Live PD: The Best of Gwinnett County, Georgia Police Department | A&E

  • Published on Sep 6, 2019
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    The best moments from Gwinnett County, Georgia, including a car chase with a stolen vehicle, an unexpected drug bust at the gas station, and a drug bust leading to two arrests. #LivePD
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Comments • 1 795

  • A&E
    A&E  Month ago +26

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  • Cayben886 Cayben886

    cmon the meth I understand..but the pellet gun?

  • space_ foil2
    space_ foil2 2 hours ago

    16:21 these boys were stylin on they guns they had some power

  • Fancy Gamer
    Fancy Gamer 7 hours ago

    Crazy that I live I. Gwinnett county

  • Andy  Mccormick
    Andy Mccormick 14 hours ago

    On the other hand.
    Let's just say she had no Idea who he was and what he had on him. The rap was his to take. He handed her the gun. If all the drugs weren't in the car he was still a felon with a gun. Now she's gonna let him hold her down.

  • The Lent
    The Lent 14 hours ago

    The crocodile tears in this episode are delicious

  • HotwheelsGamer 458
    HotwheelsGamer 458 20 hours ago

    They need more compilations of Deputy Sheriff Baker. I love this guy.

  • Gaurav Deshpande
    Gaurav Deshpande 23 hours ago

    All these people are just on dope man. What is wrong with you people, meth, cocaine, jeez. Get a life make yourself useful for the humanity. The life of blue's is so difficult controlling these crack pots on the street. I wish we pass a law, to use lethal force as soon as banned substance is found in car.

  • Samwel Nyamwaya
    Samwel Nyamwaya Day ago

    7:14 lmao wockhardt!!! I swear they named it so they can get famous from rappers🤣🤣🤣

  • Christian Christiangirl

    Kids raised in public school ----this is what they learn

  • Mike Darren
    Mike Darren Day ago

    Well, officer, if you had her in cuffs for 15 minutes (like you said) and didn't pat her down during that time, that tells me you're a bit complacent...

  • Trebor Ironwolfe

    For any officers reading this comment -- is there a reason why megaphones are not commonly used in raids or noisy environments?

  • Trebor Ironwolfe

    Wow what a beautimus pit maneuver.

  • TJ Anderson
    TJ Anderson Day ago

    That had to be one of the cleanest pit maneuvers I’ve ever seen

  • Collin Zap
    Collin Zap Day ago

    "I didn't do anything!"
    *Pepperidge Farm remembers what you did*

  • Cory Young
    Cory Young Day ago

    That was the cleanest pit maneuver I'd ever seen.

  • Landon brent
    Landon brent Day ago

    I love how he kept saying frick 🤣

  • mike!
    mike! Day ago

    Does this guy just run license plates for fun?

  • Ezra Lc
    Ezra Lc Day ago

    all around graves rd

  • Chicken Lurkin' Yung Chihuahua

    I don't know but Officer Mike Baker is a real hero.

  • madlarkin8
    madlarkin8 2 days ago +2

    if weed isn't addictive, then why is it that even after people doing hard time in prison, they get on parole and then risk their freedom, possibly their livelihood, just to get out and smoke it again? if it doesn't control your life and your behavior, why would you get busted for it twice?

  • TtvUrbad x
    TtvUrbad x 2 days ago +1

    Bro am I the only one who hates this cop like he is so rude like they were honest and trying to be nice and he goes on to be rude scream and yell and be rough with them

  • Artistical Alcoholic

    comethazine would be proud of that wockhardt

  • Chavo
    Chavo 2 days ago


  • Dan Nguyen
    Dan Nguyen 2 days ago

    I love the first officers attitude its just greatness.
    dude:i cnt im stuc-
    dude: ok

  • Evan Schreiber
    Evan Schreiber 3 days ago

    Why is turning off the sirens so you can actually hear people not one of the first things cops always do when they arrive on the scene... they act as if people are supposed to hear them from that distance with those sirens on...

  • SkyBloxYT
    SkyBloxYT 3 days ago

    1:40 epicness at its finest

  • Chloe The American/Polish

    I might be the only person who binge watch live pd

  • Deja Stevenson
    Deja Stevenson 3 days ago

    But was she gonna shoot you?

