OnePlus 5T vs iPhone X SPEED Test!

  • Published on Nov 20, 2017
  • Ultimate OnePlus 5T Speed Test vs iPhone X! How Fast Is The New OnePlus 5T? Real World Speed Test & Benchmarks.
    Note 8 vs iPhone X Speed Test:
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  • can i get 1000 subscriber without any video

    Hey bro im the first customer to buy oneplus 7pro in india

  • Calvin Chuks
    Calvin Chuks Month ago

    Lol try this again on the iOS 12

  • panajot andoni
    panajot andoni 2 months ago

    And the iPhone lovers left the building hahahahahaha

  • Smart Phone
    Smart Phone 2 months ago +1

    5t fantastique👌👌👌

  • Smart Phone
    Smart Phone 2 months ago +1

    Oneplus 5t the best

  • Scruffles De-Brickashaw

    Well, performance was obviously 1+ sided, but if we were to call them even, 1+ still has:
    - Better price (less than half the price of an Iphone X)
    - More RAM, better for games, apps startup much faster
    - a HEADPHONE JACK (take notes, apple)
    - Less bugs and technical issues (seriously, just watch the video)
    - Much larger battery (3,300 mAh vs Iphones 2716 mAh)
    - Also comes with battery optimization options in settings, as well as RAM and Storage Optimization.
    Which "One" do you think won?

  • Giannis AVG
    Giannis AVG 2 months ago

    Watching on my 5t

  • RandomPerson
    RandomPerson 4 months ago

    i own a 5t and I was jealous of the iPhone animations. But then i just got a new launcher and its all good now

  • pabel sizan
    pabel sizan 4 months ago

    Now I can but=y 5t in peace

  • mero surkhet
    mero surkhet 4 months ago

    Wow best program

  • Vladimir NZH
    Vladimir NZH 5 months ago

    Привет из России

  • Supreme
    Supreme 5 months ago

    Space Runing Out - Android Users.

    • Edward Ding
      Edward Ding 23 days ago

      but iphone and andriod are capable of having the same exact storage

  • Vittutieteen Lehtori
    Vittutieteen Lehtori 5 months ago

    Currently have the iPhone 6s had it for so long I thought about getting the 5T or 6T. Wich one would be worth the money?

  • Ohin Haque
    Ohin Haque 6 months ago

    One + destroyed 1000 dollars

  • panajot andoni
    panajot andoni 6 months ago

    I'll stick with my OnePlus 5t is better in any aspect

  • Dylan O
    Dylan O 6 months ago

    OnePlus 🤩😍

  • Kyle Rager
    Kyle Rager 6 months ago +4

    *Best iPhone I ever used I switch over from android, I absolutely love it. It’s so easy to use and moves so smoothly.The screen is amazing. The phone looks amazing and still feels sturdy even though it is made of glass!>>>**** I will be keeping this phone. I love it!*

  • Devin Wang
    Devin Wang 7 months ago +2

    Came here for speed test, instead got low-key roasts on apples terrible screen brightness management

  • FlukeyKent
    FlukeyKent 7 months ago

    Apple Fanboys smh 😂
    When he said something in the beginning and mentioned the Samsung Note and bunch of other phones that are way better being nearly as good as iPhone I paused and laughed then realized he's name has Apple and my suspicions of him being a fanboy were instantly answered 😂

  • Etienne Rheaume
    Etienne Rheaume 7 months ago

    lmfao who the fuck exports 4k

  • Ethan Robert
    Ethan Robert 7 months ago

    2:39 i have the same problem on my 6s

  • RCF2 Master
    RCF2 Master 8 months ago +1

    Android is fast at opening social media.. But IPhone is better at games.... So laggy on android and so optimized on iphone

  • Roscoe Curry
    Roscoe Curry 8 months ago

    OnePlus is better 😂

  • Róza Iván
    Róza Iván 8 months ago

    you opened snapchat on the iphone and than you didnt clear it thats why it won that round

  • Carlos Colon
    Carlos Colon 8 months ago

    Nothing beats the OnePlus..

  • maxroman2010
    maxroman2010 9 months ago

    You should watch Gary explains "why phone speed tests are fundamentally flawed". Opening apps has nothing to do with speed of a phone, but only speed of the bus that copies app from hdd to ram.

  • Mohit Talreja
    Mohit Talreja 9 months ago +1

    What a shitty, biased review. "its an iPhone...what more xan i say?" Reallllllyyyyy?

  • Bhavesh Digital
    Bhavesh Digital 9 months ago

    one plus 5t

  • I LightenStar I
    I LightenStar I 9 months ago

    EverythingApplePro's Speed's Tests are actually fun to watch, the others are boring.

  • Infected Animations
    Infected Animations 9 months ago

    I didn't know that Android phone is bigger than iPhone X...

  • aodore
    aodore 9 months ago

    Can we just accept the fact that Androids and iPhones are both good?

  • AsianJBlazian
    AsianJBlazian 9 months ago

    Damn a 1k apple phone is so slow at booting up large apps.

