• Published on Oct 20, 2019
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  • Geraint Baldwin
    Geraint Baldwin 15 days ago

    What's with her walking away showing her ass at 00:38 seconds ? Was abit cringe esp doing it during the middle of a video !
    Oh I just finished watching it it's basically an ad inside a video wth ?!

  • Jan Dular
    Jan Dular 15 days ago

    Fuck off vitaly i miss u

  • Jacob Elwood
    Jacob Elwood 21 day ago


  • saif uddin
    saif uddin 24 days ago

    this video is sponsored by bang

  • Alpha
    Alpha 26 days ago +1

    0:12 "It really wasn't so funny" ...but you were laughing seconds earlier 0:09

  • camtboss
    camtboss 27 days ago


  • TTMakesyou Smile
    TTMakesyou Smile Month ago

    man you gotta spend real money and be more creative next time to make pranks!

  • Algerian Fennec
    Algerian Fennec Month ago

    This channel 😢😭

  • Michael Nikonos
    Michael Nikonos Month ago

    Really? 59 Seconds?? pffff....

  • Андрей Андрей

    Нормально ты бля бабки зарабатываешь

  • Jonas Harris
    Jonas Harris Month ago

    the dude says it literally wasn't so funny after he just laughed man shut the fuck up loll

  • Guy's Workout Channel

    Dog, its a prank bro...

  • patrick zhang
    patrick zhang Month ago

    What a shitty channel, unsubscribed

    D805YUNGBOSS Month ago

    Fuck trump and bang energy for supporting trump

  • Wickedelic
    Wickedelic Month ago

    Does the blonde do anal porn?

  • theyofactor
    theyofactor Month ago

    This is embarrassing.

  • Targkm Kram
    Targkm Kram Month ago

    0:37 I bet that butt can squeeze that bang can

  • HUSAN Egamnazarov
    HUSAN Egamnazarov Month ago

    00:50 even a dog fear it

  • Ali Kamal
    Ali Kamal Month ago

    We want more of that 😂

  • Crazy Bear
    Crazy Bear Month ago

    проебать канал с 10млн подписчиков))) бл это надо постараться

  • paperzz
    paperzz Month ago

    What happend to vitaly?

  • Colby Hopper
    Colby Hopper Month ago

    From the Bang bus to the Bang advertiser

  • Salwan Karim
    Salwan Karim Month ago

    Why so many dislikes?

  • Charles Dinkins
    Charles Dinkins Month ago

    I'm confused. I'm not sure if I watched a prank or an ad for Bang.

  • gerardo aguirre
    gerardo aguirre Month ago

    Who mises when Vitaly used to do pranks like disturbing the peace ? He's not the same anymore...

  • jimy blanc
    jimy blanc Month ago

    this is so boring what he thing we are?

  • Leroy Sane
    Leroy Sane Month ago +1


  • Pwnvidz
    Pwnvidz Month ago

    Hey u will be my brother when the rapture happens cause my older be I got cast out of heaven lol. Send me 500 cad monthly please till 2021 summer July written on stone decided by god is when the rapture will happen .

  • xhapinalicious
    xhapinalicious Month ago

    Do a joker mask prank

  • Beenhadit 100k
    Beenhadit 100k Month ago +2

    We wanna see the old vitaly, what kind of lazy video was this !!

  • Bangla Sexy Song
    Bangla Sexy Song Month ago +1

    Amazing 👍👍👍

  • Ivan M.
    Ivan M. Month ago

    "Bang ad"

  • Danyal Denath
    Danyal Denath Month ago +1

    Now it’s time to go to bed

  • Matlockization
    Matlockization Month ago

    Well these people are woke and all the people in the video they've scared are woke so hows that working for them ?

  • mehdi ida
    mehdi ida Month ago

    Damn buddy, better delete this channel...

  • Caleb
    Caleb Month ago +1

    I remember when you couldn’t make money from youtube. Good times. People actually created content only out of enjoyment, now they do it for money. So sad


    Maximusentertainment check it out on youtube boiiii

  • Shawn Heath
    Shawn Heath Month ago

    Damn a hole minute long...Don’t wanna over due it or anything. 🙌Pshh Unreal.

  • IdeasEssential
    IdeasEssential Month ago


  • 17ballislife
    17ballislife Month ago

    Wtf is this vitaly

  • мєԀo 95
    мєԀo 95 Month ago

    *is this real just 60sec* 😯

  • dan brittson
    dan brittson Month ago

    Fuck yes!!!!!

  • MnmlPulze
    MnmlPulze Month ago

    Boykott this Chanel Pls

  • lucasinmich
    lucasinmich Month ago +1

    More like epic fail. Worst video yet

  • Samo
    Samo Month ago

    Tf happened to ur channel dude? Ur vids are short and lame asf whyyy?

  • Anonymous
    Anonymous Month ago

    Шо за говнище Виталя, где качественный контент?

  • Snap City
    Snap City Month ago

    at least hes doing pranks again, they aren't as good as before but still funny

  • Pubg Bhabhi
    Pubg Bhabhi Month ago

    Luv from india since 5 years...

  • jeffin justine
    jeffin justine Month ago

    By the way....that ass was small...

  • ALCGuineaPigLife
    ALCGuineaPigLife Month ago +2

    I wonder how long the next video will be... 32 Seconds?

  • CherienoOnah
    CherienoOnah Month ago

    RU-clip 2001

  • Hyden 35
    Hyden 35 Month ago

    This Bang drink full of crap ,, yet he is advertising for it !! Nonsense!

  • Cobra9876
    Cobra9876 Month ago

    so epic just wow

  • Admin
    Admin Month ago +3

    Hello I am Vitaly! I need to make as many short and low quality videos to get money from Bang advertisement and RU-clip to support my drug, drinking and travelling lifestyle and also to show Dan Bilzerian that I still got and so my girlfriend does not leave me for a better looking and richer man.

  • Eminem Vevo
    Eminem Vevo Month ago

    Do a vdo on having sex with your girlfriend in public

  • Albannian
    Albannian Month ago

    good for you make your money

  • abc8225
    abc8225 Month ago

    They must be banging 😂🤔🤪🙈🍆

  • nebojsa sokolovski
    nebojsa sokolovski Month ago

    She look like real!

  • Investigator
    Investigator Month ago

    Kindsey is great. Vitaly, keep it up.

  • Hustlas Story
    Hustlas Story Month ago

    I would like if bang would get the fuck out of the video.