Dwight Powell ACHILLES INJURY - Clippers vs Mavericks | January 21, 2020

  • Los Angeles Clippers vs Dallas Mavericks - Full Game Highlights | January 21, 2020 | 2019-20 NBA Season
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Comments • 80

  • jumbopaperz TV
    jumbopaperz TV 22 days ago

    Wow..... Speedy recovery brother.......respect....u will b back

    EZRIX THE GREAT Month ago


  • Mario Lopez
    Mario Lopez Month ago

    You going to be fine buddy.
    Just rest. They will take care of you.

  • Flying V
    Flying V Month ago

    That’s what 3 Achilles injuries this year? First Rodney Hood, then David Nwaba, now Dwight Powell. Funny because he hurt it the same way Kevin Durant did it.

  • Bella Prasatik
    Bella Prasatik 2 months ago

    The Dallas mavericks are my fav NBA team i love Dwight Powell he plays so hard every night and hustles every game i was watching the game i saw him hit the floor my heart stoped I’m so sad get better DP

    EPIC GAMES 2 months ago

    Another durant💔

  • vladimir putin
    vladimir putin 2 months ago

    Better of saved some of that big money you’re making, you might not recover

  • Texas Made Born N Raised

    Rip mamba..he would’ve kept playing

  • KaiserWilhelmBear
    KaiserWilhelmBear 2 months ago +1

    man im so upset, Hes one of my favorite players and made such positive improvements to his skills and so valuable to the team. Keep fighting Powell!

  • KING. KAYLEB90210
    KING. KAYLEB90210 2 months ago

    Injuries like this piss me the fuck off, they are so unavoidable

  • I 8
    I 8 2 months ago

    Who replays an injury!?!?!? Show some dignity show some damn respect!

  • Derexican
    Derexican 2 months ago

    The 1.4K that liked this happening can burn in hell. I despise the Mavericks but never would applaud a player getting hurt like this

  • Coach Darren
    Coach Darren 2 months ago

    Was watching this game it was sad to see Powell go down. He's a good young player that was really productive in his role for Dallas and having a good year. Its amazing with this injury how just a simple move can make it occur. Soon as he went down I just knew what it was. Wishing him a speedy recovery.

  • Josh Aubrey
    Josh Aubrey 2 months ago

    Mmm damn that shit jiggled like a strippers butt cheeks!!!

  • Theodes Lewis
    Theodes Lewis 2 months ago

    I know that pain & hurt i pop both of mine...that shit hurt like a FM you feel that though your hold body...

  • Sj Htn
    Sj Htn 2 months ago

    Bruh a ufc fighter fought with the same injury I can’t believe he fought with that pain .. it looks painful asf

  • Johan Arias
    Johan Arias 2 months ago

    Bro I took a pic with this nigga wish him a speedy recovery

  • Kitrell Heiden
    Kitrell Heiden 2 months ago

    Pop damn that’s a real Bitch

  • Carsyn Truong
    Carsyn Truong 2 months ago +1

    so many achilles injuries... what’s goin on nowadays .. kobe, durant , john wall , demarcus cousins , and rodney hood it’s gettin crazy

  • Steve Fairls
    Steve Fairls 2 months ago

    This is exactly what happen to me.....

  • Jabbo
    Jabbo 2 months ago

    I’ve done this to both roughly a year apart both times playing b-ball...first time I fell and immediately looked behind me. It felt like somebody threw a medicine ball or something at me. Surgery and a couple months of rehab later and I tore the other one going for a rebound. Safe to say all I do nowadays is shadow ball dolo.

  • Truly Makel
    Truly Makel 2 months ago

    Kobe is a savage. every time i see a player tear their Achilles, they drop like they were shot in the ankle. the pain must depend on where the tear happens? i say that cause Bamba was still walking & hittin freethrows like he was just sore lol 🔥

  • Thanos
    Thanos 2 months ago


  • J311i0TT
    J311i0TT 2 months ago

    someone please explain why it pops like that 0:44

  • MikeyD503
    MikeyD503 2 months ago

    And this is why I don’t play basketball anymore at 30....Seems like it’s just too easy to pop the Achilles.. even as elite athletes...
    My 9-5 ass is hitting the hot tub from now on. Hopefully he comes back strong from this.

  • Jose Salinas
    Jose Salinas 2 months ago

    keep head up my boy DP 🙏🙏💯💯

  • Tyler Elmore
    Tyler Elmore 2 months ago

    When i seen the pop I cringed so hard. Hope he recovers as good and as quick as possible.

  • Matt N.
    Matt N. 2 months ago

    I don't know how the other guys keep playing after seeing that. Harrell just casually grabs the ball and goes.

  • D Narentz
    D Narentz 2 months ago

    This happened to my brother and he didn’t cry.
    He’s not making $3M a year tho

  • JeepLife MA
    JeepLife MA 2 months ago

    Sad to see this happen so much in today's league injuries are inevitable

  • Artee Chi
    Artee Chi 2 months ago

    I love how Luka just runs in to see how he's doing. What a great dude

  • Austin Noble
    Austin Noble 2 months ago

    These Achilles injuries are getting more frequent.

    THINK A-BOW-DID 2 months ago

    0.44 YIKES

  • Jimmy Banjo
    Jimmy Banjo 2 months ago

    Really hate to see this Powell was such a great hustle guy for the Mavs. Way more important for the team than the statsheet would indicate. Speedy recovery 🙏

  • David Johnson
    David Johnson 2 months ago


  • Phoenix Valdez
    Phoenix Valdez 2 months ago

    That look like it hurt... prayers go out to him! Coming from a Houston fan

  • Jose Ortiz
    Jose Ortiz 2 months ago

    grew up hating him but made me think about Kobe, tore his Achilles .. made the free throws & walked out into the locker room like a 🐐

  • OneBucPerson
    OneBucPerson 2 months ago

    And this is partially why load management is a thing now, I imagine if you get a few more serious injuries like this in a short period that the team owners will practically be forced to lower the amount of regular season game.

