Kawhi vs LeBron: The 2017 MVP Race Starts

  • Published on Oct 27, 2016
  • Coach Nick broke down opening night as LeBron triple doubled and Kawhi destroyed the Warriors.
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Comments • 952

  • DeAndre Page
    DeAndre Page 2 years ago

    I was kind of disappointed in the San Antonio Spurs.
    Kawhi Leonard did more Iso-Ball than I have ever seen from a San Antonio team.

  • DeAndre Page
    DeAndre Page 2 years ago

    You got some Laker fans that have the nerve to say they don't want LeBron James because he is too old. I hope those Laker fans watch this video, then shut the hell up.

  • LazyCricket
    LazyCricket 2 years ago

    * katara voice* but everything changed when Westbrook attacked.

  • cris daniels
    cris daniels 2 years ago

    #Bballbreakdown , still a lebron hater huh? So I guess khawie didn't miss any shots that game

  • Killa A.R.E
    Killa A.R.E 2 years ago +1


  • Dan
    Dan 2 years ago

    Lebron's got that 99 court vision

  • Math Simon
    Math Simon 2 years ago

    I'm calling it -- Kawhi Leonard 2017 MVP

  • T Ev
    T Ev 2 years ago

    kawhai been the best for about a year and a half now, this dude is like the 96 bulls all rolled into one!! elite rebounder for his position (rodman) best defender (pippen), best midrange shooter/efficient scorer (jordan), and the guy can shoot the 3 like crazy(kerr). be a the best. if the fans and the league respected d like they used to/should, everybody would see!!

  • Travis Manning
    Travis Manning 2 years ago

    2:13 nuff said yo

  • Christopher Estrada
    Christopher Estrada 2 years ago

    kwhai leonard will win it this year if not it would be really close damn james harden and russell westbrook are doing damage!!! it will be close

  • Flashy Merty
    Flashy Merty 2 years ago

    Each year Kawhi is challenging LeBron for the best player in the league title he will be very soon I think after this year

  • rdny1
    rdny1 2 years ago

    These are two of my favorite players in the NBA, but if I had to choose, I'm picking Lebron. To me, it seems like he plays at about 70% during the regular season, just enough to get into the playoffs, then goes full throttle in the post season. Just look at the last few games of last year's championship

    TG THE GOAT 2 years ago

    lebron's faster

  • Antel Drobat
    Antel Drobat 2 years ago

    its like lebron hates the rim!

  • Rudeboi D
    Rudeboi D 2 years ago

    so many players deserve mvp, you can see how hard some players are playing to stand out. let's not forget westbrook is going crazy with this triple doubles, kawhi has lockdown defense and is an overall great player , lebron has always been a great player to me as well. lets not forget about cp3 with the dimes as well . i can't wait to see who comes out as mvp this season!

    • Rudeboi D
      Rudeboi D 2 years ago

      feel free to correct me if you disagree, that's just my opinion

  • Michael Rios
    Michael Rios 3 years ago

    Just thought you should know he didn't work with Kobe lol.

  • zyl zyl
    zyl zyl 3 years ago

    Kawhi is all MVP every game..

  • Bren Bascos
    Bren Bascos 3 years ago

    Come on now coach.. do u really think lebron is still going for MVP? as you've said, he's pacing himself in regular season unlike kawhii.. did you perhaps mistakenly assume his "pacing" as a run for MVP? Its amazing how his "pacing" performance still makes him one of the top players during regular season enough to be in this comparisson..

    KAMINA 3 years ago

    Yeah Kawhi's defense is superior, hes the best perimeter defender in the league. LeBron used to be a lockdown defender (two time DPOY runner up) but he slacks now lol

  • Kyle Magaro
    Kyle Magaro 3 years ago

    Kawhi's defensive domination while scoring up with the MVPs should put him above Lebron in my opinion, but i'm from SA so nothing I say matters.

  • The art of competition

    with nary a knick in site haha. is that what the kids are saying these days.

  • Zylo1009
    Zylo1009 3 years ago

    I love that these two have become the best two in the nba. But, in terms of whos better, its kinda difficult. Kawhi plays with so much heart throughout the season while shooting well, putting up numbers, and completely shutting down his man, but it seems that LeBron puts up some good numbers without much effort. I mean, he doesnt really try during the season, but when the playoffs start, he turns it up.

  • Martyn Collins
    Martyn Collins 3 years ago

    James Harden begs to differ.

