
    Logan Loud Month ago +3

    I have the Xs max and I am watching this

  • Springscare230
    Springscare230 Month ago

    When you said your recording with an iPhone x I was like danggggg the mic and quality is so good

  • Glory and Deathbringer

    I have the iPhone XS in silver

  • Ghazala Terunnem
    Ghazala Terunnem Month ago +1


  • Xomy bro
    Xomy bro 2 months ago

    can i charge my iphone with my 12w charger from my ipad air, because the charger that i got in the box is too slow?I dont know if that will ruined my battery because i use the diffrent one.

  • Calud E
    Calud E 2 months ago

    Ay y did u steal my phone?

  • Dina Wahid
    Dina Wahid 2 months ago +1

    Im getting an iphone xs max when my phone breaks is it worth it ??

    • Oskar LZ
      Oskar LZ 2 months ago +1

      Dina Wahid the battery life is just abit bad in my opinion

  • SmoothHunter
    SmoothHunter 2 months ago

    voice crack btw 8:53

  • Garfo68
    Garfo68 2 months ago

    That is a false iphone

  • Zack Kurt
    Zack Kurt 2 months ago

    Heya. I'm new to iphones.
    Does iphone not have tap sounds like for those in android that do sounds when clicking anything like apps and the like? Thanks in advance

    • jalen
      jalen 2 months ago


    • Zack Kurt
      Zack Kurt 2 months ago

      RobDontCare thanks. I was so close on going to support center to have my phone fix

    • jalen
      jalen 2 months ago

      Zack Kurt no, just sounds when typing :)

  • Sixmund Penta
    Sixmund Penta 2 months ago

    Iphone 8 is better ever than all iphones X. Believe me

  • Chetan Bansode
    Chetan Bansode 2 months ago

    First buy a mic

  • izcner
    izcner 2 months ago

    I have the same phone!

    USE CODE TFO ツ 2 months ago

    Didnt even know you where speaking until I raised the volume to max

  • Arbër Hyseni
    Arbër Hyseni 2 months ago


  • •SimplyStevena•
    •SimplyStevena• 2 months ago

    It’s 350 at bestbuy
    But I’m waiting until it’s 250 or something

  • Richard Yu
    Richard Yu 2 months ago

    They didn’t gave the dongle because they think that is useless so they want to save money by removing that useless dongle

  • TheSmiler Enthusiast
    TheSmiler Enthusiast 2 months ago +1

    Imagine dropping the box...
    0_0 $#!%

  • Its Lisa234
    Its Lisa234 3 months ago +1

    Im getting the same one

  • Top Ninja
    Top Ninja 3 months ago

    Great comparison, i am not confused anymore on identifying xs from x.

  • Gamer James
    Gamer James 3 months ago +2

    man i bought a xs max and now am regretting...xs is way better

  • Deborah S
    Deborah S 3 months ago +35

    Am I the only one watching this bc I can't afford a real phone so I just satisfy myself with these vids lmaoo

    • MintySlayz YT
      MintySlayz YT 20 days ago +1

      Im gonna get the iphone xs 258 gb for my b day, so iguess i will watch these vids until April, 2020 lol

    • alfiya dholpuri
      alfiya dholpuri 2 months ago +2

      Exactly the same with me. 😭

    • Rice Farmer
      Rice Farmer 2 months ago

      Deborah S that would be torture for me.

  • Isaac
    Isaac 3 months ago

    The only apple product I can afford is a 🍏 and apple crumble 🥧
    👇 hit that like....

  • Leo Marsh
    Leo Marsh 3 months ago

    Its not space grey ITS BLACK

  • Addison Ross
    Addison Ross 3 months ago

    Can I get the max

  • Techinacial murari & fun.

    Nice 😊😊😊

  • Techinacial murari & fun.

    Nice place

  • cute rat Lup
    cute rat Lup 3 months ago +1

    Apple iPhone xs high quality and advance technology .

    TEPETONGO ZACATECAS 3 months ago +1

    Just upgraded from iPhone 6s to iPhone XS

  • Ailed Espinoza-Nava
    Ailed Espinoza-Nava 3 months ago

    i haven't had a phone for almost a year now and i'm getting a job soon so i can buy my own, i'm glad i came across this i wasn't too sure at first but now im getting one like this for sure!

  • Dawûd
    Dawûd 3 months ago

    Too much ads.. come on !

  • Joe Ellis
    Joe Ellis 3 months ago +2

    1:14 nice we've got a full box review aswell

  • nicelady333
    nicelady333 3 months ago

    Does this charge in the new cars wireless??

  • hamza amjad
    hamza amjad 3 months ago +2

    Umh theres nothin special about true tone...samsung also has it by the name blue filter or smthin...like every phone has it.

    • Atharva Joshi
      Atharva Joshi 3 months ago

      True tone is not a blue light filter.
      It changes the colour temperature automatically according to the surroundings.
      Just like auto brightness changes brightness according to the surroundings!
      Samsung doesn't have that neither do other androids

    GENÇ OYUNCU 3 months ago +1

    My siri is opened 😂

  • Talento Raro
    Talento Raro 3 months ago

    pena que aqui no BRASIL isso vale 1 milhão :(

    • blink
      blink 27 days ago

      nem tanto cara, $5.000 tá até barato

  • Nik Verschuren
    Nik Verschuren 3 months ago

    To much commercials in 1 video, so no subscribe.

  • Murat Boz
    Murat Boz 3 months ago

    Iphone xs or xs max in Space gray?Please write me. What size is better

    • Aerix Dev
      Aerix Dev 3 months ago

      Jan Rychtarik, I prefer XS because it would be another 150$ for another centimeter in height.

  • play on 30 fps twist xD
    play on 30 fps twist xD 3 months ago +227

    The only apple product I can afford is an apple juice...

  • CharlesMcneill VEVO
    CharlesMcneill VEVO 3 months ago +1

    XR is the best iPhone I’ve had, it’s cheeper by 250 pounds, it does the exact same thing, the screen is great for being LCD and it’s an amazing size like right in the middle