The TWO WEEK Battery Smartphone

  • Published on Jun 15, 2019
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    Why don’t all our phones have e-ink displays? It’s easy on the eyes, it’s more power efficient… what’s the catch? The Kingrow K1 phone with an e-paper display shows us the good and the bad…
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Comments • 1 494

  • Trent Kozelek
    Trent Kozelek 7 days ago

    I'd buy a phone like this if they improved the framerate and it had a more decent cost. I'd use a normal phone for picture taking, social media managing, and this phone for messaging, calling, reading... things that I do most of the time anyway.

  • ONE
    ONE 7 days ago

    my galaxy s3 is just like this

  • tsartomato
    tsartomato 9 days ago

    yota phone

  • ricky v
    ricky v 15 days ago +1

    This is a bad idea. I wouldn’t waste my time with something like this. Oh, well.

  • Mr.Garbage_625
    Mr.Garbage_625 16 days ago

    You know people give apple shit for "gimmicks" and same for google but everything about this phone screams gimmick its useless having an old nokia is more useful then this.

  • Markus
    Markus 16 days ago

    "this banana"

  • Fun with Turtles
    Fun with Turtles 17 days ago

    This phone might be interesting for people who got heavy epilepsy?

  • flameshana9
    flameshana9 21 day ago

    02:37 Let's talk batteries.🔋400 hours of standby time is almost 17 days. 20 hours of talk time is about 5% an hour.
    Why is this considered exceptional? Every phone I've owned has 13 to 20 days of standby time. Or more. My tablets go even higher. And I can add a power bank for $20 to double or triple those numbers again. 5-6% an hour for call time is normal.
    These aren't theoretical maximums. They're the actual numbers I get when I measure my devices. (0.1-0.3% an hour when idle).
    I don't get the point of their claims at all. You can buy a second battery or a power bank to completely negate any issues with running out of juice, and it doesn't cost $350. That's a heck of a lot to pay for an e-ink screen. Heck, some people are saying this would be good for an emergency phone. If you need to conserve battery just turn it off until you use it.
    Something doesn't add up here.

  • Stanisław Szczypuła

    Soo WTF didn't you just download google play store apk from apkmirror and check how this phone work with regular aps ?

    • Stanisław Szczypuła
      Stanisław Szczypuła 21 day ago

      Ohh I forget its LTT you guys know shit about technology but pretend to kids to be all knowing tech gurus.

  • Xs and Os
    Xs and Os 24 days ago

    I leave my phones amber nightlight on; you don't even notice it after a few minutes. If I turn the nightlight off now, it is so harsh, and I immediately turn it back on. I also keep brightness at 15%. I can see the screen fine unless I'm in direct sunlight.

  • Aidan Christmas
    Aidan Christmas 25 days ago

    The perfect phone if you’re colorblind! As long as you don’t need the Google Play store!

  • Anon Commenter
    Anon Commenter 26 days ago

    It seems like they forgot that android phones don't require an app store to get apps if it already has a browser

  • Reprisal
    Reprisal 26 days ago

    Down vote for trash 18:9 aspect ratio.

  • Rachel Graves
    Rachel Graves 26 days ago

    “I donno it looks pretty blue”. Come on. Test it!

  • rjc0234
    rjc0234 27 days ago

    Didn't one phone have a double sided screen? one side was eInk, the other side was a standard LCD screen.

  • Akshar Hossain
    Akshar Hossain 27 days ago

    Why doesn't my phone screen become my wallpaper forever, IDK maybe cause it doesn't have infinite energy to generate the wallpaper

  • James Andrew Lewis
    James Andrew Lewis 27 days ago

    This would be a really great audible/kindle/caller/texter device, but not so much for interactive apps. Would be ideal for people looking to lower-tech their lives or control their media intake... I might have to get one.

  • LKSimbalvr
    LKSimbalvr 28 days ago

    what if you wanted to use it as a phone and wanted to make phone calls with it and are not interested in all the other crap that comes with modern so called phones

  • Ayush Bakshi
    Ayush Bakshi 29 days ago +1

    It got better specs than my 1 GB memory, 8 GB storage, Some Grandpa processor.

  • zORg alex
    zORg alex 29 days ago

    Lol. When I bought my first smartphone, I nearly immediately purchased fallout theme app, and colored everything in dull green. My phone holds usually more than 2 days. I guess, it's because I'm not so interested in checking it every other second. Not like I have there to check something.