  • Kaneki Amano
    Kaneki Amano 10 months ago

    Started watching this 11:33 long video at 11:33AM

  • Bruce wayne
    Bruce wayne 10 months ago

    iPhone is slow af

  • The Variety Kid
    The Variety Kid 10 months ago

    Why does the video show the iPhone finishing last even though it shows a shorter time?

  • Banglar Gaan Music School

    If you really fancy an iPhone than my advice is go for iPhone SE. It renders the premium iPhone feeling. All other iPhones are just some sort of counterparts of modern android phones.

  • 7656 7711
    7656 7711 10 months ago

    One plus 5t 👍

  • mohammed sabith
    mohammed sabith 10 months ago

    Truth is One plus make apple Shit.

  • Ben Hoswell
    Ben Hoswell 10 months ago


  • OmerM92
    OmerM92 11 months ago

    I’m really trying to understand - what does geekbench scores mean in every day usage?
    I mean, if the one plus is faster (due to animation of course) - what does it matter that the iPhone X has a better score? Where do I as a user feel it?

  • Damian Montes Vargas
    Damian Montes Vargas 11 months ago

    The iPhone x is a 1000+ dollar and it got outperformed by a 500 dollar phone, This once again proves that Apple is only for people who want to show off that they can afford a 1000 dollar phone

  • Hiren Furia
    Hiren Furia 11 months ago

    face it iPhone is shit

  • Makavelli
    Makavelli 11 months ago

    The fuck are you talking about "Catching up"? Android phones have been dicking on Apple for years. Processors, camera everything. Secondly why are you testing app speed? With Android you will always get different results against the ishit phones using different android phones. Unlike the ishit apps are not designed for a few sets of stock hardware. I find it pretty amusing how you substantively pumping the ishit.

  • L Lawliet
    L Lawliet Year ago

    iPhone 7 keeps beating everyone , WTH Apple , you gotta have a serious explanation for this .... Quality > Performance ,,,, iPhone 7 Plus Quality and Performance find armony in the Olimpo

  • feralbear3615
    feralbear3615 Year ago

    If only Oneplus would make a smaller handset. A 4.7 - 5 incher would be just about right.

    SHORTY2 K Year ago

    i kinda wanna get the one plus 5t but i like apple. on the pro side apple has i messege and i can messege ppl for free... con they have to have a iphone if im not on contract. also what ive been seeing is that one plus is faster and offers more.

  • Ijnat
    Ijnat Year ago

    snapdragon 835 is really showing its age now. We need a faster cpu from qualcom

  • anti MOBA
    anti MOBA Year ago

    Like ONEPLUS 5T
    -Brand of quality
    -Bezelles with notch

  • Jomar Satur
    Jomar Satur Year ago

    Nah I gues oneplus 5t is the best gaming phone😀

  • Xterminate x
    Xterminate x Year ago

    Made in China doesn’t mean that all things is trash. You need to think about how much budget u put on it
    Oneplus and huawei is invented by Chinese. All iPhone is assembled in China. Some Samsung also but not so much. Believe or not check behind of your phone.

  • Basu electro boy
    Basu electro boy Year ago +2

    Oneplus is the best ,because it is android and other is price 500 dollers

  • Sexy Momo
    Sexy Momo Year ago

    What I got from the comment section:
    "Android is a slow piece of garbage"
    "Speed test doesn't prove shit"

  • GVM Game Video Maker

    One t plus5 Win

  • Maggrey aggrey
    Maggrey aggrey Year ago

    Please do oneplus 5t vs iphone x face unlock with distance unlock

  • Ashim Gurung
    Ashim Gurung Year ago

    I am really confused about which op5t should I buy the 6GB RAM one or the 8GB RAM plzz help me😭😭

  • shaun shery
    shaun shery Year ago

    do google pixel 2 xl vs 1 plus 6 speed test

  • Gaurav Khulbe
    Gaurav Khulbe Year ago

    This is not comparable with shitphone x this is far better than this

  • praveen Ram
    praveen Ram Year ago

    Fucking comparison

  • ZipperGamesDE
    ZipperGamesDE Year ago

    OP 5T😍😍😍

  • Skidilakki rektaa

    Like 1000,445€ vs 580€ phone 😂😂

  • A3xM
    A3xM Year ago

    Hey for the next comparisons it would be nice if you could test the speed of the wifi directly in front of your access point / router so we can see if there is actually a limitation by the wifi chip in the devices. Because now you're only testing the antenna design of these two devices. Both tests actually would be nice to see.

  • sameer husain shaikh

    snapchat was already open in iphone u didnt closed it

  • Deninini007
    Deninini007 Year ago

    You lunched the iPhone X without SIM card

  • mortl
    mortl Year ago +1

    Who the hell edits videos on a phone?

  • Kevin Bryant Sr.
    Kevin Bryant Sr. Year ago

    Lmbo I don't know of a flagship phone that hasn't beaten the iPhone X. All this talk about how powerful the chip is but it doesn't show up in real World use...... Keep in mind this phone is literally half the price of the X, Btw he always has to throw that 4k bs in here knowing nobody is doing that and it's optimize far better for iOS. That strategy backfired against the badass S9 Plus though didn't it...... I'll stick with the Most versatile phone out still my bad ass Note8. #iphone #samsung #iphoneisoverrated

  • Primal Groudon
    Primal Groudon Year ago

    Idk why I wanted One Plus to win every round so badlt

  • Zerdical
    Zerdical Year ago


  • skins189 lbs
    skins189 lbs Year ago

    Will this OnePlus be a good choice for an uber and Lyft driver?