  • elena
    elena 3 days ago

    lol what the cop did at 1:01 is what I love doing to people who yell at me in GTA 5

  • Dbrown Plays
    Dbrown Plays 3 days ago

    these cops do the extra tho

  • Trinity Roberts
    Trinity Roberts 4 days ago

    The one black cop is so extra omg

  • Chase finney
    Chase finney 4 days ago

    arresting people for a plant what a shame.

    • moneymaker x
      moneymaker x 2 days ago +1

      I smoke weed and it might be a plant but its still a DRUG

  • mycatsslave
    mycatsslave 4 days ago

    It’s the cops fault that he didn’t check her in the first place

  • Sketch
    Sketch 5 days ago

    "Heres your stolen car back bro. But we, uh, had to crash it to get it back.

  • Richard Whitehead
    Richard Whitehead 5 days ago

    Baker is out of control in every way

  • Mantis Toboggan, M.D.


  • lencycler1
    lencycler1 6 days ago

    sorry...I meant Gold Desert Eagle at 16:19

  • lencycler1
    lencycler1 6 days ago +1

    a Gold Desert Eagle at 20:14....Scarface would have been proud!

  • THCA McCormick
    THCA McCormick 6 days ago +9

    These cops are acting like marijuana is as bad as meth

    • qhhqqh eqgeqgeqg
      qhhqqh eqgeqgeqg 3 days ago

      Doesnt metter if its illegal its illegal!!!

    • Ethan Seal
      Ethan Seal 5 days ago +2

      THCA McCormick Welcome to Gwinnett County.

  • Ranimal Gaming
    Ranimal Gaming 6 days ago +2

    “Watch your crossfire with your weapons” says the one police officer that was all over the place with his weapon one handed and finger on the trigger.

  • HotwheelsGamer 458
    HotwheelsGamer 458 6 days ago

    16:20 if I’m not correct but that’s a desert eagle

  • Gabriel Barboza
    Gabriel Barboza 6 days ago

    That woman she has agreat husband ..i see why she loves him..he provides for his family being a convicted felon she making agreat choice in life

    KENSHIRO 6 days ago

    Was that an asian family? on that search warrant?

  • Connor Wacker
    Connor Wacker 6 days ago

    F R I G G I N

  • Beryl
    Beryl 6 days ago +1

    11:59 man i feel bad for her

  • jeffery williams
    jeffery williams 7 days ago

    Baker the best cop ever ! Walking Tall !

  • Country63
    Country63 7 days ago

    Mike baker aint no one to play with u can tell

  • Breonna Martinez
    Breonna Martinez 7 days ago +1

    “ weed , cough syrup , crystal meth . Sheshhhh why are they driving around with all of that on them 🤔

    • Richie Kaylor
      Richie Kaylor 4 days ago

      Breonna Martinez nowadays days if your smart your calling an Uber

  • Marie Fremlin
    Marie Fremlin 7 days ago

    Great work guys. 👍👮👏👏👏

  • Mak Mak
    Mak Mak 8 days ago +9

    Respect. He took that rap for his old lady like a champ. Now she gonna hold him down for the rest of his life while he does his time.

    • Andy  Mccormick
      Andy Mccormick 14 hours ago

      On the other hand.
      Let's just say she had no Idea who he was and what he had on him. The rap was his to take. He handed her the gun. If all the drugs weren't in the car he was still a felon with a gun. Now she's gonna let him hold her down. I do hope you read this and take it a wakeup and not an insult.

  • Mak Mak
    Mak Mak 8 days ago +1

    That black cop is a beast!

  • custom specs
    custom specs 8 days ago

    bunch of lazy and faking story idiots. carry drugs getting rich, when you see them so young with nice luxury car, make you think what!!

  • Dedric Owens
    Dedric Owens 8 days ago +3

    Big Ups To The Guy That Took The Wrap For Everything. That’s Real Dawg

  • Brighton Evans
    Brighton Evans 8 days ago

    The only reasons I watch these is to learn

  • Dylan Dinerman
    Dylan Dinerman 8 days ago

    why does the lady who had the gun look like lil tecca

  • NekeyasTasteful Creations

    Lol were they in the car fighting when they stopped 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Bey Sh
    Bey Sh 9 days ago

    That’s my uncle

  • Sacha Severov
    Sacha Severov 9 days ago

    *finds bunch of crack in car*
    *sucks teeth*

  • Qash Muny
    Qash Muny 9 days ago +1

    Loool if you live in gwinnett you know all these places they getting caught are hot af