  • AceofTunes
    AceofTunes Month ago

    I miss my YotaPhone 2 sooo much, I loved the eink display, I used it almost exclusively, unless someone sent me a photo or something, then I would flip to the colour display

    • AceofTunes
      AceofTunes 25 days ago

      @yasuhaASIA Yeah I had learned that recently unfortunately it is impossible to find in my market :(

    • yasuhaASIA
      yasuhaASIA 27 days ago

      Yeah, I also love my Yotaphone. You know there is now a Yotaphone 3+ :D

  • Rosen Dimitrov
    Rosen Dimitrov Month ago

    The phone would be interesting with 2 displays - LCD and e-ink on the both sides bringing the best of the both worlds 😃

    • yasuhaASIA
      yasuhaASIA 27 days ago

      There is such a phone, it´s called Yotaphone

  • Luke
    Luke Month ago


  • Bagha Shams
    Bagha Shams Month ago

    It should have had different color temperatures for the backlight, cool for daytime viewing, and warm for evenings.

  • Harry Potter
    Harry Potter Month ago

    As long as e-ink displays are under the monopoly of a single company, they'll never be cheap enough or otherwise viable for phone and tablet use.

  • Hank Storm
    Hank Storm Month ago +1

    well, it's a start.

  • Loui Rivera
    Loui Rivera Month ago

    This is something i would actually consider for. Sure i would have to deal with constant refreshed screens and not play youtube so well, but i would actually take this phone once its fully out in its final version.

  • Tachiro Akisu
    Tachiro Akisu Month ago

    The problems with smartphones is partially Blue light but the main problem is the refresh flicker/strobing/refresh of that blue light. Eink doesnt strobe/refresh as aggressively.
    Also guys? This isnt competing with cheap smartphones like the redmi. Its competing with the Lightphone and Punkt

  • x-illusion-x
    x-illusion-x Month ago

    Yotaphone 3, the best of both worlds. Eink display like the phone featured and also an amoled display.

    • Joelixny
      Joelixny 28 days ago

      I have a Yotaphone 2, and it's fantastic. The software integration with the eInk display is great.

  • BixbyConsequence
    BixbyConsequence Month ago

    I'd love to have a smartphone with regular screen on the front AND an e-ink screen on the back! e-ink would be fine for many of my needs, and the readability in bright sunlight is enough reason all on its own.

  • R.J. C.
    R.J. C. Month ago

    Not for me. A lame monochromatic screen won't cut it when you consider the % of time my phone is used for media consumption.

  • tinncan
    tinncan Month ago

    Linus Vocabulary Tips... I know a lot of scientific equipment manufacturers that could benefit from these screens because they can't match the brightness of a basement dwelling priced smart phone with their current offerings and don't need high refresh rates or color... (YSI, HACH, TRIMBLE)

  • Zizi Mugen
    Zizi Mugen Month ago

    I wouldn’t use it for consuming media, but if it could properly and intuitively run common apps like maps, messaging, calling, weather, shopping online, etc., then I’d consider using it.
    I take it back, I’ve seen the whole thing now. This is one of those things that someone thought was a good idea simply because it was an idea.

  • Michal Janočko
    Michal Janočko Month ago

    Check out Yota Phone. It has two displays. LCD and E-Ink. It sounds pretty good.

  • ImperialGoldfish
    ImperialGoldfish Month ago

    I find Ring doorbells really unpleasant and impersonal. Not to mention, it's pretty unethical that they disproportionately promote "news" stories about crime to create anxiety to encourage you to buy the product. Look it up. Not very happy that LTT is taking their money, but I'm not going to do anything about it

  • Eric Min
    Eric Min Month ago

    a nokia 3310 is literally better than this phone

  • Christoffer Sahlgren

    I find it weird that he compares it with regular phones, the which this is ment to be as far away from as possible. If it has deezer or spotify l'd consider buying. The latency and so are supposed to be and that is the feature. This was a dumb review. As in he lost the point of the phone.

  • MMJ Edition
    MMJ Edition Month ago +2

    $100 would've been a good price

  • C R I P P L I N G D E P R E S S I O N

    It's actually a good device to cure addictions.
    What games could you really play with such a low framerate? What videos would you even watch to waste time? How could anything taken with this phone be instagram worthy? And don't even think about watching porn on there
    But yet it can do all those things if you really need to, plus the grayscale makes it better for your eyes and your brain.
    If it were just a bit cheaper I'd definitely buy one

  • Frieder Zi
    Frieder Zi Month ago

    I don’t think that they got the permission by Microsoft to use the Internet Explorer as their Browser logo.

  • Self Aware Devices / Bilinçli Cihazlar

    used to have 2 of asus me372cg, left one of them in the drawer accidentally opened itself, ran for a month at standby mode without sim card

  • Noorquacker
    Noorquacker Month ago

    Since I feel like reading a bunch of literature (including manga since manga is literature), I want this.