  • Lolliges Kind 90
    Lolliges Kind 90 Year ago

    I wanted to buy The 1+ 5t because of IS good and better than iPhone and its The half price of iPhone x

  • kakaw Martin
    kakaw Martin Year ago +1

    Find which is a legit BEA5T of the two.

  • killingismy8job
    killingismy8job Year ago

    whats your wifi modem called (Brand)??

  • Hiimaanshuuu Kandwal

    Awesome comparison

  • Jacob
    Jacob Year ago

    Samsung is better. There's nothing special about the iPhone. Average specs

  • Ravi Gaurav Pandey

    For iPhone X you actually don't need to click the minus button. Just swipe upward after the button appears.

  • Barış Pekalp
    Barış Pekalp Year ago

    İphone is the best bcs Apple made it

  • AdiL oSaFi
    AdiL oSaFi Year ago

    chinese programmers are good from the old days they was have their software in a old nokia phones with crazy things no one imagine it will work in those small phones

  • Sambhav dutt
    Sambhav dutt Year ago

    Nice Comparison !

  • Raoul Woodruff Becker

    "but guys it's an Iphone what more can I say" Shut the Hell Up there overpriced garbage look at the price gap.

  • TechPolice TV
    TechPolice TV Year ago

    Sad ip x users

  • N H
    N H Year ago

    4.5k Deslikes apple fanboys

  • Tasneem Banu
    Tasneem Banu Year ago

    Is this video true?!
    (Or Sponsered by 1+5t)
    If it's true... Then truly iphone x has been put to shame

  • Dylan
    Dylan Year ago

    *OnePlus beats IphoneX* "Look i got a better result this other time trust me" - Twice the price, not twice the performance. Face recognition doesnt even work half the time. The 5T is the better phone. Literally no benifits other than being apart of the "Ecosystem" everyone appears to rally behind. I understand buying an Iphone for the user experience cause thats what some may enjoy, but to justify its price point based on the advantages it has in some apps (which are optimized for IOS and not or android) is stupid.

  • Yaswanth Vyda
    Yaswanth Vyda Year ago

    4.5k dislikes from iPhone Users!!

  • Kristoffer Marnø

    I have just bye the Oneplus 5t, and in Danish krones its cost 4000 and the iPhone X is just cost 9000 so its 5000 krones more Thanks the Oneplus 5t. And i Think its a better phone ;) so by the Oneplus 5t ;). Ant BTW bro, Nice video

  • Alan Atrach
    Alan Atrach Year ago

    The bias towards the iPhone X is pretty visible. You compare it as if the X is superior in every way. Apple sucks nowadays, don't even try comparing devices if you're keeping this much bias within your videos.

  • Tim van Duijnhoven
    Tim van Duijnhoven Year ago +1

    *You make a fault!!!* (isn't a big problem and humans makes faults)
    *Opens Snapchat
    *clicks it away but don't stop the app (still in background)
    *opens the app again
    *didn't notice that opent the app a few seconds ago
    *said: That goes to the iPhone *X*celly

  • mega robot
    mega robot Year ago

    Apple = waste

  • MrAckers75
    MrAckers75 Year ago

    You might have the fastest mobile chip on the market but if your os is slow as shit it’s pointless

  • Pratyay Roy
    Pratyay Roy Year ago

    Just think about the fact that you are paying 500 extra bucks for that Iphone :v

    SHADOW GAMER Year ago


    SHADOW GAMER Year ago


  • XtremeGamerz 1778

    still oneplus 5T. :3

  • soccerkrak
    soccerkrak Year ago

    He didnt closed snapchat

  • project KittyKatarina

    Apple fanboi comfirmed brav

  • speedstar171
    speedstar171 Year ago

    fook iphone

  • Obrin Obrin
    Obrin Obrin Year ago

    @everythingapplepro great job in comparing between phones!! love ur videos!! just a suggestion, for the booting up speed test, you should drain the batteries till 0% and plug the cable chagers and see which one can boot up faster.. frm what i experience is apple always need to wait very long to actually bootup after the battery is totally drained... but androids can boot up almost straight away.. this is one of the reason i switched to andriod.. hee hee

  • Nxcx
    Nxcx Year ago

    Are you fucking dumb. This is so unfair, when it comes to Videoclip cause the one plus had to load a 1 Minute Clip and the iPhone a 2 second Video Clip. Fair Testing...
    [Edit] Also the one plus is 10 Times better than the shitty iPhone...

  • apshampa #RoadtoKMS

    6:29 he didn't close snap chat....EVEN that goes to One plus XD

  • Adnan Adnan
    Adnan Adnan Year ago


  • Krolik
    Krolik Year ago

    This Smartphone is great but is has the highest SAR value ever, this is very sad for a top Smatphone like this.