How apple forces you against your will to buy a new phone every two years

  • Published on Oct 2, 2017
  • It's absolutely disgusting $1000 electronic device should last you a minimum of 10 years yet they try to convince you you must get a new phone every two years and then they electronically force you to buy a new phone every two years because your phone will no longer work with all the new architecture they've uploaded into your device what they should be doing if they cared anything about the customer whatsoever is simply improving the current software and not completely changing the architecture it's not needed it's the same thing Sony does so they don't have to have backwards compatibility it's bullshit it's horrible treatment of the consumer it's an adversarial relationship and I hope people wake up one day but I doubt if they will look who's fucking president

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  • CuteC3
    CuteC3 Year ago

    I hate apple's forced updates too, they make you update all your itunes in order to simply back up pictures, and eventually your phone gets too old to update to the newest version forcing you to buy a new one. They even slowed my 4s with some weird ass update, making it unusable. I can't even upload pictures from my new iphone cause my MAC version is too low. LOL you basically need to buy a new MAC, new ipad, new iphone every 2-3 years if you want to keep everything synced, GG apple, GG. i agree with you, it's f*cking annoying indeed.

  • Sweet_Sukeban
    Sweet_Sukeban 2 years ago +2

    Im having the exact same issue and coming up on the two year mark on my phone.