  • Sascha Heid
    Sascha Heid Month ago

    Reflected light is still the same light and no less "harmfull" then non-reflected light. E-ink is easier on the eyes because there is no flickering backlight.

  • 风君子
    风君子 Month ago

    Just buy a Nokia 3310 and a Kindle 3G

  • CDgonePotatoes
    CDgonePotatoes Month ago

    The price is really too high for such a phone and the backlight would be much better off being a warm yellow, make a proper OS skin optimized for greyscale viewing and you get a great phone a good number of people will take as business phone, I know I would.

  • pvphacks101
    pvphacks101 Month ago

    Shity phone

  • Schpankme Verimuch
    Schpankme Verimuch Month ago +4

    You got some kind of schit caught in your lower-lip.

  • A Hasan
    A Hasan Month ago

    Phone for simple use and old pple

  • Corado Cotuna
    Corado Cotuna Month ago

    The UI doesn't look dated ...

  • MrXaryon
    MrXaryon Month ago +1

    I closed this video after hearing 2:48 "What is it like to use it as a phone? It's pretty bad" and hearing him starting talking about the APPS. Apps, not the PHONE functionality. A phone is a device to take or make phone calls. The rest of it are just extra. If the question was "What is it like to use it as a SMARTPHONE" and then start talking about apps and shit, I would agree with this segway.

  • Final Boy
    Final Boy Month ago

    It's kind of hard not to blink, when you have something in UI.

  • Filip Jovanovic
    Filip Jovanovic Month ago

    I actually like this, it turns a smartphone back into a tool, instead of the constant distraction that my smartphone has definitely turned into

  • teknophyle1
    teknophyle1 Month ago

    Bring it under $100 and I’d consider it

  • Ludvig Janiuk
    Ludvig Janiuk Month ago

    360 degree camera mounted on a wall? So it sees behind itself?

  • jameswalker199
    jameswalker199 Month ago

    I'll tell you why its expensive: patents. The e-ink screen is patented and e-ink inc have a sheltered monopoly for 20 years before anyone is permitted start working on making e-ink screens better and cheaper. e-ink screens are sold to a captive audience and the smaller the company, the harder the hit to their wallet.

  • Bálint Fejér
    Bálint Fejér Month ago

    That advertiser is desperate.

  • Turnip
    Turnip Month ago

    Who would this device use 2 gb ram? 1 gb ran is enough in my smarthphone playing games and with google apps but. This device is for basic use, a basic use does not need 2gb, is not needed for calls, camera and web browsing. Something around 512 mb of ram will be good enough.

  • Troll MeBro
    Troll MeBro Month ago

    Those specs are terrible. If you put iPhone on it they will sell like hot cakes.

  • Roach DoggJR
    Roach DoggJR Month ago +3

    Do you know what I would like to be a thing? An e-paper monitor. I want it as a second monitor for programming and writing.

  • basdfgwe
    basdfgwe Month ago

    I wonder why we don't have a eink display smart watches ?

  • Guy Jordan
    Guy Jordan Month ago

    Phones have a grayscale mode?

  • IceCreamPiez
    IceCreamPiez Month ago

    reconsider the E meme

  • Jerry Travis Smith
    Jerry Travis Smith Month ago

    The Fujitsu ScanSnaps are awesome. I have installed and serviced for several clients and they work very well. As for service, I usually have to wash the rollers every 50K scans (depending on what’s being scanned on a daily basis).

  • fishsticks666
    fishsticks666 Month ago

    Once it was able to run whatsapp, i'd buy it

  • Alex Mods
    Alex Mods Month ago

    You know what would be awesome, a credit card sized, cheap, sleek and thin version of this phone that could be a good side device, such as bringing a phone out for the night or to a concert etc so your battery will absolutely last and the phone is less distracting

  • Dan
    Dan Month ago

    Optimized for iHealth™

  • Gergely Petik
    Gergely Petik Month ago

    How can a missing feature like missing playstore support be described as a disadvantage, when the phone never promised anything like that in the first place? I smell nitpicking.

  • Luke Pennings
    Luke Pennings Month ago

    Nice vid but I would have gone with 'Stink-E'

  • Muhammad Kharismawan

    What? Why is an e-ink uses backlight? Does lowering down the brightness down makes it normal e-ink led less?

  • Jkb
    Jkb Month ago

    Wait, people still use Kindles?

  • knuble
    knuble Month ago

    Interesting that google demands devices to be able to play videos in order to access the playstore. How not closed that platform seems to be! Wow.

