[BT21] Making of BT21 - EP.05

  • Published on Oct 31, 2017
  • Making of BT21 - EP.05
    Stars of tomorrow, Universtar BT21, created by BTS!
    Will it become the most famous star in the universe?
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  • Gamer and Animatorkind of

    Before I saw this I thought rap mon would draw rj

  • Yoj
    Yoj 11 days ago

    i wonder what app was used in drawing XD

  • GigiPlayz Roblox
    GigiPlayz Roblox 16 days ago

    Rj means rm & Jin
    Why we ship em ❤️

  • ItsMeXOXO_Šæphïrę !!!

    RM should’ve drawn Nom nom from we bare bears xD

  • Sophie Krakauer
    Sophie Krakauer 25 days ago

    I just saw how loopy BTS’s signatures are and I’m like.... WOW my signature seems so tiny compared to theirs -3-

  • Suhaana Rao
    Suhaana Rao 26 days ago

    2:49 this woman is literally shipping their kids

  • ly ly
    ly ly 28 days ago

    2:48 cooky and taetae😍

  • Yui Momose
    Yui Momose Month ago

    Chimiii cute~~~

  • BTS A.R.M.Y
    BTS A.R.M.Y Month ago


  • Titi Ramos
    Titi Ramos Month ago

    It's a cute nwn

  • Risky Nor Latifah
    Risky Nor Latifah Month ago

    I think RJ is RmJin 😂

  • Maryam Borahe
    Maryam Borahe Month ago

    1:55 jki is like yeah that's my boyfriend.
    Cute hair flip🔥😍😍😍😍😍😘😘😘🤗🤗🤗😏

  • Yuii Gacha insta
    Yuii Gacha insta Month ago

    I’m happy cuz I know they used procreate ^•^

  • QueenJ 2207
    QueenJ 2207 Month ago +1

    Well now we all know their signatures ;)

  • Liana Markie
    Liana Markie Month ago

    Ya know Tae in Filipino is poop

  • Catherine Guijaro
    Catherine Guijaro Month ago

    Jungkook and taehyung

  • NamjoonsRejectedHandshake IsWorseThanYourBreakUp

    I was really impressed by how Jin thought of the name "RJ" . "al" (alpaca) which is the same pronouncation as "R" and "J" which is also the start of his name /stage name

  • Janelle Pasamonte
    Janelle Pasamonte Month ago

    Nahhh i LOVE J-HOPE’S CHARACTER MANG❤️❤️ i even bought sock’s that has mang’s design and. All of their character’s are amazingly CuTe!❤️❤️

  • Rinchan V95
    Rinchan V95 Month ago

    V why so handsome.... :'(
    My fav ship Cooky and Tata.... Tacook :D

  • my life BTS
    my life BTS 2 months ago

    RJ- Rap monster Jin 😝😝

  • it's hennaFUNNY MEMES
    it's hennaFUNNY MEMES 2 months ago +1

    Awwww bts is soo cute 💕💕💕

  • Quitting This ugly channel

    Rap Monster who? I only know RM.

  • Lil’Eevee101
    Lil’Eevee101 2 months ago

    Okay but like their signatures are so pretty;;

  • S R
    S R 2 months ago

    Jhoooooope 💙💙💙💙💙

  • Creastila Playz
    Creastila Playz 2 months ago +3

    Taehyung:Now i know why they devide out team like this 😂

  • 지니{꿈뜰이,아미ARMY}

    I love Chimmiy! and Gimin!

  • BigHitTrash OhMyYoongi
    BigHitTrash OhMyYoongi 2 months ago

    But little that he knows tae mean poop in tagalog

  • M&M Collection
    M&M Collection 2 months ago +1

    Ahhhh Jinhope ♥♥ my thing ^_^

  • Veronica Star
    Veronica Star 2 months ago

    Watching all these episodes cuddled up with my little RJ plush

  • Black & wHITE
    Black & wHITE 2 months ago

    2:46 the way she say TAETAE us so cute😁

  • Thinara
    Thinara 3 months ago

    Oh god...

    *...even their signatures are beautiful*

  • 개소리 전문가
    개소리 전문가 3 months ago +1

    왜 태태가 타타가 된거지?

  • Yo random Girl
    Yo random Girl 3 months ago

    I have a pop socket from the characters and my pop socket is RJ it’s the one Jin named and made

  • Becca
    Becca 3 months ago +1

    Jin: RJ

    Me: LUPIN

  • samayi miyasato
    samayi miyasato 3 months ago

    Minuto 2:37 vkook

  • Zebra Brilliant
    Zebra Brilliant 3 months ago

    I'm here just to watch how YoonGi make Shooky, but I actually realize that he don't made that one he draw, like, Shooky was made by JK

  • Hector 2011
    Hector 2011 3 months ago +1

    My favorite character is TaTa😁👍🏻 he so cute! Like if u agree

  • All Fun Kpop Things!
    All Fun Kpop Things! 3 months ago

    Did anyone notice that they were sitting like how they were behind the glass in flinch? Woahhh

  • Sarah Manroe
    Sarah Manroe 3 months ago

    Ok now I'm wondering how Yoongi's character turned into how it is now coz to me it seems like he was drawing a person with an afro hairstyle

  • Andrea Espinoza
    Andrea Espinoza 3 months ago +1

    This should be a netflix show!❤️🐶🐨🐰🐴🦙🍪

  • 보라아미
    보라아미 3 months ago

    저번화에는 침침이였는데
    이번화에는 치미로 바꼈네..

  • RamielleJustice Antequisa

    RJ is my nickname. Seriously. I feel a little shy. Hahahahahaha.

  • Lisa Geelen
    Lisa Geelen 3 months ago

    QUESTION: Why are their autographs written in the Latin alphabet and not in the Korean one? just curious :)

  • tae,kookie with sugu free

    Anyone notice that jimin taking picture of suga's drawing secretly 😊

  • Sivana YouTube
    Sivana YouTube 3 months ago +1


  • Maria Luíza Mendes
    Maria Luíza Mendes 4 months ago

    2:38 VKOOOKK

  • Kimchi Taekimio
    Kimchi Taekimio 4 months ago


  • Suraiya Amin
    Suraiya Amin 4 months ago

    V said the name will be TAETAE bt the name is TATA .....someone explain me plz?!!!.....

  • treyssa trinita
    treyssa trinita 4 months ago +1

    Its so cutee

  • Abeer Hussain
    Abeer Hussain 4 months ago

    Jungkooks signature tho

  • lixxeth
    lixxeth 4 months ago

    lmaoo v’s sassiness/subtle shade in this has me dying of laughter the whole time 😂

  • María Barrios
    María Barrios 4 months ago

    God, Disigner 2's self esteem is not a joke.

  • spicy irene
    spicy irene 4 months ago

    나는 군대 다

  • Neon Jello
    Neon Jello 4 months ago

    There using procreate omg

  • IninjaJo
    IninjaJo 4 months ago


  • Emma Reynolds
    Emma Reynolds 4 months ago

    all i want is that signed photo of ripped cooky

  • Ryou Nan
    Ryou Nan 4 months ago

    Im shook, that they're drawing in ProCreate-

  • Aashka Contractor
    Aashka Contractor 4 months ago

    I have Procreate (the app they used) and an Apple Pencil...
    W o w

  • Jennifer k
    Jennifer k 4 months ago

    Top team🐰&❤️

  • Mariana Carvalho
    Mariana Carvalho 4 months ago +1

    So cutes 🤗