Box of Lies with John Cena

  • Published on Oct 10, 2018
  • John Cena and Jimmy take turns trying to stump each other about what items are hidden inside their mystery boxes.
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    Box of Lies with John Cena
  • ComedyComedy

Comments • 1 753

  • L S
    L S 3 days ago

    the hug at the end was so cute! John looked so happy!!

  • chaoticly
    chaoticly 6 days ago

    Sometimes I forget people just call him John

  • Shreya Pandit
    Shreya Pandit 8 days ago

    *Damn the CLICKBAIT! Where's cena?*

  • Michael Myens
    Michael Myens 12 days ago

    How can the boxes move by theirselves?

  • Emily
    Emily 12 days ago

    they always go for 4

  • Craig
    Craig 14 days ago

    All they do is dose up a crew member with a tub full of lsd and just write down what he screams out for what to put in the boxes.

  • Batzi
    Batzi 15 days ago +1

    I’m still getting used to John Cena having hair

  • PATRICK Piliae
    PATRICK Piliae 15 days ago

    his sweating so much

  • Joy Wynnters
    Joy Wynnters 17 days ago

    Those dimples 🥰🥰 John Cena is just sooooo beautiful

  • Dead Pool
    Dead Pool 17 days ago

    Did John literally said Chinese when Jimmy twisted the lipstick ?😂

    GAVIN GAVIN!!! 19 days ago

    Why does cena looks like a news anchor

  • Gwn Meisje
    Gwn Meisje 20 days ago

    If John lies, his cheeks go up 😂

  • amber, the angry aquarius

    john cena be so cute😪

  • FunkyZzYT
    FunkyZzYT 21 day ago

    How could you see him?

  • PugLightning31 4
    PugLightning31 4 23 days ago

    Why does John Cena look so weird with hair?

  • sammy wauneka
    sammy wauneka 23 days ago +2

    LIE! The Fonz would only ride a motorcycle

  • YCFM Phonemulator
    YCFM Phonemulator 24 days ago

    Scripted duhhhhh

  • GamingWithCarl YT
    GamingWithCarl YT 25 days ago

    When John C loses. He rents his opponent...
    But he won’t do that in public, but only in WWE shows.

  • Øpal
    Øpal 26 days ago

    John Cena is such a funny guy 😂😂

  • Mo93b
    Mo93b 28 days ago +2

    2:20 ok soo he knows what's inside every box ? Cause u so casually noticed the open and twist ? Well that's a game show ruined for me...

  • Galaxite
    Galaxite 28 days ago

    it’s weird seeing him with a shirt on

  • hunterhawess
    hunterhawess 28 days ago +3

    i love how they only used like 3 of the 10 boxes

  • jarno huizing
    jarno huizing 28 days ago +1

    Why is he talking to himself

  • iamyourshirt
    iamyourshirt 29 days ago

    3:39 ffs Jimmy hitting that woah

  • Om Bhujade
    Om Bhujade 29 days ago

    Lol 😂 I was just thinking of the moment when John Cena would throw Jimmy Fallon in the air

  • KennM12
    KennM12 Month ago

    i love john cena 💜💜💜

  • Bacardix Production
    Bacardix Production Month ago +1

  • Becky and Seth
    Becky and Seth Month ago +1

    Holy crap

  • Jackoboo
    Jackoboo Month ago +1

    Damn, John's shinier than my future in this video.

    • lily
      lily Month ago

      it's brighter... brighter than your future

  • jelena Ilic
    jelena Ilic Month ago +1

    How does Jimmy Fallon think that he can do the same stupid joke every time and that its going to be funny every time. (When he pretends that the box is heavy).

  • Top Fertilizer
    Top Fertilizer Month ago +1

    You cannot do fake acting to trick John Cena, because he has been doing this kind of acting for his entire wrestling career.

  • Bay Bee
    Bay Bee Month ago

    John cena looks like a wax figure

  • Billy Bob John Adam Joe

    Lets just say, if Jon Cena was my insurance guy, I think I’d run, especially if my claim wasn’t going to be accepted by the insurance company...

  • tim mobile
    tim mobile Month ago

    I jawnead thought of a random person ( jhon cena) and opend up youtube wud you gues what showd up on te recomended Page?
    Wel a trailer a with dwane
    But this

  • Yo a
    Yo a Month ago

    Damn i realised Cena is short.

  • Sidereal Aura
    Sidereal Aura Month ago

    4:34 You can't see me I can't see you.

  • Goldendary Playz
    Goldendary Playz Month ago

    Why does he sweat so much???

  • Brianna Barrera
    Brianna Barrera Month ago +3

    I thought it said Joana Cedía not John Cena 😭😂

  • Emma Staub
    Emma Staub Month ago +2

    John Cena looks so good in a suit

  • Charles Brooksbank
    Charles Brooksbank Month ago

    The crowd are shit. They ‘woo’d when he was lying signalling he was doing a good job of lying and ruining the game.

  • Mohamad 177
    Mohamad 177 Month ago

    Cena is a living legend

  • E-girl thot
    E-girl thot Month ago

    Is champ there?

  • Hynek Svoboda
    Hynek Svoboda Month ago +1

    The hug from John Cena Jimmy received at the end would absolutely crush my bones

  • Cipók Miki
    Cipók Miki Month ago

    it just works

  • Lou Che
    Lou Che Month ago +1

    John Cena looks like an average everyday citizen now

  • Smor7y _
    Smor7y _ Month ago


  • The Zonked
    The Zonked Month ago

    It's crazy how u can become famous and then spit on a towel and it be worth 100+$

  • Nino Popovic
    Nino Popovic Month ago


  • Cwcoc withrow
    Cwcoc withrow Month ago

    John cena blinks too much when he lies

  • brooke_ cortus
    brooke_ cortus Month ago

    Lol at first I legit thought it was John Cena as in Joana Ceddia

  • Brett Lester
    Brett Lester Month ago +2

    Bruh props to my man for knowing classic muscle gah damn!

  • Mary Collins
    Mary Collins Month ago

    me : waiting in a corner for someone to shout 9

  • GamingStudios
    GamingStudios Month ago +6

    Lol why is Jimmy Fallon alone John cena isn't there.

  • TheRealScottG
    TheRealScottG Month ago

    Jimmy could play Pee Wee in a Movie.

  • Wild Bear
    Wild Bear Month ago

    *john cena reveal lipstick*
    Audience: *LMFAO*

  • Vanilla Biscut
    Vanilla Biscut Month ago +1


  • Amin M
    Amin M Month ago

    Jhon cena is so funny

  • ルイRui
    ルイRui Month ago +1

    John Cena is secretly an intelectual.

  • YT_Micksters
    YT_Micksters Month ago

    3:01 and I oop
    Jimmy Fallon said it first

  • maya lauri
    maya lauri Month ago

    ok is it just me or does jimmy always win