  • T H I C C boi
    T H I C C boi Month ago

    or you could buy a second hand flagship

  • DigitalRanger
    DigitalRanger Month ago

    I think you are missing the point. The biggest feature of this phone is it's lack of apps. If you are outside a lot, that huge talk time will benefit you as well, since you won't be fighting the sun to see your screen.
    Sure, it's not for tweenie Twitter addicts and narcissistic selfie lovers, but they are not the target market.

  • unknown xx
    unknown xx Month ago

    There is a super nice phone with DUO displays LED and INK display called YOTAPHONE .... >>> review this one :)

  • teentitanbg
    teentitanbg Month ago

    $350? scam lul.

  • sneakywan
    sneakywan Month ago


  • cdogg
    cdogg Month ago

    what happened to those color eink displays I was reading about years ago?

  • Alex Ware
    Alex Ware Month ago +1

    Tbh if I needed a phone in an emergency situation this would be the one. Camping, being stranded. this is the one for sure

    • flameshana9
      flameshana9 21 day ago

      Why not just bring a power bank? It's 1/10th of the cost and will fully charge your phone 1-3 times.

  • KarsonNow
    KarsonNow Month ago

    Few years ago we had Yotaphone 2 for example. Two displays. One normal one and on the backside always on E-Ink display. It was great invention.

  • number 12
    number 12 Month ago

    They've resorted to advertising printers for money, dang didn't know you guys where that desperate.

  • John McKeon
    John McKeon Month ago

    So if I set my phone to B&W I won't be stuck watching hours of Linus Tech Tips 😏

  • Simon Spencer
    Simon Spencer Month ago

    Whilst I don't imagine this phone winning any awards, it is an interesting experiment. There are color E-Ink displays available, with a spectrum of up to 4096 colours, so perhaps when this market is more developed we will see a competitor to LCD/LED. That won't be for a quite a while, however.

  • vid9805
    vid9805 Month ago

    My Xiaomi Redmi 5 plus make 12 days on battery :D

  • MK4000
    MK4000 Month ago

    It's got internet explorer?

  • AHK Al-Kaabi
    AHK Al-Kaabi Month ago

    Just pick old Nokia instead of this phone

  • BerryDidAnOopsie
    BerryDidAnOopsie Month ago

    Oh my gosh Its so annoying having to press the home button or the on button

  • Asad Ali
    Asad Ali Month ago


  • Cody Slab
    Cody Slab Month ago

    *Blue light is a myth, I've been using LED phones for years without any problems, what fatigues your eyes is the OLED flickering, which gave birth to the idiotic orange backlight, yes flickering and on top of that being blue is double bad, but blue on its own is not that big of an issue, and not everyone reacts adversely to it. Shitty flickering OLED displays however -- are the reason why you cannot look at your shitty phone at night. Should have bought an LED phone retard.*

  • Robin L
    Robin L Month ago

    Check the Yotaphone. Russian-made phone with an e-ink display on the back side.

  • gertjan van der meij

    Oh....... You again :-(
    James ..... GET FIRED already !

  • angel alonso
    angel alonso Month ago

    Harmful blue light? Marketing BS. Blue light isn't harmful

  • Night Shade
    Night Shade Month ago

    So it's not going to be slowed down with updates?

  • DeadWaste
    DeadWaste Month ago

    If you don't know if the phones emits blue light, get a spectrometer. And if the backlight is white, it should emit blue light. How else would it be white rooThink

  • Kaiser Schnitsel Sr.
    Kaiser Schnitsel Sr. Month ago +1

    nobody gives a FUCK about that doorbell shit

  • JMUDoc
    JMUDoc Month ago

    I hate that a phone battery lasting two weeks is now noteworthy...

  • TheNille02
    TheNille02 Month ago

    A 100$ SoC in a 300$ Smartphone with half the RAM and Flash Memory? Sounds for me like a ripoff.

  • StarvingGeek
    StarvingGeek Month ago

    I love e-ink but all this blue light crap needs to be dropped until there has been more research done on it

  • Savin Wangtal
    Savin Wangtal Month ago

    I would love this thing. I use my phone mainly for reading news, light chatting, and most things I see on RU-clip are basically “voice only talkshow” and I don’t even look at the screen while I listen to them.
    But dang, 350 IS pricey.

  • heretolevitateme
    heretolevitateme Month ago

    Most modern phones have a useless glass back, IDK why you can't just put an eInk display on there and use it for basic tasks/reading.
    There was some Russian phone like that but it never came West to market.

  • The Innocent One
    The Innocent One Month ago +1

    Yotaphone did this years ago. For a tech channel you people aren't very well informed about tech.
    It was even arguably better because you had a normal screen as well.

    • Ben_
      Ben_ Month ago

      I could imagine having both in one screen would be cool...