UW Wind Energy Research Center

  • Published on Jul 31, 2018
  • What is the effect of one turbine on another? How do you make entire wind farms efficient? How can you ensure that demand doesn’t exceed production?
    These are the questions being addressed at UW’s Wind Energy Research Center (WERC), directed by Jonathan Naughton.
    WERC engineers, mathematicians, economists and numerous graduate students take a multidisciplinary approach toward research. They tackle blade materials, wind turbine aerodynamics, turbine reliability, structural design, wind resource assessment and enabling technologies for wind energy integration.
    In collaboration with the College of Engineering and Applied Science and the School of Energy Resources, the Wind Energy Research Center focuses its research efforts on optimal conversion technologies and transmission grid impacts. Through theoretical, computational and experimental processes, WERC concentrates on wind turbine performance and the modeling of the geophysical and turbulent wind flows on turbines.
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