  • Samuel Villa
    Samuel Villa 3 years ago

    obviously this guy is a anti LeBron fan.. don't get me wrong Leonard is a good player but not at the same level has LeBron

  • Paulo Janda
    Paulo Janda 3 years ago

    God damn SPURS AND CAVR

  • Gucci Down
    Gucci Down 3 years ago

    kawaii will dissapear in the playoffs again

  • Hamza Ibrahim
    Hamza Ibrahim 3 years ago

    kawhi working out with kobe is just a rumor

  • Everett01
    Everett01 3 years ago

    Ever notice that Kawhi looks like the radio DJ Sway, but he actually has no Sway whatsoever in his shot?

  • Everett01
    Everett01 3 years ago

    4:52, Porzingis gets putbacks even in somebody else's highlight reel.

  • Serena Stead
    Serena Stead 3 years ago

    Westbrook is by far the front runner for the MVP no one else is close at this point

  • petefaders
    petefaders 3 years ago +3

    Holy shit he's running point and directing his team mates.That would have been Ginnobli at the end of the 3rd any other season. Best overall player in the NBA now, period. Don't say Lebron, he has no range and Curry has limited D.

    • petefaders
      petefaders 3 years ago

      What's his 3 point % last year? Probably 18% lol. Leonard was about 42%. He's a BELOW average 3 point shooter.

    • omieg89
      omieg89 3 years ago

      petefaders Lebron has range. He's just not as accurate.

  • Kristos Marturos
    Kristos Marturos 3 years ago

    i see glimpses of Jordan coach... is that too much?

  • Chris B.
    Chris B. 3 years ago

    And then Anthony Davis started lighting shit up and this video needs to be recut.

    • mike a
      mike a 3 years ago

      Chris B. Aaand he lost

  • John Paul
    John Paul 3 years ago

    kd a great defender!? nah! and you even underestimating my knicks!? lol wait till they prove you wrong sir!

    • John Paul
      John Paul 3 years ago

      let the haters come

    • Erick Diaz
      Erick Diaz 3 years ago

      Lol, damn that's cold. I think they might make it as high as 7 now that D Rose is out of court. ha ha

    • Azeck HD
      Azeck HD 3 years ago

      Knicks ain't making playoffs though..

  • cudencuden
    cudencuden 3 years ago +13

    he did not work out with kobe ...kawhi made that clear lol

  • cue5
    cue5 3 years ago

    To think he's not playing full minutes!

  • phish1391
    phish1391 3 years ago +2

    Lebron physically gifted but no character. Will always be a bitch.

    • Erick Diaz
      Erick Diaz 3 years ago +1

      Dude got a ring for his city after they shit all over him. I don't know what your definition of character is, but that does it for me.

    • gordonandsandy
      gordonandsandy 3 years ago +1

      phish1391 What did Lebron do wrong on and off the court to deserve the hate?

    • phish1391
      phish1391 3 years ago

      @gordonandsandy nah im an individual player fan.. i follow the players not the team. also i dont like GSW. I just don't like Lebron all physicallity but no grace and character. On and off the court.

    • gordonandsandy
      gordonandsandy 3 years ago +2

      phish1391 salty golden state bandwagon?

  • Howard Co
    Howard Co 3 years ago

    He corrected that statement. He didnt work with Kobe this summer :) But it sure looks like he did!!

  • doctor Bnasty
    doctor Bnasty 3 years ago

    westbrook vs lillard next?

  • strikedizzle
    strikedizzle 3 years ago

    Nike won the finals for Cleveland

  • UeProductionz
    UeProductionz 3 years ago +1

    I laughed

    • Chris Rodriguez
      Chris Rodriguez 3 years ago

      UeProductionz lol dude saw the boogieman or something lololol

  • TzFrank
    TzFrank 3 years ago +2

    KD is not and never has been a great defender and Leonard gets alot of calls that LeBron doesnt...i cant even remember the last tine LeBron went to the free throw line 15 times and he led the NBA in and 1's last year...i also noticed how you criticized lebron defensive effort when Melo made a shot on him but when Klay made a shot on Leonard you simply say sometimes good defense give up points gtfoh dude its obvious you dont like LeBron i been seeing it for the longest you give him credit at times but then take lowkey shots at him that most people probably wouldnt notice but i do you're a hater and for the record lebron is a decent stand still shooter the difference is he rarely is the recipient of passes for stand still jumpers lebron is usually the one setting up his teammates for those shots

  • kyo za
    kyo za 3 years ago

    bias as hell. Change name to "Why Kawhi better than everyone"

  • Shareef Taylor
    Shareef Taylor 3 years ago

    Davis and Harden will put up bananas numbers. If their teams are improved they will push those two.

  • Shareef Taylor
    Shareef Taylor 3 years ago

    Love the analogy; Dr J 2016!

  • Shareef Taylor
    Shareef Taylor 3 years ago

    Awesome, explosive, quick shot off the 1-2 !!! 2:10 !