  • Jason Romer
    Jason Romer 2 months ago

    Get well Powell, fuck man , good dude

  • Eric Le
    Eric Le 2 months ago

    I hope he comes back strong I can feel that pain when Rodney hood had the same injury

  • BusyIX
    BusyIX 2 months ago

    as a mavs fan this shit is heartbreaking man

  • OhGeeGanksta
    OhGeeGanksta 2 months ago

    People falling left and right this year.

  • Kyng
    Kyng 2 months ago +1

    🙏🏾He’s gonna come back a monster

  • Nic Reyes
    Nic Reyes 2 months ago

    I fucking hate non-contact freak injuries. It can literally happen to anyone at anytime... Scary shit.

  • Kahlil Baker
    Kahlil Baker 2 months ago

    Injuries this year have been bad!! 🙏🏾prayers out to all the injured players and hope that all the healthy ones stay healthy

  • brownhippy
    brownhippy 2 months ago

    Damn u can see that shit vibrate

  • Conqueror
    Conqueror 2 months ago

    Damn! I pray for a quick recovery

  • Comedy Bros
    Comedy Bros 2 months ago

    I don't understand where all of these Achilles injuries are coming from. 10yrs ago, these never seemed to happen. Now, there's probably 4 or 5 players a year it happens to.

  • Leo Liu
    Leo Liu 2 months ago

    Got the same problem last month when. I was playing baseball, felt like someone kicked my calf and it’s so painful in the beginning. The injure requires a minor surgery but going to take long time to heal which is really sucks !

  • eric maurer
    eric maurer 2 months ago

    He’s still a millionaire. 🤷🏻‍♂️ Things could be worse.

  • Willy Jakkz
    Willy Jakkz 2 months ago

    Plant to make a simple move + fall + look back at the floor to see what you fell over = torn Achilles. Same pattern nearly everytime.

  • Dean Scott
    Dean Scott 2 months ago

    Shit! 😨

  • Wayne Hasch
    Wayne Hasch 2 months ago

    That's what happens when you sit on the bench, the tendons tighten, and you don't stretch before going in. Sadly this is entirely preventable.

  • Refugio Canchola
    Refugio Canchola 2 months ago

    Get well D , this guy has really grown on the city and loves his hard work.

  • Ely White
    Ely White 2 months ago

    0:45 oh no 🙏

  • SnewJ
    SnewJ 2 months ago

    Same exact way Kobe did it...😢

  • Liljoker
    Liljoker 2 months ago +1

    Danmmm u can see it pop

  • Popcorn KernalSanders
    Popcorn KernalSanders 2 months ago

    You guys really put ads on this video?

  • TheRantGuyYeazy
    TheRantGuyYeazy 2 months ago

    Bum Kobe would stayed in

  • Tristan Severs
    Tristan Severs 2 months ago

    This why I don't make jokes about Zion getting injured shtt ain't funny shtt ain't right wishing him a speedy recovery 💯

  • why?
    why? 2 months ago

    Watching his Achilles tear made me sick

  • Jalen Oluwusi
    Jalen Oluwusi 2 months ago

    dammmnn everybody tearing Achilles lately! this shit remind me of the space jam aliens stealing everybody’s powers in the nba 😂

  • Joseph Capellan
    Joseph Capellan 2 months ago +1

    Damn I never knew that you could actually see the achilles pop when it does. That's horrific. I wish him the best and a speedy recovery.

  • Jonathan Wick
    Jonathan Wick 2 months ago

    Fuxking hell lastnight was hoopin i felt both my Achilles didn't warm up 😷😷😷 then i saw this shittt

  • Darius Clayburn
    Darius Clayburn 2 months ago


  • bigkckrva
    bigkckrva 2 months ago

    That shit looks hurt..

  • Catherine Driver
    Catherine Driver 2 months ago

    Prayers up!

  • Wyatt Jordan
    Wyatt Jordan 2 months ago

    R.I.P prayers up to Dwight Powell

  • Davonte S
    Davonte S 2 months ago

    Sending my prayers to him 🙏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿. I suffered the same injury last week. Its a surreal experience

  • Alex Avila
    Alex Avila 2 months ago

    This time partick didint attempt to break someones acl

  • Renegade, I AM !
    Renegade, I AM ! 2 months ago

    Notice how they waited for the play to be over...

  • Andre Whyte
    Andre Whyte 2 months ago

    Nike claims another one.

  • Romaki
    Romaki 2 months ago


  • Tr3yJohnson
    Tr3yJohnson 2 months ago


  • Kvon Curry
    Kvon Curry 2 months ago

    Not Powell 😭😭 mavs nation noooooo

  • BigDaddyCool42
    BigDaddyCool42 2 months ago

    That sucks. But let’s be honest. Dallas was going nowhere this season.

  • El Rey
    El Rey 2 months ago

    What a Pussy

  • Im4mavs Fan
    Im4mavs Fan 2 months ago

    I feel sad for powell he is a great player hope you getter very soon..0

  • Sean T
    Sean T 2 months ago

    I thought “highlight” videos were supposed to be “HIGHlights”

  • Kylin Davis
    Kylin Davis 2 months ago

    They tried to get the defense chant going smh