  • Safwat Khan
    Safwat Khan 3 years ago +3

    San Antonio Spurs 2017 NBA Champions. Kawhi Leonard 2017 NBA MVP. Kawhi Leonard 2017 NBA Finals MVP

  • Marko Isip
    Marko Isip 3 years ago

    Kawhi wins MVP, MIP, DPOY and Finals MVP. :D

  • Tehnicker
    Tehnicker 3 years ago

    Sugar fucking k will be the best player in the league once LeBron retires

  • Mr. Suhaib
    Mr. Suhaib 3 years ago

    Warriors vaunted defense? Word?

  • Angel Cruz
    Angel Cruz 3 years ago

    Make videos on Kyrie and Lillard pleaseee coach!! I'm begging :(( lol

  • FearMilk
    FearMilk 3 years ago +4

    Dont forget Anthony Davis, 50 & 45pts first two games

    • 廖俊翔
      廖俊翔 3 years ago

      Pelicans are pathetic as a team. Payed him well tho.

    • good neighbour
      good neighbour 3 years ago +12

      top 5 player for sure, but he's not gonna get any votes because the pelicans are not that good and probably won't make the playoffs

  • Calle Persson
    Calle Persson 3 years ago

    Nick.. I.. I have some trouble with you conclusion making.
    Firstly you base your thoughts on this years MVP on 2 games and 2 players.. and its not what i'm used too seeing on your channel. (i mean there is 82 games, i understand that you want to get content out very quickly but don't compromise the quality of your videos) If you had watched and analysed more than two games you would probably at least consider Anthony Davis, Russel Westbrook and Damin Lillard as MVP contenders...
    You used to have deeply analysed content which is based on hard data and a solid ground of facts.. this video is just.. meh.. you don't really have anything solid to say (and I must say that you can never, and I mean NEVER, give LeBron cred this is not new though :) ). I watch your content because of the in depth analytics and GOOD CONTENT.
    With regards
    A concerned viewer

  • Reborn Phoenix
    Reborn Phoenix 3 years ago +5

    You really want lebron to fall off dont you? You act lebron is just a bum lol

    • Reborn Phoenix
      Reborn Phoenix 3 years ago

      i agree lebron won't win the mvp because like you said...he tajes it easy. still gets a trible double

  • Ali Kobaissi
    Ali Kobaissi 3 years ago

    Westbrook MVP

  • Koh Smoger
    Koh Smoger 3 years ago +2

    Three things kawhi has on lebron he is a better defender, a better shooter, a more efficient player and is only 24 years old.

    • Br Pr
      Br Pr 3 years ago

      Well, Kawhi has shown improvements every year And from the looks of it he will lead the league, at the very least top 3

    • C T
      C T 3 years ago

      More efficient? His best PER was 26.0 last year
      Lebron's CAREER PER is 27.6.

    • Br Pr
      Br Pr 3 years ago


  • Stephen Cheung
    Stephen Cheung 3 years ago

    6:12 OMG looks so easyyy

  • Make Humanity Great Again

    I don't see Kawhi getting MVP. He just doesn't seem to have the psychology for the intensity of the task. We'll see though.

  • Vol deMort
    Vol deMort 3 years ago +1

    Kawhi trained with THE BLACK MAMBA this offseason, no surprises there.

  • LeMagic James
    LeMagic James 3 years ago +2

    MVP 2017 OUTCOME
    1 Lebron James, 26ppg8 assts 8 reb on 54 %. 64-18 record
    2 Kawhi Leonard 26ppg 6 reb 4 assts on 50 %. 65-17 record
    3 Russell Westbrook. 29ppg 9 assts 8reb. on 45%. 55-27 record
    4.Kevin Durant. 27ppg 8 reb 4 assts. on 52%. 62-20 record.
    5. James Harden 29ppg 8 assts 7reb on 44%. 53-29 record.

    • Br Pr
      Br Pr 3 years ago

      ok low breed....if u cant talk like that to ones face then u shouldn't say it via internet. at the end of the year when lebron doesnt shoot that well i expect an apology

    • LeMagic James
      LeMagic James 3 years ago

      Br Pr hell yeah he can last year 52 dumbass, thats only plus 2. He already got 57%!!! In 2013. Hell yeah james can

    • Erick Diaz
      Erick Diaz 3 years ago

      @Omraj Kang - Detroit Basketball Never Dies
      I feel like the Cavs will hit like 58 wins this season, and that will be more than enough to get them the top seed in the East.

    • LeMagic James
      LeMagic James 3 years ago

      @Omraj Kang - Detroit Basketball Never Dies nigga their defense was elite vs the warriors and they already 3-0 stfu

    • Omraj Kang
      Omraj Kang 3 years ago

      Cavs can't win 64 games, there defense is too trash and LeBron is aging